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Kengan Ashura Ensemble photo

Top 10 Strongest Kengan Ashura Characters

Kengan Ashura is a surprise hit that Netflix dropped on us earlier this year, showing us great fights between amazingly strong combatants and with its…
Anime Martial Artists

Top 10 Real Martial Arts Anime

Martial Arts are awesome. Now I’m probably biased as a Martial Artist, but let’s be honest, everyone loves a good martial arts showdown, it’s why…

10 BEST JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplays

Introduction Certainly there are a lot of amazing cosplays out there. We tried to find the best cosplays using the “QAPE Method”. And here’s how…
top 10 strongest fairy tail characters

TOP 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters

10. Gray Gray’s magic abilities are about ice. With “Ice-Make” he is able to create and shape ice into nearly every object. These objects he…

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