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          Mushoku Tensei or Jobless Reincarnation was first released as a light novel in 2014. The series since then took off, and it was adapted to both manga and anime. The first season of the anime aired during the 2021 Winter Season, and it got quite a sizable audience for the franchise.

          The one thing interesting about this media is, that, unlike literally every isekai, the protagonist here doesn’t reincarnate into an adult or teenager body, but actually starts his life at birth. Rudeus Greyrat is the one who leads this story. He had a regrettable life before transporting to this new world, but he still wants to make the most of it now.

Rudeus Greyrat

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rudeus greyrat appearance

Rudeus was always a tall and but average-built man. He has brown/blondish hair, but it turned white for a short period after he met Orsted. His eyes are not even, as his right eye was switched out for a demon eye by Kishirika. Rudeus always knew how to dress to the occasion, and wore effective clothes to any quest. He also has a mole under his left eye, something he got from his father, Paul.

Rudeus Greyrat

Character Information


Rudeus Greyrat










34 (previous life)

23 (currently)

Professional Info.




Dead End (disbanded)

Stepped Leader (formerly)

Counter Arrow (formerly)

Rude Mercenary Company (formerly)



Light Novel – Volume 1

Manga – Chapter 1

Anime – Episode 1


Mushoku Tensei Quotes Rudeus Quotes

Despite being one of the strongest figures naturally, Rudeus lacked the confidence to beat his enemies. He often overestimated them, which led to prolonged fights. He was very careful on the battlefield, but not with his personal life. 

Rudeus is known as a naughty kid[4]. This is something he got from his previous life, but this time, he actually had opportunities to harvest this questionable „skill”. He often got caught doing naughty things, but he was forgiven due to the fact that he was a core member of his family and every group he ever was a part of, helping anyone in need.

Rudeus is very polite to anyone, and thus he easily made friends along the way. His kindness was exploited sometimes, but he did everything to become a better man in this new life. He wanted to avoid doing anything like his old self, as his previous life was a complete disaster. He believed that people could change, and proved this fact fantastically. 

He also wanted to avoid killing anyone on the battlefield. This may come from the fact that he was Japanese in his previous life, and valued respect for anyone he may come across. His way of fighting was questioned many times, but he was kept in high regard for this noble trait.


Rudeus Greyrat former self conversation with Hitogami

Before coming to this new world, Rudeus lived quite a horrendous life. His name from this era hasn’t been revealed at all, but we know that he doesn’t even want to remember. 

Rudy was a happy kid for most of his childhood years. He was a successful student, had friends, and came from a wealthy family. In his high school years, he became obsessed with computers and focused too much on building his own PC. He neglected his school life and dropped out.

One time, he got into a conflict with his senpai, which resulted in him getting humiliated and disowned by the school community. He refused to go to school and lost all of his human connections. He had one friend who delivered homework to his house, but he refused to collaborate with him too.

He lived off his family, but when his parents died, he became homeless without any money. He wandered the streets, and when he noticed a group of high-schoolers about to get hit by a truck, he jumped in to save them. He got killed there, and thus he teleported to this new world. He used every opportunity to not live his life as he did previously.


Rudeus in Disaster

Rudeus showed great talent in any kind of magical activity right from his birth. He was capable of learning many languages at a young age and discovered great abilities as well. He is also immune to Orsted’s curse due to being reincarnated from another world.

Rudeus is capable of using Voicesless Incantation, which is a very rare talent. It also takes him almost no time to cast spells, which is crazy compared to how long it takes for even experienced mages to use complex abilities.

Rudeus possesses a Demon Eye

Rudeus possesses a Demon Eye, as Kishirika gave him one for feeding her once[5]. This eye is capable of seeing the future, and depending on how much mana one pours into it, it can show the next move of everyone in 10 seconds advance. It doesn’t come without disadvantages though, as the eye won’t give off sounds, and it can be also countered by special equipment. It can give nausea as well if used too much.

Later Kishirika gave Rudeus another eye for a mere donut, replacing his left one. This eye would let him see very far away, but it was very difficult to control and gave Rudeus a hard time navigating.

Despite being a pacifist, Rudeus is capable of defeating major opponents. He is more of a tactical genius than a strong fighter, but he can also make a stand with just brute force. He used many different strategies to effectively eliminate big foes and even looked back at tales of his previous life to defeat the hydra, which could regenerate its heads.

Rudeus used Earth Magic during his fight, even though he is ranked the highest in the mastery of Water Magic. His ranks are the following: 

  1. He is ranked as an «Emperor» in Water Magic while being on the high tier in five other areas, which are:
  2. «Earth Saint Ranked»
  3. «Wind Saint Ranked»
  4. «Fire Saint Ranked»
  5. «Healing Magic – Saint Ranked»
  6. «Detoxification Magic – Saint Ranked»

He is also capable of using other magic elements on lower levels, such as Electric, Light Spirits, and Howling Magic. He has many fighting styles:

  • He is ranked poorly on Sword techniques since he cannot use Touki:

o   Intermediate-ranked Sword-God Style
o   Elementary-ranked North-God Style
o   Elementary-ranked Water-God Style

  • He also uses the Saint Dragon Style.

Rudeus Fun facts

  • Rudeus’ name from his previous life is still unknown.
  • He was capable of speaking four languages at the age of 9 (Magic God Language, Beast God Language, Fighting God, Human Language), and also wanted to learn more.
  • Rudeus created a fan club for his sister, Norn, but it was long-lasting. He got kicked out because they got caught taking a bath together.
  • Currently, he is the founder and the only member of a religion.
  • His wives often, “mysteriously” get pregnant right before Rudeus would leave on an adventure
  • Despite being an Emperor Rank Water Mage, he used Earth Magic most of the time in combat.



Sylphiette Greyrat

Sylphiette had the biggest influence in Rudeus’ current life, as she was his first wife, and a dear friend as well. They met when Rudeus was at the age of 5, and he defended Sylphy from getting bullied, but Rudy initially thought that she was a boy. It was the case until Rudy stripped Sylphy after getting wet in the rain. They got attached to each other, but Paul separated them in a fear of Sylphy becoming too dependent on Rudy

They met again after 8 years at Ranoa Magic Academy, but Rudy failed to recognize Sylphy at first. When he discovered it was her [6], Sylphy gave him a cure for his illness, and Rudy took her virginity. Rudy later grabbed a piece of bedcloth, and put it away as an artifact, just like Roxy’s panties. They became married and had two kids.

Roxy Migurdia Mushoku Tensei

Roxy Greyrat

They met when Rudeus was 3, and Roxy taught him magic primarily. She was able to help Rudeus with his fear of the outside, and for this reason, Rudy kept him in high regard. They only communicated through letters after their separation. 

They met again after many years, and Rudy worshipped him because of the artifact he had from her, which was her panties. Roxy had sex with him to cheer up, as Rudy was grieving Paul’s death. She became his second wife, and they had two children.

Eris Boreas Greyrat

Eris Greyrat

Rudeus met her when he was 7. He was teaching Eris languages and magic, and they quickly got close to each other. After she left him, Rudy got into a state of depression. They later met again, and Eris helped him out as a swordsman or swordswoman. She became his third wife, they had two kids as well. Nice pattern.


Mushoku Tensei

Rudy was capable of doing many things from a young age. He was especially skilled in learning new stuff, be it magic, languages, or science. He learned most of this stuff from Roxy [1], who also helped him get out of his comfort zone. He formed a friendship with Sylphy, who later became his first wife.

His family was very supportive of all his actions, but he strived to be an adventurer after he realized that he can’t learn more at home. He enrolled in different academies and soon started fighting bigger and stronger opponents. He didn’t want to embrace violence, but certain situations required such effort. 

He lost his virginity to Eris at the age of 13 [2], which was a big milestone for this dude. He sought the presence of many females during his lifetime and had three wives in total. He has six children overall from different women. Despite being heavily involved with women primarily, he got into more and more tiresome situations.

He had to fight great enemies to advance, and as time passed, he became quite fond of said activity. At the current state of his journey, he defeated the North God Kalman III and became one of the Seven Great World Powers [3].

Voice Actors

Rudeus has two voice actors for both the Japanese and the English dub of the anime, one for his prior life, and one for his childhood years. The latter are both females. 

His previous life VA’s were Tomokazu Sugita and Ben Phillips, while the child version was portrayed by Yumi Uchiyama and Madeleine Morris. Yumi had prominent roles in series like Re:Zero, Tokyo Ghoul, Hyoka, and Fate.


Rudeus’ life is full of twists and adventures! He didn’t let his sad backstory get to his heart, and used every opportunity to change his ways. If you think about it, even he didn’t really believe achieving this much was possible, but here we are! Are you an ambitious person? Go check out our other summaries of main characters on our website!


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