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The second season of Fire Force blew everyone’s minds! With action-packed great animation, we got to see some explosive fights. And by explosive, I do mean EXPLOSIVE. Even though the Anime isn’t on part with some of the greatest, the action doesn’t lie. Hence, I present you with the top 12 strongest fire force characters that will blow up your mind.
My ranking incorporated characters based on their pros and cons. These firefighters or not so much will make sure to set your brain on fire with their unrivaled strengths. Hence, let’s deep dive into the world of explosions!

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12. Toru Kishiri

Toru Strongest Fire Force Characters

The third-generation fire soldier with blond hair is popular due to his dopey eyes. However, do you know that he’s one of the strongest fire force characters as well? While on the surface he looks cool and carefree, there’s much more to this guy. HE’S RUDE AS HELL! And when it comes to boasting about his powers, this guy is a king of making arguments. Due to the fact that he has got third-generation powers, he often disgusts people like Akitaru and others by looking down upon them.

What are Toru’s Abilities?
Enough of the introduction! What are his powers? Well, it’s hard to explain only in words. However, Toru can create explosions but putting his powers in a vacuum of the bubblegum he’s always eating. Interesting one, right? When it comes to his battle combat, the abilities he posses are rather useful too. Moreover, when it comes to his analytical ability, he’s awesome!

Right in the middle of battle, Toru managed to find the perfect hiding spot and attack the opponents without getting injured. This arrogant bastard can become quite useful when it comes to his powers. Hence, Toru is amongst the strongest fire force characters of all time.

11. Arthur Boyle

Arthur Boyle Strongest Fire Force Characters
Another third-generation fire soldier on our list is Arthur Boyle. While the name somewhat looks like an old scientist, the hair says it all. He’s a young skinny guy with an average height, and like many other firefighters, he’s as arrogant as it gets. However, his arrogancy is a little different. Arthur believes in himself, and he has the confidence that his powers can save the world. Arthur doesn’t get along with a lot of people because his parents abandoned him at a relatively young age.

What are Arthur’s Abilities?
But when it comes to his powers, Arthur is a beast. His raw strength is enough to break people’s whole bodies. He easily deflected the enemy’s fire attack with a single freaking punch. Can you believe that? On the flip side, his pyrokinetic powers are as great as they get. He can control the warmness of his flames and manipulate plasma, making him one of the strongest fire force characters of all time. 
One weird thing about Arthur is that when he’s in a delusion, he becomes exceptionally strong. In other words, we can relate it to his childhood story that his father taught him. They would go to save the world and he would be the king at home. That is what made him one of the strongest to this date. Arthur is not anyone you can mess with that easily.

10. Kurono Yūichirō

The chief of Haijima Industries and the third-gen pyro, Kurono is the Sixth Pillar’s guardian as well. Kurono is a tall guy with the weirdest eyes I’ve ever seen! His right arm is brown due to the overheating, and this guy is so powerful that he has to wrap up his arm to suppress his true powers. Unlike anyone else we’ve seen, he is always finding the weaknesses of others, and using those weaknesses for his benefit is how he fights.

Like many villains, he loves provoking the weak and making them feel trash until they can’t even fight anymore. But his powers are on a whole other level. Because it requires power to torment even the evil ones.

What are Kurono’s Abilities?
Kurono is quite capable when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He can land some of the strongest punches and take some of the strongest punches as well. He is also known to be very strong when it comes to his pyro abilities.

Using the pyro abilities, he can create a smoke that can detect anyone in the smoke, making it a lot more deadly than it looks like. The worst part about getting in the smoke is that he can ignite a person instantly at any point he wants.

9. Tamaki Kotatsu

Tamaki Strongest Fire Force Characters

Our Kawai Tamaki who can make me regret what I just said, is a third-generation second-class soldier who is a total badass. If being badass with a beautiful face had an award, she’d be hooked up with one. Tamaki has a loud demeanor and a blunt personality that makes her attractive to some, and not so attractive to others. However, she has a kind side to her as well. Even though she feels inferior to others in terms of battle strength, she never gives up and cares about her friends more than anything in life.

What are Tamaki’s Abilities?
Initially, she was shown to be average. That was because Tamaki didn’t find her true potential at first. But when it comes to her analyzing abilities, she’s a total brain. She can easily assess the danger she’s in, and as third-gen pyro, Tamaki is immune to most burns too. Her pyro ability incorporates cat-like abilities that make her look a little too cute.

However, you mess with her, you mess with the wrong cat! Her ignition abilities promote pink flames all around her body, and her raw strength with fire is enough to break buildings. 

8. Maki Oze

While most people instantly get confused about Maki and Tamaki, there’s a huge difference. Tamaki is a 3rd-Gen pyro and Maki belongs to the 2nd-Gen. Both are just so opposite to each other that I can’t even! Maki is a badass. She has no “CUTE” aspect to him that will make your heart flutter. She’s a plain badass with some of the most powerful abilities we saw in the series. She’s mostly calm and a kind-hearted person. But you know what’s surprising? She could easily defeat Shinra and Arthur! That’s not to say that those two are any inferior. However, Maki has the experience advantage for sure.

What are Maki’s Abilities?
Maki is also known as the “WITCH,” and that’s pretty much it. She is a very capable fighter, especially in hand-to-hand combat. Her most surprising ability is that she can take multiple people head-on, and you can expect her to defeat all of them. A multitasker, right? However, her main expertise is to manipulate the fire from a longer distance. 

Her Iron Own attack is also pretty powerful in her fights. By manipulating fire, she can make those orbs float, and she uses them for both attacking and defensive purposes. Hence, Maki is one of the strongest fire force characters of all time.

7. Sho Kusakabe

The younger brother of the main character “Shinra,” Sho is one of the strongest fire force characters of all time. He’s a fourth-generation pyrokinetic, and also the commander of Knights of Ashen Flame. With bright crimson eyes and that badass sword, I can easily say that he’s surely powerful. Even though Sho looks like he’s sent straight from heaven, he’s as cold as Mount Everest. 

In other words, he’s the exact opposite of his brother Shinra, and when he met Shinra in the series, he showed little to no interest either. As he has been mostly under the Evangelist’s care, Sho only thinks of him as his parent, and there are no more people in his life either.

What are Sho’s Abilities?
ADOLLA BURST! Just like his brother, he uses this rare ignition ability that surprised everyone. Along with the Adolla link, he is quite a badass. Moreover, he also uses a fourth-gen ability called severed universe that slows down time itself! Man, these time manipulation abilities are so intimidating, and Sho leaves no stone unturned. Coupled up with his fast speed and pro swordsmanship, this guy is one of the strongest fire force characters on our list.

6. Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe Strongest Fire Force Characters

Our main character with a weird smiling syndrome is one of the strongest fire force characters on the list. He is a total BADASS and he continued to surprise us throughout the series. He wants to save people from spontaneous humans, however, his main goal is to find our how his parents died. It was 12 years before the main storyline started that Shinra’s parents died.

In the series, it is later revealed that he has one of the rarest ignition abilities called Adolla Burst. When it comes to Shinra’s personality, he’s a very brave, confident, and powerful guy who would work overtime to make sure that everyone is happy.

What are Shinra’s Abilities?
Even though he was a newcomer in the firefighting academy, he showed his unrivaled strength in just a couple of episodes. Everything from his eyesight to raw physical strength is an exception, and his pyro powers are on a whole other level. But in addition to his Adolla Burst Pyro ability, he has another trick up his sleeve.

The other ability is called “Hysterical Strength,” and it allows him to use 100% of his fire abilities versus where he’s been using only 30%. With a 70% increase in his powers, this guy is one of the strongest for sure.

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5. Haumea

The member of White Clad who posses the Adolla Burst power, and also known as the second pillar is Haumea. She’s a curvy young woman with blonde hair, and when we talk about her personality, she’s as quiet as a kid when you steal something from him. However, when she has something in mind, Haumea will try her best to achieve her goals. In other words, she’s just like a kid, and dealing with her can be quite difficult. She’s a third-generation pyro who awakened her abilities in her younger days.

In addition to her ignition abilities, she can also manipulate electricity and it’s quite destructive too. 

What are Haumea’s Abilities?
When it comes to weird abilities, Haumea might be the CEO of them. She has a knack for giving such edgy names that will make you go OOOF. One of the valuable abilities that she uses in combat is Radiohead. This ability allows her to communicate with all the team members despite being far away from them. She can also control Demon Infernals to some extend, but for the reference, she is one of the strongest fire force characters we’ve ever seen.

4. Charon (The Guardian)

Charon is the 2nd-Gen Pyro who is also the guardian of Haumea. While both have remarkable strength, Charon takes lead when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He’s the second pillar guardian, and one of the first thoughts, he’s muscular with a blindfold that has a cross on it. His martial arts is unlike anything else we’ve ever seen in the series.

As a member of White Clad, he’s super loyal but he asks a lot of questions. And by lot, I mean A LOT! However, during combat, he is confident and leaves no space for mercy either. TO Haumea, Charon acts as if he was her father.

What are Charon’s Abilities?
As mentioned above, Charon is an expert in hand-to-hand fighting. His speed is a lot more than what it seems like on the surface. One of Charon’s remarkable abilities is the fact that he was able to recover from such a huge explosion in such a short time. But that’s not where the story stops. 

His second-generation pyro abilities make him absorb the heat energy that is left by the opponent’s attacks. Hence, he transforms that attack and creates huge explosions whenever he wants to. Therefore, Charon is one of the strongest fire force characters on our list.

3. Leonard Burns

Leonard Burns

As the name suggests, this is going to burn. Leonard is the captain of Fire Force Company 1, and as a priest, he also gives duty in the church. Moreover, he is a tall and muscular guy. You wouldn’t want to mess with him unless you’re like a God or something. One of his eyes has a patch covered to it as well. Such a buffed up man in a battle, what do you expect? He can easily stomp on most enemies, making him one of the strongest fore force characters to make it to our ist today.

What are Leonard’s Abilities?
Due to his sheer powers, Leonard became what he is today. And that is the captain of the fire force academy. He is a lot more than what he looks like. An absolute beast in the battle, Leonard’s punches aren’t something that should be ignored. However, things get a lot spicier when we talk about his pyro abilities. 

His ignition ability is called Voltage Nova, and it allows him to burn flames in his body that increase his battle strength as a whole. Leonard is an all-in-one fighter that not everyone can beat in the series.

2. Joker


Joker is also known as the Anti-Hero due to some obvious reasons in the Anime, and when it comes to his physique, he sure is one spicy enchilada for the ladies. A tall, young guy with black hair who dresses as well as Tom Cruise, ladies are a sucker for this guy. Joker works behind the scene to make sure that his goals would be fulfilled.

Even as a child, he used to think a lot. He used to think about what he wanted to do, and why was he pushing himself to become the greatest. He’s a lot sneakier and intelligent than he looks.

What are Joker’s Abilities?
Joker is a beast in hand-to-hand combat. His fighting scenes were a blessing to watch, and the way he defended himself against Shinra’s attacks was remarkable too. Just like a Joker, he can play with cards and might just set your house on fire too. Beware of this badass.

1. Evangelist

The intimidating leader of the White Clad who is also deemed as one of the strongest characters in the fire force series is a large person who hides his real self in a white-colored robe. There are two horns sticking out of its head, giving it a devilish appearance. While a lot of characters refer to her as “it,” I think I should go with the regular “she.” The figure says it all, she looks just like a female. 

What are Evangelist’s Abilities?
The Evangelist is truly terrifying. Her appearance looks intimidating enough to make us shake our legs. However, the true power is her doing things that are not possible by any humans. She can play with space and time, tear it, cause big earthquakes, and there is just no room for comparision. She is top of a line character that makes everyone else look weak.

These are some of the most powerful fire force characters we’ve seen in a while! Especially, Evangelion. She is just way ahead of all other characters, making her strongest on the list. While other characters like Joker, Leonard, and Charon are quite powerful, we all know that Shinra will surpass him limits one way or the other.

If you have any suggestions of what character we should put on the list, make sure to comment, and I’ll try to include them on the list. I hope you enjoyed the list!


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