Top 10 Strongest Kengan Ashura Characters

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Kengan Ashura is a surprise hit that Netflix dropped on us earlier this year, showing us great fights between amazingly strong combatants and with its second part being released late in October, we are able to see even more fighters bring their unique styles to the mix. In celebration of that, we’re gonna count down the top ten strongest characters in the Kengan Ashura anime so far. please note this is just gonna be about the anime, not the Manga and strongest doesn’t necessarily mean that one character on this list is guaranteed to beat another, and obviously spoilers ahead! 

(Keep in mind that this is only for the anime up to season 2, no manga information)

10. Seishu Akoya

Seishu Akoya

This brutal police officer is a weird look into what would probably happen if Batman was OK with killing people. Seishu Akoya is confirmed to have one of the fastest, if not the fastest, reaction speeds in the Kengan Annihilation tournament. That’s already a huge advantage to have over someone, add that on top of his insane power and durability, Akoya becomes a force to be reckoned with.

We see his strength in both of his matches, being able to take down the massive Haruo Kono with less than 10 leg kick. Akoya only lost to Cosmo Imai because he was too cocky to actually finish the match.

Akoya does lose some points for getting help from his manager, who he used to help predict the movement of his opponents, putting him at the start of this list.

9. Jun Sekibayashi

Jun Sekibayashi

The series’ resident pro wrestlers Jun Sekibayashi is definitely someone you wouldn’t want to cross in a dark alley. Jun was undefeated in the world of Kengan matches, until he crossed paths with series main protagonist, Ohma Tokita.

If this was a list of the most durable characters in the show, Jun would be much higher, he’s able to take a full on assault from heavy hitters like Ohma without even flinching. No where is the durability of Jun shown better in his match against Kiozan Takeru, where he takes all the attacks that the Sumo wrestler can give, including a technique that turns him into a missile, and still comes out on top, only showing weakness when out of sight from the fans.

Jun would be higher up on this list but he seems t o rely too much on his durability, which has it’s weak points, as shown by Ohma.

8. Raian Kure

Raian Kure, Release

Raian is said to have the most latent potential in the entire Kure family, being able to unlock 100% of his power with his family’s “Release” technique.

Raian is an absolute beast in every sense of the word. Raian was strong enough to beat up Lihitio in the bathroom and then immediately go out and fight in a match where he almost killed his opponent barehanded.

Raian then went on to face Ohma Tokita and was able to outlast Ohma’s advance technique. It was mentioned by other members of the Kure family that if Raian used the Kure techniques he would have been able to beat Ohma almost immediately.

Raian loses some points for not using his most powerful techniques, preferring to beat people down with sheer power. It is also implied that while he is able to gain 100% of his latent power with release, he is not the strongest and was actually second pick by his grandfather for the Kengan tournament,

7. Setsuna Kiryu

Kengan Ashura

Setsuna Kiryu is one of the most interesting characters in Kengan Ashura. Kiryu is mysterious and plays the roll of being a foil to Ohma Tokita, being a part of his past and sharing similarities.

Setsuna has a very unique style and fans are interested in seeing more of it in the future. Setsuna’s style relies on two techniques, Blink, which gives him the ability to “teleport” around his opponent and Rakshasa’s Palmwhich basically seems to be a one hit KO technique on anyone.

With all this power on top of a transformation that makes him stronger and unrestrained, Setsuna is definitely someone to look out for in the Kengan tournament going forward

6. Takeshi Wakatsuki

Kengan Ashura

We haven’t seen much of what Takeshi can do and that’s because his only fight lasted about three seconds.

Takeshi took out his first opponent in the annihilation tournament with one massive punch. This punch was so powerful it broke ribs and rearranged some organs, as well as completely redirect the victims momentum and send him flying back into the wall. This punch left the section of wall shattered and left a pretty big hole in his opponents chest.

We can tell that Takeshi is really powerful and with one of his only two losses being to the Fang of Metsudo, it’s safe to say he’s someone to look out for in the tournament.

5. Naoya Okubo

Naoya Okubo

Naoya Okubo is known as the absolute king of ultimate fight, which I am just going to assume is just the Kengan universe’s version of the UFC. This means that he is probably the heavyweight champion in that promotion, making him the baddest man on the planet, in the public eye at least.

Ohma has also stated that out of all his “friends’ who are competing in the tournament, Naoya Okubo is clearly the strongest. It takes a special kind of man to get Ohma to admit you’re strong before he’s even seen you fight.

Despite losing in the first round of the tournament, Okubo put on a great match, showing his skill set and ability to adapt to his opponent. It’s also important to mention that his opponent was the Fang of Metsudo, the man people say is the strongest in the history of the Kengan matches.

4. Gaolang Wongsawat

Gaolang Wongsawat Kengan Ashura

The Thai God of War is probably the strongest striking specialist in the whole tournament. Gaolang became the heavyweight champion of the world in all four world boxing organizations after only four years of training in the discipline and being undersized in both weight and height.

Gaolang was able to absolutely dominate Kaneda in their match and was so fast that Kaneda was unable to read and predict his movements, which are basically his whole thing.

Gaolang was also declared the strongest fighter in all of Thailand at the young of 15 and was able to beat Saw Paing, another tough fighter, by decision.

The scariest thing about Gaolang is that we haven’t even seen a fraction of what he can do, as Gaolang is actually a Muay Thai fighter that learned boxing in order to improve his punches. Gaolang has an arsenal of Kicks, Elbows, Knees and Sweeps that we still have yet to see.

3. Ohma Tokita

Ohma Tokita, Kengan Ashura

We finally get to the main protagonist of the series, Ohma Tokita. Ohma’s a super strong and tough guy, and the audience gets to see a ton of examples of this. From him one-punching the supposed king of underground karate. or punching a hole into the side of a mountain, its clear he’s a formidable opponent for anyone.

However, Ohma’s real strength lies in his versatility and adaptability. The Niko Style gives Ohma so many options in fighting, it’s almost impossible to keep him in a bad spot. It’s also good to mention that on his own he is strong enough to beat most people even without using the Niko Style

Ohma also has his trump card that he relies on, The Advance, which boosts his physical abilities through the roof, at the cost of his own physical health.

With Ohma making his own Niko style and truely believing in it, Ohma is going to need a lot of effort to be put down.

2. Gensai Kuroki

Gensai Kuroki

A mysterious entrant in the tournament, we don’t know much and haven’t gotten to see a lot of Gensai Kuroki. From what little we’ve seen of him, it’s obvious that Kuroki is a monster.

The Devil Lance was able to take all of the damage a stronger Lihitio was throwing at him and didn’t even flinch. He think beat Lihitio at his own game and used his fingers to create massive cuts in Lihitos body and take him out in mere seconds after he started to take him a little serious.

Kuroki is terrifyingly powerful and I can’t wait to see more.

1. The Fang of Metsudo

Agito Kanoh, The Fang Of Metsudo

The King of the Kengan Matches is a man who’s named brings fear to most competitors. Agito Kanoh, better known as The Fang of Metsudo is a massive fan favorite in the Kengan matches, since he has never lost in 160 bouts.

The fact that Kanoh was seemingly able to beat the King of MMA Naoya Okubo with ease shows the level he is at. The scary thing about Kanoh is that he can adapt to any style that he is fighting against the mid-match, so even if he starts losing, it’s likely he will come back with a new style to beat the one he was losing to.

Despite not seeing much of him, Kanoh has already left a massive impression on the fan base, making us want to see if anyone can stop this monster and defeat him.


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  1. Y
    YeSwan says:

    That’s nonesense at all.

  2. J
    Jesam says:

    What about Two the lightening God?

  3. A
    Ace says:

    Hey The fang should be the second . Since he was defeated by Gensai Kuroki in the semi-finals

  4. E
    Em8 says:

    so cosmo winning against seishu akoya
    plus he was cheating in all the matches like wtf

    • T
      Tre Meyers says:

      Cosmos one of my favorite characters but to be completely honest he only really won because he managed to get him in a submission

      • R
        RIBJAW says:


  5. C
    Cj says:

    You should have added Muteba Gizenga. he is one of the strongest if not the strongest mercenary. Even though he is blind he was the only character to kill someone in the kengan tournament

    • Angel says:

      No he wasn’t. Setsuna killed his opponent and Hanafusa killed Bando.

      • V
        Vgklon says:

        Both the heavenly wolf guy setsuna tried to kill and bando survived so no muteba is the
        Only one to kill someone in the tournament

  6. h
    h says:

    Raian is far above 8th, he was chosen by Erioh because he was the strongest Kure, there are multiple people who could be considered stronger than Akoya or Kiryu such as Hatsumi or even a loser such as Mokichi or Sawada

  7. R
    Ruan says:

    They literally said in the first paragraph that they aren’t including manga. Only anime. So Cosmo’s feats you mention here don’t count.

  8. s
    stocke says:

    ever read manga? Gensai stomped Fang

    • P
      Prince Sivil says:

      I’m pretty sure it literally said this is just the anime not the manga so you should of read the first paragraph

    • m
      mac says:

      Stomped the Fang? Are you sure you read the manga? It was a pretty even match with Fang having the upperhand for most of the match. Agito literally broke Gensai’s fingers while Gensai was performing his signature move. Gensai was just a bit more capable due to his experience. The author even stated that Agito could win some fights against Gensai if they were to fight again. Gensai is more powerful but just by a small margin.

  9. J
    Jason says:

    Uh… Imai, the literal eighth place and prodigy who can copy superpowers isn’t on here. Why do people think Imai Cosmo is weak? The dude was beating prime base Ohma while on painkillers. And he copied foresight and stuff. Also, even if he has no feats why isn’t Katahara Retsudo and the previous fangs on here?

    • D
      Damian says:

      Your prodigy that can copy strength is up to his on limits not the person he copy so if he copies someone at lvl 9 and he a lvl 6 it will remain lvl 6

      • C
        Cosmo Imai says:

        HOW ISN’T COSMO HERE??? HE BEAT SEISHU AKOYA…badly. (I know at first Akoya tortured him)

        • M
          MajinBoed says:

          Technically, he’s done when he face Akoya.. Akoya just taking to much time to finish him.. he passed out twice if im not mistaken.. but still tho, Cos was a great fighter..

    • Matt says:

      Trying to stick to just the anime and the way they are depicted for know, but the manga is amazing

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