COMPLETE My Hero Academia Watch order! (OFFICIAL)

My Hero Academia Watch Order

My Hero Academia has cemented its place as one of the greatest Shonen anime to be. Naturally, anime fans, especially Shonen fans are looking to start jumping into the show. Although, many of them may miss the important content released separately from the main Tv Series season. 

Moreover, it takes a lot of effort to compile all the releases and watch them in the intended order. So, we are here to help you with exactly that! Now you will be able to watch every movie, OVAONA, and TV special in the correct order.


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Table of Content

Where to Watch Boku No Hero Academia?

Where does My Hero Academia Manga continue after the Anime leaves off?

Right now, at the time of writing this article, season five has yet to finish airing. Although it is expected the Anime will leave off from Chapter 247, setting up things for the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. But please keep in mind that this information is not yet official.

Where To Read Boku No Hero Academia?

You can read its manga on Viz Media and Manga Plus. 

In both providers, you can read the last three chapters and the first three chapters absolutely for free. But if you want to read from the middle, or the whole manga from the start you will have to buy the volumes of My Hero Academia manga.

There are two ways to go about it. Either you can buy a printed copy, and get it delivered to your doorstep. Or you can get a digital copy to read online as well as on the Amazon kindle if you want t


My Hero Academia - Overview

My Hero Academia

Anime Storyline:

In the world of My Hero Academia, almost 80% of all people are born with a superpower known as ‘Quirk’.  This ability manifests itself at the young age of four. There are unlimited variations of these Quirks, but not all of them are created equal. Some Quirks are far stronger than others in combat, while some more useful for certain situations.  

Naturally, this leads to some people looking to misuse their Quirk for some kind of selfish gain, these people are called Villains.  And due to the presence of these bad guys a new profession emerges called Professional Heroes. As you can probably already guess, Heroes are there to save the day and fight Villains.

The main character is a teenager named Izuku Midoriya who aims to become the best hero in the world. But there is a “small” problem, my man Midoriya was born Quirk-less. Despite missing this extremely crucial thing, he never loses hope and dreams to enroll in the most prestigious hero grooming high school named UA High


Until one day, in a moment of epic heroism and courage, he runs to save his friend Bakugo from a villain that is leagues above even the above-average heroes. Lucky for him, the number hero of the world All Might is there to save him! And impressed by that display of bravery All Might decides to pick Midoriya as his successor. 

Now Midorya’s life has been changed forever, as he enrolls in UA high with his toxic friend Bakugo to discover what it means to be a hero. As he and his classmates have a goal to become professional heroes, after graduating from their class, of course. 

The premise, as well as the setting, might seem simple and a bit straight forward but in all actuality, it is much more complicated than that! 

The story is gripping, the animation of fight scenes is top tier. Furthermore, the characters are wonderfully diverse, watching the dynamics between them is so much fun. And, let’s not forget the music that can make even the more mature Shounen fans giggle with excitement.


My Hero Academia - Seasons

1. My Hero Academia (2016)

My Hero Academia

Anime Storyline:

Episodes: 13
Release Date: July 07, 2014
Volumes: 13

My Hero Academia 2016 is the first animated series that focuses on the life of a boy who is quirkless. This anime is very popular all around the world. It is a Japanese Superhero Manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi. Like we’ve all seen American fictional superheroes like ironman or spiderman but the thing is, these superheroes just hit differently. If you haven’t seen My Hero Academia, dude what are you even doing with your life? 

Anyways, My Hero Academia focuses on a boy who’s quirkless named Izuku Midoriya. Even though he is surrounded by people having dope quirks, however, that doesn’t stop him from being an enthusiast about them. Midoriya gets bullied by his same old bully fellow Bakugo who has a bomb quirk. 

Being surrounded by all powerful quirk users, Midoriya doesn’t simply get disappointed, he’s become even more curious. So, one day, he meets the hero of his dreams who is All-Might. For some reason, All-Might shares his quirk with Midoriya and trains him to become a powerful quirk user. That’s how his journey of training begins! Sounds exciting, right? 


2. My Hero Academia Season 2 (2017)

Season 2

Anime Storyline:

Episodes: 25
Release Date: April 01, 2017
Volumes: 8

My Hero Academia Season 2 was produced by Bones and also directed by Kenji Nagasaki. Following the adventurous ride of Midroiya becoming stronger and stronger, the second season focuses on Class 1-A (the class in which Midoriya read) that must save a group of islanders from villains. 

Now one thing that I really love about My Hero Academia is their teamwork. It’s so beautiful how they’ve portrayed the power of a team. Like, everyone has their own role to play and that’s where synergy is born, right? So, that’s something that could really help you all in your everyday matters. I repeat, if you haven’t watched My Hero Academia you’re missing out on life dude. 

Season 2 doesn’t only show their fights with the enemies but it also shows All-Might’s old trainer, Gran Torino. Gran Torino meets Midoriya and now trains him. Midoriya on the other hand has no problems handling changes, he adjusts to any kind of environment really well. Class 1-A including all the students, train to hone their skills more and more. The passion in these students is undying, I swear to god. Anime does teach you a lot! 


3. My Hero Academia Season 3 (2018)

Season 3

Anime Storyline:

Episodes: 25
Release Date: April 07, 2018
Volumes: 8

Being produced by Bones and directed by Kenji Nagasaki, this season focuses on Midoriya, Uraraka, Lida, Todoroki, Asui, and Bakugou. They’re given a task to defeat a villain (played by All-Might) while rescuing some people in a jewelry robbery. This season also lets us see the beautiful teamwork of these Class 1-A students. 

Like, Todoroki distracts All-Might by calling him and Uraraka observes the situation. Bakugo charges in and finds All-Might, the fantastic superhero DEAD? That’s how the students get themselves indulged in a crime scene. After investigating everything, Midoriya comes to the conclusion that Midnight was All-Might’s lover who ended up calling the police and trying to stop him. All-Might commits suicide to stop her from the backlash of his actions.

 Everyone looked traumatized until Aizawa broke it to everyone that All-Might had faked his death as a ploy to escape. Aizawa is the type of brutal teacher who’d give you a zero on a maths test. That’s how he ended up giving everyone a zero on the test. But PHEW, guys All-Might is ALIVE! 


4. My Hero Academia Season 4 (2019)

Season 4

Anime Storyline:

Episodes: 25
Release Date: October 12, 2019
Volumes: 2

The first part of season 4 is mainly focused on healing and Midoriya’s plan to eliminate quirks using a single bullet. Unfortunately, as the story proceeds, it turns out that these bullets and overhaul were using a little girl. That’s what bothered our MC, Midoriya and he decides to save that little girl who goes by the name Eri.  While saving Eri, Mirio who was with Midoriya got shot and lost all his quirk. Now only Midoriya was our hope and he had to save that girl. Will Midoriya be able to save Eri? 

This season also focuses on the school festival, at last, they showed the Top 10 heroes while All-Might was gone. It also cleared out who Endeavor was and his goal to overcome All-Might. Endeavor wanted to become the most powerful hero and wanted to give birth to a child who’d be more powerful than All-Might! Will Endeavor be able to achieve his dream? Will All-Might be in danger? Stay tuned! 


5. My Hero Academia Season 5 (2021)

Season 5

Anime Storyline:

Episodes: 25
Release Date: March 27, 2021
Volumes: 4

Since the last season had the spotlight on Endeavor, this season will clear out more about his past and his intentions. So, who is Endeavor? He’s an abusive father and guess whose father is he? He’s SHOTO TODOROKI’S Father! OMG! Are you telling me that he wants him and his son to turn their backs on All-Might? Everyone loves All-Might. 

Alright, moving forward, we get to see his powers. He’s a flame superhero who fights many others throughout the series. For now, we have seen his fight with many characters. Not many people like Season 5 but I think it’s great. What do you guys think? 



1. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018)

My Hero Academia Two Heroes

Anime Storyline:

Produced by: Kazuki Okamura, Kazumasa Sanjo, Koji Nagai, Yoshihiro Ozabu
Running Time: 97 minutes
Release Date: July 05, 2018

Imagine being a badass hero and still falling for childish traps. Well, Midoriya goes to the I-Expo which is the world’s leading hero item exhibition. However, that’s not the end! There’s a sinister plan set up to trap Midoriya

This movie is based on an original story written by Horikoshi which was apparently announced in December 2017. The story of this movie also shows the flashback of All-Might in California. Wait, All-Might and California? They go well together, is it just me or do you guys feel the same? 


All-Might saved everyone from a robbery back in the days in California by dealing with a number of villains and made his name prominent in America. Like, how cool is that? That’s not it, our boy had really cool friends including David Shied who made All-Might plenty of suits. Now you know why his clothing stands out, especially that yellow suit he’s wearing most of the time, right? Let’s talk about the present now. Getting an invitation from David’s daughter, Melissa. 

All-Might takes Midoriya with him to I-Island. Melissa gives Midoriya a tour around the Island and runs into Midoriya classmates of Class-1A. Yes, they were at the island too for some reason. While making some good memories, a villain attacks and everyone is on their guard now. Let’s see if they’d be able to defeat them or not.


2. My Hero Academia the Movie 2: Rising (2019)

My Hero Academia Rising

Anime Storyline:

Produced by: Wakan Okamura, Yoshihiro Ayabu, Koji Nagai, Kazumasa Sanjoba
Running Time: 104 minutes
Release Date: December 20, 2019 

While driving off in a suspicious cargo, the league of villains is pursued by Endeavor and Hawks. The heroes try their best to destroy the truck but fail to get the life-supporting capsule from inside of the truck. One of the villains, nine, decides to leave the truck secretly and create a group of those people having powerful quirk so that his group would be unstoppable

Class 1-A is sent to Nabu Island as part of a safety program’s part. Midoriya meets Mahoro Shimano and her brother named Katsuma. Midoriya along with his childhood buddy and bully bonds with these two siblings and learns about Katsuma’s passion for becoming a hero and how her sister stops him from becoming one. 

MHA Nine

In the meanwhile, Katsuma’s father is attacked by the villain, Nine. Nine is such a thief, he steals everyone’s quirk to become the strongest. Like how messed up and mischievous is that, right? While arriving on the island, Nine destroys every type of communication source. 

On the other hand, our heroes of Class 1-A split up into groups to defeat these selfish villains and save the island. With Nine’s gang being defeated, the Class 1-A repairs the island before going to their homes. Bakugo along with Midoriya say their goodbyes to Mhoro Shimano and Katsuma. That’s how the movie ends. 


3. My Hero Academia: World’s Heroes’ Mission (2021)

World's heroes mission

Anime Storyline:

Produced by: Sokichi Onoda, Mirei Tsumura, Hiroya Nakata, Kazumasa Mijoba, Mari Kobayashi, Hayato Saga
Running Time: 105 minutes
Release Date: August 06, 2021

OMG! This movie came out just recently and was SICK! The story of this movie starts off with a cult worshipping the Quirks Doomsday. They basically believe in the hypothesis that quirks one day will become so powerful that they’d cause the extinction of humanity. These worshippers have planted bombs all around the world that would kill all the quirk users. Their leaders include Flect Turn, who apparently plants bombs to save humanity from extinction. WOW! BOMBS save from extinction. 

After going through a case of one bomb, the students of Class 1-A including Midoriya, and Bakugo are sent off to the country of Otheon, which is their headquarters. During an outing Todorki, Bakugo, and Midoriya come across a jewel robbery. Midoriya chases the Villains. While getting hits and into fights, Midroiya is labeled as a mass-murder. Now, Todoroki and Bakugo are the only hopes Midoriya has. Midoriya after getting saved from such a label joins Todoroki and Bakugou and ends up going to Humrise’s home. That’s when Midoriya faces Flect and they two fight. 

After all of the intense fights, the Humrise’s members get arrested and the heroes are healed at the hospital. Finally, Midroriya and his teammates defeat Flect Turn and his crew and save the heroes from dying! YAY! Class 1-A also reunites and goes back to U.A Academy.  



My Hero Academia


Original Video Animations are different from a regular anime season’s episode. These are not made for the purpose of broadcasting on TV, rather be sold as Blu-rays or DVDs. 

Although you can easily stream them over your favorite anime streaming application nowadays. Usually used as promotional material for the source material, these are stand-alone episodes that do not have a specific number or length. 

Thus, OVA’s enjoy much more freedom regarding broadcasting rules, so their runtime can be longer than usual. 

  1. My Hero Academia: Save! Rescue Training (2016)
  2. My Hero Academia: Save! Training of the Dead (2017)


Original Net Animations, as the name suggests, are anime content that is released primarily over the internet. 

These are much similar to OVA regarding the freedom from broadcasting regulations. Although, ONAs and OVAs have very different demographics because of their format of choice.

  1.       My Hero Academia: Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training Part#1
  2.       My Hero Academia: Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training Part#2

Release Date: 16th August 2020 | Episodes: 1


1. My Hero Academia: Save! Rescue Training

Save rescue training

Anime Storyline:

Release Date: November 27, 2016

This OVA begins with Shota Aizawa reading a report describing League of Villains’ attacks. The Rescue Training is basically a rescue competition during All-Might’s Foundational Hero Studies. It is Class 1-A’s official first training class following the Hero Agency Internships. 


2. My Hero Academia: Save! Training of the Dead

training of the dead

Anime Storyline:

Release Date: June 02, 2017

This OVA starts off with Tsuyu talking about her family and introduces them one by one. She introduces her dad named Ganma, her mom named Beru, and her younger brother and sister who go by the names, Samidare and Satsuki. Tsuyu explains how her parents are away from them for work so she’s the one taking care of her younger siblings most of the time. 

Combining the fact that her parents aren’t home mostly, she says that’s why she had no friends in middle school. She didn’t have any time to hang out, she was always busy taking care of her younger siblings. Eventually, a girl that Tsuyu used to follow named Habuko Mongoose, becomes her friend. And it turns out even after going to different schools, both of them remained friends. 



1. My Hero Academia: Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training Part#1 (2020)

do or die survival training

Anime Storyline:

Release Date: August 16, 2020

There are two parts of this ONA. The first part is called “Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training”. It starts off with the Class 1-A Provisional Hero License Exam. Eraser Head decides to give the class a lesson on disaster rescue. It’s really important to know how to tackle emergency situations. It’s something we should be taught here in our schools too. What do you guys think? 

The class is split into two teams called Team A and Team B. The first team, Team A is tasked with rescuing a training dummy from a shopping mall containing six floors constructed in Ground Beta. Two hours prior, a fire broke out and the other civilians were evacuated. The fire caused the building to run out of electrical power and the group was left with nothing! Will this team be able to achieve its goal? 

While facing a lot of problems and barriers, the team containing Izuku, Ochako, and Tsuyu land on the hill of rubble on the third floor. After trying their best and doing whatever they could to stop the disaster and tackle such situations, they thought everything has been settled, that is until Izuku states that there’s a crack in the wall and the real training is about to begin


2. My Hero Academia: Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training Part#2 (2020)

do or die survival training

Anime Storyline:

Release Date: August 16, 2020

I will stop giving you guys spoilers now. If I keep going you guys would know everything about it and won’t watch it. So, HMPH! Go watch My Hero Academia, what’re you waiting for? By the way, part two of this ONA continues the mission from part 1 of the make it do-or-die Survival training. 


T.V Specials

My Hero Academia

A TV special is different from OVAs and ONAs as it is intended to be broadcasted all over the country. What makes it different from a regular episode is that it’s released once a year at most. The content can be longer or shorter than a regular episode. 

In the case of My Hero, it helps to give more exposure to the world and story, at the same time being nonessential to the main storyline.

  1. My Hero Academia: Season Two: Hero Note

Release Date: 27th March 2021 | Episodes: 25

  1. My Hero Academia: All Might Rising (Two Heroes Special)

Release Date: 13th February 2019 | Episodes: 25

1. My Hero Academia 2: Hero Note (2017)

Hero note

Anime Storyline:

My Hero Academia 2: Hero Note is basically a recap of season 1 of the anime. It summarizes the series of events that happened in season 1. That’s all. So, if you wanna watch My Hero Academia the smartest way, you can simply watch this movie!


2. My Hero Academia: Rising (Two Heroes Specials) (2019)

all might rising

Anime Storyline:

This is a sequel that revolves around All-Might. It tells us about his past, his vacations, and everything he’s been through. So, if you want to learn a bit more about this legend, you should definitely watch My Hero Academia: Rising! (Two Heroes Specials)


Recommended Watch Order

My Hero Academia
  1. My Hero Academia Season 1 
  2. OVA 1: My Hero Academia Save Rescue Training! 
  3. My Hero Academia 2: Hero Note 
  4. My Hero Academia Season 2 
  5. OVA 2: My Hero Academia Training of the Dead 
  6. My Hero Academia: All-Might Rising (Two Heroes Special) 
  7. My Hero Academia Two Heroes 
  8. My Hero Academia Season 3 
  9. My Hero Academia: Make it! Do-or-Die Survival Training
  10. My Hero Academia Season 4 
  11. My Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes Rising
  12. My Hero Academia Season 5 
  13. My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission


Watch Order by Events Timeline

My Hero Academia Season 5, anime 2021

My Hero Academia, or rather most anime, gives gradual exposure to the past, thus revealing the truth along with the origins of the major conflicts. So, we have gone through the trouble of chronologically arranging these releases according to their place in the timeline of the story.

But please note that we have written this for informative purposes only! We are not recommending you watch the anime in this order, because there is a chance multiple major revelations will be spoiled. Moreover, the show will be very confusing for the new anime fans as generally the later releases already assume you have watched at least the previously released seasons.

This watch order is only recommended if you are doing a rewatch session. Also, perhaps for the OG manga readers looking to get into the anime. 

Basically, anyone who already pretty much knows most of the stuff about the My Hero Academia’s plot and setting. Watching things in this order will allow you to have a much fresher experience when revisiting the story.


Don't Forget to comment!


That’s it for My Hero Academia’s Watch Order guys. It’s the latest one! So, I hope this helped you guys in understanding My Hero Academia better. Do let us know whether you found this watch order helpful or not and make sure to share it with your otaku friends too! 


If you can, do let me know about your favorite My Hero Academia Character in the comments down below. Mine is Aizawa for I don’t know what reason but I really like this character the most! He’s just so dashing and cool! 


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