11+ SAD Anime Quotes that make you Think! (Images)

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Ashitaka Quotes. 'This is what hatred looks like. That's what it does when it catches a hold of you.' Quot

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These are some of the saddest quotes from different anime, that we’ve put together, and this is an ever growing list for us. If you have some quotes youo think would be good to put on here, comment them below. And we’ll pick them one by one.

This is from Ahiru no Sora, a sports anime about basketball. Chiaki is actually one of the strongest characters in there.

Sad Anime Quotes.

This is such a sad quote because in the Anime Assassination Classroom. The reaper, actually never had experienced love before this in his life. And being an assassin he had only seen and enjoyed turmoil. This was his first positive experience.  His name was The Reaper.

Sad Anime Quotes.

I can say that I’m fortunate enough to have experienced this with the person I love, and my currently girlfriend. she’s not perfect, but those imperfections are the exact reason I can truly say i can laugh, and love her so much for.

Sad Anime Quotes.

I think this was an incredibly Sad Quote from Irina because it really reminded me, that I should think twice before I do things, that are ethically or morally wrong to me. Because once we do it we cannot take it back, and I believe it kills a bit of inside. And that bit of us that gets killed becomes so hard to bring back to life, and sometimes never comes back. So the lesson being that we should strive to stick to our morals no matter the cost to us.

Sad Anime Quotes.

This was a crazy sad moment, when Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan passed away. But he didn’t just die, he sacrificed himself, so his friends, and other comrades could get away, and he held on and became the distraction. He always though of himself as a coward, because he always got scared in tense moments. But the truth was that he was the most fearsome, because no matter how scary it was he made the best decisions, and always put himself in the face of danger first. And that is what Eren is saying about Armin here.

Sad Anime Quotes.

This is a more a savage quote by Levi, as we all know from Attack of Titan. Levi is quite a force to be reckoned with, but he’s also very emotionless at times in order to get the job done. This line is so sad, and it’s so true in many ways, because he’s extremely execution oriented he realizes, that there’s no time to waste on the dead.

Sad Anime Quotes.

This is such a heartfelt and rough moment by Mikasa, because it shows how rough things can get. It reminds me of grow up in the hood, because it’s all about survival. And at that point, you have no compassion left, because it’s either your life or theirs.

Sad Anime Quotes. mikasa ackerman quotes- attack on titan-asking me for compassion is mistaken after all i have no heart or time to spare

Sad Anime Quotes. mikasa ackerman quotes- attack on titan-that right this world is cruel it hit me that living was lik ea miracle

I absolutely love MOB psycho 100. who are mob talked to her and brought this girl back to reality after she was obsessed. She used to be a brat, spoiled, and appreciative of everything she has and the world, but after she became possessed, she realized the true essence of the life she was not appreciating.

It’s so depressingly sad, this quote. The fact that we can become so engrossed in our sadness and despair. This moment reminds me of those times. I think all of us have face something like this in our lives, whether it was your first break-up or your missing someone, or god forbid even losing someone.

Danganronpa Quotes. Junko Enoshima Quotes. 'Hope is harmony. A just heart, moving toward the light.' Quote The Anime

Wow, such a crazy quote, really shook me up a bit. The fact that, to truly understand happiness,, we have to truly experience sadness. from the Anime: Charlotte.

Charlotte Quotes. Yuu Otosaka Quotes. 'Life is too ironic.. it takes sadness to know what happiness is.' Quote The Anime.

This was a crazy moment, When Ashitaka, from Princess Mononoke faced the village, and showed them the true consequences of anger and hatred in order to sway them to not attack Mononoke Hime.

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Ashitaka Quotes. 'This is what hatred looks like. That's what it does when it catches a hold of you.' Quot

Loneliness Quotes

A beautiful line from Jellal from Fairy Tail.

jellal-fernandes-quotes-the loneliest people are the kindest-the saddest people smile the brightest-the most damaged people are the wisest-fairy-tail-quotes

This quote is such a great one for anyone, who has recently failed in an endeavor, and are down or depressed. It’s by Riko Aida, from Kuroko no Basket.

Kuroko No Basket Quotes. Riko Aida Quotes. 'When one thing ends, another begins.' Quote The Anime

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