Pokemon Personality Quiz | Which Pokemon Are You?

pokemon personality quiz

Pokemon Personality Quiz 👆

Pokemon is the anime that we all watched as kids. It became an unstoppable force all around the world and made a huge impact on its viewers. We still get all nostalgic whenever we talk about it. It had such a unique concept and a number of very cute as well as strong pokemon that it made us want to adopt them somehow.

Keeping all of that in mind and just for the sake of entertainment, we have created a very interesting quiz that features only a variety of pokemon from the series! Take this quiz and let us know in the comments which Pokemon you share your personality with!


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Table of Contents

1. Pikachu


Pikachu is definitely the first pokemon everyone adored. With its cute physique, Pikachu looks very adorable. Pikachu is an extremely friendly and cheerful pokemon. I can also be very clingy.

Despite being a total cutie, Pikachu gets very aggressive and violent when threatened. Pikachu is very sensitive about its tail, so whenever someone accidentally steps on it, Pikachu will most likely shock him/her. 

2. Togepi


Togepi is the kind of pokemon we really want to protect. It’s tiny, fragile and adorable. Togepi is very friendly and loves being around children. It loves to be protected and pampered. 

Sometimes, Togepi can be very excited and it just can’t stop speaking. It’s okay since we can’t help but adore its annoying side as well!

3. Mewtwo


Mewtwo is one of the most intimidating and powerful pokemon. It is very distrustful of humans due to certain events where humans betrayed it. Mewtwo has a very cold and arrogant personality. 

It does not like to mingle with society and stays aloof and alone. It is also very prideful of its abilities. Having a complex personality, Mewtwo feels more like a human than a pokemon. 

4. Skitty


Skitty is a cute little kitten pokemon that looks exactly like a cat but 10x more adorable. It is very cheery and friendly, always smiling. Skitty loves to mingle and socialize with other pokemon as well as humans. 

However, it can be really dumb sometimes, chasing moving things, even its tail, getting dizzy in return. But we still love her dumb moves as they are very cute!

5. Treecko


Treecko is a very calm and peaceful pokemon who loves to meditate alone all the time. We’ve also seen that Treecko is quite competitive and hates to lose in a battle. 

This also revealed its hardworking side when he’s seen training and finally evolving. Other than that, Treecko also retains some arrogance and pride in its personality and is rarely in a good mood.

6. Jigglypuff


Have you ever seen a cute little bar of fur? Yep, that’s Jigglypuff. It has shown to be very mischievous as it loves to draw on people’s faces when they’re asleep. It loves playing pranks on humans as well as other pokemon.

When angry, Jigglypuff tends to inflate and looks very adorable in that state. Jigglypuff loves to sing and wants everybody to listen to its singing. But unfortunately, its singing makes everyone sleep. That’s one of its abilities!

7. Eevee


Eevee is one of the most diverse pokemon that can evolve in eight different forms. It is quick to adapt to its surroundings and is a very likeable pokemon. It is very loyal to its master and always stays by their side. Eevee is an emotional Pokemon and sometimes very indecisive.

8. Ralts


Ralts is a very kind and empathetic pokemon. Its empathetic nature comes from the fact that it can sense others’ emotions through its horns. This ability has made Ralts quite sensitive to others.

Their emotions directly affect the emotions of Ralts. It feels low when the other person is low and feels extremely joyful when the other person feels happy or excited.

9. Arbok


Arbok is known to be a very vengeful pokemon who holds grudges for years. It’s very sneaky and often goes ruthlessly after a person or pokemon who annoys it. Arbok is very smart with its attack and has an intimidating aura around it.

10. Beautifly


Beautifly is a very graceful pokemon that looks extremely beautiful. Being a butterfly pokemon, Beautifly tends to be very elegant. Everybody likes it because of its calm and composed nature. Having such a gorgeous physique, Beautifly makes the perfect candidate for Pokemon Contests.

11. Piplup


Piplup, despite its cute demeanour, is often very prideful. It is a strong sense of self-esteem and hates other people or pokemon offering it helps. Piplup also is quite competitive and works very hard to acquire more strength. Other than that, Piplup tends to be very loyal and clingy toward its trainer, Dawn.

12. Milotic


Milotic is a very calm, composed and peaceful pokemon who hates conflict. Its jaw-dropping beauty is often the cause of a conflict dissipating. Being the creature of the sea, Milotic is rarely seen. But when it shows itself, everyone can’t stop staring at it because of its grace and beauty.

13. Rayquaza


Rayquaza is one of the legendary pokemon that is extremely powerful. It has been given the duty of protecting the Earth from meteorites and lives above the Earth in the Ozone layer. That’s why it is rarely seen.

Rayquaza is shown to be very aggressive when someone comes to their territory. It also dissipated the fight between Groudon and Kyogre that was a great threat to Earth. Having a strong sense of duty, Rayquaza is one of the most intelligent and responsible pokemon.


We personally won’t take a second to re-watch the whole Pokemon Series!

With such diverse and interesting Pokemon, the series deserves all the grace. We hope you liked this quiz and do not forget to comment down below your Pokemon personality twin!

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