9+ Princess Mononoke Quotes (IMAGES) that are beautiful!

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Ashitaka Quotes. 'What I want is for the humans and the forst to live in peace.' Quote The Anime

Best Mononoke Hime Quotes

Summary: Is a great movie about love, nature, peace, facing evil, hatred, fear, and preservation of the nature, in the world that we live in. In short, the main character: Ashitaka, becomes infected with a disease as he’s fighting an animal, in order to protect his village. This is about a journey where he actually has to leave his village, because he doesn’t want to affect and spread the disease to his family and other villagers.

Ashitaka Quotes

This was a beautiful moment in the movie. I think the writer is really trying to show us that as a metaphor. In life, we might not have that demon disease that Ashitaka did, butt we all are able to get infected with this type of disease emotionally of fear and hatred.

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Ashitaka Quotes. 'This is what hatred looks like. That's what it does when it catches a hold of you.' Quot

I think it is a fact that we are currently living in the most peaceful times for Humanity. I also believe there will also always be some sort of crime, and that it will only reduce and it’s concentration, but it will never disappear. And we must make use of the peace while it is available to do as much to impact the world that we can.

p.s. I really ship these two.

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Ashitaka Quotes. 'What I want is for the humans and the forst to live in peace.' Quote The Anime

I love how in the Movie, all the girls are all over Ashitaka.

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Ashitaka Quotes. 'Well, they say that happy women make a happy village.' Quote The Anime

Bou Jika Quotes

I just didn’t like this guy. But he was extremely smart, crafty and tactical. But it was clear that he only had a two-dimensional view of the world, saying that people only wanted everything, and that’s just the way the world. I disagree of course, as the world is way too complex, and vast, to just be stuck to this one ideology.

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Bou Jika Quotes. 'Look, everybody wants everything. That's the way the world is.' Quote The Anime

I think this quote is quite true in that arguing with people who do not have certain facts, and aren’t willing to listen to certain facts, or even change their point of view, are a waste of time, in terms of trying to change their opinion.

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Bou Jika Quotes. 'You can't win against fools.' Quote The Anime

Hii-sama Quotes

We cannot change the things were born with, but we can change what we can do with the things that we are given. So the control always lies within us, the ability to do things always resides within us. Hence we cannot give excuses for all the possibilities that are waiting to be unfolded by us.

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Hii-sama Quotes. 'You cannot alter your fate However you can rise to meet it.' Quote The Anime

Lady Eboshi Quotes

This was a crazy moment in the anime, Moro, actually went off biting people, even when her head was cut off.

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Lady Eboshi Quotes. 'Cut of a wolf's head and it still has the power to bite.' Quote The Anime

Moro Quotes

This was a beautiful moment, considering Moro actually disliked and was rude to Ashitaka initially. But ended up asking him to save San.

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Moro Quotes. 'Ashitaka.. Can you save the girls you love.' Quote The Anime (1)

Osa Quotes

It’s true, there is struggle in our lives. There is also suffering that comes with it. But I think achieving things is only actually fun, when they’re hard. Having no hardships makes things very boring.

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Osa Quotes. 'Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still you find reasons to keep living

San Quotes

This was a crazy moment. But it also showed the hate that San carried within her initially. Till until about after the whole war happened, and meeting the Spirit God several times, her opinion about this of course had changed.

Princess Mononoke Quotes. San Quotes. I'm not afraid to die. I'd do anything to get you humans out of my forestl.' Quote The Anime

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