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I’m pretty sure you must’ve heard about Pokemon at some point in your life. It’s the kind of show that we grew up with. We have so many nostalgic memories attached to the series. 

The series hasn’t ended just yet. There are new seasons coming out with all new characters and versatile pokemon!

Let’s talk about the birthdays of some of the characters as well as pokemon that are present in the anime. Read on to find out if you share your birthday with any of its characters!


moon pokemon


Birthday: January 1

Initially from Sinnoh, Moon hated the Alolan weather, but it soon started to grow on her. She’s an optimistic and devoted girl who works hard. When she was young, she experimented with poison on herself and other Pokemon, which could’ve killed her! 

But in search of answers, she kept persisting. Due to her love for poison pokemon and her knowledge about medicine, people often call her Miss Poison.



Birthday: February 2

Serena is a Pokemon Performer and strives to become the best Pokemon performer in the Kalos region. Her dream is to win the coveted Miss Kalos trophy! Apart from her skills, Serena is a pretty shy and polite girl. 

Ever since she met Ash, she’s had a massive crush on him; she blushes every time Ash talks to her! Though she was rebellious at first in the series, she quickly became the perfect companion for her friends. She even took care of them in harsh situations!

Mewtwo pokemon


Birthday: February 6

Mewtwo is a hybrid Pokemon that was created using a Mew by Professor Fuji in a lab. But after Fuji died, Mewtwo became a rogue for a while, and Giovani, the head of the team rocket, somehow convinced him to join the team rocket and aid them in their inhuman tactics

Mewtwo is seen as the villain in the first movie and also extremely powerful; though he seems sadistic, he deeply cares for Pokemon, and this love for his fellow pokemon is what drove him to become a cold killer. Mewtwo is undoubtedly one of the best villains in Pokemon!


lorelei pokemon


Birthday: March 15

Lorelei is a charming young woman. Because of her looks and battle prowess, she’s a kind of celebrity on the island and has many fans. Her specialty is to use ice-type moves and Pokemon to freeze her enemies and win the battles without much effort or risk. 

Her strategy mainly included doing something out of the ordinary every time the situation in the match changed. She’s pretty calm and composed and doesn’t make bold decisions.


lucas pokemon


Birthday: April 4

Lucas is a Pokemon trainer from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh region and the main male protagonist of the Diamond and Pearl games. He is very enthusiastic and curious about Pokemon. He’s always seen trying to become better at fun. 

Lucas also appeared in the Pokemon movie called Giratina and the Sky Warrior and used his magmortar against a rhyperior. He’s one of the fan-favorite characters and soon will be relevant again when his game Brilliant diamond and shining pearl drops!

lyra pokemon


Birthday: April 30

Lyra is a Pokemon trainer from the region of Johto and accompanied Ash temporarily on his journey. She’s really interested in fashion and doesn’t hesitate in pointing out flaws and good dressing sense alike. 

She even complimented Jessie when she saw her. Apart from her interests, she’s constantly dreaming of her perfect guy who she will be friends with and possibly more.


nate pokemon


Birthday: May 4

Nate is the protagonist of the 5th generation main series Pokemon games. Though he’s a playable character, the adverts and the games give us a sense of what his personality is like. He’s usually pretty calm about the unfolding events. He is committed to solving the mysteries that are uncovered in the Unova region. He has a distinctive look and is probably the most mature main character in all pokemon games!

kellyn pokemon


Birthday: May 11

Kellyn is a young and driven individual; he cares deeply for Pokemon and wants to save the world from people who wish to harm the Pokemon world. For this reason, he decided to join the Pokemon rangers and contribute to the Pokemon saving cause. He resided in the Almia region and was a playable character in the first Pokemon Ranger’s massively popular game!

lunick pokemon


Birthday: May 18

Lunick is a motivated and obedient kid who has a Minun for a sidekick. He deeply cares for Pokemon, and for this reason, he decided to become a Pokemon ranger. The main activities Pokemon Rangers focus on are saving Pokemon from the clutches of those who try to harness the power of Pokemon for their gain. Lunick is a playable character in the first Pokemon Rangers game and has a great overall design.

ash pokemon

Ash Ketchum

Birthday: May 22

Ash Ketchum is the protagonist of the original Pokemon anime, which captured millions of kids worldwide, giving rise to worldwide PokeMania! Ash is a driven kid whose only goal is to become the greatest Pokemon Master of all time. On his journey, he learns valuable lessons and makes tons of new friends. 

Ash cares deeply for his Pokemon and is willing to risk his life to save them. In the first Pokemon movie, he was turned to stone when he tried to salvage his Pokemon. This goes to show Ash’s love for Pokemon!


leaf pokemon


Birthday: June 1

Leaf is one of the original characters in the main series games. She was the first female protagonist in the game, and fans just loved her. She has a quirky personality, just like other females in the Pokemon anime and games. 

She shares the mutual values of preserving Pokemon habitats and caring for Pokemon just like other trainers.


brendan pokemon


Birthday: July 2

Brendon is a great friend and a great Pokemon trainer. He is a playable character in the ruby and sapphire main series games. He is devoted to becoming the champion of Hoenn. As a rival, Brendon carries a smirk, but he still is a good friend

He puts his friendship before the competition and the opposite during battle. His attire is well designed, which compliments his personality nicely.

ethan pokemon


Birthday: July 21

Ethan is a popular character in the Pokemon main series games; he has been the main protagonist of 2 games and has appeared in five different games in the Pokemon franchise. This just goes to show the amount of popularity Ethan has had over the years. 

He dresses like a regular Pokemon trainer for the most part. Still, his cocky smirk is what differentiates him from the other protagonists. He has a great personality and cares deeply for the Pokemon he has captured!



Birthday: August 1

Giovanni is the cunning old boss of the infamous Team Rocket, whose lackeys cause trouble for Pokemon in the Kanto region and all other regions in the anime. Apart from being the top boss of Team Rocket he also is a battle-tested trainer who is the gym leader in Viridian City’s gym. 

Giovanni is a calm, composed individual who takes his Pokemon battles pretty seriously. He likes to get his work done on time and properly, hence he is always frustrated with Jessie, James, and Meowth. He also is a cat person, and has his Persian by his side all the time!

red pokemon


Birthday: August 8

Red is a legendary figure in the Pokemon community. He was the protagonist of the first Pokemon game and the Champion in the second installments of the game. In the anime, he is shown as a highly motivated kid who wants to become the champion at any cost. He trains hard to become the champion of Kanto

Though being one of the strongest trainers of all time, Red isn’t cocky at all; most of the time, he remains quiet in the game and only nods his head or stays silent. He has all the three starters from the Kanto region, which shows that he never left them behind!



Birthday: September 16

Solana is a Pokemon Ranger and one of the main protagonists in the first Pokemon Rangers game. She also makes an appearance in the original Pokemon anime as a Ranger and helps out the gang. 

She is wise and courageous, as seen in the game, and her love for Pokemon has motivated her to work hard and become a ranger.

rosa pokemon


Birthday: September 16

Rosa is the female protagonist of Black 2 and White 2; she’s the female counterpart of Nate. She is also referred to as White 2 sometimes. She is a pretty energetic and motivated Pokemon trainer who uses a Serperior as her main Pokemon. 

She looks highly motivated in the anime representation, and the same could be said for the manga representation of Rosa. Even in the game, she is pretty powerful, and the people around her respect her!

may pokemon


Birthday: September 20

May is a young and motivated Pokemon coordinator traveling through the various Pokemon regions with her brother Max. She was also accompanied by Ash and Brock at a point in the show. 

Most of the time, May is pretty chill and cares for the gang, but she is also short-tempered and tends to overreact quickly. Apart from that, she and Ash never had a thing for each other.


hilda pokemon


Birthday: October 5

Hilda is the main lead in the 5th generation games; she is the female counterpart of Hilbert in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. She is a young and aspiring trainer from Nuvema town. She starts her Pokemon journey with her childhood friends, Cheren and Bianca. 

She is enthusiastic about Pokemon and wants to become the champion of the Unova region. In her journey, she also fights N, who wants to separate Pokemon from humans!

hilbert pokemon


Birthday: October 8

Hilbert is the male protagonist of the 5th generation main series Pokemon games, Black and White. He’s the male counterpart to the female Hilda, and his personality mostly depends on the player playing the game. 

He is a young boy from Nuvema town where he grew up with Cheren and Bianca; he also starts his Pokemon journey with those two characters. From what was seen on the screen, Hilbert is really motivated to win the big prize and become the champion of Unova!


Birthday: October 27

Dawn is a carefree and upbeat individual who likes to live in the moment; she’s always seen having fun despite the situation. On her journey to become the best Pokemon coordinator, just like her mother was, she met Ash and Brock and decided to join them. 

This was a big deal for her, as she grew a lot as a person and even became a decent Pokemon trainer while traveling with the boys!


calem pokemon


Birthday: November 6

Calem is the protagonist of the 6th generation Pokemon games, Pokemon X & Y. He is a bold and charismatic young boy who has a strong sense of justice. However, being just a kid, he threatens team Flare on multiple occasions. 

He is a great sportsman and doesn’t take a loss to heart; rather than whining about the loss, he sees it as an opportunity to better himself and his Pokemon. He is shown to care deeply for his friends and Pokemon!


Birthday: November 22

Blue/Gary from the anime is a confident young trainer who strives to become the best Pokemon master there ever was! And he even succeeds in this endeavor of his; he becomes the Champion before red in the game and is known to have an extra edge over Ash in the anime every time they meet. 

Basically, he is the best rival in the Pokemon franchise, his character from the anime is a fan favorite of many due to his bold and charming personality. Though he’s only a kid, he’s seen riding cars with lots of chicks with him. He’s a baller, to say the least!


kate pokemon


Birthday: December 1

Kate is a Pokemon ranger from the Almia region; she’s devoted to saving Pokemon from the clutches of bad organizations that tend to harm them. She’s a playable character in the Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia game.

silver pokemon


Birthday: December 24

Silver is the son of the one and only boss of team rocket, Giovanni. He is seen as a protagonist in the Pokemon adventures anime. He is committed to stopping his father from committing crimes

He dislikes his father, but he doesn’t go down on him; according to him, even though Giovanni is a human being he despises, he still is his biological father. To stop Giovanni, he has worked hard to become strong and now is a confident young trainer!


Birthday: December 31

Bill is a hard-working guy who resides in the Cerulean Cape. He is a great inventor responsible for creating the Pokemon storage system, which revolutionized the Pokemon world. 

He is also the inventor of the time capsule found in the Johto region.


With such diverse characters, the Pokemon Franchise continues to  entertain us in the form of anime as well as games. I hope you liked our list of character birthdays for Pokemon. Comment down below your birthday twin below!

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