10+ Powerful Soul Eater Quotes & Wallpaper! (Images)

Soul Eater Quotes. Death The Kid Quotes. I'm going to keep fighting until the world is balanced. Quote The Anime.

Asura Kishin Quotes

I guess that’s true in many ways, the fact that twists and turns exist in our lives is also the reason for the excitement, fear, energy that we derive from the endeavors that we pursue.

Soul Eater Quotes. Asura Kishin Quotes. 'Life becomes an unsolvable mystery with any numer of twists and turns awaiting us.'

Black Star Quotes

Now this is a great way to look at life in an attitude that I truly admire and take away from this quote. The fact that I lost isn’t necessarily a loss if you make sure to derive the lesson hidden in those losses. Because without those moments of growth we actually can’t improve.

Soul Eater Quotes. Black Star Quotes. 'As long as I don't admit defeat, then it'll never be a loss.' Quote The Anime.

Crona Quotes

I think this one is just a funny quote in terms of how people can be in terms of dealing with at times and that’s actually hilarious too.

Soul Eater Quotes. Crona Quotes. 'I bet daed people are easier to get along with.' Quote the Anime.

Death The Kid Quotes

I really admire and envy the motivation inspiration and the drive that Death the Kid embodies here in this line because it’s a crazy level in motivation inspiration to do something, because my own personal mission is to do something like this in the world and I don’t want to give that up till the day I die and that mission.

Soul Eater Quotes. Death The Kid Quotes. I'm going to keep fighting until the world is balanced. Quote The Anime.

Actually that is such a true fact and then in fact there’s a book written on it that the more symmetry that there is on someone’s face the more beautiful a person is in terms of societal standards. Which is crazy to include as an author in an anime..

Soul Eater Quotes. Death The Kid Quotes. 'Symmetry is what makes the world beautiful.' Quote the Anime.

Elizabeth Thompson Quotes

I think this line actually represents the freedom and openness one feels with their friends and people that they Trust.

Soul Eater Quotes. Elizabeth Thompson Quotes. We were born as weapons, and taling whenever and whatever we wanted.'

Franken Stein Quotes

In fact this is unbelievable that most of our society standards have been decided by people for the past Century by people in authority and power with something called the television by using the medium of ads and advertisements to influence our oft patterns for behaviors and habits and branding through marketing. Which actually was a way for people at the top to control what we officially thought was right and wrong.

Soul Eater Quotes.Franken Stein Quotes. There is no inherent right or wrong in this world positions of authority.' Quote The Anime.

Maka Albarn Quotes

It takes a very Brave person to realize in the moment that you were scared and to take control of being scared and yet still taking action.

Soul Eater Quotes. Maka Albarn Quotes. 'I refuse to let my fear control me anymore.' Quote The Anime.

Marie Mjolnir Quotes

Best quote ever.

Soul Eater Quotes. Marie Mjolnir Quotes. 'An apple a day keepa anyone awa, if you throw it hard enough.' Quote The Anime

Medusa Gorgon Quotes

I believe that is actually at some level very true because fear is a great compass for us in terms of our livelihood I believe that it  is actually at some level very true because fear is a great compass for us in terms of on example for livelihood and not jumping off a bridge and things like that. So to chase fear in things that would not potentially kill us but provide sources of growth like pursuing a career or a job or an Endeavor that you’re scared of is amazing.

Soul Eater Quotes. Medusa Gorgon Quotes. 'Fear is what creates order.' Quote The Anime

Soul Evans Quotes

I think this is what people in today’s day and age call social anxiety.. It comes from the technological advances that have caused dependencies for us. Hence creating a gap in human connection that was necessary in the past decades as a necessity.

Soul Evans, Soul Eater Wallpaper

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