10+ BEST Pokemon Games for Android & iOS

Best Pokemon Games for Android & iOS

Pokemon is the best memory, to sum up, each of our childhood. It is a franchise that has been a part of every stage of our life and has made it memorable in all ways possible. The best thing about Pokemon is the fact that it is not only restricted to anime.


Since its introduction, it has branched to various games and trading cards that have delighted the fans. Apart from the long-running series, the Nintendo games have attracted quite a large crowd with their ability to gamify the Pokemon world perfectly.

However, Nintendo is not available in every country and people have to turn to their mobile phones to enjoy their favorite Pokemon games. Thus, today we will bring you a list of the 11 best Pokemon games for Android and iOS.

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11. Pokemon Home

The first game on this list is not strictly under the category of a game. It is more of a supporting app for the portable Pokemon games that you have on your mobile or console. In one word, it can be described as a Pokemon carrier. Pokemon Home will allow you to transfer a Pokemon from the main game to its system.

This makes it easy for you to track your Pokemons and clear your goal of completing the National Pokedex. A trading system is also available in this application which allows you to exchange items with fellow Pokemon players.

This can be done through the help of a Wonder Box or GTS. So, what are you waiting for? Download this game and remove all the worries about Pokemon trading forever.  

10. Pokemon Playhouse

Pokemon Playhouse is a fun and wholesome game that makes your favourite characters look cuter than ever. The main idea is to allow you to have an experience as a Pokemon breeder where you take care of young Pokemons who have recently hatched from their eggs.

You can immerse yourself in a total of eight activities that you can partake in with your Pokemon. You can groom them properly, read out stories to them, or even sing them a beautiful song.

This will be your chance to follow in the footsteps of one of the best characters in Pokemon, Brock. But perhaps it will be better if you don’t follow him completely and chase after girls. There may not be a Misty to drag you away. 

9. Pokemon Smile

Pokemon Smile

How about a Pokemon game that helps you to maintain your hygiene? Although the idea may sound wayward, Pokemon Smile is a game that brings that concept to reality. It can be perfect for kids and adults to maintain a healthy practice throughout their life combined with their favourite Pokemons.

To play this game you just need to place your phone in such a way that your face directly faces the screen. Now, as you brush you can see a Pokemon appearing on the screen and defeating all the bacteria on your teeth.

Do you have any idea how adorable that sounds? I know we are all guilty of not brushing our teeth regularly. So, a Pikachu appearing on our teeth virtually may just do the trick and force a habit out of us.

8. Pokemon Cafe Mix

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Pokemon Cafe Mix brings you a combination of your favourite gaming franchise and tasty treats. In this game, you are required to manage a cafe and serve your customers with the orders they want. You are in control over your staff and they need to use their skills to solve the puzzles that will appear on the screen.

This will allow you to complete your customer’s orders and keep on getting more recipes and ingredients. Cafes are probably one of the most frequently visited places by people to spend time with their friends. This particular game gives you that perfect chance to put all those observations under real work.

7. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

 This particular game brings a whole new level of simplicity to catching Pokemons. The entirety of the Pokemon series and games are based around capturing your favourite pocket monsters in a Pokeball and completing the Pokedex.

 This game combines that with a puzzle to make things all the more interesting. You will need to solve the puzzle that will appear on your screen in order to catch any wild Pokemon.

 It goes without saying that the puzzle will also be Pokemon themed and the HP you deduct from the wild Pokemon will depend on the number of combo moves you are able to make.

 We have all played Tetris in our childhood which is one of the most basic puzzle games ever. Now, you have the golden opportunity to be a bit nostalgic while playing this game and reminiscing about your sweet and joyful childhood.

6. Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

Pokemon Magikarp Jump
  1. Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

Magikarp is often dubbed as the most useless Pokemon in this gaming franchise. This is what makes it so ironic that not only does it have its own individual game but it is also one of the more popular ones. How crazy is that! Magikarp finally has the last laugh.

 Similar to the only move that it can learn, your objective is also to create the biggest splash in the game. First, you need to train your Magikarp properly and make it jump the highest distance possible. The only catch is that it will retire on losing a match and you have to start all over again with better stats.

5. Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is going to revolutionise mobile gaming and it may well be the best thing we’ll ever see. The game will be a Pokemon-themed MOBA where players can use their favourite Pokemon to battle and evolve them in the process.

  The evolved Pokemons will also acquire new moves which will give them a better chance to defeat their opponents. So, don’t be like Ash and keep your Pokemons in the first stage. Unfortunately, this game is still in the beta launch and is not available globally.

4. Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest Game

Ah yes! The classic old RPG is back. RPG is one of the most popular genres of games that has an evergreen appeal to gamers. Pokemon Quest successfully brings you that experience through Cubism. As the title suggests, you need to go on an adventure with your Pokemons and complete the required quests.

 All the characters will have a Cube-like shape which makes things pretty interesting. You will also face wild Pokemons in your journey of completing quests. The controls are smooth and simple making it a fairly easier game to play. Just forget about all the grinding that you had to do in the Nintendo games and enjoy this relaxing experience.

3. Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Collecting Pokemon cards has been a hobby for almost all Pokemon fans. But if you are not able to take part in battles using them, then it decreases a bit of the fun. This is where the Pokemon Trading Card Game comes in and allows you to battle digitally with your precious collection.

The best feature of this game is that not only can you buy cards digitally in the game, but you can also add your physical cards to the game and battle using them. How cool is that! This is a wake-up call to all those hardcore collectors out there. It is your time to rise and shine.

2. Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX

Fans had been complaining about the graphics and complexities of a Pokemon game for a long time. All of their demands were fulfilled when Pokemon Masters EX was released. It allowed them to have the battle experience of Nintendo games and the graphics were something we had never seen before.

 The game is a story based where you will not only get to collect Pokemons but also their specialised trainers with it. All the famous names like Dawn and Brock will help you to complete the game as you will need a team of three for each battle. You can also level up your Pokemons and teach them ultimate moves.

 You may probably have some flashbacks of what you faced in the classic Pokemon games while grinding. But hey, as long as you get to play with the cute ladies of the Pokemon world, everything is fine right?

1. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

There is no doubt about the fact that Pokemon GO is the best mobile game for Pokemon out there. It was a global phenomenon that was the talk of the world during its release. It saw all Pokemon fans unite to play a game that brought the experience of being a Pokemon trainer to reality.

In this game, you have to walk around and catch all sorts of Pokemons that arrive in your path. You also have the opportunity to team up with other members and take part in gym battles or raids, making this game a unique fun-filled experience.  

You don’t need to resort to your imagination anymore as the world of Pokemon comes right to your home. Although, it is advisable not to play this game while driving or crossing roads. You don’t want to turn into a ghost yourself while catching a ghost Pokemon.


pikachu and piplup

This concludes our list of the top 11 best Pokemon games for Android and iOS. Some of these games are extremely popular with their huge fanbase. It has also led to the rise of many hardcore gamers grinding out their levels in these games.

Another great thing about most of these Pokemon games is that they are casual games and there is no need to play them daily. They can act as a major stress reliever after a tiring day at work. After all, what’s better than to play with your favourite Pokemons at the end of the day? 

So which game you feeling to play first?

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