7 Amazing Spirited Away Quotes (Images)

Spirited-Away-Quotes.-Zeniba-Quote. Once you've met someone you never really forget them.

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This movie if we truly think about it is a metaphor for Greed. Chihiro’s parents turn into pigs. The whole reason they get into a mess is because of their greed. The no face is the epidomy and feeding off of people’s greed. He’ll give you things you want, and you’ll want more and more and more. Which creates a monster, because he becomes crazier as more and more people take from him. But Chihiro’s intentions are pure and thats why he an calm down around her, and not be a threat. She’s the only one.

Chihiro Quotes

This is such a beautiful line I don’t know how to turn into words such a great metaphor on the Savior role that Haku played for Chihiro. One of the nicest moments in the movie because Haku is finally freed from Yubaba’s bind.

Spirited Away Quotes. Chihiro Quote. Your real name is Kohaku River. Quote The Anime.

Haku Quotes

It was such a cute moment where she was so scared.

Spirited Away Quotes. Haku Quote. You have to hold your breath while you cross the bridge. Quote The Anime.

Kamaji Quotes

This line makes me think about what love really is. I think that love has so many forms love for a partner is the first one that comes to mind for everybody. But love for the work that you do. Love for the food that you cook and maybe eat. Love for people that are not your immediate family that you might have. Love has so many different meanings.

Lin Quotes

The metaphor here is that a lot of us need to take a lesson from Lin on the fact that we have the ability in the power to get out of her life scenarios that we think we are actually stuck in. But we don’t have to be…

Spirited Away Quotes. Lin Quotes. I've gotta get out of this place. Someday I'm getting on that train. Quote The Anime

Yubaba Quotes

I just think she girl is so funny at times.

Spirited Away Quotes. Yubaba Quotes. Hands down. You'll insult our guest. Quote The Anime.

Yuko Ogino Quotes

For here I think is that sometimes we are dependent on people to the fact that we’re not even just hurting them oh, but we’re also hurting ourselves in that were losing our growth and self-esteem building and Independent-ness that is waiting for us, if we choose to walk the path with  with Is that we can handle it by ourselves if we just tried.

Spirited Away Quotes. Yuko Ogino Quotes. don't cling like that, you'll make me trip. Quote The Anime.

Zeniba Quotes

That’s actually true. That at some level in our brains we have every memory of every person we never met, but we’re just not able to retrieve that memory at the moment when we need to recall it.

Spirited-Away-Quotes.-Zeniba-Quote. Once you've met someone you never really forget them.

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