Seven Deadly Sins Personality Quiz (ACCURATE)

seven deadly sins quiz

Seven Deadly sins Quiz πŸ‘†πŸ»

Seven Deadly Sins, as the name shows, is literally about the seven deadly sins. It’s one of the most diverse and interesting anime series we’ve ever come across. It also features a number of unique and very likeable characters that we can’t help falling for!

We’ve created the Seven Deadly sins Personality Quiz for you to find out which character from the series you resemble the most. Let us know in the comments about the character you got!

1- Meliodas

Meliodas seven deadly sins

Meliodas is our typical protagonist with a friendly and cheery nature. His major strength is not giving up. No matter how hard the circumstances, Meliodas is never going to back down. Due to his friendly nature, Meliodas loves to tell jokes to others in order to get close to them.

Having a strong sense of Justice, he is always there to help the people in need. As he is the sin of wrath, he is prone to getting extremely angry when one of his friends is in trouble. He hates the use of violence and often resorts to not killing his enemies. Meliodas can be very naive and dumb sometimes.Β 

2- Elizabeth

elizabeth seven deadly sins

Elizabeth is a very kind and caring woman who cares deeply for her loved ones. She’s shown to be very soft and polite with others. She’s able to lift up the mood wherever she is. She hates war and is inclined more towards peace and harmony. Elizabeth is shown to be very respectful even towards the Seven Deadly Sins.

Despite being fragile and soft, Elizabeth proves to be very brave and selfless at times. She has a positive approach towards life and rarely ever loses heart. As she was powerless, Elizabeth had shown to have very low self-esteem. She gained confidence as time passed by. Elizabeth is also very shy which makes her extremely adorable!

3- Diane

diane seven deadly sins

Diane is the super confident sin of envy and is often very proud of her abilities. She loves getting complimented by others and loves being around Meliodas. Just like Meliodas, Diane tends to be very aggressive towards those who threaten her friends.Β 

Diane has a jealous nature and often loses it when Meliodas tries to give attention to other girls. She’s shown to be very brave and selfless. However, she is emotionally very weak. She hates being lonely and loves being surrounded by her friends.

4- Ban


Ban is an extremely passionate individual and loves doing things on a whim. As a sin of greed, he has shown to be very selfish and greedy. Ban is also very caring towards his friends, especially Elaine. He cannot contain his excitement most of the time and gets impressed easily.Β 

5- King

king seven deadly sins

As a sin of sloth, King has shown to be a very lazy individual. He’s very emotional and it’s not hard to make him cry. King is also a very compassionate person and cares selflessly for others. He finds it difficult to express his true feelings to others. King can also be seen to be very serious and hardworking at times.

6- Gowther

Gowther is shown to be an emotionless person at first but it is revealed that he possesses feelings towards his friends. He has a hard time understanding the feelings of others and ends up making others upset unintentionally with his words. Despite being a sin of lust, he does not possess any lust towards anyone which is kind of weird.Β 

7- Merlin

Merlin has a very playful and calm nature which makes her very fun to be around. She loves making fun of others if they’re weaker than her. She rarely loses her cool no matter what kind of situation she’s in. She successfully remains passive all the time. Merlin has a very mysterious nature but despite that, she’s shown to be very friendly and kind towards her friends.

8- Escanor

escanor seven deadly sins

Escanor has two personalities. During the day, he becomes extremely arrogant and rude and at night, he becomes extremely polite and submissive. He’s shown to greatly regret his actions during the day. He has his own way of caring about his friends. He has shown to have a lot of hate in his heart. His prideful nature is also evident during the day.


So here we are with some of the most popular characters of the series. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite and which character do you share your personality with!

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