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" I Have Only One Wish, For All To Be Equal, I Desire To Create A Nation Where All Citizens Are Equal."~Emilia

Re Zero characters birthdays

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I’m sure you’re hoping to have the same birthday as your favorite character from Re: Zero! And If you wanna find out whether you have the same birthday as Emilia or Subaru, keep scrolling down!


Reinhard Van Astrea

Reinhard Van Astrea

Birthday: January 1st

The master swordsman who is loved by the whole world since his birth.

A kind man who always comes forward to help anyone who is in troublehe is so selfless that he doesn’t really care about himself, but does care about those who are in any trouble.

Because of his selflessnesskindness, and such great power he has been given a special name by the people “knight among knights.”



Birthday: January 12th
Ricardo is the captain of Fang of Iron, and one of the greatest tacticians that people will ever know. Ricardo is really powerful mentally and physically both, as he belongs to the wolf-human race.Even after being a captain of such a powerful team, he is so down to earth. And he really cares for his teammates. He always tries to cheer them up before and during the battle.
Felix Argyle

Felix Argyle

Birthday: January 14th

If loyalty has a name it must be Felix Argyle. He is really loyal to those who he considers friends and family, and he is always there for them. He is really loyal to Crusch and he is willing to do anything for her but he opposes her sometimes when she is wrong.

Felix looks really similar to a girl so sometimes people get confused in telling his gender



Birthday: January 24th

One of the witches from Witches of Sin, and popularly known as Witch of greed. Echidna craves knowledge; she loves learning about new things, and even after being called a monster by Subaru she still remained his advisor.

She is the clumsiest witch who does things that shows how clumsy and dumb she is, but it still doesn’t change the fact that she is really smart and knowledgeable.



Birthday: February 2nd

Rem is a polite maid and a reliable sister. She is so kind and polite that she cares deeply for her master and for her sister. 

Rem is one of them who put their complete faith and trust in Subaru and she has sworn to herself that she’ll be with him till the end. At some point, Rem is really strong and dangerous because she is from the race of Oni.


Birthday: February 2nd

Ram is the most loyal person for Roswaal L Mathers, and for Ram, however, her twin sister Rem is the most important person and she is the only person Rem cares about. 

Ram doesn’t really like to interact with people that’s why she keeps her distance from others.

Petra Leyte

Petra Lyte

Birthday: February 14th

Petra Leyte is a young girl with the brightest smile and purest soul. Petra can change anyone’s mood just by talking to them, and she tries her best to help others.

Petra is the kind of person who doesn’t judge anyone on the basis of race or caste, she sees other’s personalities and nature. She is one of those people who accepted Emilia as a person and as a friend.


Birthday: February 20th

Rom is a good-hearted giant who is not really harmful to humans. When Rom was young he held a grudge against humans but now he is not like that.

Rom has a good sense of humor and his experience helps him in telling who are the ones you can trust or who are the enemies. Besides being such a good giant he has a really bad habit of drinking alcohol.


Anastasia Hoshin

Anastasia Hoshin

Birthday: March 10th

Anastasia is a clever and greedy person. She herself accepts that she is greedy, and that is because she was an orphan and never really had any kind of facility. She is greedy, but still, she is a good human who is kind and has sympathy for others. One day her faith changed when she became a candidate for being the 42nd king of the Kingdom of Lugnica.

Otto Suwen

Otto Suwen

Birthday: March 24th

An unlucky person who almost drowned while taking a bath.

Otto didn’t have a good childhood. He was born under an unlucky star and people thought he was mad or crazy because he claimed that he talked to objects that others can’t see.

But he is loyal towards his friends, and even once he risked his life for Subaru, and he is loved by many people in his present time


Natsuki Subaru

Natsuki Subaru

Birthday: April 1st

Here comes our main character Natsuki Subaru.

Subaru is a good person. Somehow, he ended up being in another world and he lived in Japan, but one day, he found himself in a completely different world. Subaru had a really hard time and has suffered a lot in this new world.

Subaru is cursed or you can say it’s his destiny to save everyone every time he dies he starts again until he saves everyone he cares about.

Crusch Karsten

Crusch Karsten

Birthday: April 4th

A girl with a completely straightforward personality.

Crusch is the current head of Karsten House and one of the Candidates for becoming 42nd king of the Kingdom of Lugnica. She is really a beautiful woman but she doesn’t really dress like a woman. Crush is a good commander who can command a really big army, and she always tries to do her best on the battlefield in order to gain victory.



Birthday: April 15th

Patrasche is an earth dragon and right now she is with Subaru. Even after being such a feisty creature, she is really loyal to Subaru and is ready to save Subarus’s life over her own life.

Elsa Granhiert

Elsa Granhiert

Birthday: April 24th

A selfproclaimed Vampire who doesn’t drink blood or gets ill under the sun. Elsa is an assassin and she is really powerful. She doesn’t care if she gets hurt during a fight, all she cares about is getting her job done. Even though she really enjoys fighting strong opponents.


Mimi pearlbaton

Mimi Pearlbaton

Birthday: May 5th

Besides being such a cute Beast Human, Mimi has a very kind heart.

She loves her two brothers and even considers Ricardo as her father. She doesn’t only respects Ricardo but she also loves and cares about other members of Fang of Iron.

Hetaro Pearlbaton

Hetaro Pearlbaton

Birthday: May 5th

A boy who deeply cares for his sister and brother. Hetaro is the kind of person who is alert all the time in order to protect her sister. Hetaro is also a member of Fang of Iron and sometimes on the battlefield, he acts like he is the commander and leader.

Hetaro Pearlbaton

Tivey Pearlbaton

Birthday: May 5th

A bookworm who loves to gain knowledge, and prefers being indoors to going outside. Tivey handles clerical duties in Fang of Iron.

He never stops his brother and sister and lets them do what they want to unless their action will not cause any harm to others.

wilhelm van astrea

Wilhelm Van Astrea

Birthday: May 7th

A gentle and humble person, and one of the greatest swordsmen. In such a gentle personality he hides a warrior who doesn’t fear anyone, and he is always there to save those who are in trouble. Theresia, her late wife, is the one who makes him what he is today, and he really misses his wife.


Theresia Van Astrea

Theresia Van Astrea

Birthday: June 12th

Wife of Wilhelm van Astrea, and the one who made Whilhelm what he is today. Theresia was such a kind soul who never cared about herself or about her feelings she cared about others. She was one of the most incredible sword users and she was also called “Sword Saint“



Birthday: June 19th

A timid witch who lacks confidence and questions her own words.

Carmilla is one of the witches from “Witches of Sin ” and she is known as “Witch of lust”. Even after being a witch, she is way too polite which is hard to believe. She doesn’t want any kind of disagreements or fights, and she wants to live in complete peace.


Julius Euclius

Julius Euclius

Birthday: July 7th

A noble member from Lugnica’s nobility. Julius is a noble so he keeps that air of nobility around him. He does care about his people, and he always tries to push himself because he thinks that he and his subordinates can do a lot better than what they are doing right now, and this is one of the reasons why he is strict.




Birthday: August 8th

Felt is a young girl who gets changed because of her current situation.

Felt lives in a slum and had a really hard time there. Apparently, she turned into a thief. She is childish but she becomes clever and fearsome when she is in any danger. Felt doesn’t really have a family; she only has an old man Rom whom she considers as her real grandfather.



Priscilla Barielle

Birthday: September 7th

A prideful woman who thinks everyone and everything is working for her.

Priscilla is a kind of a person who only cares about herself, and she doesn’t bother remembering the names of people who don’t interest her.

Priscilla can be very dangerous when she becomes angry and she likes when people compliment her beauty.


Roswaal Mathers

Birthday: September 16th

A mysterious person with a political mind. Roswaal is the kind of person who talks to the point, and he talks in a very strange way. It is shown that his body is possessed by Roswaal A Mathers and he is his ancestor. Roswaal cares about Rem and Ram and always tries to keep them under his command.



Birthday: September 23rd

A good girl who cares about others more than herself and never hesitates in helping others.

Emilia is a halfelf that’s why people didn’t really accept herself and didn’t behave well, but she never hated anyone.

Emilia relies on her friends like Subaru and Puck, but at some point, she didn’t rely on anyone and passed the obstacles given by Echidna.


Garfiel Tinsel

Garfiel Tinsel

Birthday: October 12th

A boy who loves his mother and uses her last name. Garfiel had a rough past but with the help of Subaru and Ram, he overcame it.

According to Garfiel, the outside world is cruel and he didn’t want to let go people of Sanctuary outside in order to protect them.


Kadomon Risch

Kadomon Risch

Birthday: November 6th

A guy who looks rough and tough but in reality is really a good and person. Kadomon is a family guy who works for his family and loves his wife and daughter.


Frederica Bauman

Frederica Bauman

Birthday: December 6th

Frederica Bauman is Garfield’s sister and a kind person.

Frederica uses her father’s last name, and she really cares about her brother, she also writes letters for him.

Frederick is a good person but she can become strict sometimes.


These were some of the Re: Zero Birthdays! So, did you get Subaru or the ultimate waifu Emilia? I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog. Stay tuned for more! 


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