101+ My Hero Academia Memes


My Hero Academia focuses on Izuku Midoriya who’s the MC and has no quirk but dreams of becoming a hero! So, he goes through series of adventurous events to train and become stronger than anyone, You all remember that All Might said, “You have to work harder than anyone else”! And that’s how his journey of becoming a hero begins! 

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However, if you’re struggling and having a bad day you’re at the right place! Because these memes are going to cheer you up in no time! And if you’re My Hero Academia’s fan, you must get yourself some snacks while scrolling this blog and enjoy! 

Table of Contents

102. MHA characters on sick days

102 meme

That’s what My Hero Academia characters would deal with their sickness. I did expect Deku to not take a rest and just give his all even if he’s sick but Bakugo! HAHA! He’s seriously the type to just hide the fact of his sickness and appear all strong!

101. Die Bakugo!

Bakugo better not mess with Uraraka after all she’s the woman of Deku’s dream and he doesn’t want to lose her! And she’s also the first friend of Deku at U.A High School! Just look at how pissed he looks. 

100. Manga Vs Anime Vs Netflix Adaptations

100 meme

Haters will say that these are different. However, I do not see the difference! Bakugo X Gordon Ramsay has literally the same temper! Don’t you all think so? 

99. Midoriya apologizing

99 meme

That’s just Midoriya apologizing to get back to playing Animal Crossing! 

98. Just MHA things

98 meme

SPOILER ALERT! Just cover your eyes. Hehe, you didn’t see anything! But yes! Deku won’t be able to hold back if you hurt his friends!  

97. Deku is a cabbage

This meme always cracks me up! Do you guys see the difference between Deku and the cabbage? 

96. PPF X All Might

Imagine Power Puff Girls being so manly and looking like All Might. It sounds super bizarre, I know right?!

95. Eat This!

95 meme

Poor Deku’s mom thought that he was going to say something else! But, he said, “EAT THIS!” I’m pretty sure you all remember All Might saying “Eat this!”.

94. Meme Culture X MHA

94 meme

Shoto is definitely a memer but finds it embarrassing so hides the fact! However, Bakugo just refuses to meme. And then our active meme lords are Uraraka and Kirishima, much expected I must say. 

93. Daddy moment

Toya’s transitions are just amazing! I mean just look at that perfection! He really went from a gentleman to a daddy in no time! 

92. Squidward X Deku

Again only dummies will say that these are different pictures! Like, how are they different? 

91. Just Shinsou things

91 meme

Shinsou just can’t stand this world even for one second. I can relate to Shinsou, there’s going to be eternal peace once we all are dead. 

90. Aizawa X Netflix Adaptation

90 meme

Don’t tell me that they turned Aizawa into a PENCIL!? I mean why? But honestly, this is quite funny! 

89. Deku cries a lot!

89 meme

I’m sure you all have noticed the fact that Deku cries a lot and I consider it a superpower. It makes you strong and lets you express your emotion very well! Good job Deku-chan! 

88. 4 for 4

88 meme

Does your mind also suddenly clicks MHA when you see deals like these on Mc Donald’s or any other restaurant. It cracks me up every time! 

87. Weebs Vs Normal People

87 meme

I believe in Weebs’ supremacy! Do you also believe in that? Because the view of regular people is just so boring! 

86. All Might and Deku

86 meme

You too have legs and arms, yes you! the one who’s reading this. Get to work! 

85. Just Bakugo things

85 meme

That’s literally Bakugo when Deku meets him, or even makes eye contact with him. I mean why so salty? 

84. Account Usernames in School Vs as an Adult

You guys won’t believe that I had a username, “Irektyou” which means I wreck you! it sounds so edgy but I told you guys! Tell us in the comment about your edgy username as well! 

83. Deku X Bones

83 meme

Deku just broke so many bones in the series that even my bones hurt after watching him get wrecked again and again. But then again, it’s all about increasing your potential! I respect this guy! 

82. All Might's Successor Deku!

82 meme

That’s how everybody looked at Deku after getting to know that he was the successor of All Might all this time! And to be honest, same! 

81. All Might And Deku's face swap

81 meme

That’s such a sick face swap and I can see how someone tried to make it look like Snapchat’s filter. This is dope, okay?

80. Just Bakugo Things

80 meme

Bakugo just can’t be happy and normal for a single second, I mean I have never really seen him cheery and in a good mood. I wonder how’d he look that way?

79. What if?

What if Izuku is actually Deku? This is one of the top ten mysteries in MHA!

78. Spot the difference!

78 meme

I see a similarity as well! Do you guys see a similarity? Haters will again as usual go like, “these are two different characters”. 

77. Broccoli X Deku

77 meme

At this moment I give up! I wonder where do these geniuses come from? Because this is way beyond mindblowing! 

76. Eating a hair strand gives you QUIRK!

76 meme

Nothing could be much harder than swallowing a strand of hair! I wonder how did Deku do that? Is he that desperate for a quirk? Well yes, he is!  

75. Deku just break your whole skeleton

75 meme

That’s the deep desire of All Might, you all following me? I feel like that’s what All Might is after. He’s going to steal those healthy bones and become bulky again. Just Kidding! 

74. DAB!

74 meme

Damn, I do not know if I should be laughing at this or crying? Maybe I should do both! 

73. Upgrade Deku!

73 meme

Imagine Deku becomes All Might at the end? I’m sure you all are waiting for MHA’s new season! Let’s see what it has for us! 

72. That Aww Moment

72 meme

When I saw this scene I literally went like, “Aww” this is so cute! I mean nobody invites me to have lunch with them! This is sad but cute of All Might to invite Deku to eat with him. 

71. Midoriya X DBZ

71 meme

Imagine if Deku becomes a Super Saiyan? Damn, It kind of suits him. Right? 

70. First Time?

Deku is just so experienced when it comes to breaking a bone and is nothing for him now, just kidding but yeah he has broken his limbs many times now. 

69. Zach And Cody X MHA

69 meme

OMG! This is new! Just look at the resemblance! Bakugo’s mom is based on Zach and Cody’s mom! 

68. Spike X Deku

68 meme

Did you know that Spike was Deku’s father all this time? 

67. Me and the bois during the test

To be honest when teachers tell you not to flip the test it makes you do it! It rises curiosity, is it just me or do you guys feel the same? 

66. Facts!

66 meme

Psychologists won’t ever understand how Shoto gives warmth to our hearts! 

65. Can relate?

65 meme

This fact really doe pisses you off and HAHA! Shoto is just so tired of disappointing his parents again and again! Just like the fact that Head And Shoulders doesn’t have a body wash called, “Knees and Toes”. 

64. OMG! Shoto Todoroki's Makeup Tutorial

64 meme

This is the makeup tutorial of Shoto Todoroki, not lying but do not try this at home! 

63. Mean Girls X Shoto

63 meme

Look at how fancy Shoto looks with all that makeup on! 

62. Todoroki but cotton candy

62 meme

He’s already a snack but we want cotton cady Todorok! Mom, buy me cotton candy! but it should be TODOROKI! 

61. I just wanna go home

61 meme

Honestly, after all this pandemic socializing has gotten tiring now a little bit of conversation tires me up, how about you guys?

60. Poor MHA fans

60 meme

How every otaku feels when their favorite anime do not release their template or even ANIME! That’s brutal! Just like how we all are waiting for MHA season 5. 

59. Proud Moment!

59 meme

One should be thankful for getting the percentage they do instead of just being ungrateful. Like, look at the proud Deku! 

58. Deki instead of Deku

Just adding some lashes on Deku’s face makes him look super girly and wholesome, right? 

57. The Floor is Deku!

57 meme

HAHA! Bakugo just can’t stand seeing Deku alive on his two feet and would always attack him! Chill dude! He used to be your supporter! 

56. The floor is Midoriya (2)

56 meme

I do understand Bakugo but Todorki right there looks fishy! 

55. Face Swap X MHA

55 meme

Midoriya looks fine but look at All Might, I mean those big eyes of Deku look so funny! 

54. Kawaii!

54 meme

Now I’m sure if you’re having a bad day this image is going to cheer you up. Just look at those cuties! 

53. So Bakugo is a samsung emoji

53 meme

Find the difference! 

52. Lil Midoriya!

52 meme

Which Midoriya would you prefer?  Lil’ Midoriya or normal young Midoriya? For me, it’s the Lil’ Midoriya! 

51. Responsibilities X ME

51 meme

I think we all at some stage of our lives get so dwelled into our lives that we forget our responsibilities which is sad. But this template is dope! 

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50. Midoriya X OPM

50 meme

I don’t know for some reason this meme is making me feel very uncomfortable, can you guys relate?

49. No!

49 meme

Boku No Hero Academia is literally one of the masterpieces in the Anime world! And you just can’t change my mind, EVER! 

48. Moms just have to ruin the moment

48 meme

Have you ever been through that and felt like Deku? It’s always easy to convince dads instead of moms! 

47. Naruto but Green

Green Naruto… okay? I mean, yes these two anime do relate somehow. 

46. Aizawa is a mood

46 meme

Aizawa is a 24/7 mood. Have you guys ever experienced a burn out? That’s how it feels like! 

45. Hot and Cold Todoroki!

45 meme

I swear to god, this guy is super hot and cold! A perfect mixture exists you all need to see MHA and this one character is so wholesome and cool! 

44. Teachers be like

I really despise those teachers deeply who won’t let me go to the bathroom! they’re so annoying. Have you guys ever been through a situation like this? 

43. Me when someone calls me pretty

43 meme

That’s literally me when someone calls me pretty! 

42. Manga readers be like

42 meme

Manga readers are literally like that and are super hideous and clever! 

41. No one: Bakugo: Are you challenging me?

41 meme

Somebody just answer my damn question! Why is Bakugo so salty? 

40. Teachers be like (2)

40 meme

HAHA! Why even did the teacher erased Deku’s quirk! 

39. This is not a meme

39 meme

This is not a meme, I repeat! 

38. Deku *smirky face*

It looks like Deku’s out on a date with his wifey! And tbh they’re looking cute together! But I still ship Uraraka with him! 

37. How beating an Ally feels like

37 meme

I swear it feels really nice when you beat your ally in a challenge. Have you ever won in a competition against your ally? If you have, you got my respect! 

36. All Might's power

36 meme

Yes! Nothing can harm me. Let me go and eat the hair strands of All Might too! 

35. Happy New YEER

35 meme

Only the true fans of MHA will be able to hear this image! 

34. We all coming out of Quarantine

34 meme

Yes! It’s very hard to interact with other people when all you did in quarantine was watch anime and slack! 

33. It be like that

I’m just trying to make it to Thursday and these things won’t let me live nor let me die. 

32. Imagine

Just imagine if Deku was Sasuke? That’d have surely been mindblowing, no?

31. Cursed MHA image

31 meme

Dark Curse Alert! I swear to God there’s something super wrong with this picture! 

30. I ship!

30 meme

HAHA! Now I feel attacked since I ship Midoriya with him and Uraraka only. 

29. Spot the difference

29 meme

This could be one of those images that confuse everyone. And I do not see how these are two different images! 

28. ME when I survived Corona Virus

28 meme

So I got the virus and I feel so proud after surviving it and my friends also think that I’m brave! 

27. Let me just wash my hands

I hate when people say that they do not like Tetsutetsu! 


26 meme

Yes! That’s right. They’re talking about our Shotou Todoroki! He’s such a perfection but doesn’t exist in real so let me go cry in a corner! 

25. Why?

Why doesn’t he know why he breaks his bones very often? Why! 

24. Wholesome Cosplay

24 meme

This cosplay is such a wholesome cosplay! Imagine seeing this cosplay in real life! 

23. Just MHA things

23 meme

All Might just loves Deku and gives all of his quirk to Deku! 

22. Number one dad!

22 meme

Is this a spoiler? what if Deku’s real dad is All Might! Just what if? 

21. Bakugo is salty but cute

21 meme

I do like the way Bakugo looks but his temper is on another level! 

20. Give him the Child!

20 meme

That’s literally Deku protecting Eri! 

19. Babysitting X MHA

19 meme

HAHA! Deku and Uraraka are the children everyone needs to protect! 

18. Wait what?

18 meme

Holy damn! I didn’t know water bottles had expiry dates! 

17. Online world X Real World X you

HAHA! That’s me being all cool in the online world but in real life, I’m the goofy and clumsy me!

16. A cute chick to cheer you up

16 meme

That’s a cute chick right there to bless your phone screen and put a spell on you to smile this instant! 

15. Just Tsuyu things

15 meme

She’s the most chill person in the whole My Hero Academia series! 

14. The demon spawn

14 meme

HAHA! So, Bakugo is the demon that has been spawn! 

13. Don't trust cute boys but trust Deku!

13 meme

I mean yeah Deku is reliable and cute. So, a perfect 10 for this perfection! 

12. Is he French?

Yuuga Aoyama really does give French vibes! Can you guys feel it too? 

11. What if he breaks his precious bones?

11 meme

I really do not want him to break his bones, again and again, it breaks my heart every time! 

10. Aight, I'mma head out

10 meme

He’s just never there when everyone needs him! 

9. Just Deku crying for the billionth time

9 meme

This is bad! Why did Deku have to witness such an image? 

8. Deku's a Taiyaki!

8 meme

Why even did he think that he’s the Taiyaki? 

7. ME when Bakugo appears

7 meme

Is it just me who’s like that? Or you can too? 

6. Hilarious!

6 meme

This is literally what happens when your button gets smashed! 

5. Deku And All Might

5 meme

Deku is always confused when this happens but All Might gives him a ray of hope and tells him that he’s doing good and growing! 

4. Naruto X MHA

4 meme

This is one of the funniest MHA memes that you’ll ever come across! Though really what is Minrou doing with Sasuke? 

3. Life Hacks!

3 meme

That’s my man Bakugo! 

2. WOOSH! Bone Broken!

Deku’s bone broke even after slamming the car! I mean, this is insane! 

1. Sasa Lele

I literally read it as Sasa Lele and if you did that too, we’re soulmates! 


So these were some of the funniest My Hero Academia Memes that you’ll ever come across. I hope these turned your frown upside down and keep smiling you all, those smiles are precious, and commend down below if these memes cheered you up! 


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