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Carrion is a supporting character in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime where he rules over the Beast Kingdom named Eurazania as its King. He is a lion-type Beastman who also has pride like a lion.

Moreover, he used to be a Demon Lord but left his post after judging that his abilities were no more up to the mark. Now he just acts as an aide to Milim Nava along with Frey. He is an interesting character who underwent some serious character development in the story. Let us look into more details about Carrion in this series.


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Character Information

Title: Beast King


Gender: Male

Species: Lion-type Beastman

Kind: Inhabitant

Age: 500+

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Amber

Titles: Beast King
               Beast Master

               Demon Lord (Former)

Nicknames: Lion Mask

Professional Status

Occupation: Demon Lord Milim’s Aide

Affiliations: Ten Great Demon Lords (Former)

                           Milim Nava’s Domain

Disaster Rank: Disaster

Country Of Residence: Eurazania

Voice Actors

Japanese: Yasuaki Takumi
English: Marcus Stimac


Carrion has a beastly appearance which is quite natural considering he is a Beastman. He has blonde hair which is short and spiky giving him a wild appearance. His tall height, black sharp nails and tattoo of a beast paw only further enhances his character.

His clothes are usually loose with a pauldron over his right shoulder. He carries a halberd as his main weapon in battles. In his Royal Beast Form, he begins emitting a golden light all around him.


He has all the characteristics needed to make a rightful king. He always carries a weight about him that is deserving of a king. His aura shines brightly and highlights the pride he holds. He is also extremely intelligent and knows when to walk away from a fight.

He is not a fool to keep on fighting even when he knows that he has got no chances of winning. His benevolence as a king was also highlighted when he made his country a priority in his fight against Milim. He is a rightful and just king in every sense.

Strength and Skills

Unique Skills

Royal_Beast_Form Carrion

Royal Beast

This is practically a Beast Transformation skill but only a further enhanced version of it. This skill is quite common among the members of the Beastman Race. Using this ability, Carrion can transform himself into a chimera like a beast. The best thing about this technique is that it also encompasses all of the main Beastman types.

Demon Lord's Haki Carrion

Demon Lord's Haki

This skill is based on the user’s aura and as we have discussed in the personality section, Carrion possesses a lot of it. He can use his own aura and force his opponents into submission who are weaker than him. This makes it possible for him to conserve his energy and not deal with minor issues.

Carrion Regeneration

Ultraspeed Regeneration

This skill allows Carrion to focus on an offensive type of battles as he can go all out and heal his injuries later. This skill can even allow a user to grow out a lost limb.

Carrion Multilayer Barrier

Multilayer Barrier

Carrion can use this ability to form a lot of defensive barriers and protect people from attacks. The resistance of the barriers will depend on the user’s resistance and each attack defended will consume a lot of magicules from the user.


Warp Portal

Elemental Magic: Warp Portal


Roaring Lion Punch

Roaring Lion Punch

It is an ultimate move used by Carrion in tricky situations. It is used by concentrating one’s intense Youki around the fist and bringing it down on the opponent with full force. This is especially useful in breaking down any defensive move as we saw how he broke apart the guard of Geld easily and knocked him away.

Beast Roar

Beast Roar

This is a technique that is pretty useful in defeating large groups of enemies at once. It condenses the attack of Carrion’s Royal Beast and White Tiger-Blue Dragon Halberd into one single energy attack that can be fired off at the target.

He used it in his fight against Milim (Volume 5) that left a lasting impact on her. This also made her compliment him on being the first person to do it to her in a long time.

Carrion Beast Roar

Burst Roar

After training with Milim, Carrion further developed his attack where the spread of the attack increased and evolved Beast Roar to Burst Roar. He uses his whole body to fire off this technique and uses it for the first time against Kumara (Volume 18).

Carrion Martial Arts

Martial Art Expert

This is a brilliant thing about Carrion. He does not focus on any single attack or ability and can be very versatile in his approach. We already know that he fights using a Halberd but it is not like he can’t fight with his bare hands. He is also extremely skilled at that and can use his legs simultaneously with it, making him a nightmare for enemies.


Carrion Equipment 2

White Tiger-Blue Dragon Halberd (Legendary Grade Halberd)

Carrion Equipment 1

Eagle Crown
(Legendary Grade)

Carrion Equipment 3

Black Tortoise Belt
(Legendary Grade)


1) He comes across as an evil ruler of a kingdom but is actually the polar opposite of that.

2) He has lived for over 500 years and took part in the Great Tenma War.

3) He revoked the title of Demon Lord after realising his abilities did not keep up with time.


Demon Lords

Carrion has lived for over 500 years. So naturally being a brave warrior, he also took part in the Great Tenma War that took place 500 years ago. His skills and abilities made him stand out among all the other Beastmen that were fighting in the war. As a result of his exploits in the war, he was recognised as a Demon Lord among the Ten Great Demon Lords with him being recommended both by Kazaream and Milim Nava.



Ten Demon Lords (Former)

Demon Lord is a social position held by some characters in the series. It is a scaling system to determine the ranking among monsters. There were ten Demon Lords in the series and Carrion was one of them. 

Thus, it implies the high social status of Carrion among monsters and also his power. The interesting thing about Demon Lords in this series is that they don’t necessarily have to be frightening in appearance or character.

Milim Nava Magic

Milim Nava

Carrion is associated with Milim Nava as her aid. After fighting with her, he understood that he was no longer worthy of the title of a Demon Lord and gave it up to be her aid. This has also helped Carrion personally as his powers and abilities massively improved after training with Milim.



Rimuru Tempest

Carrion and Rimuru have a decent relationship with each other without any complexities. They get along quite nicely and the fact that they are both leaders of a nation also helps in that.



Frey was also a Demon Lord like Carrion previously. Similarly to Carrion, she also thought she was no more worthy of the position of a Demon Lord anymore. She decided to give up her title to join Milim as her aide just like Carrion.



It is a bit crazy that a guy like Carrion used to get along with Clayman. But once he came to know that Clayman was behind the attack of Milim on his kingdom, his stance on Clayman changed and he started considering him as an enemy.



Carrion is a proud warrior which is why he equally respects other warriors too. Benimaru’s bold nature seemed quite interesting to him and he agreed to have a sparring match with him.


Carrion became extremely disappointed after Clayman’s Puppet Demon Lord raising project was disrupted. So when Milim gave the idea of not following the non-interference agreement for the Great Jura Forest, he agreed at once and sent Phobio there as his representative.

But the plan failed as Phobio angered Milim and found himself caught in a conflict with the Tempest residents. Carrion later went by himself to the forest and saw that Rimuru rescued Phobio by performing an emergency operation on him.

After Carrion came out of hiding, he apologized for his subordinate’s actions and said that he would always be indebted to them. Rimuru asked for a non-violence treaty and to maintain diplomatic relations with them.

Carrion was surprised at Rimuru’s proposal but ultimately agreed that his Beast Kingdom would never lay any hands on the Jura Tempest Foundation from that day on.

Voice Actors

JapaneseYasuaki Takumi

EnglishMarcus Stimac


This is  the full wiki for the Strongest Primordial, First True Demon Lord, and one of the strongest characters in the TenSura Universe, Guy Crimson. If you have any thoughts or have anything to add comment down below!


1) That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Volume 5

2) That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Volume 18

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