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Hey, guys! Glad to see you back at Quotetheanime. So, any guesses about today’s topic? Well, it’s about the character details of Roy Valentin. Yeah, you got it right! He is from your favorite manga and anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”

Before proceeding, let me tell you a fun fact!

Well, I bet we know there are a lot of people in this world but they are mainly of 3 kinds, any guesses?

Come on! Those who count and those who can’t!

Roy Valentine

I bet we all have a very charming perception of vampires, right? If yes, then get ready to be in a state of shock. Hell yeah, meet Roy Valentin! You’re going to fall in hatred for sure. Well, all of us otaku know why vampires are perfect and so popular but he is just the opposite.

Let me be honest! He doesn’t have anything that you can like! Ah! Yes, I guess there is one! He is pretty loyal to his master. Unbelievable! So, thank God! A negative and prideful character like him hardly appears in the manga.

I hope we all know, both negative and positive characters make a story powerful. That’s because they create a balance. So, we can say that their importance is the reason why people are a fan of them.

So, let’s find out the details about Roy Valentin!

Table of Content

Roy Valentine

Roy Valentine

Character Information

Position in Anime: Demon Lord

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Age: 1500+

Professional Status

Occupation: Body Guard

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Chapter: Chapter 72

Anime Debut: Episode 38

Light Novel: Volume 6

Voice Actors

Japanese: Masaaki Mizunaka
English: –



So, there is one thing common in all vampires, any guesses? Well mate, definitely their big pointed teeth! Otherwise, they won’t be a vampire. We all can judge that he is a vampire by having a glimpse at his teeth.

Let me tell you! He appears to be a bit scary because he has an angry and prideful look on his face. The scar on his forehead makes him look dominant and somehow cool as well. Okay, so the truth is the truth!

He has a lean body and you’ll find him aged, as I said he is the complete opposite of our charming vampires! Besides, the reason why you find him aged is that he is more than 1500 years old. That makes him even scarier!

But yes, he looks in his forties; a well-maintained vampire, why not!

Fun Fact:
He looks a bit handsome in the anime, so you better watch him there! (Anime Episode 38)




As his name suggests, he has a pretty cool royal look but not a royal personality. His blonde hair and Royal clothes make him look quite cool. But let me tell you, all his royalty is destroyed when he utters a word.

Huh! What else can we expect from a negative character? He does whatever he feels right, without caring about the feelings of others. As said by Demon Lord Kazareem: “That man, Valentin, views humans and demi-humans as mere food” (Manga Chapter 73)

If still, you haven’t got an idea about his personality, then read his words listed below!

“Silence, you defile God’s seat, trash insect! I will judge you myself and you may die with that honor” (Manga Chapter 72)

He said those harsh words when he prohibited someone from entering a sacred place (Church). Well, people like him who consider themselves not less than a god, why would they care about a sacred place?

So, I bet now, what’s said by Kazareem, and Roy himself, we got a clear idea of his ugly personality, right? In short, the words “pride, arrogance, and egoistic” define his personality well!

Strengths and Skills


Superhuman Skills

We all know that vampires have a lot of powers and that’s obvious because they aren’t ordinary human beings. To talk about Roy Valentin then he is pretty strong and an ordinary one can’t stand a chance against him.

We can predict the level of his powers when he easily attacked Laplace in the Church.  That’s when he prohibited him from entering a sacred place. (Manga chapter 73 and Anime episode 34)

Besides, he is not an ordinary vampire that has got some powers. He is really a bother to other powerful characters in the manga and anime. We can say that because this is what Kazareem said: “Running away was a correct decision, Laplace. During my prime, he was a man whose strength rivaled my own” (Manga Chapter 73)

magic abilities

Magic Abilities

Let’s talk about some of his skills and powers. Though he has a lot of skills and abilities, one of them is his signature technique and that is “Red Beams”. That is pretty unique because Roy uses his blood for this one. To get a better idea about his technique, let’s read the information Kazareem gave to Laplace when he told about red beams:

“Blood which is transformed into magical particles and shot out. It is a technique called “Blood Ray”. He is known by the moniker of “Bloody Lord”, and that technique is a specialty of his.”

So, now we know that Roy Valentin is a strong and powerful vampire!


  • The name “Roy” means “KING”. So, now we know why he has so much pride and attitude.
  • He has a scar on his forehead
  • His age is more than 1500 years
  • He died after a series of incidents
  • Louis Valentin is his twin brother



As he is a side character, so, a complete detail of his background isn’t known. His major role was a subordinate of Luminous. He worked as a member of “Ten Great Demon Lords”. By judging from his personality, we can easily say that he spent his whole life killing people in a void and of course because he is a vampire!

Well, his fight against Lord Kazareem caused immense destruction because of the strength of combined powers. Besides, his powers alone are so immense that they would have a drastic effect on the surroundings as described by Kazareem:

“I have fought with him a few times in the past. In those fights the surrounding towns and settlements would get dragged into it.” (Manga chapter 73)

From the above information, we came to know that he had several fights with Kazareem in the past.


Ten Demon Lords

Ten Demon Lords

As it’s mentioned above, Roy was a member of “Ten Demon Lords” after he started working for Luminous. Other than that no specific information is known about him since he is a side character.


Luminous Valentine

Luminous Valentine

Well, well, who would have thought that a man like him has some dear ones in his life? So, this evil-hearted vampire proved to be very loyal to his master Luminous. He remained loyal to her till his death. Unbelievable!

? Question mark ? unknown

Louis Valentin

Besides, he has a twin brother “Louis Valentin” He had a general interaction with other ordinary ones. One thing is clear that His master and brother are the most important relations in his life.


So, guys, we have already discussed how Roy bothered Laplace and what was his behavior. Also, we came to know how ugly and powerful he was. As he is a side character, you would rarely find him in anime or manga. After a series of incidents in the manga, it’s revealed that he died in a battle.

An end to Roy Valentin!

Voice Actors

Japanese Masaaki Mizunaka

English TBA

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magic abilities

Did you know that vampires love ice-creams as well? Well, surprisingly yes, but they only like “Vein-illa” flavor

So, above was the detailed information of Roy Valentin. We hope you got whatever you were looking for. So, Roy was a person full of pride and ego and he got nothing beneficial because of that!

Let us know in the comment section what things you like and hate about Roy Valentin. We would love to know!


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