32+ AMUSING Promised Neverland Memes That Will Make You Happy!


The cute and smart Orphans at Grace Field House have only known peace. Their bellies stay full, they all stay happy, and play a lot! That is until they find out that they’ll be fed to the evil monsters outside those four walls of the orphanage! Out of all kids, Emma, Ray, and Norman are the smartest kids that go on an adventure of finding out that what exactly awaits them behind the mysterious wall. Despite being kids, they have to go through such horrific adventures just to find out the truth that has been hidden from them, all this time! 

People with a good sense of humor are going to love these Promised Neverland Memes! Since what you’re about to discover is dark humor. So, let’s get started! 

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Table of Contents

34. Promised Neverland X Netflix Adaptation

meme 34

Starting off with one of the funniest Promised Neverland Memes. As you can see how the kids are escaping the wall, there’s an uncanny resemblance between those kids and the kids at Grace Field House. Isn’t that right? 

33. When you get hit by nostalgia (embarrassing nostalgia)

That awkward moment when you’re trying to sleep peacefully at night but all of a sudden and out of nowhere a portion of your brain makes you remember one of the most embarrassing things that you’ve done in your childhood and your life! Literally, the random memories hit very badly!

32. Ray X Netflix Adaptation

Too bad, I know you were thinking of some handsome boy appearing in Ray’s Netflix adaptation because same! But let me tell you guys that these matchsticks portray Ray’s temper! He’s so ill-tempered and a furious person! 

31. It's a sneaky relationship

meme 31

Do you guys ever get hungry in the middle of the night and just walk up to your fridge to munch on snacks? Of course, we all have experienced this! It’s a sneaky relationship between me and my fridge. We walk towards one another when we need something. 

30. Emma is a ginger cat

meme 30

No matter what! Emma is the cutest kid in the whole Promised Neverland series and you can’t change my mind. Anyway, look at her being so Kawai and looking just like a ginger cat. My first impression of Emma was that she looked like a ginger cat! Was it the same for you guys? 

29. I'm about to end this mama's whole career

meme 29

HAHA! This meme is literally one of the funniest Promised Neverland Memes you’ll find on the internet. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense if you’ve watched Promised Neverland you know it! Emma always tried to end the careers of the caretakers or mamas at Grace Field Orphanage by trying new things and going on adventures! 

28. Orphans = Food fed to the monsters

meme 28

Okay, this is dark now. But, look at how they turned Conny into the meat. DAMN! it lowkey makes sense. *sad noises*

27. Before and After of The Promised Neverland Characters

meme 27

They grow up so fast! Look at how Ray turned into L though! It’s also one of the funniest Promised Neverland Memes to exist! 

26. How characters of The Promised Neverland look in my head

meme 26

I’m not even kidding, either people cursed their images or there’s something definitely wrong with the way these kids look! Because I just can’t unsee it and now you can’t either! 

25. Who would win?

meme 25

I’d choose Bakugo for obvious reasons! Although this meme is just for fun. But that’s interesting! These both guys have one hell of a temper and you can’t simply just mess with them.

24. Let's runaway from you Norman!

meme 24

Hey guys! Don’t be swayed by Norman. Can’t you guys see that he looks like a potato and has been one of the biggest traitors in the Promised Neverland series? If you didn’t know I’m sorry for spoiling it for you!  

23. Ray: *leaves it on read*

What type of student are you from the characters of the Promised Neverland? I’m Emma since I’m super forgetful even if I want to do homework I forget to do it! Not doing homework has never been my intention. Anyway, Ray is the type of person who’d leave the message on read and wouldn’t help anyone. Why? Because he’s a badass! 

22. The promised Neverland X Haikyuu

meme 22

Hell yes! They’re the same picture. OMG! This meme was made by some genius person. I love both of these anime and I can’t just simply tell the difference between them. Haters will say that these two are different pictures. 

21. Season 2 X Manga X Anime

meme 21

We all know how the first season of The Promised Neverland was fire! But the second season had some real issues. Not many people liked its second season. 

20. Emma is worth fighting for!

meme 20

The only talented, smart, and quick-witted girl in the whole series is Emma and she’s the first one to take the step for something. Her leading qualities are worth appreciating. She’s the only girl that’s worth fighting for. 

19. When Conny was getting adopted

meme 19

Imagine adopting a kid like Conny! Well damn! 

18. We want the happy Norman back!

meme 18

We really want the happy and normal Norman back! He looks so cute when he’s smiling and his charm is endless as well. But when things turn serious and fierce, he tends to be scary! 

17. Naive Norman Vs Cool Norman

meme 17

Which Norman do you guys prefer? Nerdy/Naive Norman or Cooler Norman? Honestly, now things have gotten interesting but I’d still choose the cute and naive Norman. 

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16. Baby Vs Daddy

meme 16

OMG! I want to change my mind instantly! I was joking earlier about choosing the naive Norman but look at the daddy Norman! He looks so perfect! 

15. NO! Don't go Emma!

meme 15

And that’s how the deepest darkest secret of the Grace Field Home unveils! Emma figured everything out and looks at dead Conny! 

14. No one: Promised Neverland Characters:

meme 14

Hey! Don’t ruin Violet’s pretty face like that! GREAT! now I won’t be able to look at Violet the same way! This is so unfair! 

13. Correct me if I'm wrong!

Meme 13

Honestly, I can’t even tell the difference! It’s just the same. Like how the guy from the Chicken run was after the chicken that was running to enjoy freedom. Just like that their story plots are kind of the same too! Damn! This is also one of the funniest Promised Neverland Memes! 

12. Manga Vs Anime Adaptation

meme 12

I prefer the manga adaptation more for the promised neverland. The characters look beautiful in the manga while in the anime they’re not that bad but they could have been better! 

11. Phil has smiled to cheer you up!

meme 11

Phil is literally the cutest child in The Promised Neverland. Look at that precious smile! Now cheer up! We don’t wanna make this bubbly kid cry. 

10. The Promised Neverland X The Simpsons

meme 10

I want to cry now! Look at how those kids are going round and round. It was the same for the naive orphans living in Grace Field House. They had no idea that they’d be fed to the monsters out there. The world is a dangerous place!

9. A human Espresso

meme 9

If Ray was a coffee, he would have been a human espresso as he’s so bitter and isn’t liked by many people out there. Do you guys agree? 

8. Just Ray things!

meme 8

Yeah sometimes Ray looks cute but he’d still burn your house! Beware you all! 

7. It's a sorrowful relation

meme 7

The relation between me and Tumblr is very sorrowful. Have you ever experienced the feeling of scrolling more through your favorite app before going to school? If yes, let us know in the comments below! 

6. Ray planning on setting the orphanage on fire

meme 6

Ray is so good at pretending to be all cool but is a total edge lord. Ray can do it though, he’s got the guts of setting the orphanage on fire without feeling bad at all. 

5. Everything changes

meme 5

Anime fans are so naive, they’re all about “enjoying the latest episode”. Meanwhile, the manga readers know the deepest, darkest, and dirtiest secrets in the anime. 


meme 4

Just kidding, he doesn’t necessarily die. It’s just that he becomes dark and changes a lot. 

3. Manga X Anime X Netflix Adaptation

meme 3

Have you guys seen the Netflix or live-action adaptation of the promised neverland series? I haven’t but it surely looks dope! 

2. Dark Humor Alert!

meme 2

This is one of the funniest Promised Neverland Memes that will make you scream, because why not? It looks super fun and is dark at the same time. Only the true fans will understand this meme!

1. Nobody is born cool except for these three kids!

meme 1

Nobody is born cool except for these three kids. 


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