Top 10 Strongest Hajime No Ippo Characters

Top 10 Strongest Hajime no Ippo Characters

Hajime No Ippo has some of the strongest boxers in all of anime and it’s the first sports anime I’ve ever watched and I still say it’s the best one ever, sorry Haikyuu fans.

The show is so accurate to the sport of Boxing that it’s kind of crazy. It’s all because of the manga’s creator, Jyoji Morikawa who is an actual boxing coach who is a cornerman for many professional Japanese boxers. He is also the owner of JB Sports Gym in Tokyo.

The show is probably one of the most accurate representations of Martial Arts and combat sports in all of anime and in honour of that we are going to countdown the ten strongest Hajime No Ippo boxers.

Notes: This is only going to talk about the anime series. I am aware that the Manga is still ongoing but this will only talk about characters and events that were in the anime. Also, this list is going to be similar to a pound-for-pound best list in real-life boxing. Obviously a larger person is more likely to be stronger, that’s why weight classes exist, so we are going off more of context and my subjective ideas. Spoilers ahead!

10. Kimura

Kimura 10 Strongest Hajime No Ippo chractr

Kimura gets the number ten slot on this list mainly due to his epic match against Mashiba and just how much he improved in the lead up to that fight.

Before that encounter, we could see that Kimura was a pretty solid boxer, but nothing amazing and was struggling to climb up the rankings. When Kimura found out that he was going to be fighting Mashiba, a fire lit inside him that caused him to train harder and even develop a special technique to defeat him.

Despite losing to Mashiba, Kimura showed great development and gave Mashiba a tough fight, earning him the number ten spot on the list.

9. Mashiba

Ryo Mashiba Strongest Hajime No Ippo

Mashiba was a terrifying figure as soon as he was introduced and it was only compounded when he defeated Miyata in what was a shock to most watchers.

Mashiba’s long reach ad fast jabs make it really hard for any of his opponents to get an offensive going and his dirty tactics makes that even harder.

It becomes really hard to hit someone when the only time you can land, you hit their elbow.

He does lose some points for the cheap moves, as they are really showing boxing skill, it’s more or less cheating that the Referee doesn’t call.

8. Kamogawa

Genji Kamogawa young

Genji Kamogawa is more known for his work as the main coach of the Kamogawa boxing gym but in his past he was a fearsome competitor.

There is the 5 match tie that he has with Nekota Ginpachi, but that is played more for laughs and comideci relief.

The fight that really showed Kamogawa’s potential was when he fought Ralph Anderson. Anderson was a former top boxer and would have likely become Welterweight champion if he wasn’t drafted into World War II.

Their match pushed Kamogawa to his limit but he was able to rally and land a massive body shot that destroyed Anderso’s ribs.

Also, I have to mention the fact that Kamogawa was able to punch a log into a hill completely.

7. Volg

Volg Hajime No Ippo

Volg has one of the worst records on paper in this list. you do have to keep in mind that he fought two of the top prospects in Japan.

Volg’s signature combination, The White Fang, was so dangerous that Ippo needed to create his own special move in order to defeat Volg.

the style Volg uses makes him a solid out fighter, but with The White fang, he is also a danger in close range making it hard to beat him at any range.

This versatility is what puts him on the list of strongest Hajime No Ippo Characters

6. Sendo

Sendo Strongest Hajime No Ippo

Sendo just edges out Volg for a few reasons. First, Sendo does have a win over Volg, but the circumstances of that win make it a little less than dominant.

Sendo was, in my opinion, able to give Ippo a harder fight than Volg and two seperate occasions, despite losing both.

Sendo was also able to legitimately defend his championship twice after winning it against Volg, with both of those wins coming by KO.

Sendo is a dangerous in-fighter who has a ton of Knockout power. With his only losses being to the series’ main protagonist, and out side of a few other matches everything being a dominant performance, we have to put him on the list of strongest Hajime No Ippo characters.

5. Miyata

Miyata Hajime No Ippo

After his loss to Mashiba, Miyata became a man possessed with becoming stronger. This caused him to train and fight across the world in order to improve himself.

This training made it’s most dominant appearance in two fights. The first was Miyata’s match with Jimmy Sisphar, where he showed off his new technique, the Jolt Counter.

This counter gave Miyata the punch he needed to knock out his opponents, as before he wasn’t able to hit hard enough.

We then got to see this technique utilized again against Arnie Gregory. This time Miyata put his entire body weight behind the punch and was able to break through Arnie’s guard knocking him out hard.

With the Jolt Counter Miyata was able to fully round out his counter fighter style, he easily earns his way onto the list of strongest Hajime No Ippo characters.

4. Ippo

Ippo Strongest characters

The main protagonist of the series, we got to see Ippo start out as a shy and bullied high school student to eventually become a champion and one of Japan’s top boxers.

Ippo’s natural power allowed him to hit hard but he didn’t just rest on his gifts. Ippo trained and built a style around his strength adding moves like the Gazelle punch and the Dempsey roll that complement his small and bulky frame.

Ippo started off his boxing career with KO after KO, even if the fights weren’t the easiest. The first career loss that Ippo had he was in a title fight against someone who was planning to move to the world stage of Boxing.

Ippo grows with every fight and and keeps getting stronger.

3. Ricardo Martinez

Top 10 Strongest Hajime no Ippo Characters

Ricardo Martinez is the current WBA featherweight champion and he is one of the most dangerous boxers in the world of Hajime No Ippo

Ricardo knocked out Date, the man who beat Ippo twice, the first time was so bad that it gave Date a scar and made him retire from the sport for sometime.

Ricardo even sparred with Ippo once and clearly beat him.

Ricardo is known as the undefeated “Super Champion” and “Living Legend” around the world, remaining in the featherweights and the WBA position for more than a decade.

2. Hawk

Bryan Hawk

Hawk is one of the weirdest boxers I’ve ever seen, real or fictional. His style is so unorthodox that he is insanely hard to prepare for. Hawk is so strong and talented that he barely even trains for his fights. With this method, he was able to go undefeated and win a title.

Not to mention his ecstasy state that makes him even more reckless and powerful. There has only ever been one man who could stop Hawk.

1. Takamura

Takamura Strongest Hajime no Ippo Characters

Takamura is the Strongest Hajime No Ippo character Pound for Pound hands down. Takamura is the person who got Ippo to boxing and acts like an older brother figure to him.

Takamura is undefeated in all of his professional bouts, this includes his match with Hawk. Takamura had his hardest fight with Hawk due to Hawk’s style. Takamura was able to push past this and defeat Hawk with solid boxing fundamentals, contrasting with Hawk’s lack of boxing skill.

Takamura isn’t just skilled, he’s also powerful. Takamura was able to one-punch knock out a fully grown bear with his left hand, which is crazy. He then went on to defeat an opponent only using his left hand, which might actually be crazier.

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