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There are a lot of moments where certain individuals become notorious for their horrific actions, but it’s quite rare to witness an entire tribe be feared by everyone in the world. 
Once honorable and respected fighters, this tribe, in particular, suffered through centuries of discrimination because of a man that can easily be called the devil. Let’s understand more about the fallen warriors, the Superd Tribe.

Superd Tribe

Superd Tribe

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Light Novel: Volume 2

Web Novel: Volume 3

Manga: Chapter 14

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Superd Tribe
The Superd Tribe can easily be distinguished from any race in the world of Mushoku Tensei by finding two obvious characteristics. First is their hair which is emerald green and second is the red gem on their forehead. Although very easy to identify, they can also blend in with the population by getting rid of these features, just like when Rudeus dyed Ruijerd’s hair blue. When the group entered Rikarisu Town, Ruijerd was even laughed at by other individuals thinking he was a Migurd (Anime: Episode 10).
Superds also have another thing that makes them look different than other Demon tribes. When looking at Ruijerd’s outfit, he has an armband on his left arm. Rowin Migurdia also has a similar accessory however, the Superd’s armband is rather unique because of the pattern design. 

Strengths and Skills

Third Eye

Third Eye

Superd warriors were feared on the battlefield because of several factors. Their Third Eye served as an amazing asset when it came to fighting since it works similar to the Clairvoyant Eyes of Kishirika. 

The Superd’s Third Eye gives them the ability to see past their field of view, see the flow of mana, and increase their senses. Ruijerd was seen utilizing the Third Eye in several instances during their journey, where he used it to detect incoming monsters and other threats.

Superd Spear

Superd Spear

The Superd Spear is the iconic weapon of the tribe’s warriors. If seen from a different perspective, spears are not common in Mushoku Tensei because of what happened when the Superds were tricked by Laplace. After that incident, spears were treated as a weapon used by those that seek to destroy peace. Even when this custom was already flourishing, Ruijerd used his son’s spear as a constant reminder of why he needs to keep on living (Anime: Episode 9).
The Superd Spear is also rumored to get sharper every time it is used in action which makes sense given the battle prowess of the warriors. This helped them in getting stronger every battle they survived which posed a great threat to the opposing troops. Ruijerd was already the chief of his tribe’s warriors 400 years before he met Rudeus and explains why he can cut gigantic monsters with ease using his spear (Anime: Episode 9-11).
One interesting thing that was recorded is that Superds unlike Migurds were born with tails. As they grow older, the tails begin to gradually harden until it is completely removed from their body. Superds use their tails as their main weapon which is their spear and consider it the closest thing they have to a soul.


Other than being incredibly strong and having superhuman agility, Superds have the longest lifespan among the Demon Race when not taking into account the Immortal Demons like Badigadi. Ruijerd is 566 years old (Light Novel Vol. 3) which dwarfs even Roxy’s age which is only more than 100 years old (Light Novel: Vol. 24).
This long lifespan also translates to how deadly they become with their spears. A longer lifespan means more battles to encounter, and more battles survived means a sharper spear. Every ability the Superds have compliment each other and helps in understanding why they were so efficient in battle.



  • The oldest recorded Superd was 1000 years old.
  • The curse of the Superd Tribe will disappear over time, according to Hitogami (Manga: Chapter 48).
  • The Superd Tribe was a warrior clan where even women fought on the battlefield.


Superds gained their feared reputation 400 years before Rudeus and Ruijerd met. It was during the Great Human Demon War where the Superds served under the Demon God Laplace. Ruijerd was the chief of the Superd warriors and led his tribe to battle against humans. During this time, the Superds climbed the ranks of the Demon Army until they became Laplace’s Elite Guard.
Because of their usefulness, Laplace gave them spears that increased their efficiency when in battle. However, this was a part of Laplace’s scheme to ruin the tribe. During one battle, Laplace activated the curse he imbued on the spears and caused the Superd warriors to go berserk. They easily defeated the opposing army but something was wrong. The Superds were battle-hungry and turned on their allies. Once they slaughtered every allied soldier, they killed their women and children. Finally, the Superd warriors eventually murdered each other. 
Ruijerd Superdia, the last known living warrior of the Superd Tribe, was saved from the curse when his son sacrificed his life to get Ruijerd back to normal. Ruijerd then went on a journey to get rid of his people’s gruesome reputation (Anime: Episode 9).

Recorded Members

Ruijerd Superdia Mushoku Tensei

Ruijerd Superdia

After the incident that ruined the honor of the Superd Tribe, Ruijerd was the only recorded survivor. Ruijerd tried to kill himself to atone for his sins but decided to live on and try to remove the notoriety of his tribe. He eventually met Rudeus Greyrat and Eris Boreas Greyrat who helped him in his mission. They formed Dead End and went on a wild journey (Manga: Chapter 28, Chapter 46-48) (Anime: Episode 9-11).

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Luicelia Superdia

Luicelia Superdia is the daughter of Ruijerd and Norn Greyrat. She took on the iconic features of the Superd Tribe such as the red gem and the color of their hair.

Final Verdict

Sometimes bad rumors are just what they are…rumors. Without a doubt, even people who didn’t experience the discrimination that Ruijerd felt for most of his life, could sympathize with the hardships he’s been dealing with. The Superd Tribe’s name was tainted with Laplace’s scheme and wickedness yet slowly but surely, the Superds will one day regain their honor.

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