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Shinjuro Rengoku, father of Kyojuro Rengoku and Senjuro served as Flame Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. (Chapter 81) Ruka is the wife of Shinjuro Rengoku, who used to be a calligraphy teacher. 

Even though he’s one of the strongest characters in Demon Slayer, there are many things that you might not know about him. So, let’s get started!

Shinjuro Rengoku Wiki

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Shinjuro Appearance

Shinjuro Rengoku has an uncanny resemblance with his sons, Kyojuro and Senjuro. His unruly orange hair flares out around his face. (looks like a flame) They start to change into red color near the edges above his ears. He usually ties them behind his head. Rengoku is fair-skinned with bushy black eyebrows and orange eyes that become darker near the pupils. His eyes are tilted inwards, giving him a furious and intimidating appearance. (Chapter 55)

As a Flame Hashira, he wore Haori, which is a traditional hip-length Jacket worn over Kimono. It has flame-like ridges at the end. Mostly, Rengoku wears a traditional Kimono. During the Infinity Castle Arc, he had a Katana that contained a flame guard similar to Kyojuro’s. There’s a flame pattern on its sheath too.


Shinjuro Rengoku

Character Info


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair color: Golden with red tips

Eye color: Golden with Red Irises 

Affiliation: Demon Slayer Corps

Relatives: Ruka (wife)  Kyojuro Rengoku (son) Senjoru Rengoku (son)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga: Chapter 55, Chapter 67 (full appearance)

Voice Actors

Japanese: Rikiya Koyama

English: Immari Williams


Shinjuro Personality

 He’s ill-tempered. And when it comes to his family, especially Kyojuro, he’s exceptionally sensitive and protective. He would never let those people slide who try to harm his family members. 

Shinjuro Rengoku always belittled Kyujuro for being weakling. That’s why he abused him at times for not being very strong. In fact, he knocked Senjuro to the ground during his fight with Tanjiro Kamado. Chapter 68

After being knocked out by Tanjiro, the first thing he does after waking is to buy Alcohol. It means that he was an alcoholic. and is often seen drinking. Even after the death of Kyujuro, he was seen drinking alcohol while yelling at Tanjiro. Chapter 68

Despite calling Kyujuro a weakling, he still cared a lot for him. And the memory of Kyujuro makes him cry rivers of tears. All Shinjuro wanted for him was to get stronger than anybody else. 

Later he defends Kiriya and the Ubuyashiki Family along with Tengen Uzui and asks them to follow Kyujuro’s example. He didn’t want them to bring shame to the Rengoku Family of Hashiras. 

Strengths and Skills

Flame Breathing

Shinjuro being a former flame, Hashira is known for his swordsman abilities. In a brief fight, he was easily able to knock Tanjiro out with a powerful headbutt. Tanjiro noted that Shinjuro doesn’t move like normal people which means that his demon-slaying abilities are above average!


One of his abilities is Flame breathing, this ability runs into the Rengoku family ever since they invented the flame breathing style. It was then passed to his son, Kyojuro too. However, there are forms of Flame Breathing. They are as follow:-

  • First Form: Unknowing Fire – The swordsman moves towards their opponents at a very high speed and slash them into two pieces while burning them. No wonder, Tanjiro noted Shinjuro’s ability to not move like an average person. 
  • Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun – The swordsman releases an arching slash attack extending upwards. It looks like a burning ball of fire aka Sun.Rising Scorching Sun 
  • Third Form: Blazing Universe – They swing their blades downwards while fighting their opponents. 
  • Fourth Form: Blooming Flame Undulation – It enables them to save themselves from the attacks of the opponents and they move their blades into a circular motion. 
  • Fifth Form: Flame Tiger – The swordsman or the Flame Hashiras unbridle a series of swords that take up the shape of a tiger which moves towards the enemy at a crazy speed! 
  • Ninth Form: Rengoku – It is one of the most powerful Flame Breathing Techniques. A very dangerous slash that the swordsman initiated from a high position. It has enough power to carve a deep impression during the fight. It can also burn the ground where it was unleashed. In the movie adaptation, the attack is like a titanic flaming dragon with blue eyes emitting electrical shock waves from its mouth. And after using such a technique, the surroundings were engulfed in flames, which created a hellscape and a giant whirlwind of fire in the wake of the attack. 


  • Shinjuro hates animals.
  • Shinjuro is an alcoholic. 
  • He hated the fact that his son became a demon slayer and died.
  • He stops his younger son, Senjuro, to become a hashira and demon slayer.
  • Shinjuro thought that Kyojuro brought shame into the Rengoku Family.



Before the Demon Train Arc, Shinjuro broke apart the Generational Flame Hashira Record of the Rengoku family. At some point in his life, he saved Obanai Iguro from the dangerous Serpent Demon. And he made Obanai reunite with his cousin. However, due to his cousins’ toxic attitude, he had to separate them Chapter 188.


Demon Slayer Corps

Demon Slayer Corps


Rengoku Kyojuro

Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku being one of the strongest Fire Hashiras was the son of Shinjuro Rengoku. When he was younger he along with his brother trained under the passionate man, Shinjuro. However, after the death of their mother and retirement from the Demon Slater Corps, their relationship grows distant, and everything including his behavior towards his children changes. 

After Kyojuro Rengoku succeeded in becoming a Flame Hashira, his father did get a little excited over this news but then dismissed it. After Rengoku’s death, his father got drunk and belittled him a lot. He said that he became a flame hashira just for the sake of dying. Chapter 68

Senjuro being the younger brother, conveyed Kyojuro’s message to his father that was to take care of his body. On hearing this, he cries in regret and leaves drinking. During the final battle against Muzan, Shinjuro rejoined the Demon Slayer Corps along with Tengen Uzui. 


Senjoru Rengoku

Senjuro Rengoku is Kyojuro’s younger brother following the steps of his brother despite being abused quite often by his father. Kyojuro was the only mentor of Senjuro but after his death, nobody really is there for training him. However, according to Senjuro, he failed to master the skill of Flame Breathing, he simply just gave up. Senjuro was deeply depressed after the death of his elder brother. 


Mugen Train Arc

Mugen Train Arc

Mugen Train Arc 

In Kyujuro’s Blood Demon Art-induced dream traveling the Demon train, he appears lying on the floor of their house staring outside at the garden. Kyujuro remembers telling him that he became a fire hashira meanwhile, Shinjuro was unimpressed and said that it was pointless because both of them can’t become the “great people”. Chapter 54 – 69

Kyujuro recalls that Shinjuro wasn’t always this careless and dismissive. He was very passionate about slaying demons. However, one day his father Senjoru Rengoku gave up on the blade. Chapter 55

After the battle of Enmu, lower rank 1 of the Twelve Kizuki & Akaza, Shinjuro appears from his home. Tanjiro appears at his place, Shinjuro belittles him and tells him that he’s spilling useless stuff. In remembrance of Kyujuro, he yells that he only became a demon slayer to get killed! Chapter 67

Tanjiro and Senjoru are totally shocked by his words and continue listening to his rant. Shinjuro talks about how the power of people is decided from the time they’re given birth and how Kyujuro became a demon slayer despite knowing that he had no powers. At that time, Senjoru’s eyes are filled with tears, instead of comforting his son he tells him to stop making such pitiful expressions as the funeral of his brother is already over. 

Shinjuro VS Tanjiro

Angered by this scenario, Tanjiro tells him to stop talking like that about his sons. He tells them that they’re demon slayers who are not to be looked down upon! Then, Shinjuro asks Tanjiro if he’s a Sun breathing user. Shinjuro attacks Tanjiro instantly without waiting for the answer. He pins Tanjiro to the ground violently while his son was trying to stop him. Senjuro gets slapped by his father for interrupting the fight. While Shinjuro is distracted by his son, Tanjiro attacks him and blows him off of him. He asks what the hell has he been doing, belittling his son who gave up on his life and hitting his only son who’s alive. 

Shinjuro asks if he’s being like that just because he’s a Sun Breathing User and he can use the original breathing style. Tanjiro says that he can never get full of himself because of how he’s been just beaten down by him. Then the young demon slayer, Senjuro asks him to never speak ill of Kyojuro again. Chapter 68

Senjuro warns Tanjiro that his father has been a former Hashira, but Tanjiro loses his patience and decides to keep messing with Shinjuro. He hits Tanjiro’s face and lands blows on him again and again. Senjuro, losing his patience, hits his father with a spiraling headbutt. It causes both of them to fall down on the ground. 


After Tanjiro leaves, Shinjuro is drinking on the porch, and when he hears Senjuro coming towards him. He asks him to leave immediately, while Senjuro is telling him Kyojuro’s last message for his father. The message was “Please take care of your body”. It leads Shinjuro to leave the drink and break down in tears. 

Infinity Castle Arc

Infinity Castle Arc

While Oyataka’s dying and Upper Rank 4 Nakime is summoning the Infinity Castle. Shinjuro makes an appearance by sitting in the butterfly mansion with Hashira and Tengen Uzui. He appreciates Kiriya Ubuyashiki’s abilities to command the Demon Slayer Corps after his father’s death. He asks him to not bring shame into the Rengoku Family as Kyujuro did. Chapter 138 – Chapter 183


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  7. Chapter 81
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