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Nothing feels better than when a stoic and ruthless character has a sudden change of heart. Although not entirely brutal, but because of the discrimination he faces, this single Superd had some twisted opinions when it came to justice. After being tricked, wrongly accused, and abandoned by the world, he went on a journey for centuries just to clear the evil surrounding the name of his people. With that in mind, let’s dive into everything we know about the lone wolf, Ruijerd Superdia.

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Ruijerd Superdia Mushoku Tensei

Ruijerd Superdia looks the same in all of the adaptations, may it be the anime, manga, or light novel. You might feel that they look different but that was because of the art style.

 Ruijerd has emerald green hair but Rudeus colored it blue similar to the shade of Roxy’s, so that Ruijerd could enter Rikarisu Town and be seen as a member of the Migurdia Demon Tribe (Anime: Episode 10). When they left Rikarisu, Ruijerd shaved his hair completely and wore a bandana on his forehead that matched that of the rest of Dead End (Anime: Episode 11). He also wore the Migurdia amulet that Rudeus gave to him when they parted ways(Manga: Chapter 49).

 Throughout the series, Ruijerd wears a brown vest that was engraved with traditional patterns. The vest is open in the front and has no lock or buttons to close it. Ruijerd pairs the vest with olive trousers as well as leather boots and bracers. Ruijerd also has an armband on his left arm that has a similar design to his belt.

 Ruijerd’s face has a scar that runs diagonally from his right forehead to his left jaw. As the signature feature of his race, he has a red gem that acts as a radar that detects incoming danger or scouts ahead. He has a very muscular body structure and sharp eyes, as well as another scar on his stomach. Ruijerd’s skin has a somewhat pale gray tone.


Ruijerd Superdia

Ruijerd Superdia Mushoku Tensei

Character Info


Nicknames: Dead End, Watch Dog, Poppy (Rudeus)

Age: 566

More Information

Gender: Male

Occupation: Adventurer

Rank: A


Norn Greyrat (Wife)

Luicelia Superdia (Daughter)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Light Novel: Volume 3

Web Novel: Volume 3

Manga: Chapter 14

Anime: Episode 9

Voice Actors

Japanese: Daisuke Namikawa

English: Christopher Wehkamp


Ruijerd Superdia Mushoku Tensei

Silent and collected are the best words to describe Ruijerd, yet it would make a drastic change when children are involved. When Rudeus and Ruijerd first met, Ruijerd was a very cold and violent individual who quickly resorted to killing when he met people that posed even a little bit of a threat. This was seen when Ruijerd killed an adventurer that kicked Rudeus (Anime: Episode 10). However, Ruijerd quickly learned that killing people wasn’t a very efficient way of getting rid of the notoriety of the Superd race.

 Ruijerd was also very protective. During their journey, he was quick to assume that Rudeus and Eris needed babysitting, but he would soften up as the years passed by.

 Ruijerd is also not afraid to put himself at risk if it means that the ones he promised to protect will be kept out of harm’s way. When Rudeus was approached by a delinquent adventurer and was threatened to be exposed, Rudeus had enough and decided to destroy the town. Ruijerd suddenly got rid of his disguise even when he knew that the whole town would be chasing after him, just to make sure that Rudeus stayed true to his principles (Anime: Episode 11).

Strengths and Skills

Ruijerd Superdia Mushoku Tensei

Superhuman Attributes

One of the characteristics of the Superd Race is their overwhelming strength and agility, which earned them the title of the Elite Forces of the Demon God Laplace during the Great Human Demon War.

 Ruijerd is stronger than your average Superd fighter as he was also the chief of the warriors. Ruijerd can slice through any gigantic monster, as displayed in numerous instances at the beginning of their adventures in the Demon Continent. His strength is so great that he was able to block a technique of the Sword God Style from the Sword God, Gal Farion, and defeat him together with Eris (Light Novel: Vol. 23).

 Ruijerd’s reputation also grew immensely because of his power. Entire towns would flee when they see him although, much of that was due to discrimination and fear of Superds. He gained the nickname Dead End because it was rumored that whenever you encountered him, your death was absolute. 

 Superds also have the longest life span of any Demon Race excluding the immortal ones. This, in turn, gives Ruijerd the ability to live for at most, 1000 years.

Ruijerd 3

Third Eye

As mentioned earlier, the Superd Race can be identified by their hair color and the red gem on their forehead. This gem is a third eye that gives them the ability to have extended vision and more precise senses. This grants Ruijerd the advantage against sneak attacks and helps him when it comes to stealth and evasion.

 On the other hand, when going on a journey, the presence of this third eye is the single most obvious indicator that Ruijerd is from the Superd Race. So he has to cover it up almost every time.

ruijerd manga

Superd Spear

The Superd Spear was the only thing Ruijerd holds on to from his past. The spear belonged to his son and it was rumored that it gets sharper every time it sees action in a battle (Anime: Episode 9). The spear is also a rare weapon in the world of Mushoku Tensei, where it is considered a weapon of evil. That’s why the sword is more common.

 When using the spear along with his superhuman strength and agility, he is easily able to get rid of A-Rank creatures in the Demon Continent with ease. The spear is also very sharp where if you just flick, it’ll result in a deep cut. One example is when he used it on the adventurer that tried to blackmail Rudeus (Anime: Episode 11).



l  In several timelines, including the one where Rudeus appeared, Ruijerd married Norn Greyrat and they would have a daughter.

l  He earned the nickname, Watch Dog, when he was in Dead End because of his overprotective nature (Manga: Chapter 28).

l  Rudeus was the only one who didn’t cry at the sight of Ruijerd.

l  Ruijerd is very lovable when it comes to children where he even patted Norn’s head when she was just a child without anyone’s consent (Manga: Chapter 41).

l  Ruijerd participated in the final battle against the Demon God Laplace in all of the timelines.

l  Rudeus calls him Poppy or Father (Manga: Chapter 28).

l  Rudeus dreamed of having a family where everyone is invited. The whole Greyrat family would sit at one table and he would invite Eris, Ruijerd, Sylphy, and Roxy (Manga: Chapter 46).


Ruijerd Superdia Mushoku Tensei

Ruijerd’s past was not a decent one. 400 years ago, during the Great War of the Humans and Demons, Ruijerd led the warriors of the Superd tribe in every battle. In the culture of the Superd race, their spear is the closest object to their soul. When Laplace gave them spears that increased their strength in battle, the Superds gladly accepted them and were victorious in every battlefield they appeared in.

 Everything was going okay until Laplace activated the curse on the spears. It caused the warriors to lose control of themselves and they went berserk. After they defeated their enemies, they turned on their own allies. They slaughtered their wives and children, and then clashed against each other. 

 When Ruijerd fought against his own family, his son, on his last breath, broke Ruijerd out of his entrance state. Ruijerd spent the rest of his years preparing for the time to strike back against Laplace and he successfully did so.

 But the damage was done. The Superd Race was feared more than monsters. Ruijerd used his son’s spear as a reminder of his mission. He spent 400 years trying to clear his tribe’s name until a young magician and swordswoman fell from the sky. Ruijerd would have a journey of a lifetime (Anime: Episode 9).


Rudeus Greyrat

Rudeus Greyrat was called the Master of Dead End and the leader of their party. Rudeus along with Eris, fell from the sky but luckily Ruijerd saved them. Much to Ruijerd’s shock, not only did Rudeus fail to show any signs of fear but he spoke to him using Demon Tongue. The two formed a close bond and had constant fights but made up (Anime: Episode 9-11).

Ruijerd Eris mushoku tensei

Eris Boreas Greyrat

Eris Boreas Greyrat was Rudeus’ apprentice in magic and a daughter of the noble Boreas Greyrat household. Eris was very aggressive and earned the nickname Mad Dog of Dead End because she attacked almost anyone she saw. Eris became a Sword King and defeated the Sword God with Ruijerd’s help (Light Novel: Vol. 14, Vo.l. 23)


Dead End mushoku tensei

After revealing himself at Rikarisu, Rudeus and Eris found Ruijerd standing in the desert. Rudeus and Ruijerd then made up. When dawn broke, Ruijerd shaved his head and Dead End continued on their journey(Anime: Episode 11).

 The party arrived at Wind Port where Ruijerd kept pestering Rudeus that he didn’t know the heart of a woman, as Eris constantly tried to get his attention (Manga: Chapter 26). By this time, Dead End had gained widespread recognition as an A-Rank adventurer party. But even so, they got rejected by the shipmaster to travel to the Central Continent because Ruijierd was a Superd. So the group hired a smuggler (Manga: Chapter 28).

 Once they reunited after the smuggler incident, they went to the Capital of the Holy Land of Miris, Mirishion (Manga: Chapter 33). When Rudeus and Paul had reconciled, Ruijerd and Paul met which surprised Rudeus that the two talked very casually. After a moment, the trio left for the Asura Kingdom (Manga: Chapter 41). While in the Kingdom of Shirone, he was left outside the castle while Aisha, Rudeus, and Eris went inside to save Lilia. He told Rudeus that if they ever get into any trouble, Rudeus should just call him and he’ll destroy the entire castle (Manga: Chapter 45).

 They encountered Orsted while on their way to Fittoa. The trio and Orsted fought, where Orsted easily beat Ruijerd and Eris with one move each. He killed Rudeus but revived him because of Nanahoshi (Manga: Chapter 46-48). Rudeus then told Ruijerd that the curse of the Superd Race will disappear over time. Ruijerd’s body began shaking. It was the first time the stoic and feared Ruijerd of the Dead End had tears crawling in his cheeks (Manga: Chapter 48).

 When the trio reached the Fittoan Refugee Camp, Ruijerd declared that this was his final stop with the two. When Eris and Rudeus tried to convince him to go with them, he replied that he no longer saw children but two warriors. When Eris lashed back that she’s just weak because she lost to Orsted, Ruijerd made sure to comfort Eris and give her back her confidence. He thanked Rudeus for everything he did to help him get rid of the notoriety of the Superd Race. When it took him 400 years, Rudeus gave him the push he needed. The two shook their hands and Rudeus gave Ruijerd the necklace Roxy gave to him. “Until we meet again”, Ruijerd said, as he waved goodbye. This concludes the story of Dead End, for now (Manga: Chapter 49).

Mushoku Tensei

Voice Actor

Ruijerd Superdia

l  Japanese – Yumi Uchiyama

l  English – Madeleine Morris

Final Verdict

Because of Rudeus, Ruijerd learned the importance of having someone to rely on. When he was in Dead End, Ruijerd realized how having someone you can trust can open a whole new world of opportunity and adventure. From being a feared monster to a guardian and father figure, the lone wolf finally found a pack he can call home once more.


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