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One Piece has some of the most fearsome and talented characters that we have ever seen. In this particular article, we will take a look at the daughter of one of the Four Emperors, Yamato. Yamato has been introduced to us very late in the story in the third part of Wano Arc (One Piece Manga: Chapter 971).

At first, we all knew that Kaidou had a son, but everyone was shocked to know that Yamato is actually a girl who had been pretending to be a boy. She is perhaps the most devoted follower of Kozuki Oden since she even dresses similarly to him.

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Being the daughter of Kaidou, Yamato is huge in size. Most of the characters in One Piece feel tiny in comparison to her. She is also very beautiful with her silver-white hair and orange eyes.

As we have stated before, Yamato’s dress is very similar to Oden which is highlighted by the red hakama pants that she wears with a nio-daisuki around it (One Piece Manga: Chapter 983). Apart from that she also adorns herself with a sleeveless white dress that was originally part of a kimono



Character Info

Status: Alive

Birthday: November 3

Age: 28

More Information

Gender: Female


Family: Kaido (Father)

Affiliations: Beasts Pirates, Kozuki Oden

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga Debut: Chapter 971

Anime Debut: Episode 972

Voice Actors

Coming Soon


yamato one piece


Yamato cares a lot for her fellow comrades. As long as they have the same goals, Yamato will do anything in her power to protect them from harm.

We saw how she started fighting for Luffy’s cause, even though she had met him only for a brief moment. This sets her apart from her father, Kaidou who has more of a ruthless nature.

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Yamato is a very level-headed girl who has a clear and crystal vision in front of her. She wants to open the borders of Wano and fulfill Oden’s dream out of the strong admiration she holds for him.

She even said this out loud to her father Kaidou which proves that she is not just playing around (One Piece Manga: Chapter 1020).

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There is no doubt that Yamato was indeed a brave character. She admired Oden openly despite knowing her father’s deep hatred against him.

This even led to Kaidou keeping Yamato imprisoned with explosive shackles to prevent her from escaping Onigashima (One Piece Manga: Chapter 985). She was a lone warrior in all of Onigashima and kept on living by her principles till the end.

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Yamato is an inspiration to all of us on how to stick to our goals. The way she has endless admiration for Oden made our hearts melt for her.

However, her Oden obsession sometimes crossed the limits as she kept on introducing herself as Oden in front of everyone which seemed insane (One Piece Manga: Chapter 987).



Yamato doesn’t come across as a normal girl as sometimes her obsession with Oden can reach new limits. The fact that she calls Momonosuke her son is not only funny but also proves how deep she is into her role as Oden.

Sometimes, it seems like Yamato has a split personality with the way she goes into her “Oden mode“. There is a thin line between admiring someone and going mad with that admiration. It seems like Yamato has clearly crossed that line.

Strengths and Skills


Devil Fruit Power

Yamato has a mythical zoan-type devil fruit that grants her the power to transform into a wolf (One Piece Manga: Chapter 1020). It is known as the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami.

This devil fruit is a special type of fruit that Kaidou was saving for later. Thus, it is certain that Yamato has got some special powers in her hand which has even allowed her to fight directly against one of the Emperors of the Sea.

Similar to Kaidou, by using her devil fruit power, she can also use powerful ice blasts which counters Kaidou’s flame blasts. The most interesting thing is that this wolf is known as the Guardian Deity of Wano. Thus, there can’t be anyone more suited to use this fruit’s powers other than Yamato.

yamato kanabo

Kanabo Mastery

Yamato uses only one piece of equipment in battles and that is her huge kanabo club. It has some resemblance to her father’s club except the fact that her club is much thinner.

She can use it to knock back any enemy or obstacle with a single strike proving her inherent physical strength (One Piece Manga: Chapter 983). She has been using it since her childhood and has sharpened her skills to the extent that she can even use it to shield herself from extremely fast attacks.

yamato one piece

Superhuman Strength

Yamato possesses insane physical strength which allows her to utilise her weapon to its fullest extent. It is quite natural that she will have such humongous strength since Kaidou’s genes run throughout her body.

We have seen numerous examples where she has managed to knock out enemies with just a single hit, highlighting her physical capabilities.

Her strength is also recognised by Tobi Roppos as we saw Black Maria mentioning how much of a hassle it will be to bring Yamato back if she manages to escape (One Piece Manga: Chapter 979).

yamato haki

Haki Usage

Yamato is proficient in the use of Busoshoku Haki which enables her to infuse her kanabo with Haki before striking someone with it. She used this technique against Hatcha which resulted in the creation of a lightning spark.

She has mastered her Haki usage to such an extent that she can even fling enemies far away with just a single attack from her kanabo club.

Moreover, it also allows her to fight against Logia Devil Fruit users without any worry since they can be harmed only by using Haki.

yamato one piece

Unwavering Determination

This is perhaps her best asset since even after all these years, one of the Four Emperors couldn’t manage to break her will or change her desire.

She has remained rock solid with her goal and a clear motive in front of her further gives her that necessary strength.


1) Yamato is considered as Kaidou’s son since her behaviour is extremely similar to Oden and she dresses up like a boy.

2) She admires Oden to the extent that her favourite food is also oden with raw salmon.

3) Yamato and Sanji have a parallel storyline where both of them were kept in captivity by their family to prevent them from escaping.

4) Yamato has a similarity with Jinbei too where she initially protected one of the Four Emperors but later switched sides on coming to know that Ace is Luffy’s brother.

5) Her name Yamato can refer to a lot of things. Firstly, Japan’s ancient name is Yamato or “Great Harmony“. Secondly, the Yamato Period is one of the most significant periods in Japan’s history. Thirdly, Yamato is a battleship that was in possession of the Japanese Navy before World War II.

6) Yamato wears a Hannya mask when in disguise which is often used in Japanese theatrical plays.

7) She is the second person in Wano Arc who has been inspired by Ace with the first one being Otama.

8) She uses a kanabo club similar to her father and can infuse it with Haki. Her battle style also has a striking resemblance with Kaidou.


yamato one piece

One Piece is famous for painful backstories and Yamato is no exception. She also had a tough childhood owing to her brutal father, Kaidou. Yamato’s life took a turn when she went to see Oden’s execution and was scarred for life with the events that transpired.

She then tried her best to save Oden’s son, Momonosuke but to her despair, Kaidou had already reached there and had grabbed him by his neck (One Piece Manga: Chapter 994).

Deeply saddened by the events she decided to carry on Oden’s will and got her hands on his logbook. She made up her mind that she will do everything in her power to open Wano’s borders and fulfil Oden’s will.

yamato ace

However, Kaidou soon learned about Yamato’s desire to follow in Oden’s footsteps. This enraged him as he imprisoned Yamato with explosive shackles to prevent her from setting foot outside Onigashima.

Meanwhile, Yamato accidentally ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami devil fruit much to Kaidou’s disappointment.

After that, she met Ace one day when Kaidou and his army were not present in Onigashima. She damaged the dragon statue in front of the castle but Ace left his mark on him to take responsibility.

She later sat down with Ace and shared a sake cup. It was at that moment when Ace noticed her shackles and asked her about them.

yamato and luffy

She said that those shackles kept her tied to her father and prevented her from going out to the open sea. Ace then told her about the new generation of Pirates who have been creating a ruckus all over the place.

Ace also told her about his brother, Monkey D. Luffy and gave Yamato his vivre card. Yamato then kept on waiting for the arrival of Luffy and his crewmates in Onigashima.


beast pirates

Beast Pirates

Being Kaidou’s daughter, Yamato is naturally affiliated with the Beast Pirates. The fact that she doesn’t work with them is an entirely different matter.

This is also the reason why the members of the Beast Pirates view Yamato highly and show her the utmost respect by addressing her as a lord.

It is quite natural that they wouldn’t want to anger their master’s daughter. However, they also followed Kaidou’s orders word by word and kept her restrained all those years in Onigashima.

It was only during the Onigashima raid that she decided to divert to Luffy’s side and openly declare war against the Beast Pirates.

As a result, she was labelled as a traitor and the Beast Pirates were ordered to finish her off without showing any mercy.

oden one piece

Kozuki Oden

This is a strange one since Yamato is not officially affiliated in any way with Kozuki Oden.

This is her self-affiliation out of the deep admiration she had for him. She continued to live her life similar to how Kozuki Oden had lived.

She tried every means possible to emulate him by wearing similar types of clothes and even going to the point of calling herself, Oden. In her mind, she wanted to become Oden subconsciously so that she can be the one to carry forward his will into the future. 


kaido one piece


Yamato is the daughter of Kaidou and they perhaps have one of the worst father-daughter relationships in the series.

Their principles and ideals are polar opposite to each other which has led to such a strenuous bond between them.

This wasn’t helped by the fact that Yamato admires the one man, whom Kaidou holds a deep hatred for.

Even though Yamato is his daughter, it did not bother Kaidou to keep her captive with explosive shackles (One Piece Manga: Chapter 985). 

kaido vs yamato

He has tried every way possible to break Yamato’s spirit by torturing her since childhood but to no avail.

Yamato being Yamato has continued to live by her own values and ideals. Even after all these, Yamato never rebelled against her father openly mainly due to the fact that she did not have the power to do so.

But after coming to know that her father was even content with killing her own child she decided to sever all her ties with him and declared her support openly for Luffy (One Piece Manga: Chapter 986).


Kozuki Momonosuke

Yamato last saw Momonosuke in Oden Castle when he was being threatened by Kaiodu. She had no idea that Momonosuke was still alive after that unfortunate incident.

When she first met him during the Onigashima raid, she couldn’t believe her eyes and was deeply moved by the fact that Oden’s will still live on in his son.

Yamato even called Momonosuke her “son” due to the identity of Oden that she had taken for herself (One Piece Manga: Chapter 987).

 Although Momonosuke distrusted Yamato at first, he soon changed his mind after seeing her defend him against the Beast Pirates.

He was still shocked after learning that she was the daughter of Kaidou, who is the very person whom they had come to defeat in Onigashima. Yamato later even gave the logbook to Momonosuke that she had found in Kuri.


Yamato had been waiting for Monkey.D.Luffy to arrive on Onigashima for a long time. She always regretted not being able to go to sea with Ace and she did not want to miss that chance with Luffy.

As a result, as soon as Luffy conducted the raid on Onigashima, Yamato reached out to him and told him of her plans (One Piece Manga: Chapter 983).

Luffy initially did not trust her since she was Kaidou’s soon but similar to Momonosuke, he also came to terms with her.

yamato luffy

Their bonding was also helped by the fact that they both regarded Oden highly and were working towards the same goal in different ways. Luffy’s values moved Yamato and she decided to join him in his fight against Kaidou.

She even had the courage to tell Kaidou directly that Luffy was the person Oden had been waiting for all those years and after defeating her father she will set sail with Luffy.

yamato ace


Ace had a very significant influence on Yamato’s life as he gave her the encouragement to defy her father and fulfil her dream of going to the seas.

Without Ace, Yamato may well have been stuck on Onigashima without even trying to break free from her shackles.

ace and yamato

Ace’s story about the new generation of pirates which also included his brother further encouraged Yamato and gave her a shining ray of hope that she could hold on to.

Yamato was convinced that Ace will be the leader of the current generation before his unfortunate death at Marineford (One Piece Manga: Chapter 1000).



Wano Country Arc

Yamato has been introduced to us in the third act of the Wano Arc in a rather surprising way. We were almost convinced that Kaidou had a son who was going to be a major obstacle before Luffy and his crewmates till they reached Kaidou.

However, not only did we find out that Yamato was actually a girl but she also joined Luffy’s side to fight against her father.

As soon as she heard about the raid, she instantly vanished from her room in order to look for Luffy. She first met him when they were fighting Ulti and the others and came to their rescue.


She knocked away Ulti like it was child’s play and dragged Luffy to a private space to talk (One Piece Manga: Chapter 983). They engaged in a heated battle but Luffy still refused to listen.

It was only when Yamato removed his mask that Luffy was surprised and slowly started trusting her. Yamato then told Luffy her entire backstory and even showed her the logbook of Oden.

When Luffy removed the shackles from Yamato’s hands and threw them away, they exploded at a distance.

This made Yamato realize that her father never cared for her and she made up her mind to sever all ties with him. She later met up with Momonosuke and decided that she had to protect her “son” at all costs, while still playing the role of Oden.

yamato luffy

She later met up with him and Shinobu but they ran away in fear when she introduced herself as Oden. It was only after she saved them from Sasaki and his army, that they decided to trust her. They were about to get out of Onigashima when Kaidou lifted up the whole island and started proceeding towards Wanokuni.

So, they hid in the storeroom where Yamato gave Oden’s logbook to Momonosuke. Momonosuke was caught in despair at not being able to do anything and turned into a dragon.

This surprised Yamato since it had a keen resemblance to Kaidou’s beast form.  After that, she acted as a decoy allowing Shinobu and Momonosuke to escape. She reached the roof of Skull Dome and called out to Kaidou by his name.

This angered him as he said that she should respect him and call him father. She said that she had come to break the shackles that held her back.

She knew that she couldn’t win but her main job was to hold Kaidou back to buy as much time as she could for Luffy. She then turned into her human-beast form and both of them charged at each other with their kanabo clubs.

Voice Actor

Japanese – Coming Soon

English – Coming Soon

Final Verdict

Yamato is one of the most lovable characters in One Piece. Her determination to sail to the seas and openly defying Kaidou has made her a lot of fans. She is not only a beautiful character but also packs quite a punch with her club.

She is also totally deserving of the Devil Fruit and can rightfully be the Guardian Deity of Wano. It will be befitting to see the one who admired Oden the most, to finally open the borders of Wano and fulfil his biggest wish.


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