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With the release of the 20th episode of MHA’s fifth season, the highly awaited My Villain Academia is now getting animated! Although this is just another name for the Meta Liberation Army Arc, fans really took a liking to it. It might be the best arc where the villains are in focus, and it has undoubtedly brought big changes to the storyline.

The center of attention falls on the dynamic opponents Tomura Shigaraki and Riyika Yotsubashi. The latter is the head of both the Detnerat company and the Meta Liberation Army, an organization dedicated to lax state rules on quirk usage.

If you are curious about the new characters in the upcoming MHA episodes, then you are at the perfect place. Read the summary of the wonderful villain (or hero?), Riyika, down below!  

Re Destro - Rikiya Yotsubashi

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Rikiya Yotsubashi

Re-Destro - Rikiya Yotsubashi - My Hero Academia Wiki

Character Info


Alias: Re-Destro

Position in Anime: Villain

CEO – Detnerat

Grand Commander – Meta Liberation Army (formerly)

More Information

Gender: Male




Hair Color: Orange

Eye Color: Black

Quirk: Stress


Family: –

Affiliations: Meta Liberation Army (formerly), Paranormal Liberation Front, Detnerat

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 218

Anime Debut: Episode 108

Voice Actors

Japanese: Hiroaki Hirata

English: Sonny Strait


Re-Destro - Rikiya Yotsubashi - My Hero Academia Wiki 4

Riyika is a descendant of the famous villain, Destro. Although, he was a hero in the eyes of some people, ultimately he did try to rally volunteers against the government, which led to his imprisonment and later, suicide [1]

Destro was the son of the Mother of Quirks, and basically, he had been an outcast since his birth due to his superpower, a trait that wasn’t widespread and accepted back then. His mother was killed because she wanted Destro to have a peaceful and free life, which gave him a goal; to make sure everyone can freely use their quirks. 

Destro was thrown in jail for his subversive activities, and he wrote a book during those years. That book became a sort of manifesto for the supporters of the Meta Liberation Army, a crushed organization that managed to relive its glory days during the reign of Riyika Yotsubashi.

the paranormal liberation front - Re-Destro - Rikiya Yotsubashi - My Hero Academia Wiki

He was a forgotten descendant of Destro, and due to outside pressure, he decided to take up the role of a messiah [2]. Assuming the name Re-Destro, he organized the Meta Liberation Army and also became the CEO of Detnerat, a company producing lifestyle support items.

Riyika used his company profits to fund his “army”. His goal was to lax the rules on the freedom of quirks, which was the dream of Destro. Every member of the organization devoted their hearts to him, which is why it became sort of a cult.


riyika and miyashita re destro

Riyika was introduced in a business meeting with his secretary, Miyashita. They discussed the company’s next objectives, as well as how hard it will be for them to control the hero support gear market. Riyika mentions that they have an advantage in the Meta Ability related goods, and tells Mayashita about his views on the MLA.

Upon hearing his secretary’s negative opinion about his organization, Riyika decided to murder him immediately. Then he headed to a meeting with his comrades and announced the new objective: to destroy the League of Villains [3].

Riyika kidnapped their weapon specialist, Giran. While trying to get some information out of him, Riyika is shown to enjoy the situation quite a bit. He called Twice from Giran’s phone and formally declared war on the villains [4].

He ordered them to come to Deika City in an hour, or Giran will be killed, and their location will be leaked to the heroes. Tomura accepted his challenge, although he had an extra card on his hand: he led Gigantomachia to Deika as well, the massive monster he had been fighting for a month now.

Upon arriving there, the League of Villains got separated pretty quickly. Riyika’s underlings, Skeptic, Trumpet, and Geten proved to be pretty powerful opponents on their own, and they halted the movements of Dabi, Twice, Spinner, Toga, and Mr. Compress.

Twice cloned himself into hordes of weak duplicates, and their numbers allowed the league to advance into Riyika’s tower. They met a surprising enemy there: Riyika swept away one of Twice’s clones with only a finger. They also exchanged a conversation about Riyika’s balding problem [5].

Twice cloned himself into hordes

A hardcore battle unfolded between the two parties, and while the league had the initial belief that they had the upper hand, Riyika managed to put a good fight despite being outnumbered heavily. 

After fighting the clones of the league up in his office, Riyika had to realize that Tomura is actually destroying the tower down at the bottom with his quirk. A massive fight started between the two leaders in the ruins of the city.

Riyika spent a decent amount of time talking to Tomura. He often made comments on how the league is made up of petty little criminals, that they have no intention or power to make a change and they should just vanish from Earth.

re destro and tomura meet

Tomura didn’t really reject these ideas: he already hated the situation they were in, and he could agree with Riyika on one point: he only likes destruction. Nothing else. He has no other ambitions except for making a mess.

Riyika couldn’t accept these ideas, as he firmly believed in sparing as many lives as possible, and the need for creating more opportunities for everyone. While this conversation occurred, Riyika noticed that Tomura doesn’t need all five fingers to trigger his Decay anymore [6].

He threw the young man away as he was turning Riyika’s arm into dust, but the two only then started their real fight. Riyika realized that Tomura is close to awakening his full potential against him, which was bittersweet enlightenment.

Re-Destro - Rikiya Yotsubashi - My Hero Academia Wiki

Riyika always believed in the celebration of quirks, and that’s why he kind of wanted to help Tomura reach his limit. But as the enemy of the league, he of course wanted to end the fight quickly.

Tomura started reminiscing about his childhood as Riyika taunted him, and as he remembered how his quirk first manifested, gears changed in his mind. Tomura accidentally murdered his family when he discovered his quirk, but he killed his father intentionally [7].

Tomura came to the conclusion that no one really wanted to help him along the way, and the only possibility for him to find happiness is to destroy as much as he can. Riyika realized that he is in big trouble now. 

personality re destro

Tomura acquired his full strength during the fight, and not even Riyika’s 100% Stress or the Claustro equipment could do anything against his defeat. Riyika had to cut off his legs to stop the Decay from spreading.

Riyika announced the merging of the MLA and the League of Villains, but he made it clear that it wasn’t a surrender. He truly believed that Tomura could be a reasonable leader of the organization and that he is worthy of praise now [8].

In the Paranormal Liberation Front, Riyika was awarded the title of the first Lieutenant, and he still worked hard as the CEO of Detnerat, and as the man behind the scene for the revolution of quirks.

meta liberation army

As the Paranormal Liberation War broke out with the heroes, Riyika led his own units against Tokoyami and Edgeshot. He held his ground against the powerful heroes, but soon more and more enemies appeared. 

Riyika was overwhelmed after time, and part of the reason he lost was the fact that his mechanical legs were easy targets for Edgeshot. Riyika was arrested after he got immobilized, and the dream to free the quirks from regulation came to an end.


Rikiya Yotsubashi

Riyika is not really pleasant to look at. He is a scary dude with every little feature he has. A long crooked nose, orange hair, and murderous eyes do make a man into a villain, but these weren’t the reason he walked down the path of anarchy

Riyika usually wore clothes with a high contrast of colors. Black-striped suit, a light blue shirt, and a green necktie. Weird combination, right?

He was “outstanding” from a very young age, and he was already asked to be the leader of the MLA as a child. His face didn’t change much over the years! One thing did change though: his hairline receded more and more as time went on, which was partially caused by his quirk. This way, he gained a massive forehead [9].


personality - Re-Destro - Rikiya Yotsubashi - My Hero Academia Wiki 2

Riyika was good at hiding his second life from the public eye. He seemed like a respectable businessman, for the most part, one who always put his men and the future of their company before his own good. That statement is partially true, but he didn’t do those good deeds to produce growth over time. He wanted to act soon.

He was a staunch believer in personal freedom. After learning the truth of his ancestors, Riyika decided to do everything for the better of the individual. He thought that quirks are the final form of personal fulfillment, and the government should not regulate them.

Quirks were thought of as basic human rights, and Riyika was ready to protect them at any cost. It is unknown how he planned to take down the laws regarding quirks, but he was certainly sure of himself.

Re-Destro - Rikiya Yotsubashi - My Hero Academia Wiki

Riyika did have a superiority complex before fighting Tomura. He viewed these small-scale villains as rats that hinder his master plan and decided to take them out one by one. To his surprise, Tomura proved to be a strong opponent, and he acknowledged the villain as a true struggler at the end.

Riyika had many mood swings, which is closely related to his quirk [10]. He needed drastic changes in his emotional level to bring out great power, but his anger was sometimes expressed on innocent people, even on his secretary. Riyika wasn’t a calm mastermind despite his efforts to convince everyone about his great qualities. But hey, who knows what would have happened if Tomura lost that fight?


Re-Destro - Rikiya Yotsubashi - My Hero Academia Wiki 1

Riyika’s quirk, or as he likes to call it, the Meta Ability is called Stress. He basically converts all the negative feelings piled up inside him into raw power. This way he can easily overpower any regular human with just a finger.

This quirk allows him to grow his limbs in size when he has some excess stress. The ability somewhat works like Hulk’s, and also it resembles one of the many powers that All For One used in his fight against All Might at Kamino Ward.

The Stress quirk likely can be traced back to Destro, but we have no information about the power of the former Grand Commander. The two quirks have to be linked somehow, as the two leaders were so similar too.

Rikiya can also grow his whole body if he wanted to. He would turn into a giant black monster, an enemy that most normal heroes could never beat [11]. Sadly, his first real opponent was too much to deal with. 

Other than his high intellect and respected status, Rikiya also possessed fine physical power. His power moves were fueled by his stress, often moving so fast in combat that his enemies couldn’t even detect his moves.


Rikiya has some boring moves with not much difference from his basic attacks, but let’s go through them!

  • 80% Liberation allows him to grow in size and cloak himself in darkness.
  • Stress Output Burden: Rikiya concentrates his stress energy into one point, and then he releases it onto his enemies.
  • Stress: 100%: Rikiya’s final form gives a nice boost to his size once again, and he also produces black energy waves from his body [12].

He also used the Claustro in the fight against Tomura. This equipment produced by Detnerat would allow him to use his stress to 150% [13], but it was destroyed by Tomura pretty quickly.




Not much is known about the company Detnerat overall, but we can know for sure that everything revolved around Riyika and his schemes. He controlled the company with an iron fist, and he didn’t even spare any counter opinion. 

One known event of such occurred when his underling and secretary, Miyashita announced his negative opinion on the Meta Liberation Army. He stated that Destro was a terrorist, and people shouldn’t trust such dangerous ideas. 

riyika kills miyashita

Riyika then took a few steps forward, and suffocated Mayashita with his quirk without a warning. Understandably, he acted like that upon hearing the disgrace of his hero, Destro, but this action also gives a clear picture of Riyika’s personality.

Otherwise, he strongly advocated the production of hero support gear and Meta Ability-related goods. Detnerat has a lot of obstacles to overcome in the competitive market, but its stability is unquestionable. As Riyika was later fighting in the Paranormal Liberation War, he used a clone of himself to take care of the home affairs at Detnerat.

meta liberation army

Meta Liberation Army

Riyika was the supreme leader, also called the Grand Commander among the ranks of the Meta Liberation Army. He ruled the fallen organization with a strict ideology after being requested to do so by some of the supporters of the former leader Destro. As the descendant of the great villain/hero, he took the responsibility to bring change.

The MLA wasn’t a traditional army as we know. There were some higher-ups and strong warriors who could decide the outcome of a battle, but the main purpose of MLA was to gather supporters from every part of Japan.

Koku Hanabata

They could be mobilized any time due to the quirk of Koku Hanabata, also known as Trumpet, a vice-leader of MLA. The „army” had around 110000 members ready to fight before the battle at Deika City [14]

Riyika was the strongest member without a doubt, but he utilized his strategic advantage rather than his strength. Every member trusted him, but their relationships were clear as the sky.

the paranormal liberation front - Re-Destro - Rikiya Yotsubashi - My Hero Academia Wiki

Paranormal Liberation Front

After being defeated by Tomura, Riyika announced the merge of the two most notorious villain organizations, the MLA and the League of Villains. The new squad was named Paranormal Liberation Front, a name that appealed to Tomura as well.

Riyika was chosen to be one of the nine Lieutenants, and probably the strongest of them. He also kept up his administrative power, but most of what he held in his hands during the glory days of MLA became the property of Tomura.

paranormal liberation front

Riyika fought the heroes during the Paranormal Liberation War, namely Tokoyami and Edgeshot [15]. He was overwhelmed after a long battle, and he got arrested as Edgeshot broke his mechanical legs. The organization lost almost all of its soldiers, and Riyika’s dream had to come to an end.


meta liberation army

Meta Liberation Army

The balance of power wasn’t a thing to worry about. The meaning of ranks was crystal clear, and the overwhelming authority of Riyika made the squad a stable force to get things done. Weirdly, they didn’t get anything done.

The relationships between Riyika and the members weren’t explored, but one thing is known about them: nobody actually likes Riyika. Not even himself. Only the cause and the legacy of Destro is what bonds them together. Riyika often insulted his men and treated them as pawns. But as I said, they weren’t angry about such trivial things, as they valued freedom over emotions.


Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura was just another obstacle in Riyika’s life, but he decided to make their battle dramatic. He wanted to prove that the MLA is the real force behind change, and these petty little gangsters won’t hinder the development of human society. 

He challenged Tomura to a battle at Deika City. Well, it was more of blackmail, as he kidnapped Giran, the weapon supplier of the League of Villains. Their fight went down with massive shockwaves across the city, destroying virtually everything in a huge radius [16].

Tomura won with a hard level up, but Riyika didn’t surrender because he feared losing his life. He saw the character development in Tomura and acknowledged his „awakening”, basically the product of his passion for destroying. While destroying things is the exact opposite of Riyika’s philosophy, he recognized Tomura’s deep mindset and strive for freedom – but this was only Riyika’s delusion.

Fun Facts

My hero academia facts MHA facts
  • According to the author, Kohei Horikoshi, drawing Riyika was the most fun part of the Meta Liberation Army Arc.
  • His overall design took inspiration from various superhero works. His mindset was based on the character Joker, and his nose is the same as Penguin’s from Batman too. Riyika’s tech CEO persona and red hair were taken from Norman Osborn from Spiderman, and his quirk is somewhat like Hulk’s power.
  • Minor parts of his personality and appearance were also inspired by other famous western superhero characters, which indicates how much work Horikoshi put into developing Riyika.
  • Riyika is one of the lucky few who are the descendants of the three infamous villains: All For One, Oji Harima, and Destro. Riyika is the descendant of the latter.

His group, the Meta Liberation Army, was inspired by the real-life Japanese paramilitary organization, Tatenokai. They tried to take over a military outpost in the 70s, but after the mission failed the leader killed himself. 

Voice Actors

Japanese – Kazuki Ura

English – Sonny Strait


Re-Destro - Rikiya Yotsubashi - My Hero Academia Wiki

This was the summary of the main antagonist of My Villain Academia! What do you think about Re-Destro? I believe he had fought for a good cause, but he made countless mistakes throughout his campaign. Well, the means won’t necessarily justify the goals.



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Re-Destro - Rikiya Yotsubashi - My Hero Academia Wiki
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