7+ Powerful Garou Quotes – One Punch Man (HQ Images)

garou quotes - one punch man quotes - the scarier the better. dont you think scary is cool

One of the craziest characters in the One Punch Man Show… Hence why we need to make qutoes for him. A former student of Bang.


Best & Savage Garou Quotes



Best & Savage Garou Quotes

(ガロウ, Garō; Viz: Garo)

1. So true, I feel. In life I think this highly speaks about accountability. We have to be accountable to ourselves, and realize that others can only do so much, or do nothing at all for you. At some point, we have to decide to do something for ourselves by ourself without relying on anyone else. This speaks volumes about that.

~Garou to the little kid Tarou (with the Hero guide)
(Season 2, Episode 10, 16:40)

garou quotes - one punch man quotes - if you dont want to get bossed around you need to become stronger

2. “The scarier the better. Don’t you think scary is cool?”

garou quotes - one punch man quotes - the scarier the better. dont you think scary is cool

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Garou says this to all the Class A and Class B heroes who come to fight him together, while he was severely injured from his last fight with the Dog Hero.
(Season 2, episode 10)

garou quotes youll pay big for calling yourself heroes

4. It’s sort evil in some ways, some people would say. But man, it’s still so motivating in so many ways. So, I had to make it into a wallpaper.


5. “He’s overwhelmingly boastful. LOL But nonetheless unbelievably resilient, and has the skills to back it up. Don’t you think?

garou-quotes-one punch man - stop me if you can until then ill stay this cocky

6. Gotta love this quote. In a way he’s such a epitome of fighting uphill, and never giving up.

garou-quotes-one punch man - The popular will win, the hated will lose, it's such a tragedy. Then I won't lose to anyone. I will become the strongest monster ever and change this scenario.


7. “These guys are a staircase. They’re a staircase I have to climb in order to become a real monster. I won’t back down! I’ll walk all over them one by one, and make my way up.”

Garou talking about facing all the A-rank heroes after being injured, and poisoned severely
(Season 2, Episode 11, Garou 2:16)

8. Love the complete denying of conforming to society’s standards. This is the reason why we like him. Because at heart, we all want to be able to do whatever we want.

garou quotes- one punch man quotes - what is evil. what is justice.  I should go die because the majority wants me dead. they can all go to hell.

“The only one who cares about ranks… is you dumbass.”

Garou to Class A Hero (Season 2, Episode 11, 12:04)

garou quotes- one punch man quotes-the only one who cares about ranks.. is you dumbass.

“That was so much fun, I can barely contain myself! I can become even stronger! My body still moves, and I can’t feel any pain. Actually I’m so excited that I can feel my strength welling up within me!

Garou talking about attacking King (Season 2, Episode 9, 15:24)

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