33+ Funny Noblesse Memes that are HILARIOUS!

Looking for a Dark Fantasy anime? You have come to the right place! Despite being a dark fantasy anime, Noblesse has some parts of comedy too. Therefore, I will present some of the Noblesse memes, which are quite humorous. Let’s start it! 
Here is a list of 33+ Humorous Noblesse Memes

Table of Contents

34. That painful moment

meme 34

OUCH! It is truly a painful moment when you stub your toe at the edge of something. I can feel your pain, and you can feel mine as well!

33. A giant!

meme 33

Ever been through this embarrassing moment when your friend is a giant and you’re literally a midget? And you go like, Hey, how’s the weather up there?

32. Everyone > You

When your crush is way out of your league and everyone else around her is so impressive. And, when you look at yourself.. you look like a potato.

31. What I actually mean when I say I'm the Noblesse

meme 31

We all know that Raizel is very powerful and imagine him being the strongest as well. Most of the time, he eats ramen and chill.

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30. Wake me up inside

meme 30

Ever had that moment in your life when you felt dead inside? Yes, you can relate to this meme then!

29. True Evil Never Laugh!

This is dark now. ? Oh my god, this is quite astonishing. I never imagined Raizel being evil since he gives good boy vibes. Do you agree?

28. Let him take a selfie

This image is so illusionary I legit thought he is taking a selfie but he is probably attacking his enemies.

27. It's my school!

That awkward moment when you do not know who your principal is and you expose yourself in front of him!

26. Frankenstein's perfect smile

meme 26

Is it just me or do you guys also think that Frankenstein has the perfect smile and is a perfection himself? Do let me know in the comments below as to what you think of this fine man!

25. I'm lost, help please

meme 25

Help Frankenstein before he kills any more nobles!

24. One night and so many chapters

I am sure all those true fans of Noblesse can relate to this one since it has so many chapters!

23. Just M-21 things

meme 23

That legendary moment when M-21 literally dissed the enemy and the RK4 had the time of their lives witnessing such a situation.

22. Less female characters

we all are aware of the fact that there are not many waifus in Noblesse. This meme is one of the humorous Nobless memes I have seen so far.

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21. He's just a friend

meme 21

Ever look at yourself and the person she says not to worry about since he is just a “Friend”!

20. Seira looks relaxed

meme 20

Seira looks pretty relaxed for someone who just witnessed a catastrophe! Like, look at how her body isn’t looking all that worried.

19. Rai is such a royal guy

Since Frankenstein is the second-hand man of Raizel he is always there for him and protecting him like a treasure. This is one of the most humorous Noblesse memes.

18. Frankenstein is an embodiement of PERFECTION

meme 18

You can never change my mind regarding Frankenstein being such a perfection!

17. Epic Fail

meme 17

You all remember this epic fail moment?

16. Upgrade , no actually just go back!

meme 16

Upgrading is not always a good idea!

15. R.I.P Kranz

meme 15

Apparently, it seems like Frankenstein was quite joyed by the death of Kranz. It seems clear from the above meme!

14. True Hate

meme 14

Oh damn, it seems like Frankenstein really loathed Kranz. All those manga readers must be aware of this fact by now but since he didn’t appear in the anime so the anime-watchers do not have a clear idea.

13. Tao is a cutie

meme 13

For me, Tao seemed the most normal guy in the anime as compared to his teammates. Do you feel the same? If yes! then let us know in the comments below.

12. M-21 poor guy

meme 12

Despite being such a cutie M-21 has to clear all the messes and struggle! This is so unfair! He looks like a kind person.

11. Woo Ik Han weirdo

meme 11

I mean, Raizel has been reincarnated, and does Woo Ik Han seriously thinks that Raizel might have played videogames in his coffin?!

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10. Just Rai and Ramen

meme 10

Raizel just loves Ramen so much! Therefore, whenever someone brings up the food he is always up for ramen. Do you also like ramen?

9. Me when I make wifi work by turning it OFF and then OFF

meme 9

When you feel like a hacker man or a genius when you literally just turn the wifi OFF and then ON. The funny thing is, it legit works!

8. Cute doodle

meme 8

I did not expect such a soft type of drawing or doodling from Raizel. Did you expect such cute doodling from him? I mean, he’s a cutie sure his drawing can be cute like him.

7. Raimen

meme 7

Rai is a sucker for ramen therefore, he is RAIMEN!

6. Pierced belly X Noblesse

meme 6

This is so hilarious OMG! Just look at how they relate the belly piercing with this manga character of Noblesse!

5. Frankenstein is an embodiment of perfection

meme 5

I can’t get enough of Frankenstein’s charisma I swear!

4. Netflix adaptation

meme 4

Netflix adaptation never fails to amaze me! This is just hilarious, I lowkey want them to make a live-action movie of Noblesse!

3. Frankenstein X Raizel

Even Frankenstein blushed due to Raizel’s cuteness!

2. What would Noblesse characters do?

meme 2

This is what the Noblesse characters would do if your mom calls you! Beware of those three guys in the second row.

1. Banana blushin'

meme 1

Even banana blushed after watching Raizel! 


Did you smile after watching these memes? I hope you did! I tried my best to add humorous memes which will turn your frown upside down! Therefore, this was a list of some of the most humorous Noblesse memes. I hope you enjoyed. 


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