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Clayman is a member of Ten Great Demon Lord, who plays the role of the Demon Lord seed. Clayman is popular due to his manipulative nature where he manipulates other people by controlling them.

Anime fans love villains more than the MC and here we are talking about Clayman, who is not a fan favorite, but he plays a really important role in the series and he is also in the spotlight. 


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The first time Clayman appeared in the anime was in episode 13 with a noble-like personality and with a sharp jawline comes a tall man with lavender hair color red eyes and with an outfit of tuxedo.

He didn’t seem much powerful in his first look but when he puts on his clown mask, he became a completely different person and then he seems more evil and dangerous when he wears a clown mask everyone calls him “THE CRAZED CLOWN


Character Info


Race: Demon

Gender: Male

Hair color: Lavender

Eye color: Red

Affiliation: Ten Demon Lords, Harlequin      Alliance

Rank: Disaster

Age: 300+ years

Family: Kagali (Master & Creator)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Light Novel: Light Novel Volume 2.

Anime: Episode 13

Manga: Chapter 24

Web Novel: Chapter 45

Voice Actors

English: John Burgmeier

Japanese: Takehito Koyasu



Being one of the ten 10 demon lords, Clayman is a mysterious person as he doesn’t prefer coming in front and doing all the work. Instead, he uses his pawn to make those things happen which he plans. (LIGHT NOVEL volume 5, Chapter 6)

Clayman is the type of person who doesn’t value his subordinates and those who are lower than him and he never hesitates to throw out those who are no more useful to him. Clayman is also someone who makes people follow his order by his power and against others’ will.

But besides this Clayman is pretty loyal to those who he considers as his friends and comrades and as he is a member of the Moderate Harlequin Alliance, he is also loyal to his superiors.

Strengths and Skills

Clayman is not powerful like the rest of the 10 Demon Lords, but the biggest strength for Clayman is his mind and the strategies which he creates.

He might not be strong like the rest of the demon lords, but he is the smartest among everyone, that’s what also makes him a good commander.

Besides being the best strategist and plot maker Clayaman has some pretty interesting power or you can call it his special skills which makes him even more dangerous.

Giant Magic Missile

One of the deadliest moves by Clayman. Clayman can create a massive ball of energy which can be powerful and it can destroy any person who will try to come in his way.

Intrinsic Skill of Walking Dead

This skill can be annoying for the enemy. If Clayman’s physical body destroys his memory and his soul never destroys so, basically, he never dies he can gain his memories and consciousness in another body too.

Dragon Pulse Death Canon

Another deadly move by Clayman this move can destroy any magic barrier and person which comes in its way physically. 

Clayman absorbs the aura and then mixes it with his magic which converts earth into a beam to attack the enemy. Beams look like flying dragons, which were raised from the ground.


It is a useful skill. This skill helps Clayman in communicating with his team in a wide area. This is a very useful skill on the battlefield. (LIGHT NOVEL Volume 6, Interlude)

Marionette Dance

This skill can be pretty effective. Souls that are captured by Clayman are bound in the form of dolls which will fight for him and they’ll regenerate when they take the damage. But if the attack is on the soul, then they’ll not regenerate and the soul will die.


  • Clayman loves drinking wine.
  • To keep his mind, running all the time, he loves to play chess
  • He is a gentleman who doesn’t like to argue or fight over things.
  • He has a nickname called “THE CRAZED CLOWN” which he got from the use of his clown mask which he uses and which also makes him look more evil and dangerous.


Clayman History

No one knows what’s the true age of Clayman but it’s been 300+ years since he became one of the ten demon lords. (LIGHT NOVEL Volume  3, Prologue)

Kagali, the person who created Clayman, can be called a godfather. And he is also the one who made Clayman join the Moderate Harlequin Alliance. But in a fight with Leon, Kagali got defeated and then he completely disappeared for a very long time, but one day, Clayman met a mysterious patron who offered Clayman that he will bring Kagali back only if he helps him in taking over the world with the Moderate Harlequin Alliance.

With the help of Kagali, Clayman became one of the ten demon lords, and the first thing he did after becoming a demon lord, he started making servants and not just some ordinary ones. he started making Majin and monsters as his servant.

Clayman started stealing their hearts and started putting curses on them that made Majin and monsters loyal towards him.


Demon Lords

We’ve seen that Clayman was affiliated with 10 great demon lords and the Moderate Harlequin Alliance.

Clayman was one of the 10 great demon lords; he was also loyal towards his superiors but later when Rimuru became one of 10 demon lords, Clayman tried to kill him. 

Clayman was a member of the Moderate Harlequin Alliance which was formed by Kagali who is master/creator of Clayman, and he is also a former Demon lord.




He is the one who created Clayman and helped him in becoming one of the 10 demon lords.

Five Fingers

Five Fingers

Five fingers are Clayman’s pawns, they follow his all orders and five fingers are his most powerful pawns and they will do things for Clayman they are loyal towards Clayman.

? Question mark ? unknown


The member of five fingers Piorra is the pinky finger and Piorra does a very important job of being a spy and an intelligence collector who works for Clayman but unfortunately, Piorra died during the battle with Razen  (LIGHT NOVEL Volume 5) by the Nuclear Cannon blast.


Even after being a member of five fingers, Mjurran didn’t have any special job or work, he was just a pawn who obeyed all the orders given by Clayman.



A loyal member of Clayman, he was also the top lieutenant in the Clayman vanguard. (LIGHT NOVEL Volume 6, Chapter 2)



Head of the defense force and a powerful monster, he was powered by Clayman curse magic. He follows all the orders given by Clayman and destroys every intruder who tries to enter the castle without permission. He was a wight king.

Nine-Head Beast

Clayman cursed the pet and the thumb from the five fingers. By Clayman’s curse, he was forced to obey him like a loyal pet.


Our MC who becomes one of the demon lords became an annoying rival for Clayman. Clayman does not like the fact that a Slime became a Demon Lord. (LIGHT NOVEL Volume 6, Interlude) 

Rimuru has become a big problem for Clayman now because he is breaking Clayman’s plans apart.



He is just a pawn for Clayman. (LIGHT NOVEL Volume 2, Chapter 7)

Leon Cromwell

One of the 10 demon lords and rural of El Dorado. Clayman has sent assassins to kill Cromwell several times, not just assassins but Clayamn himself with one other demon lord, Guy Crimson, in an attempt to kill Cromwell.


Forest disturbance

Forest Disturbance Arc

Clayman planned an orc disaster to gain a new Demon lord which he can use as a puppet against other Demon lords. 

Gelmud, the person we saw in the orc disaster, was introduced to the Moderate Harlequin Alliance and Clayman was helping him too. (LIGHT NOVEL Volume 2, Chapter 7)

Demon attack

Demon Lord Attack

After failing in the forest disturbance arc Clayman informed Milim Nava, Carrion, and two other demon lords. Milim asked Frey to join them and Frey accepted Milim’s invitation. (LIGHT NOVEL Volume 3, PROLOGUE)

Clayman, Milim Nava, Carrion, and Frey sent their forces to gain information about the power of The Great Jura Forest because they wanted to end the pact between them and Great Jura Forest. So, when the pact ends, they can attack the forest.

Clayman also sent Mjurran to spy on the Orc Disaster incident.


Frey was worried about the return of Charybdis who was also known as Ruler of the Skies. When Clayman heard this from Tear, Clayman started planning to put an end to Charybdis.

Clayman manipulated Phobio the beastman to be the new host of Charybdis and then they could attack Milim.

Clayman was successful in his plan Charybdis attacked Milim but Milim defeated Charybdis and Clayaman gained favor from Frey. (LIGHT NOVEL Volume 3, Epilogue)

Demon Lord Awakening

Demon Lord Awakening

Clayman wanted to be the “TRUE DEMON LORD.” To awaken his true demon lord form, he needed souls. To gain souls, Clayman plotted a war against humans and monsters which will also help him in gaining Tempest, which was the monster federation.

Mjurran, one of the five fingers, was ordered by Clayman to cast a spell that will create an anti-barrier. The barrier will block the contact of Rimuru City from outside. (LIGHT NOVEL Volume 5, Chapter 2)

But things didn’t work in the way Clayman wanted them to be Rimuru, our main MC destroyed the army of the Kingdom of Falmuth and gained the title of the true demon lord.

Demon Awakening

Besides this, Clayman wanted beastmen to be stopped from future activities so he ordered Milim to destroy his country and Carrion.

Clayman wanted to control Milim to control her Clayamn used an orb of domination which was given to him by Kagali.

Later Frey decided not to follow Clayman’s orders anymore but Clayman threatened her if she didn’t do so Clayaman asked him or she’ll end up being Milim’s target. (LIGHT NOVEL volume 5)

The octagram soars brightl

The Octagram Soars Brightly

Vice president of Moderate Harlequin Alliance, Laplace came to warn Clayaman about the actions which he has taken. Later Clayman attacked Eurazania and ignored his friend’s warning. But Milim warned about her attack on Eurazanians and as a result, not a single being in the city was killed in the attack because most of them took Jura Tempest Federation as a defense shelter.

Clayman concluded Rimuru is not strong as he shows he is just a self-proclaimed demon lord who used Veldora’s resurrection to become a demon lord. This was a trap set by participants of the Man-And-Monster Conference.


Clayman wanted to put Rimuru down so he called a meeting of demon lords which was known as Walpurgis Banquet but there was a twist. Rimuru was present in the meeting because demon lord Ramiris asked him to join and other demon lords agreed to Ramiris’s decision. (LIGHT NOVEL Volume 6, Interlude)

Before Clayman was going to Walpurgis Banquet, he sent an entire army of Dragon Faithful with Milim to attack the Jura Tempest Federation.

But Milim and Frey betrayed Clayman; they revealed his plan, and the truth came forward that the Orb of Domination didn’t work on Milim.

Clayman thought he was strong enough to defeat Rimuru after pseudo-awakening, but that was just in Raphael’s calculations, and because of this Clayman was defeated and killed by our MC Rimuru.


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