5+ SADDEST Platinum End Quotes (With Wallpapers)

platinum end

Platinum End is a fresh new anime that came out recently and it’s written by the author of the famous Death Note Manga. We already know in what direction this anime is going and are highly anticipated to see how things are going to unfold. Today, we’re here with a few quotes from Platinum End. Read on if you’re interested in them!


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Table of Content

Mirai Kakehashi Quotes

"No family, no friends. I have nothing to live for anymore."

~Mirai Kakehashi (Platinum End Manga, Chapter 1) Tweet


"Freedom? Love? It's all a fantasy anyway."

~Mirai Kakehashi (Platinum End Manga, Chapter 1) Tweet


"Everyone is living because they want to find their happiness."

~Mirai Kakehashi (Platinum End Manga, Chapter 3) Tweet


"I am not happy to hurt people and sacrifice them for something."

~Mirai Kakehashi (Platinum End Manga, Chapter 11) Tweet


"I hate attacking people... I am afraid to. I am just a coward"

~Mirai Kakehashi (Platinum End Manga, Chapter 11) Tweet


Saki Quotes

"I need to find happiness too"

~Saki (Platinum End Manga, Chapter 4) Tweet


Metropolitan Man Quotes

"Even if I am your stepping stone, I will still be the one to become god"

~Metropolitan Man (Platinum End Manga, Chapter 6) Tweet
metropolitan man


Nanato Mukaido Quotes

"I believe I lived my life to its fullest. Although I'll die early, I'm still satisfied with my life."

~Nanato Mukaido (Platinum End Manga, Chapter 7) Tweet


Comment If You Have More Quotes For Platinum End!

So, here we are with 10 of the most depressing and sad quotes from Platinum End. Comment down below if you liked this blog. We’ll definitely come back with more!


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