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Flect Turn is the main antagonist of the My Hero Academia Movie: World Heroes Mission. He is the leader of the Humarise Cult and of course, its strongest member. This smurf-looking guy is rather scary, I must say.

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular New-Gen Shounen. It has fans all over the world and its popularity is increasing day by day. The main thing that makes this anime amazing Is the portrayal and expression of emotions. The character development is also amazing.

Another thing that enhances the popularity of anime is movies. I mean, One Piece has 17 odd movies and perhaps everyone anime fan knows about it.

My Hero Academia has 3 movies, with MHA: World Heroes Mission, being the latest one.

Now we’ll talk about the antagonist, Flect Turn. You know, a good antagonist can greatly enhance the storyline of an anime and plays an important role in the anime’s popularity

Flect Turn

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Flect Turn

Flect Turn

Character Info

Position in Anime: Villain


More Information

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 22

Height: 200cm (6’6¾”)

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Yellow

Quirk: Reflect


Family: –

Affiliations: Humarise

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Movie Debut: World Heroes’ Mission

Anime Debut: Episode 104

Voice Actors




flect Turn

Villains usually are pretty badass and MHA villains, in particular, look pretty badass and cool. Flect Turn is no exception in this regard. Now we’ll talk a bit about his character design.

Flect Turn is a pretty tall guy and has pretty unusual blue-colored skin. He has no hair and his head is dark blue-colored. He also has a pretty cool mustache and of course, the antagonist specialty, Earings.

His villain costume too is pretty awesome and looks amazing. He wears a long red-colored robe with grey-colored pants. His entire costume is modified for combat. For example, his combat suited golden boots and gloves. His costume also contains devices that store up the energy of his quirk.

In short, Flect Turn has an amazing design that suits his villainous role in the Movie.


flect Turn

Most MHA Villains have only one purpose, to destroy the Hero society and quirks. Flect Turn, too, is pretty extremist in this regard. He despises and hates the heroes and quirks and wants to destroy them.

He is a strong believer in the Quirk Singularity Theory. The methods are perhaps not too good and pretty brutal. Still, he believes that his methods and thinking will make the world a better place and eliminate evil from this world.

Villains usually have a sad and brutal history that made them the way they are. Flect Turn has a pretty sad backstory. His hatred towards the hero society and quirks is due to the strong quirk that made people fear and hate him.

He had no friends as people who touch him get hurt. With this in mind, people avoided him. This was a really important factor that made him despise people and quirks. He also saw people around him suffering from their quirks and getting depressed. He thought that he should save these people, it doesn’t matter how many deaths or sacrifices it took. He considered himself as Humanity’s Prophet and Saviour.

These feelings are pretty common in the society led and carried by Quirks. Strong people lead the society and the weak are despised. This leads to many people taking the villainous path and tries to destroy society.


humarise cult

Overall Abilities

Being the leader of the Humarise Cult and its strongest member, Flect Turn is pretty strong. He has some amazing and badass abilities that make him pretty overpowered..

His skills allowed him to easily tackle and fight Izuki Midoriya, one of the strongest students of class 1-A.

He was also able to injure him severely on multiple occasions.

Flect turn fighting


You might see many villains who just want destruction and usually get arrested quite easily. However, Flect Turn is not like that. He is pretty intelligent as he was able to gather a huge army of his own as the commander of the Humarise Cult and carefully planned the destruction of Hero Society. Many powerful villains started to follow him due to his intelligence and abilities.

He also had a plan in case he gets arrested.

flec turn quirk reflect


Let’s talk about the most important aspect of Flect Turn, his quirk, Reflect.

Reflect, in my opinion, is one of the most badass abilities an anime character can have. For instance, Meliodas From Seven Deadly Sins, he’s pretty badass, isn’t he?

Flect Turn’s reflect allows him to reflect back any attack back to the user. Not only that, but it also allows him to store the energy for later use. This gives him an up hand over his opponents.

However, like any other quirk, It has some side effects. He cannot use it for a long time and will wear out. So it’s not suited for prolonged battles. I guess this explains why he wasn’t able to endure Midoriya’s the United States of Smash.

Voice Actors

Japanese – Kazuki Ura

English – Sonny Strait

Anime Cameo

Flect Turn and Deku fight

Flect Turn also made an appearance in the Anime episode 104. It was an anime-original episode featuring Ochaco and Tsusyu’s journey as interns.

Flect Turn appeared in the ending credentials of the Episode as a prologue to the movie My Hero Academia: World Hero Mission.


Manga: Volume World Heroes.

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