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Hello to all you Solo Leveling fans! If you haven’t read Solo Leveling, then what are you doing with your life? Read it! You won’t regret it, I promise.

Solo Leveling is both a webcomic and a novel. It’s gained popularity fast. This is probably due to all the Tik Tok and Instagram edits. Which, by the way, are phenomenal.

This is just my opinion, but I secretly hope this doesn’t get animated. Solo Leveling is just too good. The only way from the top of the castle is downward, and I’m scared that might happen if Solo Leveling got an anime. Anyway, today we present you with a Solo Leveling Wiki! Without further ado, let’s get started.

Solo Leveling Wiki

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Solo Leveling Shadow Extraction

Writer of Solo Leveling

Writer Cho Gang

Category: Novel/Webtoon

Illustrator: Dubu

Total Chapters: 270

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Release Day: Thursday


Solo leveling storyline

Listen, this might sound like a generic plotline, but just hear me out, man. There is a reason why Solo Leveling is the most popular manhwa nowadays (for years). Solo Leveling is set in a world where portals called gates started to appear. These gates connect the dimension of monsters to the world of humans.

Yeah, I know. Again, bear with me. The main character, my 2-D husband, is a hunter. But not just any hunter! He’s a member of the lowest rank. But not just any member! He’s the weakest hunter in all of South Korea. Isn’t he the greatest?! It’s actually quite the opposite. At least for the initial part.

His name is Sung Jin Woo. One day, he found himself trapped in one deadly dungeon. This is a rare dual dungeon. If you don’t know what that means, just know that only a few make it out alive. Might I remind you that Sung-Jin Woo is not some strong, OP MC? Like, he is known to be weak. Of course, Sung-Jin Woo isn’t alone, he has a party with him.

sung jin woo

That’s all in vain as his group is completely wiped out. Miraculously, Sung Jin Woo survives—but barely. An unknown program named System ends up being interested in Sung Jin Woo and chooses him only to have a super rare ability. This ability allows him to level up like it’s nobody’s business.

Bro, the art style is fire. The colors and graphics are insane. Solo Leveling is arguably the best-illustrated series out there. So, to sum it all up, the plot is top tier and the art is jaw-dropping. What more do you want?!

Notable Characters

We will be briefly discussing the main characters of the series. If you want to read about all the characters in Solo Leveling, we already have a blog on that. Please click on this link if you are interested and show it some love:

Read More: Solo Leveling Characters

sung jin woo

Sung Jin Woo

In the Storyline section of this blog, I introduced Sung Jin Woo as the weakest hunter at the start of the series. He was an E-Rank hunter. As you all know, what thing led to another, and he gained an extraordinary power that has him leveling insanely fast.

Funny enough, when Sung Jin-Woo decides to reevaluate his rank after some time, there’s a problem in checking his current level. I lost it when I heard that the machines that the South Korean Hunter Association use could not measure his strength (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 62). This meant that he was already an S-Rank hunter!

Solo Leveling 111 (2020) (Digital) (LuCaZ)

Fact about Sung Jin Woo that makes me angry: Christopher Reed calls Sung Jin Woo a 2nd Rate Asian Hunter (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 177).  Jin Woo is a family man that strongly believes in and upholds his morals. He has a very admirable personality. Jin Woo is polite and kind, two wonderful traits to have that he did not let go of after becoming an S-Rank.

He wasn’t as striking as he is now in the beginning. He was weak and scrawny. Also, Jin Woon had not yet developed his muscular build. Since he is the main character, it’s only standard to have a general idea of his skills. Here is a list:

  •         Longevity
  •         Detoxification
  •         Tenacity
  •         Bloodlust
  •         Mutilation
  •         Quicksilver
  •         Immunity
  •         Stealth
  •         Dagger Rush
Cha Hae in

Cha Hae In

Cha is a prime example of a proper and strong female character. She’s the third strongest hunter in South Korea! Look at my girl go! Gosh, I’m so proud of her!

She was a disciple at Song Chi Yul’s Dojo (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 211). Cha is a hard worker that cares greatly for the people around her. Even after becoming an S-Rank hunter, she continued to train relentlessly.

That is all I wanted in a female character. She’s also the Vice-Guild Master of the Hunters Guild—and we love to see a woman busy being the boss. How can you not like her?! Cha is socially awkward, so she has trouble befriending people. She gets embarrassed a lot. Isn’t she precious?

Adam White

Adam White

Adam was the Branch Chief of the Federal Bureau of Hunters of Asia. He knows how to use his words. Adam is friendly and will do what he can to support the people he is fond of.

He wants to see Jin Woo succeed in life, and does his best to be as helpful as he can be to our beloved MC. Adam debuted in Chapter 129 of the Solo Leveling Novel.

Go Gun Hee

Go Gun Hee

Go Gun Hee is an S-Ranked hunter. He was also the Chairman of the KHA (Korean Hunters Association). He’s a humble guy that doesn’t lie. Ooh, that rhymes. Sorry.

Mr. Go is a well-respected guy in society. That was because he favored honest people that have strong morals. Who might that sound like? Yes, our Sung Jin Woo. Mr. Gon has a great relationship with the ever-so handsome MC.

He has a really good quote “Someday, you’ll [Sung Jin Woo] have to make a decision. But [pause] when that day comes, please [pause] continue to stand on the side of humanity(Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 151).

That alone tells you enough about Mr. Go’s personality.

Frost Monarch

Frost Monarch

No, this isn’t Jack the Frost. I mean I wouldn’t complain if it was. I’m still waiting for Disney to release Jack Frost 2. Anyway, this Frost is one of the nine monarchs of Solo Leveling. As his title suggests, he has sovereignty over the snow people.

I’m not going to lie, he scared me a bit when I first saw him (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 107). He’s this old elf that’s ripped and has blue skin. It’s not surprising that Frost Monarch is one cocky guy. I’ve learned that all leaders of the world are corrupted in one way or another.

Hwang Dong SU

Hwang Dong Su

Please stay away from this psycho. He was an S-Rank hunter, but after his brother died, he became a shadow soldier. I understand losing a family member makes a person lose their mind, but what he does is just too unforgivable.

He is selfish, sadistic, and entirely full of himself. He’s what you call “trash’ as the kids nowadays say. Hwang Don Su doesn’t care if you are human or not, if he can kill you, he will. That’s how messed up he is!

woo jin chul

Woo Jin Chul

This guy is always sporting a poker face. Woo Jin Chul is the Chairman of the Hunter’s Association. He is of the A-Rank.

Do you know what his weapons are? Gloves (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 163). I’m not telling you anything more. Read Solo Leveling if you want to find out how these gloves are special. You can read the novel or manhwa. You have plenty of options.

Woo Jin Chul is one handsome fella; I’ll give him that. Obviously, he’s leagues behind our stunning Sung Jin Woo, but I have to be fair in this ballpark. These character designs are a chef’s kiss.

He used to be an Inspector, but that’s all in the past. Woo Jin Chul doesn’t like to waste time on assumptions, instead, he’d rather deal with hard-hitting facts. Sung Jin Woo respects Woo Jin Chul a great deal. Hm.

choi jung in

Choi Jong In

Choi is an S-Rank hunter. His forte is fire magic. One of his intriguing abilities is the Flame Dragon. The Flame Dragon is a skill that allows Choi Jon In to make a small dragon from a mass of fire, and by doing so, the dragon upon his request can attack a nearby target (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 97).

I don’t know how someone can be both friendly and sly at the same time. But Choi makes it work. He’s also addicted to smoking. Did I forget to mention that he’s the Guild Master of the famous Hunters Guild? Yeah, I bet you didn’t expect that one, did you?

Yoo Jin Ho

Yoo Jin Ho

Yoo Jin Ho is a sweet, charming man. He’s reels in the comedy for this series which I’m thankful for. He is the Vice Guild Master of Ahjin Guild—and he’s good at his job. He is not corrupted, nor is he greedy. He simply wants to make the world a better place. I hope he gets a happy ending. He deserves it.

You Jin Ho is a dorky, and humble man. His loyalty to Sung Jin Woo warms my icy heart. He’s a pretty weak Hunter overall. He is of the D-Rank, but that’s mainly due to his lack of battle experience. However, he is always there to protect people no matter what. Sure, he sucks at offense. But what about defense?

thomas andre

Thomas Andre

Do you miss America? Well, don’t worry, Thomas is here to give you a spritz of the US. He’s known as the number one hunter in America. Thomas Andre is also one of the five National Level Hunters, so he can definitely pull his own weight.

His nickname is The Goliath, and he’s a very aggressive man. Although he is proud, he is considerate of other people. One trait that I love about him is that he hates owing people. When you are in debt to someone, you feel like you’re constantly being dragged along until you return the favor. Since he is the #1 Hero in the US, it wouldn’t hurt to know about his skill. So, here’s a list:

  •         Reinforcement
  •         Collapse
  •         Power Smash
  •         Capture
  •         Spiritual Body Manifestation

He wears a Hawaiian shirt, and always looks like he’s ready to spend the day at the beach. That’s so touristy of him it actually hurts.

Baek yoon ho

Baek Yoon Ho

Baek Yoon Hu is a hunter. What rank is he? He is of the S-Rank. He specializes in transformation magic. Here is a brief list of his abilities:

  •         Enhanced Speed
  •         Enhanced Durability
  •         Enhanced Strength
  •         Eyes of the Beast
  •         Transformation

The most eye-catching ability is the Eyes of the Beast. It’s a skill where Baek Yoon Ho can read the strength of a hunter or a monster. This also enhances his reflexes—so he’s more than ready to pounce if he needs to.

What I like about Baek Yoon Ho is his character development. He firmly believed that a single hero is not enough to stop a tragedy. But later on, you see him admit otherwise (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 108).

Facts/History of Production

Here are a few interesting facts about Solo Leveling. It’s nice to change up the standard style of a blog, and also get to know more about the manhwa behind the scenes—or shall I say papers? I don’t know, but I’m sure you get my drift. You are all people of taste if you clicked onto this blog.

solo leveling

Manhwa's Details

  • Solo Leveling has a ton of details that are heavily built upon throughout the manhwa and novel. The author does not fail to expand on Earth’s guilds, intricate systems of governments, the gates, monsters, and much more. Instead of it focusing on the main character and his journey to the end, we learn about an entire world if not two!
  • (SPOILER) Sung Jin Woo has two hearts (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 155).
  • Solo Leveling is not read in the traditional Japanese manga way. Instead of having several panels on one page, you just have to scroll down to read the rest of the chapters.
  • Sung Jin Woo lived a poor life. The only reason why he became a Hunter, despite the continuous criticism, is to pay for his mother’s treatments. Hospitals are not cheap.
Sung Jin Woo Past

Continuous Death of the

  •         My boy Sung Jin Woo almost gave me a heart attack a couple of times. This dude is always on the verge of dying.
  • Did you know that Sung Jin Woo went from E-Ranked Hunter to S-Rank in only three months? Well, he does have a secret power that aids him in leveling up. However, it’s not like he doesn’t break his back left and right throughout the series. He puts in the effort.
  •  (SPOILER) Sung Jin Woo completed two S-Rank Dungeons (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 147). He really pulled a ‘Do you see me now’ move. Get Jin Woo.
  •         I don’t think this is a surprise, but Sung Jin Woo truly loves his family. He took on such a dangerous job to pay for his mother’s hospital bills and will drop anything to protect his sister.


The relationships I will be talking about are of Sung Jin Woo. I’m not going to waste your time explaining each and everyone’s relation to one another in Solo Leveling. I don’t have the patience or positivity for that. So, what’s the most logical approach to this situation? It’s to analyze the main character’s relationships.

Park Kyung-Hye​

Park Kyung Hye

Park Kyung Hye is Sung Jin Woo’s mother! They have a lovely bond. The two get along really well, and I find that to be heart-wrenching.

Sung Jin Woo has been paying for her hospital bills for over four years. During those four years, Park Kyung Hye was in a coma.

She has an illness called Eternal Slumber. It was the main driving point of Jin Woo becoming a hunter (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 1). (SPOILER) When she wakes up from her coma, Sung Jin Woo bursts into sobs. I mean, that’s to be expected. It’s his mom.

sung jin ah

Sung Jin Ah

Sung Jinah is Sung Jin Woo’s sister. Like any pair of siblings, they tease and fight with each other constantly. However, it’s all out of love.

Since Sung Jin Woo is a hunter, he’s off on dangerous missions. Once, he almost died and Jinah was not having it. She yelled at him like there was no tomorrow. And there could have been no tomorrow for Sung Jin Woo.

Let me tell you what a good brother Sung Jin Woo is. He planted shadows on Sung Jinah, so if she was ever in danger, she’d had some form of protection.

Cha Hae in

Cha Hae In

She’s one of the best girls out there. God, she’s great. Anyway, Sung Jin Woo and Cha started off on a peculiar foot. I know that saying doesn’t make sense, but how they met may also have you tilting your head.

She wanted to befriend Sung Jin Woo more than he did. Why? Well, because he smelled good to her. Yeah, that’s it. Poor girl, her standards are low. If you smell decent, then you pass. Shouldn’t that be at least a given?

(SPOILER) This may not be a spoiler because we all know how drop dead gorgeous Sung Jin Woo is, but she, later on, develops a crush on him. Same, girl. I don’t blame you. But Cha is a lot less shallow than I am! She likes him for who he was, which I find sweet.

Since we’re on the topic of Cha Hae In, why do people hate her so much? She’s a great character, she’s tough as nails, and she’s kind. So why all this negativity? I don’t get it. Do you?

(SPOILER) Cha Hae In is actually Sung Jin Woo’s love interest! AH! YES! In the light novel, we see the two get married and start a family. I just want them to be happy. They both deserve a break from fighting to survive.

Sung Il hwan

Sung II Hwan

Sung Il Hwan is an S-Rank Hunter. He’s also Sung Jin Woo’s father. I didn’t even realize that Sung Jin Woo had a father. Biologically speaking, yes, every kid has a father. But I didn’t notice there was a possibility we’d be seeing our MC’s father because there was so much going on.

Sung II Hwan loves his family, so it was brutal to be away from them for so long. He is the vessel of a Ruler, making him one of the strongest hunters in the world.

Sung Jin Woo wasn’t close to his father. It was rumored that Sung II Hwan went missing in a Dungeon. But despite all that, when his father was accused of killing Christopher Reid, he sided with his pops. Even if that meant he’d become an enemy of all hunters.

woo jin chul

Woo Jin Chul

Sung Jin Woo had such mad respect for this guy. (SPOILER) When he was notified of woo Jin Chul’s murder, Sung Jin Woo was depressed for many days. It’s okay Sung Jin Woo, we’re mourning with you.

Arcs - Solo Leveling


We will be briefly discussing all 21 of Solo Leveling’s Arcs in the webtoon and novel. Enjoy!

D-Rank Dungeon Arc

D-Rank Dungeon Arc

This is the very first of the series (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 1-10).

It’s when Sung Jin Woo is in the middle of a D-Rank dungeon raid, and his part discovers a hidden dungeon inside of it. So, a dungeon in a dungeon. Why did they think they were capable of looking into it despite being a weak group? Beats me. As you already know, the entire group is wiped out except for our MC. 

reawakening arc

Reawakening Arc

Although Sun Jin Woo survived from the previous arc, he definitely was beaten up badly. He wakes up after three days in a hospital. This is where he discovers the System and learns the secret to leveling up quickly through his newly acquired power. (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 8-12)

instant dungeon arc

Instant Dungeon Arc

Sung Jin Woo goes solo hunting for the first time to an E-Rank dungeon (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 18-24).

Dungeon & Lizards Arc

Sung Jin Woo needs to make some quick cash and he ends up joining a squad for a dungeon that’s of C-Rank. However, these members aren’t as friendly as they seem (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 17-24).

dungeon and prisoners arc

Dungeons & Prisoners Arc

Our MC gets reunited with Lee Joo Hee, Song Chi Yul, and the other survivors of the Double Dungeon. They go on one last raid. However, things take a turn for the worst (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 25-34).

Yoo Jin Ho Raid Party Arc

Yoo Jin Ho Raid Party Arc

Jin Ho and Jin Woo want to clear the C-Rank dungeon, but legally. So how do they do that? They team up to form a ragtag part (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 36-45). But everything changes when Ahn Sangmin enters the picture. He wants to recruit Jin Woo! Don’t know who Ahn Sangmin is? He’s part of the White Tiger Guild, and he is of high ranks.

Job Change Arc

Jin Woo can’t catch a break. He receives a notification from the System, the program that gave our MC special powers, for a quest. He gets transported to an instant dungeon, and there is a not so lovely spectacle waiting for him. (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 38-45).

Red Gate Arc

Jin Woo makes it his mission to expose Han Song Yi to the deadly world of hunting. But as always, things don’t go as planned for Jin Woo. They end up getting trapped in the Red Gate. (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 56-64)

Demon Castle Arc

The Demon Castle is an S-Rank dungeon made by the System program. Jin Woo decides to go inside of it, and that’s when he discovers (SPOILERS) the recipe for Holy Water of Life. (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 56-61).

retesting arc

Retesting Arc

Jin Woo wants to have his rank reevaluated. He also has two-thirds of the ingredients to make the Holy Water of Life. (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 75-79).

hunters guild gate arc

Hunters Guild Gate Arc

Our main character wants to experience a raid in an A-Rank dungeon. He joins a team in the Hunters Guild while waiting for his S-Rank license (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 65-75).

return to demon castle arc

Return to Demon Castle Arc

The final ingredient of the Holy Water of Life is in the Demon Castle. Jin Woo returns to the castle, and he stumbles across a demon noble. (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 93-110)

Jeju Island Arc

YAY! Sung JIn Woo’s mother is finally cured! Of course, Jin Woo drops everything to take care of her. He decided he will not be participating in any raids. That is until a monstrous ant shows up. (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 90)


Recruitment Arc

(SPOILER) Min Byung Gyu is dead. During the funeral, Jin Woo encounters an upgrader that’s in cahoots with the US government. (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 108-111)

Ahjin Guild Arc

Ahjin Guild Arc

Don’t you think it’s time that Jin Woo opens his own guild? Well, he does too. He opens the Ahjin Guild. Jin Woo also helps the Knight Guild on their mission to clear a dangerous A-Rank Gate. We know how unlucky Jin Woo is, right? He’s so unlucky that at the same time all this is happening, his sister is in big trouble at her high school. (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 112-121)

Double Dungeon Arc

Double Dungeon Arc

Jin Woo needs answers and he wants them fast. He wants to learn more about his powers, and where does he go? To the Double Dungeon. But, the moderator of the System, the Architect, refuses to be of any help. (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 150-164)

japan crisis arc

Japan Crisis Arc

There’s trouble in Tokyo! An S-Rank gate suddenly appears and action needs to be taken now. The Japanese government is too weak to handle this crisis. But you know who can? Sung Jin Woo. Jin Woo needs answers and he wants them fast. He wants to learn more about his powers and where does he go? To the Double Dungeon. But, the moderator of the System, the Architect, refuses to be of any help. (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 165-182)

International Guild Conference Arc

International Guild Conference Arc

Is Jin Woo leaving Japan forever?! No, he was simply invited to the US as a Korean Representative. He is to attend the International Guild Conference. Also, the Monarchs and Rulers are at each other’s throats. But that’s a minor detail. If you didn’t catch it, I was being sarcastic in the previous sentence.  When is technology going to advance and incorporate a sarcasm function in text format? (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 140-149).

monarchs arc

Monarchs War Arc

There’s trouble in Tokyo! An S-Rank gate suddenly appears and action needs to be taken now. The Japanese government is too weak to handle this crisis. But you know who can? Sung Jin Woo. Jin Woo needs answers and he wants them fast. He wants to learn more about his powers and where does he go? To the Double Dungeon. But, the moderator of the System, the Architect, refuses to be of any help. (Solo Leveling Manhwa: Chapter 165-182)

Final Battle Arc

Final Battle Arc

(SPOILER) Jin Woo has successfully absorbed the Shadow Monarch’s powers, so he’s gotten even more OP! Now Jin Woo has to fight Antares—which will be his biggest fight yet. Antares, if you didn’t know, is the King of Dragons and the most powerful Monarch. (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 225-243).



(SPOILER) The Monarchs are gone! Hurrah! Mankind is saved! So, what about Jin Woo? He travels back in time to finally get his well-deserved ending. (Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 244-270).

Where to Read Solo Leveling?


I’m not going to give you any illegal websites, man. I get it, life’s tough, but what about the author?!

Unfortunately, manhwa and manga authors are not paid enough because of illogical websites and pirated files. It’s not fair for them. We need to keep in mind that if you don’t support the authors and artists, we will not have any manga, manhwa, or manhua to read!

Do you want to live in that kind of world?! Solo Leveling is a novel that’s written by the one and only Chu Gong. The novel is serialized and can be found on Papyrus. It has 270 chapters divided into 14 volumes. That’s a lot of writing, And it’s fantastic writing!

kakao page

The Solo Leveling webtoon was released on KakaoPage on April 13, 2018. The artists are Gi So Ryeong and Jang Sung Rak. However, Solo Leveling on KakaoPage is entirely in Korean. So, if you can’t read Korean, then this isn’t the website for you.

You can also find Solo Leveling on Tappytoon. Currently, at the beginning of October 2021, there are 168 chapters in English. Psst! Let me tell you a secret. I know not everyone has the cash to spare. Trust me, I get you. So, allow me to help you. On Tappytoon, there is a special function called Time Till Free. Every 24 hours, they open the next chapter for free for 48 hours. You must not forget to download the app so that you are notified whenever a new chapter is available via the Time Till Free option.

If you have trouble finding Solo Leveling, then search for their alternative title: I Level Up Alone.

Please, everyone, support this series legally. Yes, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to read Solo Leveling illegally, but if we fall into this habit, there might not be any more Solo Leveling content to look forward to.

cha hae in

No! Is it already over?! Yes, unfortunately, we have reached the end of the Solo Leveling Wiki. This is one of, if not the best Manhwa you will ever encounter.

This series got my younger brother hooked on anime and manga. So, if you know anyone who isn’t sure if they want to get into the manhwa world, recommend this gem.

If you’ve already caught up to the webtoon, and don’t want to read the novel, then you should pick up The Gamer. The Gamer is another game system-based manhwa with a fantastic plot and breathtaking art styles. Solo Leveling is not your typical OP MC story. It’s a lot darker and more complex than something so black and white.


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