101+ Rising of the Shield Hero Memes That Will Add Spice To Your Life!

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The story of Mushoku Tensei also known as Rising of the Shield Hero is about a guy who gets reincarnated into another world as a shield hero and protects everyone! There’s a diversity in characters and there are 
many strong characters as well but they’re crackheads too! 
Rising of the Shield Hero has a bunch of crackheads in it. There have been so many hilarious in the anime as well. Once the MC gets isekai’d you start listening “Naofumi-sama” quite often by Raphtalia. 
Along with their crackhead personalities comes their wholesome appearance. I’m sure many of you will fall in love with Raphtalia after seeing these memes! She’s a true waifu material and super kawaii! I’d say you must add her to your waifu list if you haven’t added her yet. 
Anyway, this blog is going to be all about Rising of the Shield Hero Memes! And I’m sure it’ll bring a smile to your pretty faces. I hope you guys enjoy it! 
Here’s a list of 101+ Rising of the Shield Hero Memes

Table of Contents

102. Call FBI!

meme 102

Ara Ara Naofumi-sama! Are you that naive or are you feeling unwell? Better call FBI at this moment! 

101. Raphtallia upgraded

meme 101

Haters will say that it’s not Raphtalia. But it is Raphtalia! You all need to accept this fact! It’s your waifu and you must recognize her.  

100. * sad raccoon noises *

No personal attacks but this is actually very sad. When you look forward to Christmas but your Raccoon family is in the forest and they have abandoned you! 

99. Tough Waifu Competition

When you used to be the Worldwide Waifu but then Chika ruins your fame and takes your place! * sad Raphtallia noises *

98. Raccoons as useful pets

Imagine having this cutie as your pet! It’s like a weeb’s lifetime wish come true. Yes! I know your deep desires. 

97. Naofumi just doesn't care

Raphtalia is always protecting Naofumi and is like, “Naofumi-sama” literally every time. She’s possessive just like how Mikasa is for Eren! But here Naofumi is done with this world full of lolis.

96. Naofumi-Sama!

meme 96

I mean yeah Naofumi is pretty handsome and a well-mannered guy but Raphtalia is abnormally possessive about him! Do you all think the same? 

95. Just Raphtalia things

Which Raphtalia do you prefer? The sober one or the drunk Raphtalia? I think I’d prefer the badass woman! 

94. You're a kid Raphtalia!

meme 94

She’s cute but like a child, I don’t think many of you consider her as a fine lady. She’s more on the cute side than feminine. right?

93. This world is full of lolicons!

meme 93

There you go! My man said it. The moment he got reincarnated he had to witness many lolis and was done with them! 

92. When your mum gives you a haircut

meme 92

Have you ever been through this situation? When you had the perfect haircut but mum had to cut your hair again! Such a pain. 

91. D-daddy!

No other word than Daddy melted Naofumi’s heart. Are you guys just as disappointed as me? I bet you are! 

90. Waifu Pillows or Sleeping Alone

meme 90

Every weeb wants a waifu pillow. If it’s Raphtalia’s pillow they’d be more than pleased to have it. It’s just the fantasy of every weeb! 

89. Little Happiness

meme 89

See! It’s that easy to make Raphtalia or any girl happy. Girls like gestures like these! They’d fly among clouds if you treat them nicely. 

88. What they both see

meme 88

Is it just me who thinks that they both do look good together? I mean I don’t really ship them but after seeing them like this I might change my plans! 

87. What Raphtalia wants for Naofumi-sama

meme 87

She’s so precious! She wants a happy meal for Naofumi so he could stay happy. But look at Naofumi’s face he just doesn’t care at all. 

86. Weebs X Lolis

I have no specific comments on this meme! Like, Duh! Come on. Keep your fantasies to yourself you bakas! 

85. I'm here Naofumi-Sama

meme 85

Holy! This is such a cursed image. What happened to our cute Raphtalia! Who’s this monster wearing her skin? 

84. Shield Hero

meme 84

WOOH! Yes! We all know Naofumi-sama also known as the Shield Hero. I really want to meet Naofumi though. I mean he seems cool, wouldn’t you wanna do the same as well?

83. Just Raphtalia's evolution

meme 83

World can change but her features won’t! She’ll look like a child forever. But hey! that’s her charm! 

82. Weebs be like

meme 82

Most weebs with lewd expressions go after Raphtalia since she’s a cutie! 

81. Holding Hands

meme 81

Raphtalia dreams of holding Naofumi-sama’s hands! I wish I could find such an oppertunity. Naofumi is an absolute perfection! 

80. Anime helps!

Even if everything goes wrong in life anime gives us hope! And I must say that it has helped me in many fields of life. 

79. They got each others' back

meme 79

Even in the toughest times, they’re always by one another’s side and this fact makes them very wholesome! Do you agree? 

78. My mom when I get A instead of A+

Can you relate? I’m pretty sure parents are never really satisfied! 

77. No!

meme 77

We got waifus, we got great messages and whatnot! Hating on anime is a bad choice! 

76. Marvel Adaptation

meme 76

This is hilarious! They turned this scene of Shield Hero into a Raccoon being patted. 

75. RTX ON

I ship! The resemblance is so uncanny. Do you guys think that they’re like Naofumi and Malty?

74. Types of students in a class

meme 74

HAHA! This is one of the funniest Shield Hero Memes! Kid with gum gives the same vibes as Naofumi. Isn’t that right? 

73. No but Yes

meme 73

Filo is a cutie as well! If you haven’t seen Rising of the Shield Hero you’re not aware with her true charms! 

72. Just Filo Things

meme 72

Filo has a thing for Naofumi too! So, she’s obsessed with him as well! But Raphtalia shippers don’t worry! She won’t let him get stolen that easily!. 

71. She's a devil!

meme 71

We are all aware of Malty’s devllish side! Are you aware of it? If not, then you must check out Rise of the Shield Hero! 

70. Raphtalia is aging!

HAHA! Why did they swap her with Howl’s moving castle’s character. This is so hilarious. 

69. When my crush says are you blushing?

meme 69

It’s always embarrassing to admit things especially when it comes in front of your crush! Have you ever experienced something like that? 

68. Hand over the memes!

meme 68

Can’t you hear Raphtalia! Hand her the memes this instant! 

67. Who doesn't?

Everybody loves Shield Hero! Who doesn’t? I mean they’re so wholesome and have crackhead characters! 

66. Naofumi Vs Everyone else

meme 66

HAHA! this is also one of the best Rise of Shield Hero memes! Naofumi gives special treatment to Raphtalia! 

65. Raphtalia and Naofumi

meme 65

Somebody please just get them together! right now! 

64. 10/10

Raphtalia is an absolute perfection and an embodiemnt of kawaii! And you can’t change my mind. 

63. Glory Kill

Please! Somebody has to do it! 

62. She snacc or she a snacc?

meme 62

Filo is so kawaii! Who do you prefer? Raphtalia or Filo? I feel like it’ll take you some time to think about this! But do let us know in the comments below. 

61. No more Shield Hero

meme 61

Ah! Eternal peace for Naofumi-sama who looks so done with life everytime! I feel you Naofumi, I do! 

60. Brofumi!

meme 60

This seems so unreal! We have seen the calm Naofumi. Brofumi seems cool as well though! 

59. Don't underestimate us!

meme 59

Everything else is garbage except for Anime! You understand that?! We can stand anything but not someone who’s dissing our only source of happiness!  

58. That one beach episode

meme 58

AH! I’m a Girl, why am I blushing! Her cuteness should be a crime! But her outfit! 10/10.  

57. Raphtalia or Filo

meme 57

We weebs just can’t decide who to chose when it comes to super kawaii waifus! Isn’t that right? 

56. Close your eyes!

meme 56

Hurry up and close your eyes! You have witnessed an angel! A pure innocent angel. 

55. Whoops!

meme 55

Filo you need to understand that you can’t just go up to anybody and say things like that! So, go to the bin! 

54. Raccoon and a birdy!

meme 54

I ship Raccoon with that Birdy! In short, those two competitors with one another. 

53. You guys get paid?

meme 53

Naofumi be like wow! You guys get paid? 

52. Say my name!

Melty Q Melromarc gives off such a princess vibe! And, I really love it! 

51. Filo

meme 51

I love soft things and I’m sure you all do as well! Imagine sleeping on Filo’s feathers! LET ME IN! 

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50. Oh Yay!

meme 50

Malty Q Melromarc is a bad girl is all I want to say…

49. Trash

meme 49

We all know Malty Q Melromarc is worse than trash and you can’t change my mind! Though this meme is also one of the best Shield Hero Memes you’ll see on the internet! 

48. Just Get Out

meme 48

Where there is Malty there’s catastrophe! So, get out Malty! 

47. Earless Raphtalia

Earless Raphtalia gives off generic Japanese girls Vibes! Isn’t that right? 

46. No! we don't want head pats from you

Will you give the same reaction if Malty offers you headpats? I would have literally the same reaction! 

45. Wite it down L!

meme 45

If I had death note I would definitely write her name in it! And will give her a bad death. 

44. Why so fishy?

meme 44

Hve you ever been into a fishy situation? I know things get a bit confusing when you’re being made a fool of! 

43. You should be eradicated!

meme 43

You’re truly a disease Malty! And you should be eradicated along with the Corona virus! 

42. A Combo Skill

meme 42

And here I thought she would have been super pissed about being used as a sword! because If I was her I would have been pissed off 10/10. 

41. A cute Raccoon

meme 41

If I ever witness a Raccoon next time, I’m gonna grab it and pet it! And take care of it! 

40. Kill her!

meme 40

Let’s just end her for once and all! No second thoughts and just do it! 

39. We all know it

meme 39

We all know that Malty Q Melromarc is the most hated character in Rise of the Shield Hero. And this is one of the funniest Rise of the Shield Hero Memes!

38. Choose one!

I would rather let all these characters attack her and end everything! 

37. Malty

HAHA! I don’t know if this is inappropriate or funny! 

36. Netflix Adaptation

meme 36

Netflix Adaptation is always the best! These kind of memes always make your day, isn’t that right? 

35. Trigger!

meme 35

Just so we all know that Captain America uses Shield! And he’s the favorite character of many people out there! Do you like Captain America or Naofumi-sama? 

34. Birdy!

meme 34

Haha! This is also one of the best Shield Hero memes! Filo is literally the bird in the image but for real though, have you seen her bird form? 

33. It's 25 you baka!

meme 33

Doesn’t it irritate you when your friends act like they have watched that certain anime but are wrong when it comes to the number of episodes?

32. Fried Wings

I’m sorry if you were hungry and I made you crave some fried chicken wings! Man, I’m drooling!


meme 31

When you’re filming your sister because she looks amazing and she says, DELTE IT! 

30. Roles swapped

In this image you can see Naofumi’s and Raphtallia’s roles swapped. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen today! 

28. Raphtalia's Obsession!

meme 28

Raphtalia will do literally anything for Naofumi! She would sacrifice her life for him! 

27. Shield Hero Memes

meme 27

I really do want to post these memes as soon as possible so I can make you guys laugh! 

26. Call 911

meme 26

OMG! What did I just see? I can’t just wash my eyes with bleach or can I? Don’t try this at home though! 

25. Shield Hero

Our Shield Hero with his Shield. Wait a minute, isn’t that Raphtalia’s face on the shield? What did I just see!

24. Find the differences

meme 24

Haters will say that there are differences! No! There are no differences between these characters! 

23. Shield Hero X Kinema Citrus

Shield Hero > Anything and Everything! Isn’t that right? 

22. I'm speechless

I’m speechless right now because what is going on in this picture! Oh lord! Why do I keep seeing these cursed images. 

21. Is that you Shaggy?

meme 21

I wonder if Shaggy is of any use in Shield Hero! I mean, we can imagine! He’ll be running away from trouble for sure. 

20. WHAT?

meme 20

Poor Raphtalia got daughter-zoned! 

19. Go get them!

Raphtalia is always there for Naofumi! She’ll be able to beat you if you hurt Naofumi in any way! 

18. Poor guy

meme 18

Yes! She put a spell on you mister and you’ve been trapped. 

17. Me and Anime

It’s not my fault for being single and watching Anime all by myself! I blame myself for not stepping out in society and make friends. 

16. He protects

Naofumi might not look like it but he is attracted to Raphtalia! and is always saving her. 

15. She's not a kid!

Raphtalia looks super chubby and childish but yeah, she’s not a kid! 

14. A Creep

meme 14

Raphtalia is a creep when it comes to being with Naofumi. She just can’t help but take her inner demon out. 

13. Doubts

meme 13

we just can’t believe what Malty says, can we? Yeah, I mean just look at their faces they’re not even surprised. 

12. Choose one

What will you choose? Pokemon sword or Pokemon shield? 

11. Upgrade!

meme 11

Upgrade this little Raccoon into Raphtalia! Our common waifu! 

10. Shoot her!

meme 10

Shoot Malty S Melromarc! Please!

9. Just Kick Malty

meme 9

If you see Malty somewhere just kick her! She’s one of the most annoying characters in Shield Hero. 

8. Me X My Family

That awkward moment when noody gets what’s going on in a hentai. 

7. Anger!

meme 7

I wish I had this power! I really wish I could get angry as much as him. 

6. That one episode

meme 6

Weebs always love the beach episodes! Isn’t that right? 

5. Win Win

meme 5

It’s a win-win situation when your favorite series releases two seasons together! 

4. Mirellia

meme 4

They just have to lewd everything Mirellia was such a gorgeous character though. 

3. Me X My Parents

meme 3

My parents are so precious because they’re always here for me like that when I’m going through something. Appreciate your parents! 

2. Just some crackheads!

meme 2

Rise of the Shield Hero characters are truly crackheads. I mean just take a look at this meme! 

1. Who's rising?

meme 1

We all know who’s rising! Naofumi-sama is rising! BOOM! 


I hope these memes made you laugh and brought smiles to your faces. I compiled a list of some of the funniest Rise of the Shield Hero Memes! Hopefully you guys will love them! Kindly do let us know in the comments that which meme was your favorite! 


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