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In Platinum End, you don’t have to worry about the plot being dull or predictable. An excellent example of this would be the Angel Nasse.

Angels are creatures that hold no evil in their hearts. They are compassionate and always thinking of others, right? Wrong! Not this angel! She’ll give you a run for your money if you bet on her personality.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it! We present you with Nasse’s Wiki from the Platinum End series!

Platinum End is a manga that’s brutally honest to this world. I feel like Platinum End is a reflection of our Earth today and all of its problems.  If you are sensitive to topics of self-harm, then I don’t suggest you read this series.


I want you all to feel at ease when we discuss anime and manga. So, I’ll do my best to make sure you are warned beforehand. Although this manga has extremely depressing moments. Whenever I try to create a storyline, I tend to include the common troupes without realizing it.

But this story is unpredictable. Just because you’ve read a ton of manga, doesn’t mean you will know what occurs in Platinum End.

I’ve read a lot of manga, so I somehow developed the ability to accurately guess how the plot will lead after a certain situation. Like, if I read a shounen manga, I know the main character won’t die until the very end. Or if I am reading a shoujo manga, it’s going to take at least thirty chapters before the male lead or female lead falls in love with their main love interest.

That’s how it goes. I don’t make the rules. I just play the game—by reading too much! 

Table of Content


nasse table


Gender: Female

Species: Angel

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Red     

Abilities: Wings, Red Arrows, White Arrow

Professional Status

Occupation: Angel

Rank: Special Rank

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut: Chapter 1

Anime debut: Episode 1

Voice Actors

Japanese: Yui Ogura
English: TBA



Isn’t she just adorable?! God, I want to pinch her cheeks! Nasse is a stunning angel. Literally. She’s actually an angel.

Don’t worry, Nasse is wearing clothes. They are invisible and look as though they mold into her body. She’s white from head to toe, with the exception of red and gold.

She has short white hair that partially curls into and away from her ears. Her hair is wavy, and although I can’t touch it, it looks silky—almost velvety. I wonder what shampoo she uses. I need whatever it is she’s buying. And I need it fast.

Nasse has pearly white skin which makes her look ethereal. Sometimes I need to reread a chapter because she’s so bright. I mean, I guess that makes sense. You know, because she is an angel, but wow.

She has a golden band wrapped around her head. She also has golden bands around both her upper arms and around her hips. I think Nasse usually sports a smile, but I can’t tell sometimes. I don’t know if the shadows on either side of her lips are from smiling or from her full cheeks.

It’s weird because she looks innocent, but at the same time, it looks like it’s a facade. But I’m pretty sure she’s a nice person that knows a lot about life and power.

Also, she’s got an adorable nose! It’s pointy and short. She has a pair of large, white wings that are simply breathtaking to see.

Above her head is a red, glowing halo. Her eyes are red, but more of an orange tone compared to her halo. She has a slender body, so when she’s flying, it looks like she’s gliding in the air.


Nasse and mirai

I adore Nasse. She is very kind and understanding. What surprised me the most is how easygoing she was. When we first saw her (Platinum End Manga: Chapter 1), her carefreeness caught me off guard.

When she met Mirai, our main character, (Platinum End Manga: Chapter 1) she asked him to choose either the ability to have Wings or to have Angel Arrows. Mirai, who is sick of this world due to his utterly tragic upbringing, wanted to (Trigger Warning: Self-Harm) die.

So he thought the only way to get out of being a candidate and to leave this world was to establish a condition. What was his condition? To have both Wings and Angel Arrows.

Although they didn’t share his explicit reason for why he would suggest that, it is clear if you read Mirai’s backstory. You can assume that it was because he wanted to give a ridiculous reason that Nasse could not agree with.

nasse personality

You know what this chick does?! She agrees. She even says it is tradition to ask a potential candidate about what powers they want in a way that makes them choose between the two. I know! How manipulative! But our lovely Nasse isn’t a stickler to the rules. She complies with Mirai and grants him both abilities.

I love Nasse because she deeply cares for Mirai. Nasse vowed to protect Mirai. When we think of angels, we think of holy beings that are higher above us in rank in regard to power and purity. Now, I’m not here to argue whether or not that statement is wrong. This isn’t a battle of philosophy and ideology—I’ll tell you that. But it’s an interesting topic that Platinum End indirectly addresses.

Another reason why anime and manga are not cartoons or comics (I’m just kidding!). They have realistic elements and can be used as a medium for conversation. What irked me the most was that I thought Nasse was a completely pure being, but instead, I was surprised to see that she wasn’t this perfect and forgiving angel. Although she looks and acts innocent, she does have her cruel moments.


For example, Nasse tries to make Mirai kill other people for their powers. Yeah, kill. As in cold murder. When Mirai confronted about her killing spree suggestion, she responded nonchalantly and said that it’s easy.

Nasse wants Mirai to live a happy life, but she also wants him to kill other people if it means taking their candidate abilities.

I guess this is a great case for the debate of whether angels are truly pure or simply seemingly pure. Of course, none of this is real. Platinum End is entirely fictional. There isn’t an angel named Nasse that behaves the same way Nasse in this series does.

Strengths and Skills

Nasse is an angel. However, don’t let her gentle appearance fool you! She’s a Special-Ranked angel. There are four levels an angel can rank on. The highest is that of special rank and the lowest is the unranked or rankless.

The angels that can choose a candidate have to at least be of the second rank which is the second-lowest rank. There are thirteen angels that have the ability to select a candidate as they see fit. The higher ranked an angel is, the more skills they can bestow upon their chosen candidate.

There are only three angels out of the thirteen that are of special rank: Muni, Meyza, and last but certainly not least, Nasse!

White wings


With the help of her angelic wings, she’s always ready to help her partner, Mirai. Her wings help her to fly and carry heavy things like… MIRAI? 

red arrow

Red Arrows

Just for some background information, Angel’s Arrows are split into two categories. One is the Red Arrow and the other is the White Arrow.

What does the Red Arrow do? Well, what do we associate red with in terms of emotions? Love! If you are shot with a red arrow, you will be madly in love with the user (Platinum End Manga: Chapter 1). But not forever. The time span of this power is only 33 days.


White Arrow

But like, that’s also a long time. Also, those who are shot with the Love or Red Arrow will respond to anything that best fits the perspective of the user (Platinum End Manga: Chapter 7).

Well, what about the White Arrow? What does that one do? Well, what do we associate white with? Purity? Yes, that’s true. But there is nothing pure about the White Arrow.

If you are shot with a White Arrow, you will die instantly. To be honest, I don’t like either Arrow. It’s too much.


Here are a few interesting facts about the special-ranked Angel Nasse. A couple of these are pretty ironic given Nasse and her true personality.

  • Nasse is known as the Angel of Purity.
  • She knew about Mirai’s entire past, despite him never bringing it up.
  • Nasse is very simple-minded, and when she has a goal in mind, she will not stop until she has accomplished it.
  • Nasse loves to tease Mirai. Especially when it comes to any crushes.
  • She was offended when Mirai laughed at her explanation of the chosen candidates and their purpose.
  • She wants Mirai to kill other people for their powers.
  • Nasse will do anything to make sure Mirai achieves happiness and joy.
  • Nasse knows when a person is lying. Revel even states that if Nasse says that a person is telling the truth, then that person really is telling the truth (Platinum End Manga: Chapter 7).



This is going to be a spoiler, so if you’re not into that, just skip to the next part of this blog. When Nasse met Mirai, it wasn’t her first time seeing him.

She’s been looking out for him. She even thinks of herself as Mirai’s guardian angel. Now, you can argue with that if you want, but that’s what she truly believes.

The higher being of that dimension was losing its powers. Their energy was draining out, bit by bit. So, they recruited thirteen angels.

These thirteen angels would individually select a person they thought was fit to be its candidate. We posted a blog discussing the characters in Platinum End, so if you don’t know who the thirteen angels are, then I highly suggest you check it out.

Nasse, as you know if you read one of our Platinum End Characters Wiki, is one of the thirteen angels. She’s overjoyed to be one of the thirteen because she may now be able to have Mirai experience true happiness.

I would do it if I knew that perhaps this tragic boy may have a shot at peace and joy!


mirai kakehashi

Mirai Kakehashi

There are three main affiliations linked to Nasse. She is, first and foremost, a special-rank angel. Angels are beings that belong to heaven. Their wings are a symbol of freedom.

If they want, angels can grant humans love and freedom in the form of arrows and feathers. It’s a bit serene if you think about it. She also has the highest rank available to angels, so she can grant her partner more power.

That’s the third affiliation: her human partner! We have already established that it is the main character of Platinum End. Mirai is a special person, and he’s been beaten black and blue. It hurts my soul when I see him in pain.


This is another aspect that makes Platinum End divert from fictional work. Our main character has suffered (Trigger Warning: Self Harm and Abuse) assault, cruelty, bullying, and more. And instead of having him be optimistic about it and ignoring the pain he’s been through; he takes a darker path.

Mirai Kakehashi is not the common MC that doesn’t care if they are being stepped on. No, it hurts. And Mirai acknowledges that. That is what makes Platinum End a beautiful and distorted work of art!


mirai kakehashi

Mirai Kakehashi

The relationship I want you all to focus on is the one between Nasse and Mirai. It’s not romantic, so don’t bet your hopes on that.

It’s more of a loving familial way. Nasse has watched Mirai suffer and trudge his way past hell. She’s even seen him (Trigger Warning- Self Harm) tries to end his own life.

She wants Mirai to get his happy ending. It’s funny watching their dynamic unfold throughout the series. Nasse is a special-rank angel, so you’d think she’d be a lot wiser than Mirai. But no!

Whenever she tries to have Mirai kill other people, he’s constantly lecturing her about it and how it is wrong to abuse the powers he’s been given.

He even tells her off by saying it would be careless if he casually uses a Red Arrow on his crush. She wanted Mirai to use a Red Arrow on Saki so that she falls in love with him (Platinum End Manga: Chapter 3).  



I’m going to give you a summary of the first few chapters of the manga. If I went over the whole manga, this blog alone would need its own website. Seriously, we’d be here for a while!

The author has done a fantastic job of detailing the interactions between the characters, subtly incorporating depressing and almost taboo-like themes, and illustrating the complexity of our main character.

There is too much to cover, so allow me to give you a taste of the Platinum End series. Enjoy~ Nasse properly meets Mirai just as he is about to end his own life (Platinum End Manga: Chapter 1). Do you know what this girl tells him?


That she’s a life-saving angel—Nasse, girl, I don’t think it was the right time to crack that kind of joke. Mirai simply wants to stop living. What’s there to live for? Getting beaten by your abusive aunt and uncle? Or being bullied nonstop at school?

Nasse offers him to become a candidate, to which he has no interest in the matter. She says he can have either the ability to use Angel Arrows or Wings.

Miria says that he wants both because he thinks she denies his condition and thus gives up on him being a potential candidate. Shockingly, she agrees to his conditions.

She, later on, explains how and what his powers are used for.

When Mirai was trying to use his skills for the first time, Nasse suggested that he could steal things with his wings. She was ecstatic to see him master the summoning of Wings.

He tells her that she reminds him of a devil, to which she quickly says that devils don’t exist. If devils and demons are not real in Platinum End, I guess that would mean humans are the ultimate form of evil, right?

Nasse and mirai

While they were chatting, Nasse revealed to Mirai that his aunt and uncle were the ones behind his parents’ death. Even though his aunt and uncle were terrible people, Mirai couldn’t believe her. She then stated that they should go and have him use an arrow to make them confess.

The two went to the aunt and uncle’s home (I will never say Mirai’s home because that dreadful place was one of the main sources of his despair). When Mirai used an arrow on his aunt, she immediately confessed.

Mirai was horrified. Who wouldn’t? He lost his parents to his aunt and uncle for money. Money is not as great as people think. It can make people’s world go round, but at the same time, it can make others’ worlds stop.

Again, another realistic theme this series uses. I’ve hated the principle behind money. I need money to live, therefore I must work for money. I’ve been an adult for about a year and a half, and I’ve started to notice the significance and desperation of money.

Yes, it’s important to have. But situations like Mirai do exist, more than ever before. My blood boils when I think of money. All it has ever done in my life is taint those around me. Or it has made people suffer.

mirai's aunt

Anyway, let’s get back to Nasse. When Mirai learned the truth behind his parents’ deaths, he told her to go die while his aunt was still under the arrow’s influence. I’d like to note that Mirai didn’t intentionally do that.

His aunt ended up slicing her neck and did in fact, die. His uncle came home and saw his wife stabbing herself with a knife. When the police came, he reported that he witnessed his wife commit suicide.

Mirai and Nasse left the house. He told Nasse that he wants to find happiness. Nasse agrees with him. She vows that she will get Mirai the contentment he deserves.

Later on, we see Nasse worrying over Mirai. For three days straight, Mirai has been having awful nightmares ever since he saw his aunt’s blood splatter on the floor.

She tries to cheer him up by reminding him that if he wants to steal anything he desires, he can. It’s funny because she’s an angel and she’s going on and on about unethical solutions that she completely forgets to mention the purpose of a candidate. Like that was your one job, Nasse! I know you’re excited to introduce yourself to Mirai, but there are steps you need to take. Poor guy has no clue what’s in store for him.


When Nasse does explain the roles of these candidates, Mirai simply brushes her off with a laugh. Who wouldn’t?! It’s not that he didn’t believe her, it’s more like he just didn’t care. We are talking about a guy who wanted to end it all. Why would he want such a burdensome responsibility?

Nasse thought Mirai wanted supernatural happiness, but no. He wanted a natural kind of happiness. However, he needed money if he were to go about the normal way of living. Nasse suggested that he have his uncle killed. That way Mirai could inherit the money that was left. Mirai is firmly against this idea. Why should more blood be spilled?

Nasse is confused and responds that the money his aunt and uncle had were taken by force from Mirai’s parents. It is essentially Mirai’s cash. This is when Nasse informs Mirai of the White Arrow. Remember, the White Arrow can kill people instantly when it strikes its target.

They come to an agreement that they use a Red Arrow to make Mirai’s uncle confess that he was the one that murdered Mirai’s parents.

Voice Actors

JapaneseYui Ogura



We. Are. Finished! That was a great character to analyze. I love Nasse because she’s so unpredictable. One minute she acts as pure as an angel, and the next, she has the face of the devil.

I’m exaggerating, but you get my drift, right? Just because we give a person or a being or whatever a meaning, that doesn’t mean they will stick to it.

Nasse doesn’t behave like the definition of angels we humans have in our heads. She’s complex. Her personality is a lot more intricate than that. And that’s why I dig Platinum End.

Never judge a book by its cover. The characters in this series strongly exhibit that message. This manga, and now anime, is a philosophical masterpiece that I believe everyone should watch.

Again, if you aren’t able to read this manga for many of its triggering topics, THAT’S OKAY. As long as you are safe, we are content.

I hope the studio in charge of this anime stays true to the manga. Otherwise, it would be a major letdown for all of its fans. But I have seen phenomenal work from Signal. MD like the Net Juu no Susume or the Recovery of an MMO Junkie anime.

Fingers crossed of course. You shouldn’t wish for too much. Especially with this masterpiece of a manga!


  • Platinum End Manga Chapter 1
  • Platinum End Manga Chapter 7
  • Platinum End Manga Chapter 3

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