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In every rom-com anime, the short-haired childhood friend always loses to the tsundere blonde girl and ends up getting heartbroken. But in Mushoku Tensei, because of Rudeus’ overwhelming confidence, everybody wins! The childhood friend, the sensei, and even the tsundere get a chance at love. Although she was mistaken for a boy so many times, let’s get to know more about the silent mage, Sylphiette.

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Sylphiette | Mushoku Tensei

Just like the other characters in Mushoku Tensei, Sylphy’s appearance in all of the adaptations are quite similar with only minor adjustments especially when it comes to the art style.


Sylphiette - Mushoku Tensei

Character Info


Nickname: Sylphy, Fitts, Silent, Fitts, “Luffy” / ルフィ (Rufi)

Race: Elf / Human / Beast Hybrid

Birth: K407

Death: K5XX

More Information

Gender: Female


Rudeus Greyrat (Husband)
Lucy Greyrat (Daughter)
Sieghardt Saladin Greyrat (Son)
Lily Greyrat (Stepdaughter)
Lara Greyrat (Stepdaughter)
Christina Greyrat (Stepdaughter)
Ars Greyrat (Stepson)

Elinalise Dragonroad (Grandmother)
Rawls (Father)
Unnamed Mother

Cont’d Family:
Elinalise Dragonroad (Grandmother)
Rawls (Father)  Unnamed Mother

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Light Novel Volume 1: Infancy Period

Manga: Chapter 4

Anime: Episode 3

Voice Actors

Japanese: Voice Ai Kayano

English: Voice Emily Neves


Sylphiette - Mushoku Tensei

Since her childhood, Sylphy has been a shy and quiet individual. Although she becomes much more vocal in the later parts of the series, she starts not being able to hold a proper conversation.

This comes as no surprise, but Sylphy only shows her most vulnerable side to Rudeus. When Rudeus told her that he’ll probably leave their village and enroll in Ranoa Magic University, she bursts out crying and told him that she doesn’t want him to leave her alone. There were also moments where she was very playful and laughed a whole bunch when the two were playing. She also became very excited when Rudeus first started teaching her magic (Anime: Episode 3-4). 

As the Silent Fitts, she was very quiet and serious. Even when it came to talking to Princess Ariel and Luke, she was shy of showing her true emotions. Despite that, Fitts was very protective of Ariel and even talked back to the 1st Prince of the Asura Kingdom when he was threatening Ariel and Piermont Notos Greyrat (Manga: Chapter 38). Her love for Rudeus never faded especially when they were together in university. Fitts would show her beautiful smile when talking to Rudeus and teased him even if it meant compromising her identity.

Strengths and Skills

Sylphiette - Mushoku Tensei

Rank and Influence

Sylphy has gained widespread attention especially during her time as the Silent Fitts. She was known as a genius at Ranoa Magic University and considered to be a very dangerous opponent. Due to her connections with Princess Ariel, she also has a little bit of political influence however, she doesn’t make any use of it (Manga: Chapter 54)

When she married Rudeus, she also increased her reputation because Rudeus became one of the Seven Great Powers of the World. Sylphy is proficient in almost all forms of magic and even served a royal persona as the guardian mage.

Sylphiette - Mushoku Tensei

Magical Abilities

Even if Sylphy is not as strong as Rudeus, she is still regarded as one of the strongest mages in Mushoku Tensei. At a young age, she was taught by Rudeus how to use Voiceless Incantation which means that she can cast spells without chanting to activate it (Anime: Episode 3). Apart from silent spellcasting, Sylphy was also taught by Rudeus how to use Disruption Magic or Ran Ma where Rudeus used it during their first spar (Manga: Chapter 54). Disruption Magic gives the user the ability to nullify the magical capability of his/her opponent and can be a good opening spell.

Sylphy was even able to stop an assassination attempt against Princess Ariel. When a member of the Night Crows, a prominent group in the underworld, attacked them in the night, Sylphy or also known as Fitts successfully repelled and killed the assassin (Manga: Chapter 40).

Sylphy is considered Saint-level when it comes to Water Magic. She also achieved Advanced-level in almost all forms of magic. These include Fire Magic, Earth Magic, Healing Magic, Wind Magic, and Detoxification Magic. 

Other than that, she also has relics and equipment that are pretty useful in a fight. Sylphy’s sunglasses are known to help aid her in identifying opponents. She also uses the wand Rudeus gave her, shoes that increase her speed and agility, and a ring that she had when escorting Princess Ariel which allowed the two to use each other’s appearances.



Sylphiette - Mushoku Tensei
  • Unlike Eris who’s very aggressive in bed, Sylphy tends to be easily embarrassed.
  • Sylphy was the first wife of Rudeus and gave birth to the eldest of the Greyrat siblings.
  • Sylphy is 110cm tall when she first met Rudeus and her blood type is A (Light Novel: Volume 1).
  • When intoxicated Sylphy tends to show how much she wants to be with Rudeus and never wants to let go of him (Light Novel: Volume 10).
  • Sylphy’s father, Laws or Rawls, died during the teleportation incident.
  • She also has another nickname which is Luffy. Sounds familiar to you?
  • Even when Rudeus thought Sylphy was a boy, she accidentally cured Rudy’s impotence and would, later on, cure his Erectile Dysfunction.


Unknown to her, she was born as a hybrid of 3 races. Her father was half-elf and half-human while presumably, she got her beast blood from her mother. Because of her green hair which resembled that of the feared Superdia Demon Race, she was constantly bullied and had no friends which lead to her quiet and shy demeanor. 

All of this continued until Sylphy met Rudeus. Rudeus accidentally crossed paths with Sylphy when he was walking by the woods and saw kids bullying her. Rudy without a second thought helped her and drove the bullies away. Sylphy became the first friend of Rudeus since he got reincarnated and he eventually taught her magic and voiceless incantation (Anime: Episode 3). 

Like typical Rudeus, he thought Sylphy was a boy. So one time, Rudeus insisted that they take a bath together but when he removed Sylphy’s shorts, there was no sword to be found. She would eventually forgive Rudeus and the two would spend their days happy with each other. When Rudeus was stuck in his studies in magic, he considered going to Ranoa Magic University but Sylphy insisted that he stay (Anime: Episode 4). Both their fathers agreed that it would be best if the two got separated so Paul brought Rudeus to the Boreas Greyrat household and forbid the two from contacting each other for 5 years (Anime: Episode 5). And then, the teleportation incident happened.



Rawls Laws Mushoku Tensei


Rawls or Laws was the father of Sylphy and only had a brief cameo at Episode 3 and Episode 8 of the anime adaptation. Rawls died shortly after the Fittoan Teleportation Incident (Manga: Chapter 35). Rawls was half-human and half-elf and had a wife who was not revealed in any adaptation.

Rudeus Greyrat

Rudeus Greyrat was the childhood friend, mentor, and Sylphy’s husband. Sylphy would have 2 children with Rudeus. They were named Lucy and Sieghardt Saladin. Rudeus and Sylphy got separated before the teleportation incident but the two had an unexpected reunion at Ranoa Magic University (Manga: Chapter 54).

Asura Kingdom

Luke Notos Greyrat - Mushoku Tensei

Luke Notos Greyrat

Luke Notos Greyrat is the cousin of Rudeus and Sylphy’s colleague. Luke was assigned as the guardian knight of Princess Ariel and accompanied her when she sought refuge in Ranoa Magic University.

Ariel Anemoi Asura - Mushoku Tensei

Ariel Anemoi Asura

Ariel Anemoi Asura is the 3rd Princess of the Asura Kingdom and is Fitts’ master and friend. She was saved by Fitts just after the teleportation incident and she took her in. She protected Fitts’ identity and made sure she stayed safe. 


Sylphiette - Mushoku Tensei

After she was engulfed by the bright explosion, Sylphy was suddenly transported in the skies above Princess Ariel’s garden. As she panicked for her life, she cast a multitude of spells that resulted in Mana Strain, turning her hair white. As she got closer to the ground, she spotted a group of people being chased by a monster called a Terminate Boar. Princess Ariel’s former guardian mage, Derrick, tried to stop it but was killed in the process. When Sylphy got close to it, she cast a spell that instantly defeated the monster (Manga: Chapter 40).

 Sylphy lost her memories and only had glimpses of the past. She then became Princess Ariel’s new guardian mage. Her reputation spread like wildfire with nobles talking about a powerful silent mage known as The Silent Fitts. Fitts’ identity and gender were covered up. Many nobles were against Ariel being the successor for the Asura Kingdom and tried to find a means to prove that Fitts was a girl. Ariel considers Fitts her savior, while Fitts gave her utmost loyalty to Princess Ariel (Manga: Chapter 38)

Sylphiette - Mushoku Tensei

 As Rudeus was about to enter Ranoa Magic University, his entrance exam was a spar against Fitts which he defeated easily (Manga: Chapter 54). Rudeus never noticed that Fitts was Sylphy. Fitts helped Rudeus on several occasions. One time Rudeus was accused as a panty thief but Fitts helped clear the misunderstanding (Manga: Chapter 56). She’s also involved in many of Rudeus’ antics and mostly helps him with his problems at school. These involved helping him in teaching Zanoba how to use Earth Magic to make dolls where they bought a slave they named Julie (Manga: Chapter 58-59), punishing Prusenia and Linia when they destroyed the Roxy figure (Manga: Chapter 61), getting Elinalise and Cliff together (Manga: Chapter 63), and even in his duel against the Demon Lord Badigadi (Manga: Chapter 66).

 While doubtful at first, Fitts also helped Rudeus in his research with Nanahoshi regarding summoning circles. This was necessary to have progress in their investigation regarding the Fittoan Teleportation Incident. But before that, Fitts tried to kill Nanahoshi when she revealed that the disaster was because she arrived in their world (Manga: Chapter 69-70).

 In an unexpected turn of events, Fitts cured Rudeus’ impotence which leads to Rudeus questioning himself if he fell in love with a boy. When Ariel confronted Fitts if her feelings for Rudeus were true, she finally expressed her desire to spend the rest of her life with Rudy (Manga: Chapter 71-72). The two, later on, would marry and Sylphy gave birth to 2 children (Light Novel: Volume 20.5).

Mushoku Tensei

Final Verdict

Each one of you weebs out there may have your separate preferences. Some of you may prefer Roxy, others Eris, and a part of the fandom have their eyes on Sylphy. My fellow otaku, this is a rare occurrence in the world of anime and manga. Why? Because the childhood friend finally won! Sylphy just like the other characters suffered a lot during the events that happened in the series. It’s safe to say that starting a family with Rudeus was one of the most satisfying rewards she could have. She was the first, but will she be the last?


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