23+ Sad Anime Girls that will get you Crying!

sad anime girls

Gloomy, sad girls have a special sort of magnetism to them. Psychology states that we prefer sad characters because it’s therapeutic and makes them more relatable. Many people aren’t taught how to name or understand their struggles, some are even shamed for having them. By seeing our own problems depicted in our beloved anime-girls, we better understand their own experiences and to find a way to talk about these struggles. We understand their struggles and so we relate to them, bond and form a connection to them that’s difficult to make in our own reality.

Because they’re so lovely and helpful, I decided to write in honor of them today. So here’s a list of the Top 25 Saddest Girls in anime.

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25. Shirahoshi "Mermaid Princess" (One Piece)

Shirahoshi Mermaid Princess

Shirahoshi “Mermaid Princess” is from the anime-series One Piece. She’s a giant smelt-whiting mermaid and often called a ‘crybaby’ by the other characters.

When Shirahoshi was six, her mother was threatened by a Noble and caused the poor girl to burst into tears. Her feelings called the Kings of the Sea, shocking everyone there and making the Noble faint. The princess herself was completely obvious to this and her mother escorted the Noble back to the surface. Thankfully to Shirahoshi and her family’s relief, she returned home safe. With a signed petition for peace between humans and the fishmen.

Although, this only worked against her in the end. The box containing the signatures of all the island’s citizens caught aflame and in the confusion, she was assassinated. While this was happening, Vander Decken IX marked her with his powers; powers that allow him to send his target’s anything he wishes. He began to send her letters, the letters then turned into presents and lastly threatening marriage proposals. Like axes. Because of this, she was locked away. For ten years and all alone! Her pet shark being her only company.

By being alone and isolated for so many years, she becomes uncomfortable when something unexpected happens and cries. She’s always been sensitive, but I don’t think being locked up for so many years has helped either. Whenever she gets screen-time, she spends most of it crying and that’s why we’ve placed her on this list.

24. Tomoko Kuroki (Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui)

Tomoko Kuroki

Tomoko Kuroki is the awkward, introverted main character of her own series. In this anime, we follow her desperate attempts to try to be more popular at her school and how despite her efforts, she continuously fails. The poor girl looks so miserable with those tired bags under eyes! Even her daydreams go wrong!

She uses games and anime as an escape from her unhappy reality. Although the amount of time she spends watching anime and playing doesn’t help improve her life either. She barely sleeps as a result of how addicted she is and her lack of sleep clearly affects her daily life. And we all know that isn’t healthy in the slightest. This is all played off for laughs, though so I’ve put on her 24th. .

23. Hanabi Yasuraoka (Scum’s Wish)

Hanabi Yasuraoka

Hanabi Yasuraoka is the lead in Scum’s Wish and has an unrequited love for her childhood friend, Narumi Kanani. This anime is no anime about happy endings, being in the psychological genre and all. Instead this anime focuses on the unrequited love and the sadness of not having your feelings returned. As you see, Narumi has his own crush and that’s on the music teacher, Akane.

Akane isn’t the most pleasant of characters. She uses men for sex as a means to satisfy her vanity and is more than aware of Hanabi’s feelings for Narumi. The woman even goes as far as to boost about sleeping with him. How cruel! Nobody wants to hear about their love being intimate with someone else! This show is in no way lighthearted – it’s dark and gloomy. It shows us how cruel love can truly be.

22. Mamimi Samejima (FLCL)

Mamimi Samejima

I personally don’t like this character much, due to the way she uses her ex-boyfriend’s brother and her pets as a replacement for that very ex-boyfriend. Mamimi Samejima is a high-school absentee and Tasuku Nandaba’s ex-girlfriend. She looks and acts sad all the time, she also spends most of her time loitering under Mabase’s largest bridge. Although smoking is supposed to be seen as cool it only gives off the vibe that she’s stressed and struggling. Even if she was only dumped, it’s still not easy to lose someone. Or two.

Tasuku’s younger brother, Naota slowly gains his independence and she steadily loses interest in him. She needs someone to be dependent on her for her to feel loved and it shows how truly sad her life is.  

21. Yukari Yukino (Kimi no Na wa)

Yukari Yukino is the main female character from The Garden of Words. And she suffers a curse. Oh, the terrible curse of beauty! Now, I know it may sound silly but I assure it’s not. Many girls in this modern day of ours wish to be seen as beautiful and unfortunately, we can’t always get what we want. And some people just can’t handle it when somebody else has what they want. They lash out and someone always suffers, this animated film displays this quite well.

Yukari has stood out for her beauty since she was a child and because of her beauty, she’s always felt so awkward around other people. When Yukari started teaching in Tokyo, she tried to befriend a student named Shōko Aizawa and do what her teacher had done for her.

Yukari’s beauty and popularity among the boys influenced Aizawa’s boyfriend to ask her out and in turn triggered Aizawa’s jealousy. The girl and her friends stopped attending Yukari’s lessons, and slowly other students followed their example. Until she no longer had a class to teach. Even though she had rejected Aizawa’s boyfriend. She sought help from her colleague and boyfriend, Sōichirō Ito, yet he refused.  

The situation got worse and she was too sacred to go to work. Instead, she would rather go to Shinjuku Gyo-en and drink beer. 

20. Iwakura Lain (Serial Experiment Lain)

Iwakura Lain
Iwakura Lain

Iwakura Lain is a fourteen-year-old girl and the series is about her introduction to the Wired and how it drastically changes her life. She’s quite lonely due to her limited interactions with other people and her unaffectionate family members. Iwakura latches onto anyone who gives her the slightest bit of love and affection. Yet she struggles to connect to others. This can be seen with how she struggles to answer e-mails, how she avoids making eye contact, and how she presents herself in conversations.

She may feel comfortable by her lonesome, however, feelings of desperation and intense fear usually manifest when she is alone. Iwakura has ways to help, like wearing a bear-suit and other child-theme objects. They can only do so much for her; prolonged periods of isolation have its effect, after all. Self-neglect, depression, and sometimes even psychosis can be experienced.

19. Moeka Kiryu (Stein’s Gate)

Moeka Kiryu

 Moeka is extremely withdrawn and standoffish. She’s this way because of the bullying and harassment that she had faced in her past. She likes to pretend that she’s emotionless on the outside, yet viewers can easily see the depression and emotional weight her character carries. The idea that she’s unwanted has been there since her birth – her unwanted birth. And the only person she has is a mysterious character, called FB. This person only ever communicates with her on her phone. She believes this the only person to ever care for her and it would explain her extreme attachment to her phone.

18. Yuki Nagato (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu)

Yuki Nagato is a hominoid AI system created by the Data Overmind.  She’s also one of the main characters of the Haruhi Suzumiya. Although she doesn’t classify as a real human, she was still designed to appear has one. And she shows signs of depression.

Yuki finds little interest in fun social pastimes and lacks self-esteem. Much like how a person’s specific DNA can make them predisposed to depression, Yuki was designed to lack social skills too. She may say she’s designed not to exhibit emotions; she still seems to have them. Even if she doesn’t show it. Later in the series, we’re shown exactly why she chooses to keep them hidden or pretends not to have them.

17. Mizore Shirayuki (Rosario + Vampire)

Mizore Shirayuki is one of the many admirers of Tsukune Aono – this is a harem anime. She also becomes part of the Newspaper Club at her school, Yōkai Academy, and is used as a comic relief character. This lovely girl deserves a spot on our list because of her past experience and how impure she believes she is now because of it.

She used to have a crush on her former teacher and he attempted to take advantage of her due to her feelings. Most likely she’d be an easy victim. She was forced to defend herself from his advances by freezing him and has since then, thought of herself as impure. Mizore had also contemplated suicide in the past but thankfully, Kurumu stops her in time. Honestly, just because you have feelings for someone doesn’t mean you can take advantage of them! He deserves to be frozen.

16. Victorique de Blois (Gosick)

Victorique de Blois

Victorique De Blois is a doll-like 15-year-old girl who is studying at Saint Marguerite Academy. The girl has a sharp tongue on her and carries a nihilistic attitude yet despite that she possesses an odd supernatural charisma. She’s lived a sad and isolated life, even with her God-given gifts.

Regarded as only a tool by her father, she was raised cut off from the world in the dungeon of the de Blois Mansion, and her intelligence refined. Victorique was sent to Saint Marguerite Academy and forced to stay inside a small house built just for her on the campus. Under strict orders, she stayed inside and was only allowed outside through direct orders or consent from any member of the Blois family. Because of her isolation, she’s developed social anxiety. This is seen when hides in a large cupboard or stays perfectly still so that people think she’s a large doll. Wish I could sit as still as she does, that way I wouldn’t be pestered by annoying siblings.

15. Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Rei Ayanami

Rei Ayanami is a pilot of a giant mecha named Evangelion Unit 00. She’s called the ‘First Child’, which refers to her rank as a mecha-pilot. In the beginning, to the other characters, she was an enigma and her behavior puzzled them however this changed. Slowly, of course, and she became more involved with other characters. Not much is known about her except that she was born in the lower levels of NERV headquarters and created from the “salvaged remains” of Yui Ikari. Her inability to express emotions and her mysterious background place her fifteenth on the list.

14. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage of the guild called Fairy Tail and a member of Team Natsu. Erza may be a terribly strict lady and sometimes criticizes the unhealthy behavior of her Guild-mates.  She’s also very impatient and hates it when individuals take too long to answer her. Ezra features a nice sense of justice and pride in being a member of Fairy Tail, and goes to tremendous lengths to make sure her loved ones are safe. Even at the expense of her own life.

This could be attributed to her tragic past. Erza grew up in Rosemary Village that was attacked by a Zeref-following cult. She was enslaved and involuntarily assisted in the building of the Tower of Heaven – a structure with the only real purpose of resurrecting a dark-mage, Zeref. She was captive with alternative kids, as well as Jellal Fernandes. Despite the cruel conditions, all of them became family. She fashioned a robust bond with Rob as well, the former senior Mage from the Fairy Tail and he instructed her in the ways of magic.

The slaves eventually started a revolt and it was unsuccessful thanks to till the tower’s Mages arrived to repress the slaves.  Erza was forced to look at her friend, Simon as his mandible got blasted off and due to her distraction, Rob sacrificed himself to save her. Erza’s dormant Magic Power was awakened and was then able to use it to control all of the discarded weapons and tools around her against the guards. Therefore, finishing the revolt. The children planned to escape and were caught, Ezra took the punishment for this. She was tortured – nearly dying – and lost her right eye. Jellal saved her however she shortly learned he wasn’t her Jellal anymore. She’d lost her friend forever.

13. Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki was an orphan until adopted by her elder sister’s husband, Byakuya Kuchiki. She and her sister, Hisana, were brought to Inuzuri, the 78th District of Rukongai. Still being a child herself, Hisana was unable to handle the pressure of raising her sister and abandoned the baby Rukia. She was on her own until she met Renji and his friends – all of whom are male. This is why other characters’ comment on her less-than feminine behaviors, because she grew up around males. No female figures at all! It also explains why she’s so happy to live in the main character’s closet.

Anyway, she and Reji were the only surviving orphans. Rukia proposed they become Shinigami and live in Seireitei, Renji agreed to her proposal. Years later she’s imprisoned and nobody steps up to defend her for her ‘mistake’. Not her adoptive family, and not her childhood friend Renji. She believes that they’re right to punish her and that she deserves her fate, that she is unworthy or being rescued. Good thing, she’s found a good friend in Ichigo.

12. Annie Leonhart (Attack On Titan)

Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart, also Female Titan, is a major antagonist in Attack on Titan. Her extraordinary skills with swords and with hand-to-hand combat earned her the 4th rank. However, she’s also noted to be a loner who struggles to work with others. Her inability to work with others seams from her harsh upbringing.

The blood test after her birth showed that she was a Subject of Ymir which suggests her mother had an affair. Due to this she was deported to an internment zone and adopted by Mr. Leonhart. A man of whom was relocated for the same reason. He wished to train her to become a Warrior so that he could live a privileged life. Annie went through harsh combat training with him, eventually becoming as strong as he wanted. Although, it came with a terrible price.

11. Yuuko Kanoe (Tasogare Otome × Amunejia)

Yuuko Kanoe

Yuuko Kanoe is the ghost of a girl who died inside Seikyou Academy’s oldest building. Overtime, as she wanders the school grounds and without any memories until she’s discovered by Teiichi Niiya.

Sixty years ago from the story’s present time, the village where Yuuko and her family lived was suffering from a terrible plague. The village believed it was their family’s fault, as it’s their family who is responsible for looking after the shrine – one dedicated to a Mountain God. The village had a tradition where they would make an offering of one’s “most precious thing” to Akahito-sama, the God’s Messenger. They did this to prevent the God from cursing them and within recent years, the shrine has fallen into decay. Her mother dies and this causes further panic in the village. Her sister decides to play the role of the God’s messenger and declares her, Yuuko, the sacrifice. 

A group of village’s men pushed her down, broke her legs and threw her in a shed to die. A shed within the school’s grounds. Yuuko dies with betrayal in her heart, leaving her to wander around the school forever lost.

10. Haruka Kotoura (Kotoura-san)

Haruka Kotoura

Haruka Kotoura is sweet and extra cute, the main protagonist of the anime Kotoura-san. As the name of the anime suggests, it’s about her. Everything is fine for her until the day she starts repeating what other people are thinking. With such an ability, one would think it’s a gift. Not for this anime girl. The exact opposite in fact.

Her abilities drove her parents away, leaving her with her grandfather and everyone around her repeatedly rejecting the poor girl. Her schoolmates go as far as calling her a ‘monster’. She lives in constant fear of losing those important to her. It’s made her unwilling to let anyone get close to her and she takes on a life-less, depressed state. That is, until the day she meets Yoshihisa Manabe.  

9. Nico Robin (One Piece)

Nico Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates and currently has a bounty of 130,000,000. Given her bounty, she must be a highly sought after woman. Get it? And her life-long goal is to find the Rio Poneglyph so that she can tell the true history of the world, specifically the Void Century.

Robin was born on the island of Ohara and archaeology is very present in her family-line. Her mom disappeared to the sea in search of the True History when Robin was a toddler. She left Robin to her abusive brother and his wife, Roji. She was very abusive – verbally and physically – towards Robin and over the smallest things. Roji did her best to make it quite clear to Robin that she wasn’t wanted, again and again. She was to stay hidden and wasn’t allowed to take part in any family festivities. She wasn’t part of the family, after all. Her Devil Fruit powers freaked out the other children and adults, later her whole island was attacked. It resulted in the deaths of her mother, her fellow archeologists, as well as her friend Saul.

Robin spent 20 years running from the World Government and to fend for herself, as everyone she trusted turned against her. Until the Straw Hats found her, her life was utter Hell.

8. Seras Victoria (Hellsing)

Seras Victoria is the main character of Hellsing and saved by Alucard. Seras’s history is extremely dark and tragic, as are many of the girls on this list.  Seras’ father, a police officer, “got in too deep” during an undercover mission and the group traced him back to their home. They brutally murdered him and her mother, they then proceeded to defile her mother’s corpse in front of her. She managed to stab one in the eye, only to get shot in her stomach. The trauma from her experience caused her to react violently to bullies and other children. None of the adults took kindly to her and only proceeded to ban her from the orphanage.

The rest is unclear; until the day she becomes a police officer – like she dreamed of. A vampire priest takes her hostage and plans to rape her as to turn her into a ghoul. The priest used her as a human shield and Alucard shot through her to kill her captor. She was given a choice in her final moments; die or become a vampire. I think her decision is pretty obvious, don’t you think? 

7. Violet Evergarden (Violet Evergarden)

Violet is a child soldier with unknown origins and raised by Major Gilbert. She was born and bred for war, emotionless, and a vicious killing machine. However, when the Great War is over Violet is left purposeless. The war has taken two very important things from her – her purpose as a soldier and her parental figure Gilbert. He leaves her message and she goes on a journey in search of understanding it. She does not understand what exactly emotions are and is not sad per se, but her journey certainly is. Especially once discovering the truth.

6. Hayami Kohinata (H2O Footprints in the Sand)

Hayami Kohinata is a social outcast and she once belonged to a family of doctors who were rich. Her parents would often refuse to treat patients who couldn’t pay for their full medical expenses. The people of their town burned down their mansion in anger and left Hayami as the sole survivor. She’s shunned by most of the adults and often bullied, her classmates even refer to her as ‘cockroach’. Without a home, she is poor and lives alone in an abandoned trolley on the outskirts of town. To her luck, a charming prince named Takuma comes her way.

5. Misuzu Kamio (Air)

Misuzu Kamio is the main heroine in Air and this time has an actual curse. Misuzu is an innocent and lively girl that trips over a lot. She also has a love for dinosaurs, saying “Gao” often. Something she shouldn’t be a shame for, I mean, who doesn’t want to be a malicious and invincible beast! Instead of a cursed, little girl. 

She meets Yukito and slowly they become friends. One night as they played cards, Misuzu suddenly cries without reason. It’s explained she has a condition where she cries uncontrollably once she makes friends, it’s part of her mental instability. The doctors have said she would slowly recover as she got older however it only gets worse and it prompts Yukito to leave. She eventually falls ill; she needs a wheelchair and has become child-like. Her pain is constant and continues to worsen each day. Unlike some girls on this list, she doesn’t get her happy ending.

4. Sakura Matou ( Fate/Stay Night)

Sakura Matou

Sakura Matou is one of three main heroines of Fate: Stay Night. She’s adopted by the Matou family and is severely mistreated. She’s undergone many terrible things under her adopted family’s care. She’s endured mistreatment from her foster family, sexual assault from her step-brother Shinji and undergone the cruel training of Zouken Matou. Because of all this cruelty, she’s become distant and emotionless. Sakura’s story is horrifying and how she manages to endure is a true testament to her willpower.

3. Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Homura Akemi

Homura Akemi is a mysterious magical girl and is one of the most tragic characters throughout anime. At least that’s what I think. Homura was a weak girl – a heart condition and poor eyesight. She had been alone too, without friends or any family. Due to her health, she struggles in P.E and quickly becomes the subject of ridicule at school. This led to feelings of overall uselessness and making her question why she’s even alive.

Until she meets her best-friend, Madoka.

Of whom she’d do anything for. And I mean anything.

Because of what becoming magical entails in the “Magica” universe, Homura has tried everything possible to keep Madoka from meeting Kyubey – a Messenger of Magic. Or at least making a so-called ‘wish’. She’s had a lot of exposure to the seemingly endless suffering of the world and has gotten used to it, as a result of her powers. This makes her seem emotionless and uncaring. That’s only just what she displays on the outside though. On the inside, Homura is constantly crying, weighed down by all of the lives she’s been unable to save or alter during her tenure as a magical girl.

2. LaLa-Ru (Ima Soro Ni Iru Boku)


Lala-Ru is sadness personified. When she’s first introduced, it’s clear to see that she’s troubled. She has big, empty eyes that don’t convey any emotion. And as an anime-fan, you’re no doubt aware that a character’s eyes are used to convey emotion. Her eyes… well, they don’t. It’s clear in a few episodes, why she is the way she is.

She’s introduced as a sad individual sitting atop a tall chimney and that she’s sought after for her power to manipulate water. Her abilities and life-span are tied to a pendant she wears around her neck. Each time she uses her abilities, her lifespan shortens. She hates her abilities and believes that no one should use them, not even her. People become violent and abusive towards her because of this. Her past was much the same, if not worse.

Words cannot accurately construe the pain and terror LaLa-Ru has had to endure. What’s worse is that she’s tens of thousands of years old. So for thousands of years, she’s had to carry and remember the horrible memories of her past. And just keep feeling all those emotions! No wonder she seems so lifeless – being that old and experiencing all that. It’s a wonder that she even asked for help! I would’ve given up a long time ago.

1. Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Moon)

Hotaru Tomoe

Hotaru Tomoe is the present-day incarnation of Sailor Saturn. Now, who is Sailor Saturn you ask?
It is the identity of a Sailor Guardian from the Kingdom of the Moon, a supernatural being that is the reincarnation of a planet that protects from evil. However, Sailor Saturn is viewed as an outsider. The guardian was responsible for abolishing any fragments left of the fallen Moon Kingdom. This and her abilities as Sailor Saturn caused fear in the other Sailors, which is why they desired to have her killed in the beginning.

She was eight, still a child, and had been with her mother when a storm caused a fire that killed her. It also left Hotaru on the brink of death. Her father extended her lifespan through his inconsiderate actions, as did being a human vessel to Daimon Mistress 9. A spirit of whom caused Hotaru to suffer from seizures. To add to this misery, she suffers from an illness that leaves her breathless, weak, and wracked with pain. Hotaru was also bullied by her classmates. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune wanted to murder her. Her magical power is to bring an apocalypse and her strange healing abilities further excludes and isolates her.

She is odd, neglected, and alone. She is a sweet girl that doesn’t deserve all this mistreatment. Because of what she has to deal with, I’ve placed her first on the list.


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