Noblesse Character’s Zodiac Signs! (Find Yours!)


Fans were waiting a long time for Noblesse to make its Anime debut. Well, here it is. However, Quote The Anime has something exciting for you! Noblesse Characters Zodiac Signs! These characters are the illustration of their Zodiacs, and let’s see how the writers have done an excellent job in keeping it true to reality.

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Table of Contents

5. Raizel

5. Raizel Noblesse characters zodiac signs

Raizel is the main character, and when it comes to his zodiac sign, he’s a Scorpio. Upon doing some research, I found out something interesting. Raizel has unshattered confidence and he’s totally self-aware. Owning these two traits make him the epitome of being a Scorpio star. Moreover, although Raizel seems like a stone-cold person, he has shown a positive side when it comes to loving human beings.

4. M-21

4. M21 Noblesse Characters zodiac signs

M-21 is one of the main characters from the Noblesse series. His memories were erased, and he experimented. However, the experiment was failed. Upon meeting Raizel, his whole life changed. However, being a Pisces, his personality is as complex as his character. Even though he was shown as a cold-hearted person at first. He instantly became empathetic at some point in the series. He’s a loyal guard who serves Raize, and his will to kill humans turned into more of a love. This is one of the best Noblesse characters zodiac signs you’d see right now!

3. Frankenstein

3. Frank Noblesse characters zodiac signs

The deuteragonist of the series, Frankenstein is one of the best characters that remain true to their role. When it comes to his personality, he’s a severely loyal person. Therefore, you won’t expect him to betray in any way. On the other hand, as a Cancer, he’s quote compassionate towards others at the time too.

2. Han Shinwoo

2 Shinwoo

Shinwoo is one of the coolest Noblesse characters with Gemini being his zodiac sign. First thing’s first, Shinwoo is KIND! When it comes to the weak, you will see him protecting the weak by suffering himself. Moreover, he’s a friendly guy with a progressive mindset. Another Noblesse character’s zodiac sign that will suprise you.

1. Seira J. Loyard

1. Siera

The queen Siera is one of the hottest and interesting characters in the Anime. Her zodiac sign is “Sagittarius,” and her personality is similar in a lot of ways. She’s as optimistic as it gets. Just like her zodiac, she loves to make friends, and loves to spend time with her friends too.

What's Your Zodiac Sign?

These Noblesse Characters Zodiac Signs should definitely leave you in a shock! While we are still integrating characters actively, we hope you find yours in the list of top 5. Moreover, I was so surprised at what they did with these characters. AWESOME development that left everyone in awe.

Send your zodiac sign to us in the comments and we will research yours soon!


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