TOP 10 Strongest Attack On Titan Characters by the End!

Attack on Titan

Attack On Titan, or should I say, AOT, is a groundbreaking Japanese anime series. It’s wise to suggest Attack On Titan as a cultural phenomenon because it’s not every day you get to witness a team of stealth warriors making a massive impact in the west, with, not to mention, a Death Note coming close – yikes!

Fans may adore the action-packed series, but if you had to survive even a minute in its bloodsucking universe, you would not make it out alive on your own. 

Man! Just think about it, how could one even survive in a place where man-eating titans run wild? Here is a hint: our beloved, man-of-steel warriors!

With all the chaos and corruption going around in the titan-filled universe, who could be the savior? It’s not me, it’s not you, THEN WHO?! This unsettling and strange question brings us to another question: who is the most decisive Attack On Titan character? Most Importantly, who will remain the strongest till the very end?

Everyone has been waiting in expectancy for the last season of AOT, and it’s finally out! There are so many new characters in the show, but who is the strongest?

Here’s my prediction for the top 10 strongest Attack on Titan characters until the very end of the show. Curious? Keep on reading then.

Table of Contents

10. Falco Grice:

10. Falco Grice strongest attack on titan character

Yes, Yes, I started the list with a kid. But hear me out, okay?

Falco Grice is a relatively new character in the AOT series, but he is definitely not a side character. Like his brother, Colt Grice, Falco is also a warrior candidate who trained hard to inherit one of the nine great titans to fight for Marlay.

While it is true that Falco looks much weaker when compared to the other warrior candidates like Gabi, I can bet that he will be the one inheriting the powers of a titan. Let’s not forget that he has a huge crush on Gabi, which is the biggest determination a man needs to get stronger.

The first episode of season 4 began with Falco, looking much like how Eren did back in season 1. Could this be foreshadowing something bigger in the future? Perhaps he will prove to be the biggest obstacle for Paradis or maybe the biggest ally?

Whatever happens, Falco will definitely grow up to be a strong, reliable man. Plus, I’m eager to see his growth in the final season. Aren’t you? Falco is one of the strongest Attack On Titans character.

9. Jean Kirstein

9. Jean Kirstein strongest attack on titan character

Up next on the list, we have Jean the horse! A big round of applause for him.

All jokes apart, Jean has had quite the growth since the beginning of the series up till now. Possessing authentic and natural leadership qualities, Jean is one of the few people in Attack on Titan who takes action for his responsibilities. 

He was a mere coward, working as a soldier of survey cops, and look at him now. Jean is the commanding officer and a good one at that too. I mean, come on, we’ve got to give this guy some credit. His guidelines are always on point, and he is also careful about every step he makes.

Jean has shown sheer determination since Marco died, and he has only grown stronger. He has revealed from time to time that his thinking tactics and his weapon skills are exceptional.

Furthermore, he is really stubborn, like really. We will be seeing him till the very end of the series, and the guy will not stop evolving. 

Indeed, Jean, the horse is a blessed character! Let’s see what he has in store for the last season.

8. Pieck FInger

8. Pieck FInger strongest attack on titan character

Pieck’s finger is another Marlayen warrior, also known as the Cart Titan. 

We all saw her first with the appearance of Beast Titan, and man! was that scary. While the Beast Titan’s presence itself was really horrifying, what truly shocked me was the Cart Titan. We had seen many titans up till then, but her appearance was definitely unique, and her abilities even more.

I wasn’t very impressed with the Cart Titan in the start, mainly because it just didn’t look as cool as the other titans. However, we have to agree that Pieck, without any doubt, is exceptionally strong.

A titan with good mobility, carries a lot of weight, and can be equipped with guns too? Guns?! How crazy is that?! Titans are powerful, but adding weapons makes them truly invincible.

While the anti-titan arms are being made, putting the Marleyans at great risk, I am pretty sure that Pieck will manage to get stronger with the help of her Titan and the weapons she can wield.

Pieck is going to be one of the most annoying titans to deal with to the very end. Now the question is how Eren and his squad will manage to take her down? 

7. Annie Leonhardt

7. Annie Leonhardt strongest attack on titan character

Annie! Now we’re talking!

All the AOT fans know how powerful and unforgettable Annie is, especially when she is outside her human form. However, this female warrior is forced to be totaled regardless. 

Don’t be baffled by her face; she is beautiful, but she is also a cold-hearted wench. Annie appears to have a strong character in the show because she can easily take down two men twice her size. Other than that, her steadfast will to become a member of the Survey Corps made her scary to watch. 

In conclusion, her fans were not surprised when her titan form became scarier and more powerful than her human form. 

Even though Annie is in a crystal form right now, she is still one of the strongest warriors, and nobody comes near her in combat skills which makes her one of the strongest Attack On Titans character.

Whether she gets eaten by Eren or not, knowing her, she will not back down without a fight. And who knows, she might break free from the crystal soon. Now, doesn’t that sound exciting?

6. Armin Arlert

6. Armin Arlert strongest attack on titan character

Let’s talk about Armin now, shall we?

Some of you have probably placed bets on Armin on blooming into a tough and I-will-make-everyone-cry personality, but it gets better than that!

When we first get a load of the timid, weak boy, he is seen being bullied as a child and demands instant help from Eren and Mikasa (although he never says it, he needs rescuing).

Armin becomes obsessed and wildly enthusiastic about the politics, strategy, society, and titans’ world in their company. 

Take notes because this is our most valuable insight into the most powerful and vital fighter of the 104 Training Corps.

Armin has encountered many scenarios where humanity was never in his fate, but that didn’t get him down. Armin’s earnest compassion towards his enemies and allies makes him a peacemaker and a critical thinker too. He sure is not as good as Erwin Smith, but he definitely comes near him.

Receiving the power of Colossal Titan changed Armin’s image and importance for the war against Marley. 

Nonetheless, Armin deserves this spot because of his great tactical thinking and the effective use of his powers as the Colossal Titan.

5. Reiner Braun

5. Reiner Braun strongest attack on titan character

Some of you might be shocked to see Reiner in this list after he almost got eaten in place of Bertholt, but that gives him more reason to be here!

Reiner has changed quite a bit since the previous seasons, and he is looking much stronger now. The guy has Armored Titan, the strongest of them all when it comes to defense, and definitely the coolest as well.

Although Marlay thinks that Reiner does not deserve his position, I, on the other hand, think otherwise. Sure, Reiner has had some moments of weakness, but he has always gotten back up with more strength than ever before

I am positive we all can see this guy breaking walls and skulls till the very end. Reiner will stay persistent, and who knows, we might see him teaming up with Eren.

Or will he get eaten by him?

Nevertheless, Reiner is an impeccable guy who has excellent combat skills and the will to keep moving forward. In other words, the Armored Titan will continue to kick ass till the very end. 

4. Zeke Yeager

4. Zeke Yeager strongest attack on titan character

I’m pretty stoked to talk about this dude – Zeke Yeager!

Remember his very first appearance in the show? Remember how scary it was? Man, I sure thought everyone was doomed after looking at him.

On top of that, he is an anti-hero of AOT, or is he really? Zeke is the holder of Beast Titan and the war chief of the Marley Warrior den.

We all probably thought he was the strongest Titan, but we sure got smacked in the face with all the other details about Marley and Eldians.

What makes Zeke so powerful is that he can use his spinal fluid to create and control the titans. That is a crazy ability to have, and the guy has used it wisely as well.

Although Zeke may not be the strongest, he is 4th on the list, mainly because of his impeccable brain. The guy is so cunning that we will never understand his true intentions till the very end.

Will his time come to an end before he achieves his true goal? Will Levi kill him? I am sure there are millions of questions in your mind right now. Nevertheless, Zeke will truly be one of the strongest characters of AOT till the very end. He is also one of the strongest Attack On Titans character.


3. Mikasa Ackerman

3. Mikasa Ackerman strongest attack on titan character

You know what they say, Mikasa Sukasa!

This woman is the human-definition of that phrase!

Mikasa has been the shadow of Eren ever since he rescued her from the traffickers that murdered her family, and since then, they have developed a beautiful, unbreakable bond. 

Even when she was young, Mikasa was seen as an intimidating and strong figure, warding off bullies in Eren and Armin’s stead. 

Also, she graduated 1st in the Training Corps program. Whether it be a person or Titan, nothing can defeat her or stop her from pursuing her purpose.

We all know how crazy she is for Eren, and we also know that she will continue to protect him till the very end.

Along with the powers of being an Ackerman and the resolve to protect Eren, Mikasa will be staying alive and kicking ass till the very end.

2. Levi Ackerman

2. Levi Ackerman strongest attack on titan character

Here is the man we have all been waiting for – Levi Ackerman!

Like I said in the beginning, Levi is TRULY not the strongest character in AOT. He may possess some unique abilities that make him better than the rest, but he is undoubtedly not the strongest of the characters. 

However, nothing is disappointing about Levi. Indeed, he is a tough person to start a fight with, but he does know when to remain chill. 

I am not underestimating him! We all know what happened when Zeke underestimated him. The only reason I believe he is the second strongest is due to not having any titan powers. Simply put, he is a mere human, and there are limits to what humans can do.

I know many are thinking that he can become a titan too, but that isn’t where his strength lies. Levi shines as the commander of the survey corps and as a mere human.

The guy single-handedly defeated the Beast Titan, and what a spine chilling moment that was! Levi is a badass guy that will continue to scare the hell out of everyone till the very end with his incredible abilities. 

1. Eren Yeager

1. Eren Yeager strongest attack on titan character

Let us take a moment to welcome the last hope of humanity; Eren Yeager!                   

Eren is the protagonist of the series, but he was not always strong. I think we can all agree on Eren being the annoying kid in the start, but, boy oh boy, did he grew up to be a fine young man!

Now, I know you guys may be upset that Eren got the first spot but hear me out, okay? Eren could barely shift to his titan form in the first season, and now he possesses not one, not two, but three titans! And all three of those are exceptionally strong as well. 

The Founding Titan allows him to control all titans, which he doesn’t know how to use yet, but we will surely be seeing him using it sooner in the final season. That alone should be enough to give him the first spot, right?

It does not stop here as Eren has different plans for the future. With how the series is proceeding, Eren will eat most of the titans, making him the strongest character in the AOT universe. Eren is at the top of the list to be one of the strongest Attack On Titans character.

Eren has also worked his butt off in hand-to-hand combat and mastered the ODM gear well. The guy will not fail to surprise us till the very end and has definitely earned the first spot.

Bottom Line

That is all, folks.These were AOT’s strongest characters till the very end of the series!

This ranking of characters may not have been in your favor, but it will make sense once the final season ends.


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