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'Aren't you embaraased to lose to child. For God's sake you're adults put up a real fight. -Shoto Todoroki Quotes. My Hero Academia Quotes.

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Badass, Angry & Savage Todoroki

1. Straight-up. Haven’t we all dreamed of saying this line to our parents when we were younger lol. I remember when I was younger, I’d love competing with my dad, or anyone older, and all I wanted to say was this line. LOL. But ofcourse, that never happened, but here comes Shoto, who can literally say to more than half the guys in Hero Academia

(Season 1, episode 10, 11:04)

'Aren't you embaraased to lose to child. For God's sake you're adults put up a real fight. -Shoto Todoroki Quotes. My Hero Academia Quotes.


2. What a Savage line by yours truly.. Todoroki. Gotta love him, you can clearly see why so many girls are all over him, it’s the self-confident Swagger.

(Season 1, episode 8, 9:30)

'It's not your fault, we're just playing on different levels.' -Shouto Todoroki quotes, My hero academia Quotes.


3. This is a very deep and personal quote by Todoroki. He portrays the hatred but understanding update capabilities and the learnings are able to acquire from even the people that we really really dislike.

 (Season 2, Episode 16, 21:00)

'My old man is a scumbag. But a scumbag with the judgements and instincts of a number 2 hero. -Shoto Todoroki Quotes. My Hero Academia Quotes.


Shoto Todoroki Sticker

Shoto Todoroki Sticker


4 . This was said to him by the school who teamed up to get Todoroki out in the Provisional Hero License Exam.

 (Season 3, Episode 16, 20:40)

'This is great. Now I don't have to go find opponents.' -Todoroki Shoto Quotes. My Hero Academia Quotes.


5. What a great moment we all remember when this was while midoriya was fighting Todoroki in the UA competition.


“I thought you wanted to win? Dammit… So why are you trying to inspire me? Which one of us isn’t taking this seriously now? But I… Wanna be a hero too!!” ~Shoto Toroki Quotes to Midoriya Izuku. My Hero Academia Quotes.


6. Some sitatutions are hard, and there’s no way of knowing what the right thing to do is, that’s what I learned from this quote. I learned that we don’t need to know the whole plan.. sometimes we just need to know the first step, and then figure the next step out after that.

'I want to be a hero again. I'll tell her that. That's my starting line.' ~Todoroki Quoting what he said to his mother. My Hero Academia Quotes.


To remember that, when times get tough, because the struggles and hardships will never stop. And if they start getting too hard, remind yourself, why you started this in the first place, and that’s the lesson I took here for myself.


Inspirational Shoto Todoroki

1. This is a very inspirational moment, in the series who remembers this. I remember when Lida was so caught up in Revenge that he was not able to see clearly and if it wasn’t for Todoroki maybe at that moment I don’t know if Lida would have been able to come back to being himself.

(Season 2, Episode 16, 21:50)

'You wanna make your brother proud. Then stand up and be Ingenium. Become the hero he wanted you to be. -Shoto Todoroki, Hero Academia Quotes.


Download Shoto Todoroki Wallpaper

Shoto Tododorki Wallpaper. Hero Academia Wallpaper. 'Become the hero you want to be.' Shoto Todoroki Quotes. My Hero Academia Quotes.


2. I come from a sales background I also enjoy your want to work with people now and in the future. this methodology of showing people instead of telling them is a very important lesson for all of us who want to be leaders or teachers or coaches or mentors, or just want to show someone they care about something and the way to communicate it Is by showing it and did not my talking about it and I love that Todoroki said that.

(Season 3, Episode 3, 17:05)

'What matters are actions. You have to show him what you're tryign to prove. What you say doesn't matter near as much' ~Todorki Quotes. Hero Academia Quotes.


3. Grudges, and hatred towards something or someone can be so detrimental to us even though in the moment if you provide us with motivation and energy but I believe in the end if only miss source of energy temporarily because it can never truly give a happy ending.

'I know how much grudges like that, can cloud a person's vision.' -Shoto Todoroki Quotes. My Hero Academia Quotes.


Todoroki’s Mother: Rei Todoroki Quotes

It’s really hard to actually be true to ourselves the times, speaking from personal experience. I realized how hard it truly is to be doing the work you want to be doing and being paid for it. This is the relation I make when I hear this quote. It reminds me of remembering what my dreams truly are and even though there might not be any clear success or reward or proof or evidence that it’s going to happen. but still sticking to it because true to who I am.

(Season 2, Episode 10, 15:37)


Shoto Todoroki Banpresto Figure – My Hero Academia

Shoto Todoroki Figure by Banpresto


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