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Veldora Tempest is the fourth true dragon who is popular for his vast amount of magical power. He is one of the most powerful creatures to have ever existed in the world. After being sealed by a Summoned hero, he spent his life in complete boredom.

Veldora Tempest

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Appearing in the (MANGA CHAPTER 1, Death and Reincarnation,) a big blue dragon with black scales and, he introduced himself as “VELDORA THE STORM DRAGON” “TRUE FOUR DRAGONS,” but this was when he was still in his dragon form.

Veldora was given a human form by Rimuru and when he transformed into the human form. He was a good-looking handsome man with height around two meters tall, blond hair, golden eyes and masculine body.

Veldora Tempest

Character Info


Race: Dragon

Former Name: Storm Dragon

Gender: Male

Rank: Catastrophe

Eye Color: Gold

Velzard (Sister)
Velgrynd (Sister)
Veldanava (Sister)
Milim Nava (Neice)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Light Novel: Volume 1

Anime: Episode 1

Manga: Chapter 1

Voice Actors

English: Chris Roger

Japanese: Tomoaki Maeno


veldors human form

Veldora is one of the four true dragons that’s why he is prideful, not just prideful Veldora is really strong too. Veldora is an ostentatious dragon, and he is not ashamed of showing his strength.

But when Veldora was inside Rimuru‘s he read several ‘sacred’ writings which were originally manga. After reading those sacred writings Veldora became more patient, calm, he started behaving more inquisitive, and he became less compulsive.

Veldora is a calm person who doesn’t care about anyone besides himself but after meeting Rimuru, he considered him as his good friend, and he even started trusting him.

Veldora also has a sister VELZARD. She is older than him but due to some certain actions which were taken by her Veldora avoids facing and having any kind of contact with her.

Strengths and Skills


This works as a shield Veldora can create barriers which will stop magical energy from coming around him.


This ability allows Veldora to discern magic around him.



This ability allows Veldora to communicate with others via telepathy and, it has a wide range around 1 kilometre



As its name says Veldora can manipulate any outcome if the outcome chance is 50% it can be changed into 100%.



 Veldora can analyse anything in the world and can keep record of any event that happens in the world.



Veldora’s memories are inherited in Rimuru so, even if he dies he can come back as long as his memories are with Rimuru.



Veldora is able to switch places with the clones which he creates it can be in any dimension to.


Greatest skill of Veldora this skill was upgraded by wisdom lord RAPHEL.

Abilities comes under this skill’



Other Powerful Skills


Veldora can create invisible electromagnetic waves which will hit the target.


Veldora can create some clones of himself and wings of those clones generate high frequency blades made of waves to attack the target.


Veldora can possess the power of its surroundings and, then he can tear apart any material in the world from his claws.


Veldora has a vast amount of aura and by gathering that aura he can destroy anyone he chooses.


Veldora can create a storm made up of wind and lightning and that storm can tear apart anyone who comes in its way.


Veldora created his own fighting style by reading manga which he got in Rimuru’s memory.


  • Veldora’s laugh is so loud that it can shake a whole cave.
  • Veldora learned a lot of things from the manga ‘sacred writings’ which were inside Rimuru’s memories. Those sacred writings helped him in making himself more gentle and less impetuous.
  • Veldora likes to act tough in every situation.
  • Veldora is one of those people who know about Raphael and he is also one of them who had met him.
  • Rumuru and Veldora both have “TEMPEST” in their name which shows that both of their statues are equal.


300 year ago, Veldora attacked Luminous Valentine, who was a demon lord and also turned a whole city into ashes. This was his worst mistake. But Veldora was defeated by a beautiful female warrior who was summoned by Luminous and he got sealed in Unlimited imprisonment by the summoned hero. After being sealed, Veldora lived a life full of boredom, no one was there to talk to him or for visit he spent a very long time alone in Unlimited imprisonment.

But on one good day Veldora met a slime who was our MC Rimuru and two of them became good friends.

Rimuru helped Veldora to get him out from Unlimited imprisonment by keeping Veldora along with Unlimited imprisonment in his stomach. Veldora could analyze imprisonment and someday can get out of there while self analyzing everything. During that time period Veldora saw Rimuru memories which were from his past life and from there he gained a lot of knowledge. Veldora also read manga which helped him in several ways and he also started liking them too.

Finally, one day after analyzing Unlimited imprisonment Rimuru released him. (WEB NOVEL CHAPTER 74,) Raphael who is also known as wisdom lord, speeded up analyzing  and he also finished preparation for release of Veldora’s Spiritual body. Rimuru created a clone of himself which was inherited by Veldora and then Veldora got his human form in Rimuru’s clone which was possible because Veldora was inherited by Rimuru which was called SOUL CORRIDOR.

Veldora was immortal because his memories were stored inside Rimuru and Rimuru was able to summon Veldora again and the condition of the old vessel would not matter at all.




 Rimuru was the person who helped Veldora to get out from Unlimited imprisonment. Rimuru was considered as a brother and good friend by Veldora.

Veldora mentioned that Rimuru understands him and also corrects him without any humiliation and without giving any pain to him.

Both Veldora and Rimuru are connected with soul and, they had an agreement which was shown in (MANGA CHAPTER 1)



Raphael, also known as WISDOM LORD, was the one who sped up analyzing and finished the preparation for Veldora to get out from Unlimited imprisonment.



Velzard is the elder sister of Veldora. Veldora avoids facing and making contact with his older sister Velzard this because in Veldora’s mind he was tortured and bullied by his older sister Velzard and by some other sisters.


The Dragon Veldora

Veldora once destroyed a city which cost him his freedom, and he got sealed for around 300+ years.

Veldora fought Hinata and achieved victory. (Volume 10 NIGHT NOVEL, Maze Operation)

Veldora had a fight with Chorona, but the fight didn’t reach any conclusion.(Volume 11 NIGHT NOVEL, Awakening of hero)

Veldora also fought Velgrynd but this fight as well didn’t got any conclusion because it got interrupted.(VOLUME 14 and 15 LIGHT NOVEL)

Voice Actor

JAPANESE: Veldora was voiced by Tomoaki Maeno in Japanese.

Tomoaki Maeno has also gaved voiced to character’s like

  • Kousuke Ooshiba from Hitorijime My Hero
  • Camus from Uta no Prince-sama
  • Junichi Tachibana from Amagami SS
  • Son Hak from Akatsuki no Yona
Chris Rager


ENGLISH: In English Veldora was voiced by Chris Rager.

Chris Rager has given voice to character’s like

  • Panzer Unit from Attack on Titan final season
  • Umibozu from City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes
  • Mr Satan from Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
  • Marshall D. Teach from One Piece

Chris Rager was born on 5 July 1973 he works as an english voice actor at a popular anime site called FUNIMATION.


  • (MANGA CHAPTER 1, Death and Reincarnation)
  •  (Volume 10 NIGHT NOVEL, Maze Operation)
  • (Volume 11 NIGHT NOVEL, Awakening of hero)
  • (VOLUME 14 and 15 LIGHT NOVEL)

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