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So, we are back with a new Jujutsu Kaisen Blog, and today, we will talk about Panda. Yeah, I know how cute Pandas can be. They are lazy too and grab everyone’s attention, but our Panda is not ordinary.

Panda is a student of Tokyo Jujutsu High. Our Panda is different; he can talk and understand everything and use curse energy like others. Doesn’t he sound cool? He can speak, he is powerful, he is funny too.

Without wasting any time, let’s learn more about him.

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Gender: Male

Species: Cursed Corpse

Birthday: March 5

Height: 200 cm

Professional Status



-Jujutsu Sorcerer

Affiliations: Tokyo Jujutsu High

Relatives: Masamichi Yaga (Creator)

Grade: Semi-Grade 2

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 10

Anime Debut: Episode 5

Voice Actors

Japanese:Tomokazu Seki

English: David Rudd


He is a Panda, so it’s obvious how he looks. The Panda is Black and White. He is tall as well. Panda is fully grown. He has a body shaped like a bear, and his strength is enormous. He can be seen wearing an armband that says, “I love pandas.” He can be seen wearing a jacket and scarf sometimes.



Panda has excellent humor, and he also has a unique personality. Panda remains calm most of the time, but he loves to make fun of others. he has always been like this. When he was young, he was polite, mannered, and knew how to talk well. As he has grown, it doesn’t matter what the situation is; he takes everything lightly and doesn’t stress out over small things.

Panda doesn’t really like humans, but it’s not like he hates them. For him, humans are some strange species, but still, he respects them. Keeping everything aside, Panda cares for his classmates and will protect them if needed.


Panda is created by a curse technique called curse corpse. Ever since he was little, he was always with Principal Yaga. Principal Yaga was his family, and he taught him everything. When he was tiny, Principal Yaga told him that he had a big brother and a sister. He also told him Panda would understand this when he grows up, and he also told Panda they’d lend him power when he’ll need it.

Strength and Skills


Skill Level

As we know, Panda is made by using Jujutsu Technique. That’s why he is not an ordinary panda. Panda is way more powerful than real Panda’s, not just from Panda’s.

He is more robust than most of the Jujutsu Sorcerers. After all, he is a grade 2 sorcerer himself. Panda is not lazy even in fights. He always thinks one step ahead of his enemies and that’s why he can overpower anyone.



Well, we already know Panda’s are naturally strong individuals. Panda is big in size, and he is vital as well. He can even make Todo go back in just one punch.

Todo is one of the most potent jujutsu sorcerers, but Panda is somewhere equal to him in raw strength. In hand-to-hand combat, Panda always has the upper hand because of his training with Principal Yaga.



Panda can take a high amount of damage to his body; still, he does not flinch. We’ve seen during the exam, Panda fought against Mechamaru, and we’ve seen how strong Mechamaru was.

Still, Panda overpowered him even though Panda took one of his deadliest moves directly on his body.


Tactical Intellect

Principal Yaga made Panda, and he was trained and raised by him as well. That’s the reason why he is well-disciplined. During a fight, Panda is not reckless or does reckless things.

He takes everything seriously. Panda analyzes everything, keeping his senses sharp and thinking about what move he is going to do next. His thinking is always ahead of his opponent, giving him a significant advantage of striking first and fast.

Jujutsu And Techniques


Cursed Energy Manipulation

Panda is a cursed corpse. That’s why he already possesses a vast amount of cursed energy. The cursed energy that he keeps, he can use as a shield his body can take those damage which other jujutsu sorcerer’s try to protect themselves from.

Not just as a shield, he can use it in his attacks. Panda can store energy and throw a decisive blow on his opponent.


Cursed Corpse Core

Usually, a cursed corpse has only one core, but Panda was the ultimate creation of Principal Yaga. Panda has three cores inside him.

Using his curse energy, he can fake his core’s location, and during the fight, he can switch between his core. It’s not that perfect at the same time. If any cores get damaged, Panda cannot switch between his modes until his cores are recovered.


Core Gorilla

During the fight with Mechamaru, we saw this core for the first time. This power type is way too firm, and when Panda is in Gorilla form, he can take any damage, and his strength increases by a large amount as well.

Panda quickly destroyed the Mechamaru Ultra shield with one hand and even took all his moves directly on his body, showing how powerful this Gorilla Power Type is.


Unstoppable Drumming Beat

This is an effective technique, and it can only be used while being in Gorilla form. While fighting Mechamaru, Panda used this technique even though Mechamaru blocked it; it still did significant damage to Mechamaru.

That’s the reason why this technique is called unstoppable. It doesn’t matter what you do. If this technique hits, you are long gone. Mechamaru understood quickly that if he took one more hit, he’d be done for. 



Tokyo Jujutsu High Students

Tokyo Jujutsu High

Panda is a student of Tokyo Jujutsu High, and he is a grade 2 sorcerer there. Till yet, his affiliation is only shown with Jujutsu High. 


Masamichi Yaga

Principal Yaga

Principal Yaga is the father and creator of Panda. He is also the one who raised him.


Maki Zenin

Maki is the friend and teammate of Panda. They both are 2nd-year students. Maki and Panda both get along; they both train with each other as well.

Toge Inumaki

Toge Inumaki

Toge and Panda are buddies; they both are seen most of the time together. Besides this, both of them are 2nd-year students.

Nobara Caring

Nobara Kugisaki

Nobara and Panda both have been seen getting pretty along. We can say they both are good friends. Panda is Nobara’s senior as well.


Megumi Fushiguro

Even though it’s not been so long since they met, they are still good friends. Even Panda saved Megumi.

Itadori Yuji

Yuji Itadori

Panda and Yuji both have a lot in common. That’s why they get along pretty well as friends.

Fun Facts

  1. Panda likes to make jokes during fights. he even likes to tease his enemy during a battle.
  2. He is a reliable guy. Even though he doesn’t understand human nature, still he tries to help them. 
  3. He gets angry when someone underestimates him because he is a cursed corpse. (This can be seen during his fight with Mechamaru.)
  4. He always wears knuckle bracers with a Panda face between them during a fight.
  5. He is different from other cursed corpses because he has three cores.
  6. Panda doesn’t like to get wet; he doesn’t sweat either.


panda maki toge

Cursed Child Arc

This arc covered two topics: new transfer, student Yuta who was cursed, and Geto declaring war on 24th December.

Panda, Maki, and Toge are Introduced to a new transfer student, Yuta. However, Yuta was cursed, and Panda noticed it and was prepared to attack, but then Rika came to protect Yuta from the three of them, and Gojo explained what was going on. Later Yuta was paired with three of them by Gojo.

Some days later, Geto shows up in front of Panda, Maki, Toge, and Yuta. They were shocked why the Geto was there. Geto told him about what actions he would take and how there would be a war on 24th December.

Panda was preparing for war in Shinjuku on 24th December. Gojo reveals that Geto is in Tokyo Jujutsu High college. Gojo also sends Panda and Toge to help Maki. However, Panda and Toge both lose to Geto. Later Yuta and Maki show up and rescue Panda and Toge.

Cursed Training Arc

Nobara and Megumi meet Panda, Maki and Toge (EPISODE 5). Megumi introduces Nobara to three of them. Panda asks Nobara and Megumi to join the Kyoto Good Will Event and tells them what it is (EPISODE 5). Nobara and Megumi agree to join the event with three of them.

Panda trains Nobara and Megumi for the event, along with Toge and Maki. During the training break, they talked about other sorcerers and how vital their weapons were for them.

Megumi and Nobara get attacked by Todo and Mai (EPISODE 8). However, Maki, Toge, and Panda came to protect them. This made Panda worried because now he knows the Principal of Kyoto college is coming with some students to participate in the event.

Kyoto Goodwill Arc

The Kyoto Goodwill Event was about to start, and everyone was present except Gojo. Panda tells everyone that he is late, and a few minutes later, Gojo arrives with a surprise. The surprise was Gojo revealing that Yuji was alive and would participate in the event as well. (EPISODE 14)

Everyone from Tokyo decides their strategy; meanwhile, the Kyoto High Principal tells his students to Kill Sukuna’s Vessel. This will be their top priority, killing Yuji.

Everyone was in a group when the event started until Todo came up first to attack (EPISODE 15). Panda, Nobara, and Toge split from the group, and as they split, they talk about how Kyoto students will try to kill Yuji. After talking, Nobara and Panda go in one direction and Toge in another.

Panda and Nobara soon meet Momo, who was attacked by Megumi’s shikigami. Both of them start teasing her, treating as a child, and asking her to play with them. At the same time, Mechamaru shoots Panda.

Panda decides to play dead until Mechamaru comes close to him. Once Mechamaru comes close enough to Panda, he attacks him, and Panda tells him they both are the same, but this makes Mechamaru angry. Later, Panda asks Mechamaru which grade he is, and Mechamaru tells him he is a semi grade 1 sorcerer, which shocks Panda because Mechamaru is more substantial than him. Mechamaru throws a blast on Panda, which does not affect Panda even though the blasts hit him directly. Panda figures that after every blow, it takes time to recharge for another crash. 

Mechamaru tells Panda why he hates him, and during this time, he restores and throws a potent wide-range blast. Panda notices that Nobara is in the explosion range, so he decides to take the blow on himself.(EPISODE 16)

When the blast hit Panda, Mechamaru thought Panda was dead. However, Panda shows his Gorilla form and tells how angry he is now as he turns back. Mechamaru couldn’t figure out which mode Panda was in. Later, Panda attacks Mechamaru. Even though Mechamaru blocks the attack, it gives excellent damage to Mechamaru and sends him flying.

panda vs mechamaru

Mechamaru figures about the technique, and now he knows another hit, and it’s game over. Panda tells how he is different from other cursed corpses and how he has three cores. Mechmaru tries not to get hit by Panda, and as he figures, he hits one of Panda’s cores. That was not true. 

Panda can fake his core position. Now Mechmaru was so close to beating him, however, he couldn’t predict where Panda’s core was and that’s precisely the reason why he lost. After that, Panda comes back in his original form and talks to Mechamaru and even tells him he’ll pay a visit to Mechamaru sometimes. As Panda starts leaving, he asks Mechamaru to give him his phone. (EPISODE 16)

Fight with Mechamaru is over and Panda wins as Panda moves forward, the cursed spirit crosses his way, and Panda destroys them. Now Panda notices that a barrier is covering the area. Megumi and Maki are injured while Yuji and Todo are fighting the invader Hanami. Panda takes Yuji and Maki to a safe place.

Now everything is over, and a meeting is held in which Panda and others were present. In the meeting, everyone decides that the event will not stop and it will continue. Later, Tokyo and Kyoto students played baseball together, which was quite fun. (EPISODE 21)

mei mei

Death Painting Arc

Panda has shown how worthy he is in various fights. After the Kyoto event, Mei Mei nominated him to be promoted from 2nd grade to the 1st-grade sorcerer.


Perfect Preparation Arc

Panda is in big trouble; he is trapped in a room full of seals. There was no escape until Atsuya used his katana to free Panda. Even though Atsuya helped him, he asked him not to tell anyone that he helped Panda. 

Panda told Atsuya how he was used as bait to get Masamichi out. Panda didn’t know Atsuya owes Masamichi until he told Panda and asked him to move forward. (MANGA CHAPTER 147)

Panda later arrived on the street, but it was too late. Gakuganji already executed Masamichi. (MANGA CHAPTER 147) Panda didn’t show any action; he remained calm. Gakuganji was curious to know why Panda didn’t attack him. 

Panda Told him that he was not like humans who go for revenge; besides, Gakuganji did it because of higher-ups’ order. Panda was sad after all his creator/father was dead. Gakuganji said that Panda was a fallen knife-like him. At that point, Panda said to Gakuganji to remember, “Even Panda’s can cry.” (MANGA CHAPTER 147)

Voice Actors

JapaneseTomokazu Seki

English David Rudd

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Here was all the information about our adorable Jujutsu Sorceror, Panda. We hope you got the relevant information about Panda from this blog. We’ll come back with more!


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