19+ STRONGEST Castlevania Characters By The End of The Series

Most series based on video games are often hit or miss but with Castlevania getting a Netflix anime adaptation from its video game, we are surprisingly not let down.

The first season with four episodes was just an experiment to see if people were into something like that, and clearly, PEOPLE WANTED MORE!

Castlevania is a Dark Fantasy Horror Anime that revolves around a Dracula named Vlad Tepes whose wife got accused of witchcraft and burnt to death by a Bishop. Dracula decides to take revenge and unleashes a bunch of demonic creatures upon Wallachia that wreak havoc everywhere. Now, Trevor Belmont, the last son of the Belmont clan must take on Dracula along with Sypha Belnades and Alucard, who is the abandoned son of Dracula.

The story sounds pretty interesting with a number of very versatile characters with some insane amount of power. Today, We shall talk about some of the strongest characters from Castlevania. Let’s just get right into the list without further ado! (There might be some SPOILERS ahead so WATCH OUT)

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Table of Contents

20. Miranda

Miranda, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Miranda is an old Forgemaster who assisted Isaac in his mission. Not much is known about her but it’s said that she used to be extremely powerful in youth and even now, she can be a pain!

She’s a very calm individual and is inclined more towards nihilism, lamenting how her powers started losing their spark with age. 

As a Forgemaster, Miranda is able to create Night Creatures using human corpses and control them at will. She’s also able to use some magic and even repel it. Her sixth sense and sound wisdom are really on another level!

19. Raman

Raman, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Raman is one of Dracula’s Generals and is a female Indian Vampire. It’s pretty evident from her appearance that she descends from India. She has a lot of similarities with Sharma who’s a Vampire from Nepal.

Though she’s not very strong but is decent support for Dracula and his other Generals. She uses the raw power of her claws to slice any opponent who’s in front of her. Her claws are quite sharp and can easily decapitate anyone and everyone!

18. Sharma

Sharma, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Just like Raman, Sharma serves as a General under Dracula and descends from Nepal. He adorns the Napolese outfit and shares the same skin colours and features with Sharma because of their close ethnicity.

Sharma uses dual swords named Scimitar for attacking his opponents. The Scimitar hails from the Middle East and has a curved blade. Though it’s the weakest sword of its class, we see Sharma skillfully wielding it and slicing up his opponents without any fail. He also showcases some very impressive agility and can be considered a strong opponent.

17. Zufall

Zufall, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Zufall is one of the Generals of Dracula and is a German Vampire.

The weapon he uses is a single-edged Glaive that he wields with accuracy. He appears to be very agile and a tough opponent to his enemies. He’s also very smart and executes his plans perfectly!

16. Dragoslav

Dragoslav, strongest Castlevania Characters

Dragoslav is one of Dracula’s Generals and is a Slavic Vampire. He wears heavy armour that protects from his opponents’ brutal attacks and gives him an edge over them. 

Dragoslav relies solely on his vampire instincts and raw power. He does not use any kind of weapon because he’s pretty confident that his bare fists would do the job. We’re impressed with this kind of mindset!

15. Cyclops

Cyclops, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Cyclops first appeared in Season 1 when he turned Sypha into a stone statue until Trevor came and defeated him. He uses a mono beam from his single eye and also uses an electric hammer to attack which is pretty strong itself. 

Cyclops feeds on the fear of those he had turned into stone and this can only be undone when he’s killed. Luckily, Trevor was able to defeat him and turn Sypha back to her normal body. Overall, Cyclops is a pretty nasty creature that gives a hard time to his opponents. 

14. Godbrand

Godbrand, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Godbrand is a Viking Vampire and one of Dracula’s Generals who is also one of the most prominent antagonists in Season 1 of the series. He loves hunting, eating and indulging himself in other immoral activities. 

He’s extremely brutal and loves turning “Humans into boats”. He has a rotten personality who thinks of humans as no more than livestock

Godbrand uses an axe and a sword while fighting his opponents. He can be seen easily taking out any kind of enemy and without even hesitating. Other than the weapons, he uses his natural vampire instincts to SLAY anyone in sight!

13. Cho

Cho, Strongest Castlevania Characters

One of Dracula’s Generals and a Japanese Vampire, Cho used to rule her own secret court in Northern Japan before joining Dracula in the war against humanity.

She had a brutal nature and loved being brutal with the humans she enslaved. Her two slaves Taka and Sumi used to watch her gruesome shows where she used to fight other slaves just for fun. She then devoured the slaves after killing them. That showed her rotten personality.

As far as power levels are concerned, Cho is one of the strongest Generals of Dracula and is extremely loyal to him. 

She has very unique abilities that can let her turn her body into mist and disappear. She can also emit poison from her palms, making her a silent but lethal killer!

12. Hector

Hector, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Hector is one of the two human Generals in Dracula’s Army. He had it rough in the past and ended up discovering an ability to reanimate dead animals. Hector’s parents shunned him when they found out about such a repulsive power. Bitter and furious, Hector burned down his house with his parents in it, hating all kinds of humans. 

After joining forces with Dracula, he became a Forgemaster under his orders. He can create Night Creatures by using human corpses. He can also use magic and even teleportation. Even though Hector does not possess impressive physical power, his magic and other abilities prove to be very lethal.

11. Isaac

Isaac, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Isaac serves as a prominent antagonist at first but soon shifts to the protagonist’s side. He’s the only human Vampire in Dracula’s army along with Hector. 

Isaac had a very difficult childhood and was always being abused by people around him. The reason why he joined forces with Dracula was just to take his revenge and to create a world where there’s only loyalty and love (Not a bad idea to be honest). 

Isaac has a number of abilities that make him even stronger than Dracula’s other Generals. He explains that no other vampire can use these abilities as it involves a deep “Human” connection. 

His innate fighting skills involve raw power that allows him to effortlessly kill a group of Bandits. His knife fighting skills are also very impressive and is shown to be very agile while using a knife to attack his opponents. 

He uses Necromancy to bring back creatures to life from death. Other than that, his sheer willpower makes him a formidable vampire as we’ve seen him resisting mind control. He also disregarded everyone who was planning to go against Dracula to the point that he even killed Godbrand. 

Isaac is definitely one of the strongest and most loyal Generals of Dracula. 

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10. Ratko

Ratko, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Ratko is one of the most prominent antagonists in the series and has some affiliation with Dracula’s army. He’s immortal and takes great pride in his skills and abilities.

According to Ratko, war is something that allows you to kill enough people on the opposite side that they’re no longer able to fight. He enjoys challenges and wins most of them. Yes, that’s how strong he is!

He wields a sword and trusts his natural vampire abilities that give him an edge over his opponents.

9. Striga

Striga, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Striga serves as the leader of the army of four vampires and is one of the four Queens of Styria. She has a warrior mentality and follows “honourable tactics” (Always). 

She’s fierce and ruthless, possessing no empathy or pity for humans just like all other vampires. Striga has enhanced superhuman abilities and the power of immortality that makes her a formidable opponent. Other than her natural vampire instincts, she’s a genius military strategist because she knows how the military works. She’s an expert when it comes to handling thousands of vampires and using them according to how she wants. 


8. Lenore

Lenore, Strongest Castlevania Characters

A member of the “Council of Sisters” and one of the four Queens of Styria, Lenore is a true diplomat. She’s good at getting people to trust her and then backstabbing them ruthlessly. With Hector, she was a bit soft though.

She takes her job as a Diplomat very seriously and is very pragmatic about everything. When negotiating, she appears to be very calm and composed. She was able to seduce Hector and got what she wanted from him easily, leaving him heartbroken. 

Being a vampire, Lenore is immortal. She doesn’t age as well as possesses superhuman speed and power. Her physical power cannot be ignored as she’s able to use Martial Arts very skillfully. Just like Cho, Lenore can also turn her body into mist as well as transform her body into a swarm of bats as a means of displacement. She can prove to be a very lethal opponent without a doubt.

7. Carmilla

Carmilla, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Another one of the prominent protagonists, Carmilla is the vampiress Queen of Styria and also the leader of the Council of Sisters. She’s extremely seductive and manipulative, getting what she wants all the time (A typical Femme Fatale!)

She has a twisted personality and a very dark sense of humour. She loves dominating people and treating them as their pets which is a whole nother level of twisted. She’s only nice to her “sisters” and jokes around with them which really makes us think IS THIS REALLY CARMILLA?

Carmilla possesses very impressive physical powers and agility that is on par with even Alucard. Her vampire senses are more polished in comparison to other vampires. She uses a curved blade to attack her opponents and has terrifying control over them, slicing everything in sight. The way she manipulates everyone is really scary. Her high intellect and charisma are her most dangerous weapons!

6. Gergoth

Gergoth, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Gergoth is a Night Creature, a monster under the influence of Dragan. In the anime, we see him attacking Dracula’s Castle where the villagers took refuge. He was strong enough to give a tough time to Sypha, Trevor and Alucard. The three of them were able to kill him with their combined efforts. That’s how strong he was!

5. Sypha Belnades

Sypha, Strongest Castlevania Characters

We’re finally starting to talk about the main protagonists of the anime. Sypha Belnades is the granddaughter of the Elder of the Speakers. She’s a capable sorceress that can create and manipulate all kinds of elements.

She’s a very kind person and also very upbeat. Sypha bears a heavy responsibility for her tribe and desperately wants to save Wallachia from Dracula at all costs. 

Sypha possesses extremely powerful magic and was able to defeat a lot of Dracula’s monsters and three of his Generals with minimum effort. Being a sorceress, she’s able to manipulate elements at will and her attacks using the elements are super strong. Her physical powers surpass any other woman in the series and prove to be a serious threat to the enemies. We definitely love a strong woman who can kick some ass!

4. Trevor

Trevor, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Another one of the main protagonists from the series, Trevor Belmont is the only descendant left of the Belmont tribe and is a Vampire Hunter that every Vampire is wary of. Carmilla especially showed concern about some Belmont left alive and her concern was right because Trevor butchered a lot of Vampires throughout the series. 

Both Trevor and Dracula had grown bitter because of the wrongdoings of the Church. However, Trevor did not lose it and went on to kill innocent humans like Dracula. He, instead, developed a very cynical and apathetic approach towards people. 

Trever is one of the strongest characters in the series because of his exceptional physical prowess. He possesses “reflexes like a cat”. He’s also very skilful in showcasing Martial Arts and can give a tough time to a bunch of Dracula’s monsters SINGLE-HANDEDLY.

Although he’s a human, he seems to possess superhuman qualities as he’s seen recovering very quickly from some very lethal injuries and falls. He’s a natural commander, helping his allies throughout the battle all the time. With so many qualities and abilities up his sleeve, Trevor is definitely a formidable opponent to Dracula and his army of Vampires. 

3. Death

Death, Castlevania Characters

Death is the evilest of the evils and is an immortal being since the dawn of life on Earth. He wishes to resurrect Dracula from death and wreak havoc everywhere. 

He’s the cruellest of the creatures and bears no sympathy for anyone. No act of brutality can be above his. He’s a parasite, consuming everything from his environment and giving nothing but sadness and despair. 

Being Immortal since before the dawn of history, he cannot be hurt easily. His immortality is his ultimate power. He has enhanced physical powers that nobody can ever compete with. He’s also able to shapeshift. A great manipulator with a high intellect, Death is not an easy opponent to face at all!

2. Alucard

Alucard, Strongest Castlevania Characters

Alucard creates a perfect balance between being a vampire and a human. He’s the son of Dracula and is the best of both his parents. He has a strong sense of justice and is a very responsible individual. He’s ice-cold because of the things he went through. Despite everything, he embraces his lonely lifestyle. 

In terms of power, he’s second to only Dracula, his father. He possesses insane physical powers that are above all humans and most vampires. With such superhuman strength, Alucard is able to defeat a bunch of vampires and monsters without even breaking a sweat. He’s also able to magically command his sword and is a great swordsman. We also kinda like him because he’s SO HOT!

1. Dracula

Dracula, Strongest Castlevania characets

We’re finally at the top of our list and this spot definitely goes to Dracula who’s the main antagonist of the series and Aucard’s father. He grew extremely brutal towards all kinds of humanity when his wife Lisa was accused of practising witchcraft and was burnt to death. He decided to eradicate humanity by the face of the Earth by creating a strong army of Vampires. 

He’s so strong that even Alucard, Trevor and Belmont working together could barely even scratch him. He possesses peak physical strength and mobility. His extreme physical superiority makes him the strongest character of the series!


All the characters in Castlevania scream DEATH because of their 24/7 murderous intent towards humans and natural vampire instincts that make them the ultimate enemy of all mankind. We’re desperately waiting for the new season to come out with a bunch of new characters. 

I hope you liked our list of the strongest characters in Castlevania. We’ll definitely come back with more!

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