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Naruto Quiz

Naruto Quiz ☝

Naruto has one of the most diverse characters you’ll see in any Anime. The Anime dedicates itself to men and women of culture.

YES! I’m talking about my ninjas out there. Anyways, the quiz is right on TOP of the page, and you can attempt this Naruto quiz to find out which character are you most like.


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Table of Contents

7. Rock Lee

Rock Lee Birthday - Naruto Characters Birthdays

The epitome of what a ninja should be, Rock Lee has no talent for Ninjutsu. Wait, what? Did I mention that he can’t use Genjutsu at all? How did the guy who was considered as good-for-nothing became one of the STRONGEST ninjas in the village of Konoha? Lee has an interesting past. Without the talent for Ninjutsu, that is basically the building block of what a ninja should possess.

Despite being ridiculed for being a good-for-nothing, Rock Lee didn’t lose hope. He made up his mind that he’s going to go for Taijutsu and that he’d beat the regular geniuses through sheet hard work. Isn’t that kind of remarkable?

It wasn’t easy for Rock Lee to just stick to Taijutsu since everyone would use sneaky techniques every single time. 

In other words, Rock is an energetic fella with such a great personality that it can easily motivate anyone. He’s a hard worker and he’d go as far as to sacrifice himself for his friends. Rock Lee also thinks that there’s beauty in the struggle! And that’s how he’s a quite hot-blooded nice guy who’d love to make people’s lives easier. 

6. Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga Birthday - Naruto Characters BirthdaysHinata Hyuga Birthday - Naruto Characters Birthdays

That one waifu that everyone has been fighter over for the past decade, Hinata Hyuga is already taken. HAHA, Gottem! Naruto’s wife and Boruto’s mom, Hinata has had an interesting character development throughout the Anime. 

At first, Hinata was probably the shyest person you’d ever see. However, Naruto helped her get over this fake persona that was developed due to her family and the circumstances. On the other hand, Hinata is a talented ninja. She’s one of the purest girls who’d anyone would simp for. Hinata is such a waifu material that even humans from our world literally want her. She’s kind, understanding, empathetic, and she just wants the best for everyone. 

Even though her father used to bash her for being too soft, Hinata found the perfect combination of being soft and stern at the same time. 

5. Sakura

Sakura Haruno Birthday - Naruto Characters Birthdays

Before you say Sakura is useless, hold your horses. Sure, there might be events where she’s sort of annoying but that’s due to the fact that HATERS are jealous! YES! Sakura is a hero, damn it.

Sakura had her development throughout the series, and she gets really overpowered throughout. Her loyalty to her friends is something we just can’t ignore. And on the other hand, she just surpassed Tsunade who was hailed as one of the strongest (physically) ninjas of all TIME! 

Honestly, all of Sakura’s problems stem from her insecurity. She’s just insecure and that’s why, as her response, she’s always acting out. But that doesn’t change the fact that she’s REALLY loyal. And any person who ends up with her would be happy. YES, SASUKE, damn it! Show some love. 

4. Kakashi

Kakashi Hatake Birthday - Naruto Characters Birthdays

The great Kakashi sensei, that one guy who every single person was curious about in the Anime, Kakashi is just an attention seeker, c’mon, we all know that. Just kidding. Anyways, Kakashi just wants peace. Yes! 

That’s an actual fact. Being the teacher of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, this guy is a badass. Kakashi wears a mask and seems all suspicious. Have you ever encountered a person who just wants quiet time but stands out the most? Kakashi is just like that.

Kakashi is very confident and his intuition is always right. Whenever he’s in a situation where he has to get out of it, Kakashi works really well under pressure. That’s one of his strengths. Other than that, he cares about his people a lot. But he doesn’t want to stand out! 

After becoming an adult, however, Kakashi became rather boring. Now, he’s not the same as he was once, but yeah, he just wants the peace, damn it. Part of the reason is due to Kakashi’s trauma that made him like that.

3. Itachi

Itachi Uchiha Birthday - Naruto Characters Birthdays

Itachi has such a nice shinobi after Naruto Shippuden’s 138th episode. LOL! You know what I’m talking about, right? If you don’t, I’m not gonna spoil the fun for y’all! Itachi is a total BADASS. Meaning that you just can’t mess with the guy no matter how strong you are.

Itachi was a gifted shinobi and was misunderstood for being an evil guy. Yes! He fooled even the viewers as well. That’s how it goes with smart people. 

Itachi has a deep love for his younger brother and the circumstances that he was in, made him lose control. That was the whole point of Itachi’s existence. It was FIXING something that was invisible to the public. 

2. Sasuke

Sasuke Uchiha Birthday - Naruto Characters Birthdays

Have you ever met a person who just won’t listen because they’re blinded with hatred? That was Sasuke before the final 4th Shinobi ninja was. Sasuke used to be cocky, arrogant, and full of himself

Even though he was calm at times but he’d lose himself and destroy the other person. Blinded by his brother’s hatred, Sasuke decided that his sole purpose was to kill his brother. 

However, after he found out the truth, it changed him. Now, Sasuke’s only reason is to protect the village he once swore to destroy

Overall, Sasuke is pretty sensible. He’ll do his best to protect every single person no matter how difficult it gets for him. On the other hand, he’s the best friend of Naruto, and no matter how much everyone praises Naruto, Sasuke is surely helping the village from the sidelines.

1. Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki Birthday - Naruto Characters Birthdays

HOKAGE is a nice word for someone like Naruto. Yes, literally. Naruto is such an optimistic person that you might never ever see in your life. Literally, the most empathetic person and the one guy suited for the role of leader, Naruto is underrated

Even since he was a child, Naruto was ridiculed for being the evilest kid in the town. But that changed when he literally became what he wanted. The leader, Hokage, and someone who’d protect the people who’d trash talk. I mean, isn’t Naruto the best?


Naruto is an interesting character to take Quizzes on. So, who are you most like in Naruto? Let us know in the comments down below, my ninjas! 

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