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Reze is one of the antagonists of the Chainsaw Man series. She is also called ‘Lady Reze’ or ‘Ms. Reze.’ She is the Bomb devil and is a hybrid of the Soviet Union. Her debut started at the Bomb Girl Arc and was also featured in the Control Devil Arc.


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Reze info

Character Information

Position in Anime: Villain

Gender: Female

Species: Hybrid

Professional Status

Occupation: Bomb Devil

Affiliations: – Gun Devil 

– Soviet Union

– Makima (brainwashed)

– Tokyo Special Division 5

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut: Chapter 40

Voice Actors

Japanese: To Be Announced
English: To Be Announced


reze appearance

Reze possesses two looks. Her first look is her previous human form, a teenage girl with an average and slender body. She possesses long black hair that extends up to her shoulder, emerald green eyes, and the face of someone who blushes easily. She also wears a choker that has a pin, which she uses to transform when pulled.

When she first met Denji, she was wearing a loose shirt with a bell drawing on the front, and a backpack.

Bomb Girl

Her transformed look is the exact opposite of her beautiful human form. She has a hybrid transformation of a devil with a black airship-shaped head containing multiple fins on the end. Faithful to her ominous look, her teeth are very sharp and visible. And her arms are covered with bomb fuses; with an apron full of these and dynamites. Truly, a great representation of her explosive devil nature.


Reze Personality

At first, Reze is shown to be an innocent girl who works part-time as a waitress at a café. She met Denji as he was sheltering himself from the rain inside a telephone booth. The protagonist sees her as a cheerful woman who he assumes is flirting with him. Later on, after a series of events, it was revealed that her confession and her initial personality were just a façade in order to trick Denji and steal his heart, literally.

Strengths and Skills

Bomb Girl Reze


Reze lives up to the name of the “Bomb Devil.” Her power is centered on bombs with different uses and power.

She can use the bomb’s explosion to launch herself upward, crushing the pavement with her landing [ch44]. It can also help with mobility, since her bomb can be used to propel herself continuously, making her run in the air [ch47].

She delivers explosive punches [ch45] that can easily fold a truck on hit [ch48] and can even release a strong explosive beam with just one touch [ch45].

Denji vs Bomb Girl

For reference, she blasted Denji through a building twice in his chainsaw man form, while also reducing him to a husk with her touch [ch48]. And also, she one-shot Beam even in his complete shark transformation [ch50].

And more extreme than this, she is able to flick a small flare powerful enough to kill three private devil hunters with its explosion [ch45]. With this amount of power, she easily blew both of Denji’s arms while they were fighting [ch51].

Her body parts can also be used as suicidal bomb tools. Her head can be decapitated and be thrown for a powerful blast, and her body can move alone to deliver an explosive hug [ch46].

She also turned her leg and arm into bombs, destroying Denji in half; sending multiple cars flying in the process [ch48]. This goes to show her extreme regenerative abilities which will be tackled in the later section.

After being brainwashed by Makima, she effortlessly rushes Pochita through a building with multiple explosions, launching both of them high up in the air [ch88].

Bomb girl Vs Denji

Hand-to-hand Combat
& Speed

She can easily dodge the Fox devil with either her devil body or even the headless one [ch46]. Reze can also outpace a car with her running [ch46] or with her explosive jumps [ch47].

She kept up with Aki Hayakawa as he evaded her attacks with help from the Future devil [ch48].

For reference, Aki reacted and was able to block an attack from Quanxi, the renowned devil hunter who was able to blitz through hundreds of people and dolls without getting so much as a reaction from them [ch60]. Their bodies only came apart after she stopped to replace her sword.

One time, Denji was not able to hit Reze even once; he only hit her after following Beam’s advice [ch49].

For another reference, Denji can be compared with the Katana devil [ch37]. A devil who moves faster than what power could see [ch24].

Her extreme mobility is also shown when she was moving well despite being beside a Sharknado, which is powerful enough to pull people and cars to itself [ch 50]

Reze expolsives

Her durability can easily be seen by her ability to tank all of her explosions, albeit being thrown back and forth by them [ch44].

She was also devoured by the Fox devil, yet was able to leave unscathed [ch46].

Furthermore, Reze was able to block a serious kick from the Violence fiend, shattering the ground on which her left foot was standing [ch47].



With power centered on the use of explosives, it’s no surprise that she has excellent regenerative abilities.

Reze can almost instantly regenerate the upper part of her arm and her head [ch44], and her entire lower body [ch46] through transformation. By drinking the blood of the Typhoon devil, she was able to regenerate her right leg [ch50]. Somehow, in chapter 48, she was also able to regrow her arm without drinking blood or transforming.

Lastly, she was able to be brought back to life from bleeding out [ch52] and even after being violently dissected by Pochita [ch88].

Bomb Girl

Reze is one of the “weapon devils,” who, unlike other devils, weren’t removed from existence after being eaten by the Chainsaw Man. [ch87]

She is also immortal like Denji and Quanzi, instead of being “half-immortal” like the other devils, as described by Kishibe. [ch30]

If she ever dies, the Bomb devil will just reincarnate in hell, wherein if she’s killed again, she will reincarnate on Earth. It’s basically an endless cycle of death and rebirth. [ch53]

She can make devil contracts and can be bound by them. The only rule is that both parties must follow through on what they agreed upon. Otherwise, they would die. [ch17]


  • She knows how to swim. [ch42]
  • She is able to speak Japanese and Russian, making her bilingual. [ch43]
  • The Fox devil despises how she tastes. [ch46]
  • She was formerly a human but is now a hybrid.

  • Her gender is female

  • She was a spy from the USSR.
  • She used to be a part-time waitress in Crossroads café.
  • Reze’s debut in the manga is in chapter 40.


Reze past

Reze was included in the children that were taken by the USSR and placed under a special government program. This program aims to make super-soldiers that are dedicated to their mission and the country.

During this, she was subjected to harsh and strict military training and even scientific experiments to greatly increase her natural abilities. At some point in time, the Bomb devil was placed inside Reze’s body, making her a hybrid of a devil and a human.


Gun Devil chainsaw man

Gun Devil

She is formerly the bearer of the Gun devil. This devil was placed inside her body by the USSR, making her a thirsty devil. 


USSR is also known as the Soviet Union. Reze was once a part of their special program and was also included in some special experiments. The USSR is the one who ordered her to do the things she has done.



Reze is affiliated with Makima since, in the latest chapters, she was one of the brainwashed hybrids who were used as a weapon in order to go against the Chainsaw Man.


Gun devil Arc

Gun Devil

Even though they are technically now as one, Reze was still able to live a life in the USSR without bearing the Gun Devil inside of her.



 Reze met Denji and unbeknownst to him, he is her primary target. They had friendly interactions but this was later replaced with violence after her identity was revealed.

Typhoon Devil

Typhoon Devil

It seems like the two had some history with one another, as the Typhoon devil greets her as “Ms. Reze” with respect. This devil also saved her a lot of times during the Bomb Girl Arc.



The two aren’t really good acquaintances as they have only met when Makima killed her. She is later summoned though, as one of the hybrids during the Control Devil Arc.


Bomb Girl

Bomb Girl Arc

Her first debut is in chapter 40 of the manga. As Denji was taking shelter from the rain inside a phone booth, Reze appeared. After a series of interactions between the two, She told Denji that she works part-time at a café called Crossroads. [ch40]

After Denji arrived at the café, Reze was surprised at his appearance. She sits next to him and orders a coffee for her and Denji. Their interactions and closeness make Denji confused, going as far as him thinking that she has feelings for him. [ch40]

With this, Denji keeps on coming back to the same café every day for a full week, usually ordering lunch there. He commonly sees her studying and even though he doesn’t want to distract her, Reze insists that he sits next to her and was shocked to know that Denji doesn’t know how to read. [ch41]

Denji mentioned that he wishes he could have gone to school and after this, she invites him to visit a nearby school after dark and go explore it. [ch41]

In the school, the two of them go to the pool area. Reze strips off and invites Denji for a swim. Since Denji can’t swim, he is scared initially but eventually goes to the pool with her after Reze says that she will teach him how to swim, and how to do everything. [ch42]

Upon leaving the pool, in reference to Aesop’s fables, Reze asks Denji whether he prefers to be a country mouse or a town mouse. On which, Denji replies that he prefers the latter as it is more fun and there is more food to eat. Reze states that being a country mouse is better due to having more freedom.

She also asks him if food and having fun are the only things he cares about; Denji agrees. She then invites Denji to go to a local festival. [ch42]

She then says that she will be going to the bathroom, leaving the protagonist alone in the classroom. However, she hears footsteps behind her, thinking that it is Denji, she looks behind to see a man [ch42]. The man then chases her into the rooftop on which he is quickly killed by Reze herself [ch43].

This is when Reze is declared as one of the antagonists. As she also talks to the Typhoon Devil, asking the devil to dispose of the body of the man she killed. [ch43]

Afterward, she returns to the classroom and as planned, they both go to see the local festival and are now at the end of the cliffside, a good view of the fireworks. Then, Reze asks Denji if he could run away together with her, with a promise that she will protect him and make him happy. She basically confesses her feelings for him. [ch43]

Denji and Reze

However, Denji rejects her and says that he likes her too but he greatly enjoys the job he is in and he loves his coworkers and Makima. She then kisses him and this is where things spiraled out of control. [ch44]

Reze bites Denji’s tongue off and taunts him with it, then, she pulls out a knife and quickly cuts his throat and hands before he can pull his chainsaw cord, making Denji collapse from shock and pain. After this, Reze apologizes and says that she will be taking his heart now. [ch44]

Suddenly, Beam appears and takes Denji along with him. Reze pulls the pin on her choker making her head detonate. Her now destroyed body regenerates into a human-devil hybrid. [ch44]

Reze hastily catches up to Beam and stops him from taking Denji away. She offers that she will let him go as long as he leaves them alone, but he responds by turning his head into an enormous shark’s head, which she easily destroys with her one-touch explosion[ch45]

Kato And Tanabe

After this, a group of private devil hunters sees her and Denji. Since she seems to be intelligent and human-like, the group decides not to be hostile which eventually leads to their demise. [ch45]

She then tries to go to the headquarters of the Second Division and pretends that she is being chased by a devil. However, her plan fails, leading her to declare that it’s time for a massacre. [ch45]

Nomo orders Kato and Tanabe to kill Reze through any means and they resort to making molds grow inside her body, however, she pulls her pin again causing her to explode. They thought that it is suicide but then the headless body of Reze suddenly hugs Nomo and explodes for the second time. She proceeds to murder everyone in the headquarters. [ch46]

Reze headless

As he is driving, Aki foresees an event and decides to stop the car. In front of him, Reze shows the decapitated head of Nomo and the Vice-captain. [ch46]

Reze orders Aki to leave Denji and go away in order to prevent bloodshed as much as possible. Aki ignores her and decides to drive away, then, she suddenly lands on top of the car, and just as she was planning to explode it, the Violence fiend appears and kicks her off. [ch47]

He tries every attack but Reze easily blocks all of it, causing the Violence fiend to call out to his partner, Kobeni Higashiyama, and orders her to retreat. Reze turns around to see Kobeni collapsed and is begging for mercy. She then leaves her alone and decides to go to Denji. [ch47]

Eventually, she catches up to the car and lands on top, and then Denji wakes up and transforms into his Chainsaw Man form. [ch47]

Denji and Reze continue to talk about love and betrayal, which eventually leads to them fighting against each other. Reze keeps on using her explosive abilities sending Denji flying through multiple walls and exploding. They had a violent and explosive fight but Denji ended up being destroyed and reduced to a limbless husk. [ch48]

As Reze is attempting her escape, Aki, disguised as a corpse, pulls her leg and cuts off her left arm with this surprise assault. The two of them exchanged blows, with Aki barely avoiding the explosions with his future sight.

While she was attempting to launch a missile out of her arm, there comes the interruption of the Violence fiend. [ch49]

Due to extreme loss of blood, Reze calls for a timeout and the Typhoon devil immediately appears and saves her. The recovered Denji, along with Beam, follows her as Chainsaw Man riding a shark. [ch49]

She releases multiple explosions around Denji and Beam, who say that her aim is bad. As they finally catch up to her, Denji cuts off one of her legs but the Typhoon devil spits out blood into her mouth, in order to help her devil nature. [ch50]

Denji and Beam, in time, were able to kill the Typhoon devil by cutting him into pieces, but Reze then decides to rise above and make everything on the ground explode, planning to take the two down. Beam saves Denji by swallowing him but this knocks him down unconscious. [ch50]

Now, it’s up to Denji and Reze to have a final showdown.

Reze explodes

Reze flicks explosives into Denji, blowing his right arm off in the process. As he is now close to falling in the sea, Denji asks why Reze didn’t kill him the first time that they have met, to which she answers that there was no place for him to run to. [ch51]

Reze then decides to blow up his left arm but it leaves a chain that eventually was wrapped around her. Denji then drags her off together with him into the water, leading them to sink down, thinking about the time that they went swimming. [ch51]

Revived, she woke up and asked why Denji helped her. He then proceeded to say that he doesn’t care about his body because of his immortality, and he’s satisfied as long as he has good food to eat. He even says that he wouldn’t mind being killed by her because she’s hot, and with this, Reze bursts into laughter. [ch51]

Denji asks if she wants to run away together with him, but Reze replies by stepping up and breaking his neck. Denji shouts to her that he will be waiting at the café at noon. [ch51]

Later on, Reze, who is now dressed as a civilian, goes to the train station and considers getting aboard the train. But, she stopped when she saw a flower from a charity stand. Reminded of the flower that Denji gave her, she walks back to the café but before she can leave the opposite alleyway. She was swarmed by rats that then formed and revealed Makima. [ch52]

She tries to pull her pin but Makima cuts her arm off quickly and easily. As she tries to stab Makima with a knife, a spear coming from above pierces through her, this was thrown by the Angel Devil. [ch52]

Makima consoles Reze in her final moments as she reflects the real reason she didn’t kill Denji when they first met. It was because she empathized with him. [ch52]

Control Devil Arc

During the Control Devil Arc, as summoned by Makima, Reze appears as one of the weapons to battle against the Chainsaw Man. [ch86]

After Makima commanded her and the other summons to attack, Reze and the other devils transformed into their hybrid forms and charged into Denji. However, they were all blown away by the force of Denji moving forward [ch87]. Later, as Reze blasts Denji up in the air, he decides to decapitate Reze to save himself from other attacks. [ch88]

She is also part of the battle while Denji yells out his battle cry and decides to dissect each and every one of them, making all of them fall to the ground. [ch88]

Voice Actors

JapaneseTo Be Announced

EnglishTo Be Announced

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Reze expolsives

That’s it for Reze, she can truly be scary as well as cute at the same time! Do let us know in the comments if you’re anticipated for her appearance. 


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