TOP 10 Strongest One Piece Characters by the End of Show

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10. Trafalgar Law

  • Trafalgar might not be about show boasting. But he’s definitely extremely lethal.
  • Known as the Surgeon of Death. His Devil fruit is one of the most powerful, and can literally grant immortality. 
  • Secondly, He’s also very influential, Given that he stealthily main instigator and trigger for the wano war by going against Doflamingo.
  • He’ll be one of the pirates who takes down Kaido. Given that he’ll grow substantially from this war, and all the challenges that come with it.
  • Truthfully by the end of the series, I expect 2 things to happen, either he dies, which is completely possible or he becomes one of the Yonko.

So, you tell me, Would Trafalgar Law be one of the Yonko in the end, or is he going to die? What if he dies in the process of making someone immortal(someone being maybe Luffy)?

9. Eustass Kid

  • One of the worst generation, 
  • Just like Luffy, he’s the only one who didn’t succumb to KAido’s strength out of the Worst Generation. For example: Even Trafalgar Law, even though he opposed Kaido, he did it secretly and stealthily unlike Luffy and Eustass who were brave enough to challenge him face on, even though they lost. Even Scratchman Apoo is part of Kaido’s crew now. So it takes some sort of Grit, that no other pirate other than Luffy, Eustass, and Trafalgar Law as well. We can see him being involved in defeating kaido.
  • Also in the future we can definitely see him being a fierce competitor towards the One Piece for Luffy, 
  • And the curious and interesting competitive relationship they have in Kaido’s prison. You can actually tell Luffy respects him as an equal, which is extremely extremely rare.

It is highly likely that Kid will take him down, but even if he doesn’t, he’ll still be one of the most fearsome pirates by the end of the series. We see him become a Yonko, just like Trafalgar Law at the end.

8. Sabo

  • Sabo is so powerful enough that he could clash evenly against an Admiral so he has massive potential
  • Sabo is the #2 at the revolutionary army and could also potentially surpass Dragon at some point
  • Sabo also is carrying on the will of ace by having the fire fire fruit and picking the torch of protecting luffy

7. Garp

  • Known as the only man to go toe to toe with Gol D. Roger
  • Renowned as the Hero of the Marines, and one of the strongest One Piece Characters
  • His monstrous physical ability, combined with his tremendous mastery of Haki, makes him a force to be reckoned with.A huge testament to his strength is that Garp was able to crush mountains with his bare fists. This is no ordinary feat considering that Garp has no devil fruit powers to help him out.
  • At his prime, Garp was considered to be an equal match for any pirate.
  • According to the Marines, Garp is said to be the only Marine who could rival Roger’s strength.
  •  It is only said that Garp managed to corner Roger several times, however, it should be noted that Roger was never caught. 
  • he rejected promotions to remain a vice-admiral because he didn’t want to be under the direct control of the World Nobles of Mary Geoise.Garp also stated that he had enough authority as a vice-admiral to do whatever he wanted.
  • Sengoku revealed that in order to beat the infamous Rocks Pirates, the Marines (led by Garp) allied with the Roger Pirates. The alliance was powerful enough to take down the notorious Rocks Pirates and end their domination.
  •  It’s incredible when you realize that Garp is actually from the same family as two of the most wanted criminals in the world.

6. Akainu

  • Akainu is the current Fleet Admiral of the Navy 
  • Akainu is already at his peak, having become the Fleet Admiral sometime during the time-skip.
  • He also beat Iceman Aokiji, which destroyed a whole island
  • His real strength is yet to be seen. Until the moment he fights Luffy.
  • Oda said if Akainu was the main character he’d find the one piece in a year, which is insane to say, considering none of the Yonko have found it yet.

Akainu had the ability to cause massive damage to Emporio Ivankov and Jinbe with minimal effort with his destructive Logia Lava ability

5. Shanks

  •  One of the Yonko, and captain of Red-hair Pirates
  • Some people say that Shanks might die by the end of the series. But i don’t think he will. What do you guys think?
  • He’s known as one of the strongest to sail the Sea, and was the one who gave Luffy, the StrawHat of Gol D. Roger and the motivation and inspiration to become a Pirate
  • Luffy has a promise he made to Shanks
  • Despite only having one arm.  A clash between Shanks and whitebeard’s sword split the sky.
  • Ended the marine ford war just by showing up “If anybody still wants to fight, then come! We will be your opponents!”

Shanks says to Luffypromise that you’ll bring it back to me someday… when you’ve become a great pirate.” ‘The Great Pirate’ was Gol Roger’s title before King of the Pirates, but I think there’s more to it than that.The only time we see Roger wearing the straw hat is in Rayleigh’s flashback, and the next point in the timeline we see him with it is this scene below from chapter 964.

4. Monkey D. Dragon

  • Leader of the revolutionary army , known as “World’s Worst Criminal.” 
  • Probably as strong as a yonko level in strength, but isn’t called Yonko, because he sin’t technically a Pirate.
  • Sabo being his #2 could fight evenly against an Admiral (Fujitora, who replaced Aokiji)
  • Now Here’s the thing, Tell if you guys think Dragon Could potentially end up dying by the end of the series.

3. Zoro

  • Zoro took all of Luffy’s pain and damage form Kuma, meaning whatever Luffy experienced. That means he couldn’t have taken what Luffy was hit with but could shrug off. In other words, he’s getting the relative pain and agony that Luffy had to endure against Moriah.
  • Recently trained by Mihawk himself
  • Also he has a closed eye, which we’re yet to know the meaning of. 
  • Zoro’s true goal. He wants to be worthy enough to protect luffy as the greatest swordsman, meaning in order to become the Greatest swordsman he will be becoming Stronger than Shanks.
  • This also means that he could potentially be even stronger than Luffy

2. BlackBeard

  • One of the four emperors of the Sea
  • Is a user of 2 different fruits, the strongest Paramecia and the strongest Logia.
  • Still unknown why he can eat more than one devil fruit, but because of this, his power level can be unlimited
  • And we haven’t even seen his current power since he’s been away on his Island.

1. Monkey D. Luffy

  • Will end up as Pirate King
  • Protagonist
  • Conquered all the seas
  • Strongest of all-time
  • Will he surpass Gol D.Roger?

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