Reincarnated as a Slime Personality Quiz (Who’re you?)

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Reincarnated as a Slime Quiz ☝️


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Table of Contents

To attempt the Reincarnated as a Slime Quiz and now know about which characters we’re actually offering, that’s weird, isn’t it? So, in this section, we’re going to talk about the characters that are included in the quiz. 

Reincarnated as slime is such a diverse Anime, and being one of the most bizarre with its sick animation, there’s nothing you’re missing out on. YES! NOTHING!  

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the personality of each character. 

Characters Included in the Quiz

6. Shion

That beautiful monster that is well-known in the world of Reincarnated as a Slime, Shion is Rimuru’s personal bodyguard. Yes, lots of spicy moments in between, however, Shion is a disaster class monster and she’s a total cutie. 

Even though Shion looks very dependable, she’s totally DENSE! Shion perfectly fits as Rimuru’s guard cause she loves Rimuru and trusts him no matter what. 

But there’s another site to Shion. Shion is the type of person who’d burn down a house just for the sake of cleaning it. Sounds crazy, right? She’s one of those crazy girls who have two sides to them but the world loves em’

Shion Reincarnated as a slim zodiac signs

5. Guy Crimson

Being a part of Ice Continent, this guy is 🔥. I literally know why a lot of girls would want a guy like this. Guy Crimson is a rather relaxed person who’s rather prideful and would go to infinite lengths to achieve what he’s got his eyes on. 

We can openly say that Guy Crimson believes in Cynicism. He knows that everything is give and take, even though he’d often just take from others, LOL.

guy crimson

4. Shizue Izawa

Shizu is the cutest. In the Anime, she used to be the companion of the previous Hero, and she was a great student. Coming on the list with black hair and blue eyes, she’s probably the cutest and youthful looking girl in the series. (Even though she’s 74)

Shizue is what we call the “Epitome of Pureness.” Shizue cares about people in general. She’d go to whatever lengths necessary to help other people, even if they’re bad. Shizue is rather popular with her students as they remember her in good notes! 

If you ever encounter a person like Shizue, he/she is a husbando/waifu material.


3. Veldora Tempest

Back to the business, this Storm Dragon has the power to destroy the UNIVERSE! Rimuru absorbed Veldora and the rest is history. However, a lot of people often forget what Veldora was actually like. Or what he’s like. So, let’s talk about the dragon.

Veldora is in it for action. He loves to go berserk and would do anything to make sure he doesn’t sit still. (Except reading manga.)

Veldora is also scared of his own relatives but all in all, he’s a great friend to Rimuru when push comes to shove.


2. Milim Nava

The second seat Demon Loli, OPS! I meant Demon Lord of the Octagram, Milim is one of the STRONGEST characters in the Reincarnated as a Slime series. Even though Loli culture is pretty much debatable, just by increasing a character’s age, the writers would justify it as ‘socially acceptable’

Even though Milim looks like a kid and acts like one 100% of the time,  But when she’s serious, her personality really changes. She can fix complex issues without frowning or acting as a pure child. Milim is a fun person most of the time but she has a killer focus. 

Milim Nava

1. Rimuru Tempest

Whether you wanna call this guy a slime, the vessel to Veldora, or the overpowered MC, Rimuru is the protagonist of the series. He’s got a kind heart and would do anything to establish peace in the reincarnated world.

On the other hand, Rimuru really likes to avoid fights and wars and would do his best to establish peace without violence. But when his inner demon awakens, Rimuru becomes a badass. He’s a jack of all trade, a true leader, and a slime with a human heart! 

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