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my next life as a villainess

Someone’s bad luck has to be overflowing to have the chance to reincarnate in his/her favorite game only to turn out to be the villain. That’s not even the worst, having already played the game, the now reincarnated Katarina knows that she is facing a terrible end.

Can Katarina beat the odds and turn her fate around?

Today, we will be talking about the birthdays of some of the most charming characters in the series. Scroll down below to find out who’s your birthday twin!

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sirius my next life as a villainess

Sirius Dieke

Birthday: January 21

Sirius Dieke is the president of the student council. Kind as well as smart, he holds the Number 2 spot in terms of grades and magical skills in the school ranking. 

Despite having a very kind and caring demeanour, Sirius has a very cunning side to him. He possesses deep hatred for the Marquess family which was because of the curse that was placed on him.


Sophia Ascart

Birthday: February 26

Sophia Ascart didn’t have the best childhood. Due to her white hair and red eyes, she was bullied by others, treated as a curse, and seen as disgusting. Because of her situation, her sister Nicole, became overprotective of her to shield her from the pain, even if it’s just a little.

Like Katrina, they share a passion for books and novels which connected them and made them friends. The fact that she was able to build a relationship with another person made her grow in confidence.


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katarina my next life as a villainess

Katarina Claes

Birthday: June 24

Katarina Claes is the daughter of a Duke. Regardless of her social status, she has a pure and kind heart but can be a bit dense. She is also very charming and energetic. She doesn’t look down on others and will befriend anyone that she finds interesting. Katarina wields the power of the Earth.

What’s special about her is that after hitting her head hard on a rock, she regains the memories of her past life. In her former life, she was a normal student and an Otaku

Before meeting her end she was playing a game called “Love Fortune”. Turns out that Katarina is now one of the characters of that game. Her character is the rival of the main one and if she remembers correctly, no matter what decision she takes or what routes she takes, it never ends well for her.


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Alan Stuart

Birthday: August 20

Alan Stuart is the Fourth Crown Prince. He is arrogant and has a huge ego. But behind his harsh face hides a gentle soul. He is a musical virtuoso and plays tunes that will make your heart move. He wields the power of Water.

geordo my next life as a villainess

Geordo Stuart

Birthday: August 20

Geordo Stuart is Alan’s twin brother and the Third Crown Prince. Unlike his brother, he looks much nicer but his angelic face hides a sadistic personality. 

He is a ruthless genius that is incapable of feeling any kind of emotion. A wolf in sheep’s clothing I may say. He wields the power of Fire.


maria my next life as a villainess

Maria Campbell

Birthday: September 10

In this universe, the honor of attending a magic school is reserved for the nobles but Maria Campbell is the first commoner who had the opportunity to become a student. An event that hasn’t occurred in over 100 years. She was given this gift because she wields one of the rarest magic powers, the power of light

You surely got it from her introduction, but in the universe of the game, she is the main character. And of course, because she is of common blood, the other nobles will never accept her and instead, they will make sure that her school life becomes a living hell. If the anime was following the cliché of the game, she should fall in love with a student that will protect her through the story but it is Katarina that will take on this role.


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Mary Hunt

Birthday: November 4

Mary Hunt family situation is a bit complex. She has three siblings that she dislikes very much. Her mother is not the initial wife of her father. Her father married her after his first wife passed away. Because of that, when Mary’s mother moved in she was not welcomed with open arms which led her to her death when Mary was still five. The family arranged Mary’s wedding when she was still young, since she was the Fiancé of Alan.

As for her personality, she is a very shy person that can’t even raise her voice and she has a passion for gardening. You could say she has a green thumb.


keith my next life as a villainess

Keith Claes

Birthday: December 28

Keith Claes is a very handsome character that is also the stepbrother of Katarina in this universe. He has a deep affection for Katarina and is only comfortable around her. He’s not very good at communicating with other women other than Katarina. Overall, Keith has a very shy and adorable personality.


My Next Life As A villainess is definitely a representation of Cliché, but many of the watchers declared that it’s a refreshing Cliché. Funny and entertaining, like a breath of fresh air that can surprise you from time to time. My Next Life As A villainess is recommended by many.

And even if it’s a cliché it doesn’t mean that it’s bad!

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