9+ INSPIRATIONAL Re-Main Quotes (Wallpapers)

Re-Main is one of the new sports anime. It features the story of Minato Kiyomizu who is going on a journey to remember his past and become Japan’s best Water Polo player. He went into a coma after getting in a horrific accident and eventually lost 3 years of his memory. 

After getting into a bet which will cost him 220,000 yen if he doesn’t become the number one Water Polo player in all of Japan, he decides to join the Water Polo club in Yamanami High School. There, he trains and makes friends as he goes on a journey to become Japan’s best once again!


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Table of Contents

Minato Kiyomizu Quotes


After getting into a horrible accident and losing three years of his memories, Minato Kiyomizu wakes up from his coma. He slept for a total of 203 days in the hospital. 

When he woke up, his family tried their best to make him remember his memories. This goes to show how humble Minato is, where he didn’t even think of the negative things but focused on just being thankful he’s safe and awake

“I don’t need to remember. I’m just glad to be alive. My memories don’t matter as much”


Jo Jojima started distributing flyers that Minato was the #1 Water Polo athlete in all of Japan in Middle School in order to get more recruits for the club. Minato had enough of it and yelled this line in front of the newcomers.

Even without memories and an injured body, expectations will always become the biggest burden. All of the recruits left and after he admitted his lack of skill, which goes to show that some people only come to you to get a bite out of fame.

“Everyone’s high expectations are tough on me…So, can you not get your hopes up?”


After Eitara Oka admitted his ulterior motives and all the lies he told Minato, Minato talked to his former advisor on how he became Japan’s number one. He wasn’t a superhuman nor was he a prodigy, he just gave it his all in Water Polo.

This is just like real life where we see amazing people but we only get to see the results and not the hard work they put into their talent. Most of the geniuses you see, get their overwhelming skills from the sheer effort.

“I wasn’t a prodigy, I just worked really hard!”


One of the biggest achievements in life is not a single trophy or one big reward, it’s about improving yourself constantly.

Minato Kiyomizu discovered that he wasn’t a prodigy but became the best in Water Polo because he constantly wanted to improve and put the effort into it. If you don’t have the gift from the start you can always work your way up. Step by step.

“The me of the past is my rival! I’ll do all I can to beat who I once was!”

Riku Momosaki Quotes


Riku Momosaki is left in shock and his feelings get the best of him when he finds out that Minato couldn’t remember him and the others.

They were called “Shogaku’s Elite Four” and won Nationals, but even after all of that, Minato still couldn’t recall who they were. All those precious memories are now gone and forgotten by Minato.

“You really don’t know who we are? After all we’ve been through!?”

Jo Jojima Quotes


After Minato Kiyomizu rehabilitated, studied, and read manga for 8 months, he finally goes to school at Yamanami High School. Jo Jojima entered their room and started recruiting for Water Polo.

When other students commented that Water Polo was a minor sport, he lost his joking demeanor and said this line. It goes to show that no matter how big or small something is, if you’re full of passion while doing it, you’ll always be motivated, no matter the struggle.

“Don’t choose a club ‘cuz they’re big or not. Join ‘cuz you want to”


Takekazu Ejiri was about to leave after losing to Jojima in a challenge but Jojima begged him to stay. This line perfectly captures just how much Jojima has been waiting for this moment. How he could revive the Water Polo club and play in an actual match. It screams the passion Jojima has for Water Polo.

“I Don’t Care About Your Motives! Please, I Don’t Wanna Have To Train Alone Again!”

Yutaka Babayaro Inomata Quotes


After almost everyone left when Minato confessed that he doesn’t even know how to play Water Polo, Yutaka stayed and said these exact words to Minato. It means that learning a skill takes time and only when you’ve mastered being patient can you truly perfect the art.

“The dough’s fermenting. You gotta wait for it to rise”


While the Water Polo Club kept pestering Shugo Amihama to join, Yutaka admitted that he isn’t good at any sport and joined because he was inspired by Minato’s words.

Shugo is one of the fastest swimmers but has no reason to keep swimming. Yutaka tried to convince Shugo with his pure emotions and managed to make Shugo challenge him, and if he beats Shugo, Shugo will join the Water Polo Club.

“You say you have no reason to swim but isn’t having the gift reason enough?”

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