One Piece Quiz – Which Straw Hat Pirate Are you?

One Piece Quiz Which Straw Hat Pirate Are You

👇Which Straw Hat Pirate Are You? 👇

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11. Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy is the main protagonist of the One Piece series and the captain of one of the most powerful pirate crews called “Straw Hat Pirates.” Luffy’s dream is to become the king of pirates, and while he receives a lot of hate throughout, from different people in the series, he never strays away from his path. That is, to become the king of pirates.

Luffy is the son of Revolutionary leader Monkey D. Dragon, and he started his own pirate game by gathering different people who he calls Nakama in the series. We have included Monkey D. Luffy in this quiz as he’s the leader of straw hat pirates.

Personality-wise, Luffy is as stubborn as it gets. We have seen a sense of selfishness, however, it’s all for his team and the people he loves. Luffy’s sense of justice is strong and he can never see someone suffering even if it’s his enemies sometimes. Moreover, Luffy is super strong. By eating the Gomu Gomu fruit, his body is practically made of rubber now. That’s how Luffy wins with his OP ability, and he’s also the king of this quiz. Good Luck! 

Luffy Quotes. One Piece Quotes. 'If you don't take risks, you can't create a future.'. Quote The Anime. QTA.

10. Roronoa Zoro

The Pirate Hunter Zoro is literally a pirate himself. Oh, how ironic. Zoro joined the Straw Hat Pirates and became the swordsman of this crew to become the BEST and STRONGEST swordsman there ever was. Initially, he was shown to be rather cocky and full of confidence. However, in his fight against Mihawk, we saw his confidence getting shattered, (Chapter 51)

Zoro is a badass! If you were to describe Zoro in one word, it’d be BADASS! For the most part, he shows the true essence of how a swordsman should be. Calm, composed, and most of all, HUNGRY! Zoro is hungry for more, and he tries his best to defeat anyone who causes trouble or hurts his friends. 

Zoro Quotes. One Piece Quotes. 'I don't care waht society says. I've never regretted doing anything. I do what I want. Quote anime

9. Nami

When you smell greed, you know Nami is around. Just kidding. Nami is the beauty queen and a navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. Even though she might seem like a rather sensible girl, Nami loves money, and that has shown throughout the series. Even though Nami doesn’t have a lot of powers, her big brain comes into her head. Having a tragic path but a future full of surprises, this girl is surprisingly lucky too.

In the past, Nami used to be a member of Arlong Pirates who was basically getting work from her as she had no other choice. Those pirates were exploiting her right to live and that’s when Luffy came and saved her. (Chapter 49)

Best Waifu Fall 2020, Nami One Piece Waifu

8. Usopp

SOGEKING! While that’s just an Alias name to hide his true identity, Usopp SCREAMS reliability. Even though he’s not much of a powerhouse, Usopp knows how to work smartly. He’ll beat talent with his smart work and he’ll become a strong sniper (even though he doesn’t even have a sniper.) 

Even since Usopp got announced in the series, he’s shown to be rather a coward. It can be shown in countless moments throughout the series. Usopp developed the alter-ego known as SOGEKING in Water 7 and when the Strawhats were fighting in Enies Lobby, he literally pulled this trick to save his back. (Chapter 365)

Usopp Quotes

7. Sanji

Everyone has a Sanji in their lives. Weirdly enough, even though Sanji looks more like a fighter, he’s a COOK! The best cook in the world of One Piece. Sanji is the fifth member of Straw Hats who’s got his reputation as “Black Leg” Sanji. 

Throughout the series, Sanji has shown such a naughty behavior, however, there’s a serious side to him as well. He knows how to be serious yet funny at the same time. This fella loves any girl that passes by, making him the biggest lady lover in the series. Even though it might sound like he’s not cool at all, Sanji manages to remain calm and cool most of the time. Especially when his family brought him down by threatening him to marry, he never lost his cool. (Chapter 862)

Sanji Quotes.

6. Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper, the doctor of Straw Hat Pirates, was the sixth member of Straw Hats Pirates. Even since he was little (which he literally looks like even now) Chopper had a huge love for saving people. That was ingrained in his brain by Dr. Hiriluk who was one of his only parental figures in the series. And that’s one of the reasons why Chopper is so good at saving people. He’s literally a doctor.

Even though he might seem like a kid, Chopper is fairly romantic when it comes to the ladies. This was shown in (Chapter 814) when he saw Milky, a reindeer mink for the first time


5. Nico Robin

If there’s a Nico Robin in your life, you better run. The sole reason why our One Piece quiz is so interesting is due to Robin being a part of it. Be sneaky about it, LOL. Nico Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat pirates, and while she’s been leaving the crew multiple times as she was pretty SUS, Robin has always been proven to care about her Nakamas.

Robin is also an essential part of the Straw Hat Pirates as she’s the only one who can read and decipher Poneglyphs. 

Robin is just like Zoro. Even though Zoro can sometimes lose his cool, Robin is never like that. She rarely gets angry, and that’s why she’s so badass. Robin’s past was tragic and she was refrained from doing the one thing she loved. Deciphering Poneglyphs. (Chapter 392)


4. Franky

The eighth member of Straw Hat Pirates, Franky knows his stuff. He’s the best innovator who can build anything if he puts enough effort into it. Right now, the Sunny ship that Straw Hat Pirates use was made by Franky.

Franky has a will of iron, and that’s why he’s nicknamed and branded in the world of One Piece as “Iron Man Franky!” He’s the SUUUUUPAAAAAAAA power of innovating stuff that no one can. Give this man a stick, and he’ll learn how to light a fire. He built a new ship for his team and joined the crew for the sole love of his craft! (Chapter 431)

Franky Quotes. no matter what kind of weapons you may hold, just being alive isn't a sin

3. Brook

The best musician or maybe the only musician you’ll see in One Piece, Brook is a swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates. He’s pretty strong and joined the Straw Hat Pirates by becoming the ninth member at the end of Thriller Bark Arc. (Chapter 489)

If you know Brook, you know he’s a G. A guy who just wants to have some fun and enjoy his life even though he’s dead!

Brooke one piece

2. Jinbe

The tenth and the most unexpected member of the Straw Hat Pirate, Jinbe joined Straw hats in the Wano Country Arc. (Chapter 976) Jinbe is the kindest out of all Straw Hats and his loyalty is on a whole nother level. He knows when to do what, and most of all, his love for Straw Hat Pirates is on an incomprehensible level. 

Jinbei Quotes. What is there... that still remains to you

1. Vivi

So, you’re telling me that Straw Hat Pirates have an actual princess? She’s the princess of Arabasta and the daughter of Cobra. At first, we saw her panicking all over due to the demise of Arabasta, but when she saw Luffy’s and the crew’s involvement in her area, she decided to join the Straw Hat. (Chapter 439)

Vivy is pretty brave but that’s why Vivi is always in danger. All in all, Vivi is the waifu material for millions of fans out there!

Vivi - One Piece


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  2. (Chapter 49)
  3. (Chapter 365)
  4. (Chapter 862)
  5. (Chapter 814)
  6. (Chapter 392)
  7. (Chapter 431)
  8. (Chapter 489)
  9. (Chapter 976)
  10. (Chapter 439)
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