21+ Powerful Natsu Dragneel Quotes

Natsu Quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. 'The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on for so long.'

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Gotta Love Natsu, his intensity and passion, we’ve gathered Natsu Quotes for you.. so you don’t have to go anywhere else…

Emotional & Motivational Never Giving up
Natsu-Dragneel Quotes

  1. We decide our own destiny! I totally agree. I don’t believe anybody else controls what we decide to do in life. No circumstances can truly decide. They might cause massive change, but we still control what we choose to believe, and what we choose to do from those beliefs.
natsu-quotes-dragneel-Even if you're right, everyone has the right to choose the future!-fairy-tail-quotes

2. To remember that there are so many people that have and are invested in you.

Natsu Quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. 'Never look unto your life as something insignificant. Never forget those friends of yours.'

3. This is something I’ve heard a lot of other successful people say as well. That whenever things get hard, go back to your origin. Remember why you started in the first place. There’s a quote by All Might from My Hero Academia that also reminds me of this philosophy in anime.

Natsu Quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. 'The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on for so long.'

4. The powerful Natsu quotes are awesome. Straight will-power.

*To Pantherlily*

Natsu Quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. 'we'll stop it, even if my body crumbles to bits, I'lls top it with my soul.'

5. So deep.

natsu-quotes-dragneel-The real fear... is the thought that these happy days might not continue. To be able to laugh together once again, we have to fight. Our goal is not victory!!! We're gonna fight to live!!! That's our BATTLE-fairy-tail-quotes

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6. If the intentions are towards the well-being of others, you’re most likely to do a good thing. That’s the message I got from this.

natsu-quotes-dragneel-If the drive behind one's actions is the thought for another, then it is never meaningless. This was something you taught us-fairy-tail-quotes

7. The fact that we don’t need to worry about reaching the solution. I love this quote because we honestly do need to focus on the the steps. Just putting one foot in front of the other.

To Brandish μ, (Season 3, Episode 307)

natsu-quotes-It’s not about being a match or not! It’s about moving forward or not! Taking one step forward is our power! This is the path back to our guild-fairy-tail-quotes

8. It’s true, you can’t really change who doesn’t seem to have the will to, to change. You can only help those that are willing to put in the effort and intentions towards change.

natsu-quotes-dragneel-If you don't have the courage to change things then you might as well just die-fairy-tail-quotes


natsu-quotes-dragneel-If I run out of power today, then I will borrow some from tomorrow-fairy-tail-quotes

Pissed Off
Natsu-Dragneel Quotes

To Brandish μ, (Season 3, Episode 307)

natsu-quotes-it sounds like you dont know how terrifying fairy tail can be-fairy-tail-quotes


natsu-quotes-dragneel-Is it funny to you when someone's sad? In that case, I'll beat you 'till you won't even be able to crack a smile!-fairy-tail-quotes

Family, Comrades & Nakama Natsu Quotes

  1. This was a great reminder for me. I realized that sometimes in life I’ve gotten lazy and all, when my friends maybe need something. But this was a great reminder to make sure to take care of my friends, and not just not help them. Because they’re lazy.
Natsu Quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. 'Comrades are comrades because they help each other out.'

2. The wish to help others, always brings out our real potential.

natsu-quotes-dragneel-We've fought for this guild many many times. No matter how strong the enemy is, the wish to protect the ones important to us has always made us strong-fairy-tail-quotes

3. None of us are alone. I believe we’re not born in this world to not find anyone. We all will have someone here for us. We just have to enjoy the journey to finding them, and then the journey after meeting them.

To Zero,

natsu-quotes-dragneel-I am not alone. I can hear them... I can hear everyone's voices... I can sense everyone's feelings... I am not alone... Everyone's feelings... They support me... They are what give me the will to stand and fight-fairy-tail-quotes

Funny Natsu Quotes

natsu-quotes-funny-dragneel-mages of fairy tail-specialize in property damage-fairy-tail-quotes


natsu-quotes-funny-dragneel-i love adventures-fairy-tail-quotes

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