COMPLETE Pokemon Watch Order (Easy to Follow) Guide!

pokemon watch order

One of the most unforgettable aspects of our youth was Pokémon, a world full of fresh creatures, characters, and adventures. In it were characters we could identify with, people we aspired to become, and Team Rocket, the greatest comedic evil trio ever.

The majority of us, however, quit watching Pokémon and went on to other interesting shows. In any case, we are occasionally forced to reminisce, and while doing that, a major roadblock seems to stand in our way.

One which is as long as 1000 episodes. Even when we stopped watching it, Pokémon never truly stopped. Despite this, Pokémon is still a lot of fun to watch and constantly has something fresh to offer.

What began in 1997 with the first episode called Indigo League now has 23 seasons, 20 films, and 1110 episodes. This has always posed a question to some fans who don’t know just what Season or Episodes to watch first and which one to move to. But your questions just got answered, as here is a list of the seasons in the series, as they precede each other upon release

Listed below is the sequential order of the seasons in the Pokémon series:


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Table of Contents

Quick Watch Order

  1. Season 1: Indigo League (1997–99)
  2. Season 2: Adventures on the Orange Islands (1999)
  3. Seasons 3-5: Johto League (2000-2002)
  4. Seasons 6-8: Advanced Generation (2002-05)
  5. Season 9: Battle Frontier (2005–06)
  6. Seasons 10-13: Diamond and Pearl (2006-10)
  7. Seasons 14-16: Black & White (2010-13)
  8. Seasons 17-19: X & Y (2013-16)
  9. Seasons 20-22: Sun & Moon (2016-2019)
  10. Season 23: Pokémon Journeys: The Series (2019–present)
pokemon watch order

Season 1: Indigo League (1997–99)

Episodes: 1-82

After oversleeping on the day, he is to receive his first Pokémon, Ash Ketchum awakens in fright and runs into Gary Oak, who will become Ash’s adversary in the world of Pokémon. Upon Ash’s arrival at Professor Oak’s Lab, he found that the Professor had already handed away three of the Pokémon he trusts to new Pokémon Trainers (Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle).

Pikachu is the only Pokémon he has left, which he presents to Ash as a gift. When Ash tries to become friends with Pikachu to help him on his trip, it refuses to trust him and even attacks him with its electric abilities. Just as Pikachu begins to understand how much Ash cares, Ash steps in to save him from a bunch of furious Spearows.

pokemon ash and professor oak

As he progresses through the ranks of the various Pokémon Leagues across the globe, Ash meets many Pokémon and human friends. As he travels through the Kanto region, he makes friends with Misty, a Water Pokémon trainer and former Gym Leader of the Cerulean City, and Brock, a Pewter City Gym Leader and a Pokémon Breeder, and also ruining the plans of Team Rocket’s Meowth, James, and Jessie in their attempt to steal Pikachu and all other scarce Pokémon they see.

team rocket

The Leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni, presented Raticate, Butch, and Cassidy, three new members who are of high rank in Team Rocket who seek to abduct Pokémon so they may learn their abilities. For Ash to participate in the Indigo Conference League, he must earn eight badges from Gym Leaders in the Kanto area of Japan.

A fourth-round loss knocks Gary into the Top 32. Ash makes it to the Top 16 but loses to Ritchie in the fifth round of the competition. The Top 8 is rounded out by Ritchie’s defeat against Assunta in the sixth round.

pokemon indigo league

Season 2: Adventures on the Orange Islands (1999)

Episodes: 83-118

Upon their arrival at the Orange Islands, Ash lets go of his Pidgeot, and Brock chooses to remain with the local professor, Ivy, allowing Misty and Ash to continue their journey together. They eventually meet and travel with Tracey Sketchit (an artist and Pokémon Watcher).

Ash beats four Gym Leaders at Orange Islands and is crowned Orange League champion. When they arrive in Kanto’s Pallet Town, Tracey chooses to remain by Professor Oak’s side, and Brock re-joins the party. Before leaving the Kanto area, Ash loses against Gary. Lapras is released by Ash. Following that, the group begins to travel to the Johto region.

Seasons 3-5: Johto League (2000-2002)

Episodes: 119-276

Ash embarks on new experiences in the Johto region with Brock and Misty in the second instalment of the Original Series. Kurt, the creator of Capricorn Poké Balls, receives the GS Ball from Ash. Ash’s mission is to beat the eight Johto Gym Leaders and attend the Silver Conference. Jessie from Team Rocket gets a new companion in the form of a Wobbuffet.

Ash defeats Gary for the first match in the Silver Conference, advancing him to the Top 16, but Ash is defeated by Harrison in the semi-finals, dropping him to the Top 8. However, Harrison loses against Jon Dickson in the semi-finals, dropping him to fourth place. Finally, Ash made his return to the Kanto area to go on a voyage to the Hoenn region. Misty also returned to the Cerulean City in Kanto to take on the position of full-time Gym Leader of Cerulean City, and she repaired her bike, which was damaged at the start of Ash’s journey.

pokemon johto league

Seasons 6-8: Advanced Generation (2002-05)

Episodes: 277-421

Brock accompanies Ash on his journey to Hoenn, where he meets two new friends: a Pokémon Coordinator named May and her little brother named Max, with whom he embarks on an adventure. May gathers five ribbons in preparation for the Grand Festival held at Hoenn and the Grand Festival at Kanto.

Misty reappears and subsequently frees her Togepi, which has evolved into Togetic. Ash beats all eight gym leaders at Hoenn and competes in the Ever Grande Conference, but he lost in the quarterfinals against Tyson (Tetsuya), putting him among the Top 8.

Season 9: Battle Frontier (2005–06)

Episodes: 421-468

On their approach to another Battle Frontier site, Ash, the Battle Pike, and his companions come across an enraged Elekid who assaults every Pokémon that gets in his path. May’s egg gets caught between Elekid’s horns after it assaults Max, May, Brock, and Ash and it flees. Team Rocket runs into the Elekid from before and becomes split up from Mime Jr. Brock notices the Elekid had sucked up the power from surrounding storms and recommends that Pikachu imitate him so they may fight to drain the Elekid.

pokemon elekid

During the fight between Pikachu and Elekid, Team Rocket intercedes, and James notices Mime Jr. with May, while May notices James is in possession of her eggs. After switching places, Team Rocket resumes their attempt to take Elekid and Pikachu. Phanpy fights Team Rocket while Elekid tears down Team Rocket’s robot with Pikachu’s combined strength, then Elekid relaxes. Team Rocket attacks Phanpy, and the fight transforms Phanpy and Donphan into shooting hyper beams at Team Rocket.

Here, in Kanto, Ash collects seven frontier emblems and wins the Battle Frontier. He, however rejects the title of Battle Frontier Brain and chooses to resume his Pokémon adventure. Following that, Ash goes toe-to-toe with his adversary, Gary. Ash chooses to go to Sinnoh after spotting Electivire, a Sinnoh area Pokémon he hasn’t seen before, and Brock accompanies him.

Seasons 10-13: Diamond and Pearl (2006-10)

Episodes: 469-659

The games follow the exploits of a rookie Pokémon trainer as he tries to become the Pokémon League Champion via the collection and training of Pokémon. Diamond and Pearl, like the other games in the series, include eight Pokémon Gyms headed by Gym Leaders, professional trainers who specialize in a certain Pokémon kind. Gym Leaders act as bosses and award competent trainees with Gym Badges, which are essential to the plot’s progression.

team galactic

As in previous core games, the protagonist must foil the plans of a criminal organization, in this instance, Team Galactic, who want to utilize Pokémon to build a new world for themselves while destroying the existing one.

When Brock and Ash arrive in Sinnoh, they encounter Dawn, a different Pokémon Coordinator who joins them on an adventure across the Sinnoh region. Dawn obtains five ribbons to compete in the Grand Festival at Sinnoh. He is defeated by Zoey, making her the runner-up. Ash beat all eight Sinnoh gym leaders to compete in the Lily of the Valley Conference, but he lost in the semi-finals against Tobias, placing him among the Top 4.

pokemon diamond and pearl

Seasons 14-16: Black & White (2010-13)

Episodes: 660-801

Following that, with Delia, his mother, Ash and Professor Oak went on a vacation to the distant Unova region, where he meets and travels with Iris, the would-be Dragon Master and Unnova Gym Leader of Striaton City, Pokémon Connoisseur, and also goes by the identity of detective Cilan.

cilian pokemon

Iris, Ash, and Cilan travel across eastern Unova to prepare for the Vertress Conference after earning all eight badges of Unova and defeating the evil Team Plasma, but Ash falls to Cameron in the quarterfinals, putting him among the Top 8. Cameron, on the other hand, loses to Virgil at the semifinal stage, dropping him to the Top 4.

Following that, Iris, Ash, and Cilan journey through the Decolore Islands until Ash returns to Pallet Town and meets Alexa, an investigative reporter, who hails from the distant Kalos Region. After returning to Kanto, Cilan and Iris went ahead to Johto, while Alexa and Ash travelled to Kalos.

Seasons 17-19: X & Y (2013-16)

Episodes: 802-941

Alexa and Ash come on the scene in the Kalos area, and Ash is eager to begin collecting Gym badges. However, when Alexa tells him that a Gym Leader who is also her sister, is presently away, Ash goes to Lumiose City, and here he encounters Clemont, a boy genius, and Bonnie, his younger sister.

A fact that is unknown is that Clemont is, in fact, the Gym Leader of Lumiose City, a fact he attempts to conceal. Ash also reconciles with a girl from Vaniville Town, Serena, whom he met as a kid. Serena obtains three keys to take part in the event, Pokémon Showcase. Aria beat Serena, and she ended up as the runner-up.

pokemon x and y

Ash participates and proceeds all along with the levels to the finals after his journey with Bonnie, Serena, and Clement to prepare for the Conference at Lumiose by conquering all the eight gym leaders of Kalos. He lost to a temporary member of the evil Team Flare, Alain, after the team misled him.

 When he later finds out their true aspirations, Alain repents and teams up with Ash and friends in a bid to put an end to Team Flare’s plans. Ash returned to Pallet Town after saying his goodbyes to his pals in Kalos.

Seasons 20-22: Sun & Moon (2016-2019)

Episodes: 942-1087

When Delia, Mr. Mime, and Ash went on a vacation to the Alola region, he meets Tapu Koko, the protector Pokémon of Melemele, who gives him the Z-Ring, a gadget that, when combined with a unique crystal, enables a Pokémon to discharge a strong attack when synced with its trainer.


As a result, he decides to remain in Alola and sign up at the Pokémon School in the locality. When Ash chooses to undergo the tryouts required to control the vigour of the Z-Ring. Sophocles, Lana, Lillie, Kiawe, and Mallow, his new students, decide to join him.

Ash participates in the island trials, and for the first-ever time in his journey, he loses a fight against the members of Team Rocket: Meowth, James, Wobbuffet, and Jessie. Later, though, Ash achieves his first official league win at the Conference at Manalo.

pokemon sun and moon

Season 23: Pokémon Journeys: The Series (2019–present)

Episodes: 1089-1110

In this season, Pokemon Journeys focus on eight areas, which includes Galar, which serves as the backdrop for the Pokémon Sword and Shield games. Pikachu’s history as a Pichu, as well as Ash’s backstory as six years old and went away from Professor Oak’s camp. Goh’s history begins when he was also a six years old child and attended Professor Oak’s camp, where he met Mew.


It follows Pikachu and Ash as they visit each area, followed by Goh and Goh’s Scorbunny, which develops into Raboot and eventually into a Cinder ace. A girl that’s pretty attached to the Yamper owned by her father, called Chloe Cerise, is now in the supporting role in “Pokémon Master Journeys; The Series“. Dracovish, Sirfetch’d, Lucario, Gengar, Dragonite, and Pikachu are currently in Ash’s squad. Chloe attaches herself to Goh and Ash on their journey with her freshly captured Eevee, which is powerless of developing a single hypothesis and is unsure which route to choose.

pokemon journeys


Aside from the main series and movies, the anime has also shown several full-length specials and TV shorts. Many of these specials are focused on legendary Pokémon or one or more of the major protagonists who are distinct from the main cast throughout their respective series, while subsequent side story episodes are usually shown as special episodes.

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