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The fifth seat of the Octagram and the Demon Lord, Luminous Valentine is the ruler of the Holy Empire Ruberios. Despite her appearance, she is the oldest of all the Demon Lords and the ruler of all Vampires

Today, we’ll be taking a look at her character and what purpose does she serve in the universe of The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. So, Let’s start!

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Luminous Valentine


Character Information

Title: True Ancestor


Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Kind: Inhabitant

Age: 2000+

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Red (Right), Blue (Left)

Titles: God Luminous, Queen of Nightmares

Professional Status

Occupation: Ruler of Ruberios

Affiliations: Octagram, Ruberios

Disaster Rank: Disaster

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut: Chapter 78

Anime debut: Episode 38, Episode 45

Light Novel debut: Volume 6 (The Octagram Soars Brightly)

Web Novel debut: Chapter 78

Voice Actors

Japanese: To Be Announced
English: To Be Announced


Luminous is the True Ruler of the Holy Empire of Reberios [1], and the Lord of all vampires. She is also one of the oldest demon lords and is characterized by her silver hair, tied together with a black ribbon. Luminous’ most distinctive characteristic is her heterochromatic eyes, where the left has a deep blue color while the right is crimson red [2]

She has a set of pure white vampire fangs that are revealed when she parts her lips, a characteristic that is shared with her subordinate, Roy Valentin [3]. Besides this, she is often illustrated wearing a black gothic dress, coupled with black boots. Despite this, she likes to wear maid uniforms when she intends to disguise and hide her true identity. She also has the symbol of a cross imprinted onto her chest.



Luminous has been presented to be a quiet individual who likes staying in the shadows. She is always wary and untrustworthy of humans and advised Rimuru about the same, but backed down due to Rimuru’s claim that he was going to keep on trusting them. 

Her quiet demeanor allows her to stay in the shadows and unnoticed, leaving the Empire of Ruberios to be run by her subordinate and fellow vampire, Louis Valentin without other demon lords noticing. She also allows Roy Valentin to assume the title of demon lord on her behalf during Walpurgis [4].

Luminous is highly intelligent and non-confrontational where she chose instead to start her religion and country, unlike other demon lords who like to boast and amass more power. Luminous also truly cares about her subordinates, as seen where she heals Hinata Sakaguchi and the twin vampire brothers after their fight once Hinata discovers their true identity [5].  


Luminous is a true demon lord and is strong enough to suppress Hinata Sakaguchi’s ultimate skill Usurper that allows the user to rob the power opponents.


Lustful King Asmodeus

Lustful King Asmodeus which is Luminous’ Ultimate Skill that allows her to have the power of life and death. With this power, she can revive the dead and also apply instant death to her opponents.



Re-Birth gives Luminous the capability to sense the life energy of others and can increase the regenerative abilities of targets. This skill is enough to heal people from mortal wounds as seen when she heals both Louis Valentin, Roy Valentin, and Hinata [5].


Death Blessing

Death Blessing is a life and death reversing technique that has an instant death effect on the targets. We get to see an activation of the skills during the battle between Rimuru and three members of The Seven Celestials (also known as Clerics of the Seven Luminaries) [6].



Lust a Unique Skill that evolved into the Ultimate Skill Lustful King Asmodeus.


Magic Sense and Perception

Magic Sense and Perception allows Luminous the ability to perceive surrounding magical energy. Works the same as Rimuru’s Magic Sense that makes it possible to perceive the environment through various geographical and auditory calculations. It also allows the user to understand the language of others even though the language is not known.


Multiple Barriers

Multiple Barriers ability allowing Luminous to surround herself with multiple defensive barriers that prevent the entry of magical attacks.


Ultimate Skill User

Luminous is an Ultimate Skill User, which gives the resistance to low-level abilities, mind manipulation, matter manipulation, and death manipulation. This ability gives the user other abilities where their levels cannot be appraised by others with lower power levels and evolve from the user’s Unique Skills.


Other Skills

Luminous possess other powers and abilities such as Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Soul Manipulation (power to destroy souls), Death Manipulation, Magic Durability, Immortality, Unholy Manipulation, Telepathy, Non-Physical Interaction and Regeneration, Fate Manipulation, Power Mimicry, Information Manipulation, Resistance to Time Stop and Power Nullification among many others.


  • The Holy Empire Ruberios and Western Holy Church can be likened to modern-day Vatican City and the Catholic Church.
  • The Celestial Sages have been adopted differently in the Web Novel where they are Luminous’ allies and servants, while in the Light Novel they are depicted as masterminds in a plot to frame and kill Hinata and Rimuru without Luminous wishes [6].



Demon Lord Luminous belongs to the Second Generation of demon lords with the likes of the Dagruel from the giant race, and Dino (known as The Sleeping Ruler). Despite being inferior to First Generation demon lords, the Second Generation possesses incredible power of their own. Luminous is the second true demon lord in the second generation, however, her true origins and how she evolved into a demon lord are still unknown.

Being one of the first vampires in existence, Luminous went ahead and created a city for her vampire kind called Night Rose. In a conversation between Luminous, Hinata Sakaguchi (an otherworlder who became the leader of the Ten Great Saints), and Louis Valentine, she reveals what happened to the first city and country she created. She mentions that in the past, Veldora destroyed the first city forcing her to escape from the destruction of her people [5].

Luminous lays in waiting for the perfect opportunity, taking advantage of the chaos caused by the war when angels frequent the earth to stop and limit human civilization and create a new religion that recognizes her as a goddess. This move made it possible for Luminous to establish the Holy Empire of Ruberios, which lay the foundation of her hidden vampire empire [1].


western holy church

Western Holy Church

The Western Holy Church reveres Luminous as their One God and refuses to recognize any other gods. The church’s central principle is that monsters are evil and should be exterminated, something that led to the fight between Rimuru and Hinata [7].

Luminous uses the church to promote her religion, leading to the formation of the Holy Knights whose work was to fight off monsters.

clerics of seven luminaries

Clerics of the Seven Luminaries

They are also referred to as the Seven Days Priests, or the Seven Celestial Sages. Each of the members has attained hero status in the Holy Empire Ruberios living only as fairy tales since they have masked their presence.

Luminous is their leader, giving them assignments and power to oversee the training of new knights for the Holy Empire.

The Seven Celestial Sages also received blessings and long lives from Luminous due to their services to her and the Holy Empire [6].


hinata sakaguchi

Hinata Sakaguchi

Luminous has great respect for her having bested Louis and Roy Valentin. Luminous is always concerned for Hinata’s safety where she has healed her a couple of times from the brink of death, including after her fight with the twin vampire brothers [5], and during Rimuru’s fight with the Celestial Sages [6].

Roy Valentine

Louis and Roy Valentin

The two twins have been servants to Luminous ever since the founding of the Holy Empire Ruberios, having dedicated their lives to her. They act as Luminous’ body doubles with Roy Valentin serving as demon lord Valentine on her behalf during Walpurgis while

Louis Valentin became the Holy Kingdom’s pope and as leader of the Western Holy Church

In return for their servitude, Luminous protects the two, stating that she could not allow them to die, finding them after their battle with Hinata Sakaguchi.

After her return from Walpurgis, Luminous comments unhappily that she wished that she had been around to save Roy from death after his fight with Laplace in the Holy Church’s Inner Sanctum [4].

Veldora Tempest

Veldora Tempest

Luminous is always wary of Veldora since he is the one who destroyed her original kingdom and never seems to have forgiven him for it. Luminous’ sentiments towards Veldora do not change, where he ends up revealing her true identity to others as seen after the battle at Walpurgis [4], and after Rimuru’s battle with the Celestial Sages [1].




The first time we encounter Luminous is during the meeting between the ten demon lords. At the start of the meeting, Demon Lord Valentine (Roy Valentin) assumes the position of demon lord on behalf of Luminous who is disguised as a maid for Roy. 

Despite this, Rimuru and other demon lords who do know Valentine’s true identity were not fooled, with Great Sage Raphael remarking that the maid’s magicule capacity was greater than the current demon lord’s. Rimuru further recalls Veldora’s name for the demon lord as “Mirus” or “Rurus[3].

luminous veldora

After Walpurgis

Luminous and Roy Valentin’s ploy is called out accidentally by Veldora after the defeat of Demon Lord Clayman. Veldora exclaims that Roy should not insult Rimuru by denying him from becoming a demon lord. However, the real demon lord Luminous cuts angrily commenting that Veldora seems to get in her way every time. To make matters even worse, Veldora cannot recall her actual name despite annihilating her original city [4].

the inner sanctrum

In the Inner Sanctum

The next time we encounter demon lord Luminous is when she arrives at the Inner Sanctum from her meeting with other demon lords. In this instance, she is having a conversation with Hinata and Louis Valentin about the death of his twin brother under the clown (Laplace) [4].

Hinata further recalls her first meeting with the demon lord Luminous after her battle with the two brothers, where the demon lord heals the three from the brink of death.

In a quest to defeat the demon lord, Hinata is given seven days to train and complete a set of trials before her final face-off with the revered “god”. After the fight, Hinata acknowledges that Luminous is the absolute being, symbolizing “the order of Ruberios[5]. Furthermore, Luminous recognizes the power that Veldora has and warns her servants against going against Rimuru and the Storm Dragon.

luminous hinata

Saints and Monsters Confrontation

Luminous’ revelation that she is a demon lord to her subordinates in the Holy Church occurs after Rimuru’s fight with the three Celestial Sages. During the battle, Luminous makes an entrance as Hinata is about to die. This angers her and she annihilates the three Celestial Sages using Death Blessing which causes instant death [6].

In the aftermath of the Saint-Monster Confrontation, Veldora carelessly comments that he remembers Luminous as the female vampire whose castle he trashed. It is at this moment when the truth that God Luminous is the Demon Lord Luminous Valentine, something that shocks members of the Holy Knights [1]

Voice Actors

JapaneseTo Be Announced

EnglishTo Be Announced


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